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a few useful links for info and projects; some old, some new, some long forgotten...


a few useful links; some old, some new, some forgotten, some that may… interest you

^ George Lucas: “It’s like poetry - it rhymes” (or something).


Yes, that’s how we roll in the ‘house of ooj’ - hit it, K2! 🎼 One time… or something 😉


Awful rhymes & puns aside; a list of some insightful, informative or useful links on many aspects of the Original Trilogy:-

Below is just a small selection from a vast array of useful links to information and content on the Original Trilogy (and other Star Wars content too). Included are just a few of the more popular or landmark undertakings related to the OT•com in an attempt to highlight the various, wide-ranging and different types of Star Wars based projects undertaken on here (or by our members) over the years. And also a few of the lesser known or seemingly forgotten projects and endeavours too…

• Original Trilogy History
• Star Wars Preservation Projects
• Star Wars Fan Edit Projects
• Star Wars Miscellaneous Projects
• Useful OT•com Site Links


'While many of us appreciate and enjoy George Lucas’ creative evolution of the classic Star Wars films via the various releases of the ever-changing ‘Special Editions’, we respectfully state that there is tremendous importance in the original theatrical prints of the Star Wars Trilogy.

​Above and beyond the nostalgic value that they hold for millions of fans the world over, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi are landmark films that represent watershed moments in motion picture history. To preserve the original, award-winning work of the many artisans, sound technicians, craftsmen, and special effects artists is to do justice to their priceless contributions.

​Undeniably, these movies are also cultural placeholders for millions of film fans. The impact that the original Star Wars Trilogy made on countless numbers of children, young people, and grownups everywhere is indisputable. Preserving the unaltered theatrical release forms of these movies and making them available to the public is of utmost importance.

​An entire generation grew up with these movies and still love them dearly. We have created treasured memories and will always hold a place in our lives. We have bought the cinema tickets, video tapes, Laserdiscs, VCDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, artwork, posters, comics, books, soundtracks, games, figures, toys, lunchboxes, the various Special Editions, spin-offs, the Prequels, the Sequels, Standalone movies, Holiday Special, the Ewok movies, the many animated tv series - and literally bought the t-shirt…

​…we just ask to have the option to purchase the unaltered original Star Wars Trilogy on a modern, high quality, digital format.’

^ some bloke named Jay. (paraphrased)





Original Trilogy History - useful information & links - related to this site…



Star Wars Visual Comparisons’ Twitter Page - by doubleofive

A twitter account featuring all of the visual changes to the Original Trilogy films - along with discerning information, input and some great finds.



Star Wars Visual Comparisons’ Website - by doubleofive

A website featuring all of the visual changes to the Original Trilogy films - along with discerning information, input and some great finds - including the 4K 19SE version releases on Disney+.



‘Star Wars Visual Comparisons’ Blog - by doubleofive : Star Wars : Empire Strikes Back : Return Of The Jedi

A blog account featuring comprehensive galleries featuring all of the visual changes to the Original Trilogy films.



‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ OT•com thread - by doubleofive

Contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as a comprehensive and de facto discussion thread and reference point on the subject.



‘Save Star Wars’ Website - by zombie84 (aka Michael Kaminski)

Though no longer updated since 2011, the Save Star Wars website remains a bastion of information on the history of Star Wars; with content not often found elsewhere online.



‘The Secret History Of Star Wars’ Website - by zombie84 (aka Michael Kaminski) - saved & rehosted by OT member ‘none

An example / introduction site full of insightful info for zombie84’s book - ‘The Secret History Of Star Wars’.



'An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…’ OT•com thread - by oojason

A chronicle of the history of this site - and also it’s continuing evolution.



Rebels striking from a hidden base (sort of) have won their first victory - as acknowledged by Lucasfilm, in May 2006…

A screenshot image of the article on the Baltimore Sun website from the 5th May 2006, featuring quotes from Lucasfilm spokesman John Singh about the OriginalTrilogy•com - the passion of the fans here - as well as acknowledging that the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy films are “…the movies that some fans have always wanted own, because they’re the ones they first saw in theaters.”


An abridged screenshot image of Jay’s post on the OriginalTrilogy•com at the time:-

The fan pressure campaign spearheaded by the OT•com and their members & petition… resulted in Lucasfilm relenting… and they finally agreed to release the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy films on DVD.

