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Imhotep's Star Wars Saga


This is a series of edits, currently including all 7 available Episodes and Rogue One, with a tentative cutlist for Episode 8. Episode 9 will also be edited if necessary. The project is still a work in progress, but I wanted to get the edits out as they are and see what you all think of them. There will likely be some errors scattered throughout, but hopefully you can get a feel for the overall concept of this variation on the Saga.

My technical expertise is quite limited (basically to what I’ve learnt working through this project), so any feedback or advice would be much appreciated.

With respect to the PT - where so much work has already been done - I have taken a similar approach to Octorox; my edits are as much hybrids of previous edits as they are my own work, with sequences, shots, or audio often sourced from other edits. Though this is becoming increasingly true for my other edits as well.

Cuts were made according to several practical principles:
• To minimize the unnecessary repetition of dialogue and events
• To remove particular lines where they obscure the dialogue or function of the scene as a whole
• To remove unnecessary action
• Where possible, to remove dialogue from a shot entirely so that only the image and music/foley remain
• To maintain the episodic nature of the films, and their relation as parts to the saga as a whole

Cuts were also made according to (what was worked out through this project as) the concept of Star Wars. At times it was necessary to work out this concept through writing out more theoretical notes (

Though I’ve attempted to cut the films into a more cohesive saga, if you’re interested in one or two of the edits in particular there’s no reason why they can’t be watched in isolation, only the new ep5 and ep6 title crawls won’t make sense if watched this way.

Major changes:
• All films have new episode titles and title crawls
• Various minor scene and dialogue trims have been made throughout
• Various deleted scenes have been added (despite the OT deleted scenes being in poor condition, and the timestamp on part of the TFA deleted scene)
• Various cuts have been made throughout to maintain continuity, for example Padme doesn’t die in ep3, some dialogue cuts to Obi Wan and R2’s reunion in ep4, Vader’s reference to Obi-Wan rather than Padme in ep6 with respect to ep3, and all lines in ep7 stating that the stormtroopers are no longer clones have been removed
• In the PT the Illuminati subplot has been removed: the Trade Federation, Count Dooku, and the Separatists are not depicted as being allied with Darth Sidious (except where Dooku reveals that Nute Gunray was betrayed by Sidious). Darth Sidious does not appear until he is confronted by Mace Windu. The Separatists then perform the function in the PT that the Rebellion provides for the OT, and the Resistance for the ST
• In TPM all of Sidious’ scenes have been removed
• In AotC the forbidden love subplot has been removed and the detective subplot trimmed, as in the Attack of the Phantom edit
• In RotS the opening sequence has been heavily trimmed, including the buzz droids, elevator sequence, and crash landing; the duel between Obi-Wan and Grievous has also been shortened, from when the Republic armada arrives
• Rogue One has been given a title crawl, and various wipe transitions have been added
• For the OT Harmy’s Despecialised editions have been used as the primary source. The only SE shots used are the exterior shot of the rebel hangar on Yavin IV in ANH, some shots in Jabba’s palace and to remove Anakins eyebrows in RotJ
• In the OT the incest subplot has been removed: Luke no longer refers to Leia’s hologram as beautiful, Han doesn’t taunt Luke about being interested in Leia, Luke and Leia don’t kiss, and Han isn’t jealous of Luke in RotJ
• In the OT there is only one Death Star: it is not destroyed in ANH (in ANH the final battle has been trimmed and cut into the earlier escape from the Death Star sequence so that it is not destroyed here, though the sequence needs work it should give an idea of how it will play out), the new RotJ crawl attempts to justify its change in appearance, and the rebel briefing scene in RotJ has been trimmed accordingly
• For TFA, my edit is in line with the Restructured edit curated by Hal9000, and is partially sourced from that edit.
• In TFA R2 does not have the rest of the map; Rey uses the force to locate Luke

I only have a partial cutlist at the moment, detailing the most significant changes (, and have also uploaded some demo scenes (

