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Force Awakens Redux Cut


Hi Everyone,

I wanted share with all of you my finished Redux Cut of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Me and a good friend of mine began working on this fan edit back in 2015 and we completed it sometime in 2017 Long before the release of The Last Jedi. The reason it’s taken so long to get this out is because I’ve been having alot of trouble going viral with it due to copyrights with Disney.

I’ve never been a fan of what Disney and Kathleen Kennedy has done with Star Wars and as far as I’m concerned the franchise is dead. However, my friend encouraged me to make this cut with him. We both tried our best to make this cut feel more like a Star Wars movie and less than a Disney film. Our Cut is completely different from the original theatrical version.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that if you love Star Wars and were disappointed with what Disney has done with the franchise you at least give me and my friend’s cut a fair chance. Hope you all enjoy and may the force be with you all.

Star Wars Force Awakens Redux Cut

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Audio Commentary

Here is a general list in no particular order of some the changes made in the Redux Cut of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

  1. New Opening Crawl

  2. Film is sequenced differently to feel less like Episode IV: A New Hope

  3. Kylo Ren never removes his mask until his Encounter with Han Solo.

  4. All dialogue or scenes from other characters revealing Kylo Ren’s real identity is removed or sequenced differently.

  5. New Subtitles have been added.

  6. New Additional Music has been added throughout especially scenes that never featured any music before.

  7. Never before seen footage has been added

  8. Rey’s character and abilities have been altered quite a bit. “No Jedi Mind Trick” The cut does it’s best to humanize her and there are hints that she may possibly be a darksider.

  9. New Footage of Darth Vader is added

  10. Less is more with Finn. Finn’s character is not a comic relief.

  11. The Film’s tone is much more serious.

  12. Poe’s return is much more mysterious

  13. Phasma raises the alarms when she is captured by Han and Finn

  14. Han is not a Smuggler. NO RATHTARS. NO Kanji Club

  15. Leia doesn’t hug Rey

  16. The Final Battle is sequenced differently.

  17. Most of the bad acting/dialogue has been removed

  18. New Extended Ending.

  19. Sadly Less is more with Han and Leia

  20. There are many more suprises and easter eggs throughout the movie that differ from the original


Has anyone watched this REDUX CUT of Force Awakens yet?


22Popcorn86 said:

Has anyone watched this REDUX CUT of Force Awakens yet?

I have watched it, and wanted to let it settle a bit before giving my thoughts, so here they are:

  • The Crawl

Nice summation of the state of the galaxy, it does a better job than TFA in setting the stage. It is a bit wordy however, and the absence of any mention of Luke is strange considering that he is the Macguffin of the movie.

  • The Starkiller

This scene works exceptionally well, far better than I would have guessed. I would quibble with including Kylo in the proceedings since at this point I would expect him to still be with Luke.

  • Rey

It’s nice to see this scene relatively intact. The transition from the Starkiller devastation to Rey is powerful, and though the 3 year subtitle is necessary it feels un-Star Warsy to me.

  • Lor San Tekka

This scene feels so much like an opening scene that I don’t think it works that well anywhere else. It also seems to come out of nowhere after Rey’s introduction. I’ve tried a similar cut in my version, with similar results unfortunately.

  • Resistance Deleted Scene

It’s nice to see this back in the movie, but it destroys Leia’s wonderful reveal later on.

  • Rey finds BB-8

A bit of an odd transition into the scene, but otherwise good.

  • Poe’s Escape

Some cuts to Finn’s dialogue are unfortunately noticeable. I appreciate the direction of making Finn a less goofy everyman, but in so doing the movie loses a bit of character.

  • The Falcon Flies Again

The restructuring of the first 30 minutes is quite similar to one I’m using in my version, and think it works well. As far as the musical additions throughout the movie, they often feel unnecessary except in certain scenes such as the first Starkiller Scene and in the Rey/Unkar Plutt scene here. For a moment the movie feels like something out of the Hollywood Golden Age, and I absolutely love it.

  • The Rathtars

Cutting all of the Rathtar action is a bit extreme. A lighter touch would have kept some character in the scene while reducing the silly CGI monsters.

  • Snoke and Kylo

The decision to keep Kylo’s identity a secret has a serious cost - he’s now little more than a basic villain until the end of the movie. What makes this so strange is that this scene heavily implies that he is the son of Han Solo, so the attempt at mystery will probably fail with most.

  • Maz’s Castle

Another excellent musical choice in the 2001 soundtrack, though I think this track would make anything vastly more sinister. The Vader cameo is not needed.

  • The Castle Attack

It’s interesting to see another take on this scene without the Hosnian destruction. It works better than I thought to simply cut out the sky-gazing. Saving Poe’s reveal is also interesting, but could go either way.

  • Rey’s Escape

Using a telekinesis to escape doesn’t strike me as so different from a mind trick to warrant a change.

  • Phasma Sounds the Alarm

I find it fascinating that two faneditors came to apply this same edit. It’s destiny.

  • The Dogfight

I just wanted to note the classic X-wing display. It’s fun.

  • The Forest Battle

The Vader cameo, again, is not necessary, and takes the focus away from Rey.

  • The Ending

That’s…different. I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to see for themselves, but it definitely changes the entire tone of the movie and makes it feel more like an old-timey serial.

  • In Summary

There are a ton of great ideas in this edit, and a few inspired musical choices. Most of the restructuring is in the right direction, and it definitely transforms the movie into something worthy of the watch. Even if it’s a bit unpolished, I enjoyed it 😃

What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. Come, lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy.
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Thank you for the amazing edit. Made one of my in-the-middle Star Wars movie to my top three.


Jimmy Chips said:

Thank you for the amazing edit. Made one of my in-the-middle Star Wars movie to my top three.

You’re most welcome and thank you for the kind compliment I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Can I get a link to this edit? Looks intriguing.