Jay’s actual post can be found here - via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (read from the bottom of the page to the top)


A screenshot image of StarWars•com’s announcement re the unaltered Original Trilogy being released on DVD for the first time (and only time) - as linked to in Jay’s post, above:-

StarWars•com’s actual post on the announcement can be found here - also via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine


Then, later in May… came the news that coming unaltered theatrical version release on DVD would be in letterbox format - and not anamorphic widescreen. Followed by the reveal that the transfer would be from what was used for the 1993 Definitive Edition Laserdiscs - a 13 year old project and, even back then (in 2006), of substandard quality - using compressed sound and adding DVNR to reduce the picture quality and detail further.

Fans here and elsewhere then immediately contacted Lucasfilm via email, phonecalls, faxes, and letters - politely informing them of our dissatisfaction with their decision to use this substandard transfer as a means to release the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy on DVD…

An abridged screenshot image of Jay’s post on the OriginalTrilogy•com at the time:-

^ Jay’s actual post can be found here - via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (read from the bottom of the page to the top)


Just days later, after receiving a barrage of criticism for their choice to use such a 13 year old substandard and limited quality laserdisc transfer for the coming 2006 DVD release, Lucasfilm then released this… somewhat nonsensical and factually disingenuous… statement in reply:-

(The actual post can be viewed here - via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine)


The return "to the Lucasfilm Archives to search exhaustively for source material that could be presented on DVD." as originally stated by Lucasfilm VP Jim Ward - seemingly turned out to be not very exhaustive - or much of a search, at all.

To date this is the only time the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy has been officially released on a digital format…


More detailed info on the 2006 OT DVD release itself can be found at the SaveStarWars•com website, in the article titled ‘Got GOUT? The 2006 Original Version DVD Bonus Feature Fiasco’, and also in the An Index Thread for General Star Wars Discussion… - in the ‘Archival / Historical discussions’ section.


In 2010 George Lucas announced that a release of the Star Wars Saga on blu ray would occur in the following year (for what would be a new version of the Original Trilogy with more even more changes made - aka the ‘2011 Special Editions’)

…featuring more claims, by George himself, as to why the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy could not be restored or included:-

^ an abridged screenshot image of the full ‘Star Wars Films Coming to Blu-ray Next Year’ article at the New York Times.

Again, like the Lucasfilm PR release in 2006, George words in the above article above are somewhat disingenuous - in that there is no need to once more “go through and do a whole restoration on it, and you have to do that digitally” when if fact you only need to restore & digitise the original scenes not used for the 1997 Special Edition, and then re-edit those scenes back into the film - not the whole process as stated by George - afterall, the rest of the digitised restoration has already been completed.

The same applies to George’s claim that “It’s a very, very expensive process to do it. So when we did the transfer to digital, we only transferred really the upgraded version.” - again… you only need to restore & digitise the original scenes not used for the 1997 Special Edition, and then re-edit those scenes back into the film - not the whole process as stated by George - afterall, the rest of the digitised restoration has already been completed.

SaveStarWars•com’s article on George Lucas’ 2011 blu ray announcement and restoration claims - ‘The Star Wars Blu-Ray Blues’ - goes into further detail on this:-

These two articles from ARS Technica on the issues of restoring, preserving & releasing the classic OT films, also provides insight into what is actually possible in making an official release of the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy:-

‘Untouched is impossible: the story of Star Wars in film’ - 2010 article

‘Could Disney finally give us the remastered, unedited Star Wars we want?’ - 2017 article



‘Disney+ Should Offer the Star Wars Original Cuts—All of Them’ - Wired article - by doubleofive

‘George Lucas has been retro-tweaking the saga for years. It’s time to give fans every version.’

doubleofive’s superb article on the ‘2019 Special Editions’ & also chronicling what many Star Wars fans have been wishing for for many years now…

An OT•com discussion thread on the article can be found here - link



‘George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…’ OT•com thread - by oojason

Attempts to highlight and catalogue the accurate, revision-free, and authentic record on the history & evolution of Star Wars. As well as some of the altering of history, contradictory claims and changing viewpoints by George Lucas / Lucasfilm.



‘4K restoration on Star Wars’ OT•com thread - by danny_boy (from 2014)

A discussion thread on the Lowry Digital / Reliance Media Works undertaking a 4K restoration of the Original Trilogy films for Lucasfilm - and potential restorations since.



‘Could Disney finally give us the remastered, unedited Star Wars we want?’ article at ARS Technica (from 2017)

^ An article which debunks many of the oft-talked about potential issues surrounding an OOT release.