Titles and running times:
• Episode I - VEIL OF DARKNESS (at 94 minutes with 42 minutes cut, theatrical at 136 minutes)
• Episode II - A SEPARATIST THREAT (at 90 minutes with 52 minutes cut, theatrical at 142 minutes)
• Episode III - TWILIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC (at 99 minutes with 41 minutes cut, theatrical at 140 minutes)
• DOMINION OF THE SITH (Rogue One) (at 131 minutes with 3 minutes cut, theatrical at 134 minutes)
• Episode IV - A HIDDEN FORTRESS (at 105 minutes with 17 minutes cut, theatrical at 122 minutes)
• Episode V - THE FORCE UNKNOWN (at 121 minutes with 5 minutes cut, theatrical at 126 minutes)
• Episode VI - A NEW DAWN (at 111 minutes with 22 minutes cut, theatrical at 133 minutes)
• Episode VII - FATE OF THE REBELLION (at 126 minutes with 12 minutes cut, theatrical at 138 minutes)

• Adywan’s Episode IV - A New Hope: Revisited, and Episode V - Empire Strikes Back: Revisited
• Digmodification’s Rise of the Rebellion, and Episode VII - Heir to the Force
• Hal 9000’s Episode I - Cloak of Deception, Episode II - The Approaching Storm, Episode III - Labyrinth of Evil, and Episode VII - The Force Awakens: Restructured
• Harmy’s Despecialized Editions for the OT
• Jackpumpkinhead’s Custom Crawl Creator
• L8wrtr’s Episode I - Shadow of the Sith, Episode II - The Republic Divided, and Episode III - Dawn of the Empire
• NeverarGreat’s Episode VIII - The Starlight Project (forthcoming)
• Octorox’s Episode I - The Phantom Menace - Faster, More Intense!, and Episode II - Attack of the Clones, Sanded Down
• Phantom Editor’s Episode I - The Phantom Edit, and Episode II - Attack of the Phantom
• Schorman’s HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation for the PT
• Seciors’ Episode I - Return of the Sith, and Episode II - Army of the Republic
• Swagbeditor’s Episodes I, II, III - A Galaxy Betrayed

More specific references have been noted in the cutlist.

There are some further possibilities I’d like to pursue, but lack either the skill or time to follow up on. I may get to some of these tasks later on, though if anyone is interested in assisting or giving advice with these it would be much appreciated:
• Possibly redo the custom crawls in After Effects, mostly to try and fix letter spacing as I couldn’t figure out how to do it by line in Blender
• Remove slugs from single shot in ep2 assassination scene
• Remove ignited lightsabers from the background of a single shot in the ep2 arena battle, as in the Attack of the Phantom edit
• Colour some PT lightsabers yellow, as a reference to Knights of the Old Republic: Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and a few other background Jedi in the ep2 arena battle
• Colour youngling lightsabers white in ep2
• Dub General Grievous; I’ve written out new lines, but am unsure if I’ll be able to do this competently
• Remove planet in new Rogue One title crawl
• Remove Rogue One planet titles (preferably not by cropping)
• Add intercom voiceover (as in Rogue One) where Red and Gold squadrons depart Yavin IV for the Death Star in ep4
• Remove Yavin from the background of shots where Red and Gold squadrons approach the Death Star in ep4
• Remove OT deleted scene image noise/damage
• Colour C-3PO silver in early shots of the ep6 Tatooine sequence as, according to the restructure, he shouldn’t have arrived at Jabba’s palace yet
• Remove ST deleted scene timestamps

This post has been edited.


Very interesting! I shall be keeping an eye on this thread.

One suggestion for the RotS opening sequence. When the trio of goodies are running down the elevator shaft, perhaps you could change the reason for that to be that Grievous actively changed the gravity, rather than the ship capsizing.
It wouldn’t make sense for artificial gravity to be affected by a ships angle. This would work well, seeing as you’re dubbing him. Have him say something like; “Strap in, tilt gravity 90 degrees, make them struggle!”
I recommend using a voice similar to that of the CN network Clone Wars Grievous.

Good luck with this, by the way, it sounds like a project that I will enjoy very much

This post has been edited.


