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Another 'Siege of Mandalore' movie cut (Released)



Though good, I wasn’t completely sold on the existing ‘Siege of Mandalore’ movie cuts I could find out there. Most had long transitions between episodes, a lot of cuts to black with stretches of music that broke the flow of the edit. So I decided to make one for my own enjoyment.

This cut breaks the action into two parts: Part I: The Siege of Mandalore (eps 9 & 10) and Part II: Shattered (eps 11 & 12). There are title cards at the beginning and at the half way point to allow for the nice musical cue at the start of episode 11, the rest has been trimmed and faded to make it relatively seamless.

Thought I’d put it up should others want to have a look. Enjoy!

PM me for download link

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That looks amazing! PM sent 😄