Also well worth checking out is their previous 2010 article on the-then options of restoring the classic OT films:-

‘Untouched is impossible: the story of Star Wars in film’



‘All Changes Comparison’ YouTube Videos - by Marcel Zuniga

Star Wars - Part 1 : Star Wars - Part 2
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

A comparison video highlighting the changes made to the Theatrical Cut (1977), then the Special Edition (1997), the OT DVD Release (2004), and finally the Blu-ray Release (2011).



‘StarWars•com’s Official 2004 Changes Preservation’ Pages - uploaded and compiled by doubleofive

Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi​

The official Star Wars website’s own take on the changes made to the Original Trilogy for the 2004 DVD release (the site article is no longer available for some reason - yet doubleofive has kindly saved and re-uploaded this educational and illuminating content…)


‘StarWars•com’s Official 1997 SE Changes Preservation’ Pages (via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine)

Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi​

The official Star Wars website’s own take on the changes made to the Original Trilogy for the 1997 Special Edition release (the site article is no longer available for some reason - yet the articles can still be read via Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine…)



DVDActive•com’s articles on the changes made to the OT films - by Mentasm (via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine)

​Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

Articles with comment sections discussing the visual changes made to the three classic films over time and to the differing Special Editions releases.



‘Who Shot First’ article by Empire magazine on the many changes made to the Original Trilogy films

A useful overview and timeline of some of the events and changes to the Star Wars films.



‘Starkiller - Star Wars Scripts’ web site at

StarWarz•com’s Jedi Bendu script site has many scripts and differing draft versions of the all the OT films.





Useful Links on some of the OT•com’s Star Wars Preservation Projects…



‘Despecialized Editions’ - by Harmy

Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

Twitter : Facebook : YouTube

High definition reconstructions of the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy films. The original shots are painstakingly restored using various sources ranging from VHS, LaserDisc, DVD, BluRay to 35mm print scans.

Also of note - and well worth a read…

Harmy’s Despecialized Star Wars 1977 - Color Adjustment Project for v2.7 (released) project thread - by towne32

The Despecialized Editions: ‘Please help me find & download’ | ‘How-To’ Help Index & more… thread may also be of interest.



‘Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set’ project by - NJVC

NJVC completed a custom bluray set for Harmy’s Despecialized Trilogy, complete with menus, a range of commentaries and special features for each film. Harmy has given his approval of the project.

solkap’s NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega thread (with helpful step-by-step guide) is a great option on how to acquire this Set.



Laserschwert’s German Theatrical Versions based on Harmy’s DeSpecialized Editions

Krieg der Sterne
Das Imperium schlägt zurück
Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter

This version features new Lucasfilm and Es war einmal… title-cards (based on a German 35mm scan by poita), as well as a new German crawl - with revised logos made by Laserschwert.



‘35mm Original Trilogy Preservation Project’ - by poita

The chronicles of poita undertaking the restoring and preserving the Original Trilogy films from 35mm film scans.



‘4K77, 4K80 & 4K83 OT Preservation Project’ by

Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

Site : Twitter : Facebook : YouTube

‘A rag tag, fugitive band of rebel scum just spent two years restoring the original, theatrical version of Star Wars…’ and then Return Of The Jedi (both released) - and are now working on Empire Strikes Back…



‘ - The Official Thread’ - by mverta

A chronicle and step-by-step guide of the process used to create mverta’s own personal restoration of the original Star Wars Trilogy.



‘1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Preservation Project’ - by poita

As the 1997 Special Edition has never had it’s own digital home release… this project aims to preserve this particular version.



‘Star Wars Holiday Special Preservation Project; Hybrid v2’ - by Zion

A hybrid reconstruction of the 1978 TV special based on the quality EditDroid & Tasjo v2, + g-force’s blu-ray edition.



‘Puggo’ Project (16mm transfer) - by Puggo - Jar Jar’s Yoda

Puggo Grande
Puggo Strikes Back
Return Of The Pug

A telecine transfer and restoration project of 16mm prints of Star Wars with the original mono mix.



‘Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions’ - by Emanswfan

Using the OT blu rays as sources for grain structure/detail analyzation to match the three films’ looks to that of the Original Trilogy films.



The Phantom Menace - Theatrical version scanned in 4K - by ZigZig

Based on a 35mm in very good condition, is currently in progress… a first scan (in 4K) will be processed as soon as possibly by a Parisian lab, so that I can use it to finish my ongoing despecialized edition ( Then the reels will be shared with some people from OT, and a second scan will be processed with the best available scanner.



‘HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation’ project - by schorman13

To preserve the best quality versions of the Prequel and Original Trilogies as released on DVD between 2001 and 2005 in HD quality.