Ah thanks 😃 I have been thinking of taking another look at the opening of ep3, so I’ll try out your suggestion when I get back to it as the artificial gravity bit bothers me as well.

CN Clone Wars Grievous is so good! I’ll definitely be using that as a reference.

This post has been edited.


It’s the same guy. Matthew Woods is his name, I believe. He voiced both the droids and Grievous in TCW and Grievous in Episode III. Not sure if he voiced the droids in III, but he might’ve.


The first thing that came to my mind was: wow. This is a fascinating project idea. One of the things that has frustrated me with Star Wars is the real-life time gaps between each trilogy. Lucas lost a lot of his vision and stamina when creating the prequels. The sequel trilogy suffers from lack of clear direction by Disney and Lucas leaving. I have been looking around for fan-edits that treat Star Wars as the multi-part epic that it deserves to be. Sadly, no one person has been able to edit all the movies. Your doing so allows for consistent vision and direction that has been lacking in the transitions from the PT to OT to ST.

You are making some bold decisions, and, to be honest, I’m stunned, excited, and a little worried. If I understand this correctly, the major changes are that Darth Sidious was not the puppeteer behind the PT; there is only one Death Star in the OT; Luke and Leia never have romantic intimate moments; the New Republic is based on Coruscant; as well as a few others.

I like a lot of the choices for the edits. The Hosnian System was very awkward to introduce, and using Coruscant makes the galaxy feel more at home with the Republic starting back up again. Luke and Leia kissing was an awkward misfortune of not planning ahead. When I was a child, I believed the ANH Death Star was the same one as ROTJ Death Star. I believe this is a smarter choice. It doesn’t feel like a new Death Star came out of nowhere when the first took so long to build. Removing Obi-Wan’s line about “never owning a droid” was a smart choice, as was keeping Padme alive at the end of ROTS.

In terms of the names of the movies, I am curious as to your reasoning for each of them. I would not use “Odyssey of Darkness” for VIII. It sounds similar to “Veil of Darkness” and I am a huge stickler for unique names. I hated VI being Return of the Jedi and then VIII became The Last Jedi – very awkward and poorly chosen, at first glance. Instead of “Odyssey of Darkness” I would go with “Echoes of the Past”. It keeps in-line with numerous moments in the movie being related to the past, but wanting to change it. (I appreciate removing Yoda’s scene entirely from this movie, as an aside)

I believe that Rogue One, as a movie, fits very well with the other three trilogies. In your creation, Galen Erso plays a much bigger role because he affects IV and VI. I think it would be fitting to treat this saga as a ten-part epic, rather than a nine-part epic, in your situation. I suggest making Rogue One into Episode IV in the title crawl. This would shift everything down one so TLJ becomes Episode IX and the real Ep. IX becomes Episode X in your saga. It fits well with your version of the saga.

P.S. I took a quick look at your shared Google Drive folder full of clips. I didn’t notice some edits, which is a good thing. They should be seamless and integrated into the movie. However, “audience with Boss Nass, in the swamp” had a very abrupt and awkward cut at the beginning of the clip as Boss Nass begins talking (At 18 seconds). The scene where Leia originally kisses Luke in the medical bay was difficult to follow. It was jumping around in a number of places and the reintroduction of OT deleted scenes were not very fluid with the scene. I also think it is important to remove the planet in the background of the Rogue One newly-created crawl.


Thanks for the extensive reply! Hopefully I can bring the three trilogies together and make them more cohesive, but I’m a little worried about it as well 😄

Yeah, you’ve got it, those are the main changes.

