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A new Star Wars Project Index Thread : Preservations, Fan Edits, Audio Projects, Fan Documentaries, Technical/Quality Improvements, and How To's etc


A new and updated Star Wars Project Index Thread to try and help members find information on, and links to, the many various Star Wars projects, quality assurance/improvements topics, and how-to threads - that have originated on the down the years…

• Star Wars Preservations - Laserdisc sourced

• Star Wars Preservations - from non-Laserdisc sources

• Star Wars Restorations

• Star Wars Fan Documentaries

• Star Wars Fan Edits

• Star Wars 3-in-1 Fan Edits

• Star Wars Audio Projects

Technical & Video / Audio / Quality Improvement threads & Projects


• Cover Art : A list of Box Sets, 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers, single case sets + some useful links


or you can just scroll down through all the category posts in this thread… 😃

doubleofive’s invaluable Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes resource thread

Moth3r’s** original Project Index: Star Wars Preservation and Other Projects thread

Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ


If you see any broken links, errors, or projects in an incorrect category etc, please post them in here.

Also, if you have any suggestions for additional projects to be added, again, please post them in here.

Thank you.


Last Updated - Wednesday 13th December, 2017.

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Star Wars Preservations - Laserdisc sourced…

The Dr Gonzo DVD set

The Cowclops/TR47 DVD sets

The EditDroid DVD set

The ISOMIX set

The Farsight set

The XØ Project - Laserdisc on Steroids :.
Laserman’s thread
Zion’s thread

The Moth3r PAL DVD set

Dr. M’s Reinventing The Wheel Edition (Conversion of Moth3r’s PAL DVDs to NTSC)

Citizen’s NTSC/PAL DVD & Xvid sets

Grinder’s PAL widescreen project

The OCP/Dark Jedi Pan & Scan O-OT project

The Dark/Sega Special Collection

Arnie.d’s .: The X9 Project :.

tellan’s .: The Lancer DVD Project

msycamore’s STAR WARS - Special Widescreen Edition (Technidisc)

LeeThorogood’s PAL LaserDisc Preservation Project

althor1138’s superb Star Wars Laserdisc Preservations thread

(See the Official Screenshots Thread for comparisons of laserdisc transfers


If anyone is wondering why there is a Star Wars Preservation : Laserdisc sources section…

Many years ago, when the first started there were… considerable efforts by some members of the site to provide a quality fan-made release of the unaltered Original Trilogy on a dvd format (for free of course). The best quality source at that time were Laserdisc captures - hence this section…

Back then, not everyone had dvd writers, broadband, hard drives large enough to store the films on, and there were very few file-hosting sites capable of storing such large files, torrent sites were still in their infancy (and so slow)… so a Pay-It-Forward system, via postal services, was the usual means of distributing many fan-made Star Wars projects - all across the world.

Obviously since then, a lot has changed…

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Star Wars Preservations - from non-Laserdisc sources…

none’s :F:L:I:M:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: 😄:A:T:A:B:A:S:E: - a superb archive of many Star Wars releases.

none’s Theater Performance Preservations - an Index within (great work from ‘none’)

The Treadwell Collection (mainly VHS sources from back in the day - thank you ‘none’)


1977 pre-ANH bootleg
PS78 / AntcuFaalb

1977 pre-ANH bootleg - widescreen version

Harmy’s Despecialized Editions - for the Star Wars Original Trilogy
Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

njvc’s ‘Custom Bluray Set’ thread (for the Harmy DeSpecialized Editions)

Valheru_84’s NJVC’s Custom DSE Blurays - New limited time links available! (offer now expired)

solkap’s NJVC Custom Bluray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

Laserschwert’s German Theatrical Versions based on Harmy’s DeSpecialized Editions
Krieg der Sterne
Das Imperium schlägt zurück
Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter

poita’s The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints

mverta’s StarWarsLegacy - The Official Thread

Neverar’s 1080p Star Wars Color Correction thread

Harmy’s STAR WARS ReSpecialized Edition '97R thread

Harmy’s Grindhouse 35mm edition of Return Of The Jedi

Dreamaster’s Denoise, Regrain And CC of ESB Grindhouse

TeamNegative1’s 35mm Star Wars 1977 Theatrical Version

TeamNegative1’s 35mm The Empire Strikes Back 1980 Theatrical Version

TeamNegative1’s 35mm Return of the Jedi 1983 Theatrical Version

TeamNegative1’s Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman VS Technicolor Theatrical Version

willarob’s Project #4K77

zombie84’s Making our own 35mm preservation – my crazy proposal

The Puggo Edition (Super-8 transfers)

