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Clone Wars - The Brazen Fanedit


Not sure if many have tackled this 2D series from 2003ish previously. I’ve always loved them as perhaps my own person favourite SW thing chronologically pre-Rogue One. And with Genndy’s Samurai Jack back on our screens it seemed an apt time to revisit.

This fan edit excises some elements, including Yoda and Padme. My reasoning is I picture this as a sort of accompanying piece to the OT, a glimpse into what the hell Old Ben was on about in that hut of his. A sort of war diaries thing I guess. I like the Yoda reveal in Empire, and Padme barely features here anyway but Anakin does have some great character building progression of his own.

Lots of trims, some juggling of scenes. Added a more traditional intro and crawl, tidied up some transitions etc.

Res is dictated by source; 853 x 478
Runtime: 1hr47m

PM me for a link if interested.