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The Last Jedi: Recalibrated (PM for link!)


When TLJ came out I had a lot of mixed feelings. I loved so many things in it but felt like there was too much tonal whiplash.

Then I heard Rian Johnson’s commentary track and he explains that what he was most nervous about was the humor because, for security reasons, these movies don’t get tested with audiences. I consider testing to be an essential part of filmmaking, especially if you’re making a mass appeal movie.

So I’ve approached this edit as if I was hired to recalibrate the final cut after getting feedback from test audiences (which in this case it’s the world).

I have lovingly borrowed Hal9000’s TLJ: Legendary edit to use as a base since I felt he addressed many things I would’ve and work from there.

Changes from HAL9000 (new changes bolded):

  • New Crawl that explains who Rey is in relation to the Resistance. When sitting in theaters and Finn asked “Where’s Rey?” I thought that an unsuspecting audience member would ask “Who’s Rey?” given that the film expects you to be in the know.

  • Used Main title music from Attack of the Clones for a more bombastic performance.

  • Removed shot of General Hux looking at Captain Peavy after “A single light fighter”

  • Trimmed the opening ‘prank call’ joke to prevent it from venturing into SNL territory while retaining the core of the humor

  • Removed two shots of BB-8 doing the wack-a-mole to tighten the pace.

  • Trimmed Paige kicking the ladder slightly

  • [Reinstated Hux being berated by Snoke (V2 change)]

  • Used poppasketti’s audio to change the emphasis as Luke tosses the lightsaber (V2 change) (Reinstated original music and trimmed for better timing)

  • Reinstated the ‘Luke Has a Moment’ deleted scene (Audio transition tweaked slightly by poppasketti in V2)

  • Reinstated the deleted scene where Poe gives Finn back his jacket (with scene transition provided by user pleasehello) (Audio transition tweaked slightly by poppasketti in V2)

  • Removed Luke’s joke “All right, that is pretty much nowhere”

  • Trimmed away the lone porg who gives Chewie the doughy eyes, though leaving the joke intact otherwise

  • Removed Luke’s line to R2, “Nothing can make me change my mind.”

  • Added shot of Rose opening up the ring from later and color correct it so it looks like Laura Dern is holding it as she speaks of the symbol. Added shot of Oscar reacting to it. (Might not be perfect but I think it goes by fast enough that you buy it)

  • Partially reinstated deleted scene of BB8 showing Finn the hologram of Rey so their hug at the end is a proper payoff.

  • [Reinstated Finn telling Rose to breathe at their first meeting (V2 change)]

  • Removed Rose saying “You too” after Finn’s “May the Force be with you”

  • Removed Rose repeating, “They can track us through lightspeed“

  • Tightened up Finn and Rose’s reaction to Maz’s “Oh yes, he can” for better timing.

  • Removed both appearances from the ‘Caretakers’ on Ach-to (with a visual effects shot courtesy of user snooker)

  • Reinstated the Caretakers and the deleted scene of them giving Rey the stink eye.

  • Tightened up Luke’s leaf joke for better timing.

  • Cut down the first sequence at Canto Bight to focus solely on finding the master codebreaker (also removing sounds of coins rattling around inside BB8 in two shots)

  • Partially reinstated Canto Bight so we get introduced to the kids from afar and we get to know Rose’s backstory. (BB-8 coin bit is still gone)

  • Blended the original Anakin lightsaber ignition sound with the existing different sounds for two shots

  • Added Caretaker Village deleted scene. I think it’s necessary to have that dramatic fall out.

  • Made it appear as though Finn and Rose follow DJ out of the cell, briefly elude the guards, and the scene ends. Next time we see the trio, they are already in hyperspace (also removing the implication in the later scene that BB8 helped steal the ship).

  • Removed Rey asking Kylo Ren is he has a cowl to put on (REINSTATED)

  • Added a center wipe transition from the scene with Finn, Rose, and DJ in hyperspace to the fleet losing their medical frigate

  • Used a few shots from a deleted scene to remove the iron/spaceship gag, which borrowed from an old spoof which laughed at Star Wars rather than along with Star Wars (film speck removed by user poppasketti)

  • Trimmed some of the comedy with BB8 being placed under a basket

  • Trimmed the heavy, direct hinting before Snoke’s death, using musical score from TFA (courtesy of user poppasketti)

  • Removed the detail from Kylo Ren that Rey’s parents are buried in the Jakku desert, as this seems at odds with the vision we saw in The Force Awakens. (REINSTATED)

  • Removed “Lets go, chrome dome”

  • Moved the scene with Luke and Yoda to immediately prior to Leia looking out over Crait (using audio and video provided by user Darthrush)

  • Removed Finn’s line about the battering ram canon being “old Death Star tech,” and in V2 reinstated Poe’s line, “A what now?”

  • The crate Luke sits on as he talks with Leia is now stationary and motionless, unaffected by him (effect provided by user poppasketti)

  • Removed Rey’s triple-TIE combo shot, with the Falcon’s involvement in the battle being first revealed with its shadow sweeping by and a single TIE being shot down (REINSTATED)

  • Trimmed Hux ordering fighters to follow the Falcon, leaving this poor tactical move to be attributed to Kylo Ren’s emotional priorities

  • Removed Finn’s line, “Oh, they hate that ship!”

  • Removed Hux repeating Kylo’s orders as to not diffuse the tension.

  • [Reinstated Finn’s full self-sacrifice sequence (V2 change)]

  • After Rose saves Finn, removed her line about not “fighting what we hate” and “saving what we love.”

  • Removed spot on the sun as Luke gazes out after collapsing, which caused some presumably inadvertent misdirection for some upon first viewing (courtesy of user poppasketti)

  • Snuck in a Wilhelm scream… somewhere in the movie.

Special thanks to Hal9000 for not only being an inspiring fan editor but also a very generous community member. And to everyone that helped make his edit, thank you for lending your talents for us dorks to enjoy! We stand on your shoulders.

PM for google drive link!


Now that sounds like an interesting take on things. Seems like a very worthwhile edit. Glad you were able to use my lossless audio output as a starting place. If this is what was put out there wouldn’t be much left for us to do.

Well done. I will disengage self-destruct initiative.


Very cool! I’d be interested in seeing this, I sent you a PM!


I have updated the file to fix some audio stuff I missed. I’ve also fixed a misspelling in the new crawl, slightly extended Poe’s prank call, reinstated Luke’s shoulder brush and reinstated original music for saber toss with trims for better timing.

It’s still the same link, for those who have it.


Hal9000, poppasketti and krlozdac thanks for the hard work put into all your edits. I always loved TLJ, and krlozdac I really appreciated the choices you made to piece together the recalibrated edit. I found the google drive link you posted on reddit. Just finished watching it and man I have to say there is no reason for me to watch the original version of TLJ anymore. This is far superior to the theatrical release, thanks to the efforts of many people. Godspeed rebels. Haha I really mean may the force be with you.