As for the names, I can give some reasons as to why I chose them. I’ve tried to vary the titles a bit (mostly by avoiding the “X of the Y” formula). I guess the ep6 and ep8 theatrical titles are just a reference to Luke, so I don’t find them very interesting either, but I’ll try and justify my ep1 and ep8 titles being so similar:

  • Veil of Darkness continues in the vein of The Phantom Menace and Hal’s Cloak of Deception, implying that there is some dark unknown force yet to be revealed. It also refers to Anakin’s character, as his fate is unknown at this point.
  • A Separatist Threat was used because ep2 is about misdirection and setting up the tragedy of ep3. So the opening of ep2 is meant to imply that the Separatists are the most pressing danger to the Republic, but the Republic will become the Empire due to internal causes, such as the passivity of the Jedi and the ambition of Palpatine.
  • Twilight of the Republic refers to the light/darkness metaphor established in the ep1 subtitle. Also, in ep6 Yoda delivers the line “Twilight is upon me, and so night must fall”, so it’s also a reference to this.
  • Dominion of the Sith describes the political situation at the beginning of the film, however it’s also a slight misdirection, as by the end of the film the Rebellion has emerged to challenge (and ultimately overthrow) this dominion.
  • A Hidden Fortress is a reference to the Kurosawa film, and to the various hidden fortresses in ep4: the Death Star, Tatooine for Obi-Wan and Luke, and Yavin IV. Also, one of the Imperial Moffs almost finishes delivering the line “…or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebel’s hidden fortress” before he is force choked by Vader.
  • The Force Unknown is an inversion of The Force Awakens. It also refers to Vader for Luke, the Rebel cell on Hoth for the Empire, and both the Force and the Chosen One for Yoda and Obi-Wan (as they will, in ep6, continue to counsel Luke to kill rather than redeem Vader).
  • A New Dawn refers to the light/darkness metaphor, specifically to Twilight of the Republic, as the new Republic of ep7 is able to be established due to the events of ep6.
  • Fate of the Rebellion is to contrast with the optimism of A New Dawn in that ep7 undoes much of what was achieved in the OT, as the Jedi Academy and Republic are destroyed once again. So the new dawn promised by ep6 was false in some sense.
  • Odyssey of Darkness refers to the light/darkness metaphor again, specifically to Veil of Darkness, and indicates the position of the heroes of ep8 in relation to the heroes of ep1, as in ep8 our heroes are beyond the veil of ep1; in ep8 our heroes are now in the position of the Separatists of the PT, whereas this was not exactly true for the Rebellion of the OT (except perhaps for Saw Gerrera). Odyssey of Darkness also equally refers to Rey’s more existential odyssey and to the odyssey of the Resistance fleet from D’Qar to Crait, perhaps also to Finn and Rose’s odyssey which has fatal consequences for the Resistance fleet.
  • Triumph of the Force refers to The Force Unknown, as ep9 will presumably fulfil the contradictions of the previous episodes, and so the Force will have become fully realised at this point.

For these reasons I’d prefer to keep Odyssey of Darkness as is, but thanks for your suggestion.

I love this idea about giving Rogue One the “Episode IV” number and increasing the number of the other episodes, as I consider Rogue One to be essential for the OT, but I wonder if this would make things a bit too confusing?

Thanks for pointing out those problems with the demo clips, I think I’ve fixed up the problem with the Boss Nass scene, and I’ll review the ep5 Hoth medbay scene and deleted scene integration when I have time. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the cuts run a bit smoother there. If you find any other errors please let me know 😃


Collipso said:

It’s the same guy. Matthew Woods is his name, I believe. He voiced both the droids and Grievous in TCW and Grievous in Episode III. Not sure if he voiced the droids in III, but he might’ve.

Ah yeah, I did use some of TCW Grievous dialogue in ep3, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it as it sounds a bit too different from the ep3 dialogue. Though I guess that’s more due to how they altered the voice, rather than the voice actor.


ChiefWamsutta said:

The first thing that came to my mind was: wow. This is a fascinating project idea. One of the things that has frustrated me with Star Wars is the real-life time gaps between each trilogy. Lucas lost a lot of his vision and stamina when creating the prequels. The sequel trilogy suffers from lack of clear direction by Disney and Lucas leaving. I have been looking around for fan-edits that treat Star Wars as the multi-part epic that it deserves to be. Sadly, no one person has been able to edit all the movies. Your doing so allows for consistent vision and direction that has been lacking in the transitions from the PT to OT to ST.

Yeah, the ST feels kinda like a half-assed “But wait! There’s more!” happy ending override.

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