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Skywalker - A Star Wars Story (Sequel to Kenobi - A Star Wars Story)


Last February I published my 3-to-1 prequel edit “Kenobi - A Star Wars Story” on YouTube (link removed by moderator as per the site’s Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ - Rule 4) and remarkably it was only blocked in 6 countries. Since then I’ve begun work on a sequel titled “Skywalker - A Star Wars Story” an edit that attempts to blend Luke’s story with highlights of Anakin’s story, and makes no attempt to hide Vader’s origin (as it is a sequel to Kenobi). While progress is being made, I do have an issue when it comes to cutting down the OT. With Kenobi there were plenty of prequel edits from which I could draw inspiration, but there are almost no Original trilogy edits condensing the story. So far I’ve seen “War of the Stars” Parts 1 and 2 and “Pulp Empire.” If anyone has any ideas for what I could do, or knows of any other edits I could watch that condense the OT, please reply below.

Edits so far (SPOILER ALERT):

  • Vader’s revival (severely trimmed) as a prologue.
  • A text block (similar to the intro of Kenobi) to fill in the blank between Kenobi and this. Being written.
  • Almost all scenes without Luke are removed (story told from Luke’s perspective).
  • Inclusion of the Tosche Deleted scenes (currently being restored by Sky Shazad on YouTube), intercut with Anakin and Qui-Gon at night.
  • Periodically cut to Vader and/or Anakin.
  • Very brief flashbacks during Ben’s House, specifically talking about Luke’s father.
  • Creation of a sort of “There has been an awakening,” scene on the Death Star after Ben’s house, followed by Anakin learning he’s free.
  • Han shoots Greedo before introducing himself to Luke and Ben.
  • Obi-Wan vs Vader replaced by heavily trimmed, color corrected, version of SC 38 Reimagined.
  • Death Star only damaged during assault (Same Death Star as RotJ).
  • Luke flies from Yavin to Dagobah as the Rebel fleet escapes.
  • Luke is told not to enter the cave by Yoda and enters while Yoda is asleep.
  • Vader reaches out to Luke via a RotJ Deleted scene.
  • The Bespin duel takes place inside the Dagobah cave.
  • Luke leaves Dagobah after finding out about his heritage. Obi-Wan tries to stop him.
  • Yoda, asleep says “Failed, I have…” and dies.
  • From Dagobah Luke returns to the Rebel fleet, who have just learned where the Empire is repairing the Death Star.
  • Vader periodically reaches out to Luke during RotJ.
  • Luke leaves the Ewok village without being noticed and talks to Obi-Wan about his sister. “Then our only hope is your twin sister.”
  • Minor dialogue changes; “Padme once felt as you do.” - “I’ve accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father,” “Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him!”
  • Flash to dark moments of Anakin when Luke goes to town on Vader.
  • Vader’s death to his funeral and his return as a ghost (Hayden) is turned into a montage over “Across the Stars.”
  • Ends before the celebration.
  • Ending of TLJ as an Epilogue.

This is gonna be quite the thing isn’t it?


Wow, I find some of these ideas really really interesting.

Italian faneditor.

  1. CHOSEN ONE - A Star Wars Story:

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