Puggo Grande Editions (16mm transfer)
Strikes Back
Return Of

.:. MoveAlong’s SW & ESB Releases threads
.:. The Story of Star Wars
.:. The Story of The Empire Strikes Back

LeeThorogood’s Original Trilogy Replica Technicolor Project

adywan’s The Star Wars Saga - 1080P AVCHD DVD-9 for PS3 & Blu-Ray players thread

schorman’s HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation

IrishLuck1980’s thread for Wookiegroomers 1080p Star Wars Saga

Darth Lucas’ Star Wars Custom Blu Ray Set

poita’s 1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Project

yotsuya’s Yotsuya’s Saga Preservation and Restoration

^…^'s WOWOW Star Wars saga

JawsTDS’s Return of the GOUT - Preservation & Restoration

KK650’s Regraded Star Wars films
Rogue One

Put Captain Solo in the Cargo Hold’s The original Latin American Spanish dubbings

Leonardo’s Preserving the “Italian” Original Trilogy

R2D2’s Preserving the “German” Original Trilogy

marvins’ Preserving the “French” Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress

Zion’s Star Wars Holiday Special thread - Zion Hybrid v2

Skot’s Preserving the…cringe…Star Wars Holiday Special

Tasjo’s SWHS WHIO 1st Gen VHS Preservation (The Holiday Special)

pittrek’s “The Ewoks Project” DVD set (All discs now on myspleen)

retartedted’s “Droids Series Complete Set. (Reconstruction from multiple sources).”

RU.08’s TPM 1080p Theatrical Preservation (The Phantom Menace)

RU.08’s The Phantom Menace on 35mm

clutchins’ Theatrical TPM Discussion Thread

LHSmarchingredcoat’s The Phantom Menace HD Theatrical Reconstruction (First very rough draft uploaded)

Chris358cp’s Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

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Star Wars Restorations…

The RowMan “Star Wars” Releases

The Official babyhum Release Thread

.:. MoveAlong’s The Story of Star Wars .:. Complete!

Ocpmovie’s “Classic Editions”
IV 2.0

PaulisDead2221’s “Vintage Editions”

Rikter’s The Official ANGRYSVN STAR WARS Release Thread

Rikter’s STAR WARS: The Torrents thread (now defunct)

adywan’s The Phantom Menace - Theatrical Version

Ocpmovie’s Special Edition Hype

Ocpmovie’s Return of the Ewok and Other Little Films

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Star Wars Fan Documentaries…

Deleted Magic - by ocp

Star Wars Begins - by Jambe Davdar

Building Empire - by Jambe Davdar

Returning to Jedi - by Jambe Davdar

Star Wars In Numbers - by Jambe Davdar

Be sure to check out Jambe Davdar’s vimeo channel -

Especially ‘Slimy Piece of Worm-Ridden Filth - Life Inside Jabba the Hutt’, ‘Blast it Biggs! Where are you?!’, ‘Do or Do Not’, and ‘Return of the Jedi - Special Location Effects’ - as well as his non-Star Wars filmumentaries.


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Star Wars Fan Edits…

Hal 9000 Saga Series

MagnoliaFan Edits (Episodes 1 & 2)

ADigitalMan Edits (Episodes 1-6 & Ep 2.5)

Adywan’s Revisited Editions
unofficial Revisited Saga discussion thread (by nightstalkerpoet)

Q2’s (aka Thunderclap) The Fall of the Jedi Prequel Trilogy

JasonN’s Prequel Trilogy FanEdits

L8wrtr’s Prequel Trilogy Edits…
Ep 1: Shadow of the Sith
Ep 2: The Republic Divided
Ep 3: Dawn of the Empire

Secior’s Prequel Edits 1 & 2 : FanEdit page
Ep 1: Return of the Sith
Ep 2: Army of the Republic

DominicCobb’s Dom’s Useless Prequel Edits

Asteroid-Man’s Star Wars: Renascent - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

emanswfan’s Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions

InfoDroid’s Star Wars: REBORN - The Complete Saga

^…^'s Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

kk650’s Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized (page by The Aluminum Falcon)

TMBTM’s Star Wars Saga: Silent Film Edition

Possessed’s Possessed Star Wars Trilogy custom edition

Ryan McAvoy’s The Star Wars: The Lost Workprint (Version 4 in Production)

OmegaMattman’s Star Wars Trilogy: Hyperspace Collection - 720p AVCHD Project Complete

Bingowings’ The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

bromeo’s Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (Anti-Cheese Edit)

Swazzy’s The Prequels: Show, Don’t Tell (A short film)

snooker’s STAR WARS EPISODE I: Dawn of War (Help Wanted!)

Anjohan’s STAR WARS: Episode I - THE ANCIENT LORE [Episode I Remade /Proj started: 2014]

ForceGhostRecon’s Prologue: The Chosen One

daveytod’s “The Clones Revealed” Edit

Sheepish’s “Shroud of the Sith” - a radical fan edit of “The Phantom Menace”

Trooperman’s Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit)

smudger9’s Clone Wars Movie Series

bobgarcia74’s SW Episode III - Reign of the Dark Side

Octorox’s Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Extended Edition

Stankpac’s Episode III: Revenge of the Sith : FanEdit page

NFBisms’s Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut)

Haqz’s Revenge of the Sith (Compelete voiceover/New Dub edit)

Joshua_Blue’s ANH:R - Stronger Vader edit: Now Released

darth_ender’s Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition

SpenceEdit’s Return of the Jedi - The Spence Final Cut

darthrush’s Return Of The Jedi - Remastered

YodaFan67’s ROTJ “Pre-film Training” Edit

daneditor’s The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - SPOILERS

Hal 9000’s TFA: A Gentle Restructure

DigMod’s Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) Released

NeverarGreat’s The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

TK251’s Star Wars: A New Threat (TFA EDIT)

liambrazier’s The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Sir Ridley’s The Force Awakens - Ridley’s Edit

darthrush’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - FanEdit Ideas thread

DigMod’s Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit

RogueLeader’s RogueLeader’s Rogue One Edit

eldusto84’s Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif Fanedit

tomo’s The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - SPOILERS INSIDE thread

Tv’s Frink’s Star Wars Ridiculousness Edits…
Ep I: The Ridiculous Menace
Ep II: Attack of the Ridiculousness
Ep III: Revenge of the Ridiculousness
Ep IV: A Ridiculous Hope
Ep V: The Ridiculousness Strikes Back
Ep VI: Return of the Ridiculousness
Ep VII: The Ridiculousness Awakens
Ridiculous One: A Star Wars Story

Backstroke Of The West - with retail DVD quality download - thread by marioxb

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Star Wars ‘3-in-1’ Fan Edits…

swagbeditor’s Star Wars: A Galaxy Betrayed – A 3-in-1 edit of the Prequels

EvanRevan322’s Has anyone watched ‘The Blackened Mantle’? thread (Edit by Darth Lunar)

Only Yoda Forgives’ Star Wars: Neon Noir

mattskuta’s “Duel of the Fates”- The Prequel Trilogy Recut into a single 2h33m film

SparkySywer’s Star Wars: A 3-in-1 fanedit of the Star Wars Trilogy (With only one Death Star)

Topher Grace apparently did a decent 3-in-1 Edit too - though seems the rumour is that he didn’t release it - and only his friends have seen it…
Octorox’s thread for Topher Grace’s Prequel Edit
SlashFilm article

A list and some details of 7 more 3-in-1 Prequel Edits over at the superb website


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Star Wars Audio Projects (and Discussion Threads)…

schorman13’s Star Wars Laser Disc Audio Archive

brash_stryker’s Star Wars Sound Effects Archive - A collection of the best Star Wars sounds for use in Fan Editing

none’s International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)

hairy_hen’s Star Wars 1977 70mm sound mix recreation [stereo and 5.1 versions now available]

Octorox’s Star Wars 77 six track mix with mono changes?

Moth3r’s The Mono Mix Restoration Project

GoodMusician’s Star Wars Prequels/Original Trilogy: The Complete Scores

yotsuya’s OT Sound Mixes

7FN’s Star Wars Trilogy LP Preservations thread

ABC’s THE OT SOUNDTRACKS SALVAGE - SW & ESB & ROTJ - “remastered” (so far) + LP’s

ABC’s J. Williams & LSO, The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (AUDIOPHILE EDITION) - Restored & Remastered Score

fishmanlee’s The Star Wars Movie Score Unused/Replaced Music Restoration Thread

fishmanlee’s JOHN WILLIAMS: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Expanded and Remastered Edition - V2 NOW AVAILABLE!!

fishmanlee’s JOHN WILLIAMS: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (Complete Score Edit) (Some SFX) REVISED VERSION AVAILABLE!

alexp120’s Star Wars Film Concert Series

Puggo’s Jar Jar’s Yoda : Scofield version - SW theater recording

morgands1’s Star Wars 70mm In-theater recordings in Stereo: NYC, 1977

morgands1’s ESB 70mm In-theater Limited-Edition Screening in Stereo/Mono NYC, 1980
70mm vs 35mm Empire Audio difference thread
ESB 70mm Soundtrack 1980 theatre recording thread

morgands1’s Empire Strikes Back audio/70mm Dolby mix

MoveAlong’s 70mm In-Theater Recordings: Washington, DC, 1978

CapableMetal’s Star Wars 1997 Special Edition Trilogy Cinema DTS Syncs in 5.1 HD-MA
Star Wars 1997 DTS CD-ROMs & The 1997 Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy Preservation >Standards Thread

alexp120’s GOUT Sync’d editions of the Special Edition’97 Cinema DTS mixes in 5.1 DTS HD-MA - SW : ESB : ROTJ

Neil S. Bulk’s “Deliberate Creative” fixed audio for 2004 DVD

Rebelscum’s 5.1 surround sound on Despecialized Editions?

GroovyLord’s The best audio, and differences between the many audio tracks available?

russs15’s Star Wars films with audio description. Can anyone help out??



Massive thanks to alexp120 for many of the links to this section 😃

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Technical / Audio / Video / Quality Improvement threads & Projects…

Harmy’s Quality Control Thread for The DeSpecialized Editions

towne32’s Harmy’s Despecialized Star Wars 1977 - Color Adjustment Project for v2.7 (released)

DrDre’s Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!

DrDre’s The theatrical colors of the Star Wars trilogy

DrDre’s Star Wars GOUT in HD using super resolution algorithm

CatBus’ Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)

DrDre’s Star Wars 1977 Technicolor IB print color references (matched to print)

DrDre’s Automated color grading and color matching with a Machine Learning Algorithm

none’s International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)

msycamore’s Greedo & Jabba subtitles, theatrical placement and fonts

g-force’s GOUT image stabilized

thorr’s Color correction methodologies

dark_jedi’s Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition Info thread

zombie84’s OUT, Automated Theatrical Colouring, and a Reference Guide

Wookie Groomer’s Split Screen DVDs

MeBeJedi’s The MeBeJedi feedback thread

tyler_j_williams’ Bootleg DVDs thread (from 2004-05)

Rikter’s Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread (from 2004-09)

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There are some quality fan edit and fan restoration websites out there - which may contain more content and info than listed in this thread…

Two such websites, which happen to be frequented by a fair few members of the, are:- &


doubleofive’s invaluable Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes resource thread

none’s extensive Theater Performance Preservations thread



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Cover Art : A list of Box Sets, 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers, single case sets + some useful links:-


(also includes links for making your own boxsets, printer info, Rikter’s cover collection disc, Jetrell Fo cover art links, generic cover art websites, and other useful info…)


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Moth3r’s original ‘Project Index: Star Wars Preservation and Other Projects’ thread:-


Massive thanks to Moth3r, ‘^…^’ and everyone else who contributed to the original Project Index over the years 😃

The thread is still open - so anyone can still also post in there.

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schorman13 said:

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I feel like these should be included:

Star Wars Laser Disc Audio Archive

schorman’s HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation

Absolutely mate - my apologies for missing them out.

(It was bit of a haze at times compiling it - so there may be a few more quality edits and projects missing…)

If anyone has a project, edit or thread etc they would like listed please let me or one of the other mods know - thank you 😃

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