‘Wookie Groomer’s 1080p Star Wars Saga’ thread - by Wookie Groomer (thread by IrishLuck1980)

As well as the project itself Wookie Groomer highlights what and how he did to make this 1080p set.



ocpmovie’s Classic Editions SW : ESB : ROTJ : SW v2

‘The original version of Star Wars, not the way it was, but the way you remember it.’ - based on the TR47/Cowclops transfer.



‘Pre-ANH bootleg telecine - a widescreen version’ VHS to DVD Project - by Moth3r

The rare bootleg version of Star Wars '77 in letterbox format - a historical curiosity from long, long ago.



‘The EditDroid DVD Original Trilogy Preservation’ Project - by EditDroid

A quality laserdisc to dvd transfer - featuring interactive menus, scene selection, isolated music scores, choice of title crawls & much more.



‘The “Dr. Gonzo” Trilogy DVD’ Project - by Dr. Gonzo (thread by Rikter)

Another laserdisc to DVD transfer. Featuring Commentary Track, the documentaries/interviews, trailers, concept art, production stills, and some Easter Eggs 😃



.: Moth3r’s PAL DVD project :. & ‘The Moth3r PAL DVD Set Feedback Thread’ - by Moth3r

A high quality PAL laserdisc to DVD transfer. Video from the French 1995 THX PAL Laserdiscs. Dolby Surround soundtrack from the UK 1995 THX PAL VHS tapes.



.:. MoveAlong’s - ‘The Story of Star Wars’ .:. - by MoveAlong

This project uses “The Story of Star Wars” vinyl LP audio synced up to a variety of video sources to create a unique preservation/fan-edit dvd. It has a run-time of 51 minutes.



Neverar’s ‘A New Hope Technicolor Recreation’ - by NeverarGreat

A shot-by-shot color corrected and slightly de-specialized version of the Star Wars ANH 2011 Blu-ray. Send all your cantaloupe to Nev - he loves it!



‘STAR WARS - The 1982 Video Rental Library VHS Preservation MP4’ - by Rikter

The rental library version was released in May 1982 on VHS and Betamax. The tape had a rental-only window until September of that year. Enjoy and word to the Spookies!



Star Wars: Path of the Jedi Preservation Effort - by emmett

A video which recreated the official montage recap film ‘Star Wars: Path of the Jedi’ in high definition - something currently only shown in theatres at Disney theme parks around the world.



‘Recreating the TV Edits of the 2003 Clone Wars Series (HD)’ - by DavidMDaut

Reconstructing Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Clone Wars’ micro-series back into its original, individual chapters - as originally broadcast for TV.



‘Droids TV Series Complete Set’ reconstruction - by retartedted

The culmination of about 3+ years of tracking down tapes to find the best sources possible for the original & complete Droids animated series.



‘The Ewoks Project’ DVD Set (animated tv series) - by pittrek

A restoration for the relatively unknown mid-1980’s tv series - with a raft of Bonus Features too.



‘Return of the Ewok and Other Little Films’ by SKot & ocpmovie

This classic 24-minute film stars Warwick Davis as he tries to become a star - shot on the sets of Return of the Jedi, the film features your favorite Star Wars stars (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch), as well as veteran actor Roy Kinnear.



‘Star Wars: The Lost Cut’ reconstruction’ - by darth_ender

There existed a rough cut of Star Wars '77 - “The Lost Cut” - before being re-cut to form the film we saw in theaters back in May 1977…



Star Wars 1977 70mm sound mix recreation: stereo and 5.1’ Project - by hairy_hen

To recreate the dynamic 6-track magnetic soundtrack of Star Wars found on the 70mm prints.



The OT Soundtrack Salvage - Remastered’ Project - by ABC

The sound qualities the original transfers before they were altered for the Special Edition versions



‘The Last Jedi - Isolated Score’ - by Mavimao & schorman13

An isolated score track for TLJ was only available on a digital release. Those with the Bluray (or other formats) did not have access to this download code on ‘Movies Anywhere’ - hence this project & release.



Episode III - ‘Backstroke of the West’ project - by marioxb

a ROTS project with the Backstroke Of The West subtitles. It has four subtitle options: 1. Original, 2. Backstroke V1 (F words), 3. Backstroke V2 (no F words), 4. a surprise subtitle track. There are menus with scene selections and one more surprise easter egg…


An Index Thread (and more) for Star Wars Preservations… (one of many pinned threads at the top of the various forum sections)





Useful Links on some of the OT•com’s Star Wars Fan Edit Projects…



adywan’s ‘Revisited Edits’

​Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

Site : Twitter : YouTube : Facebook

An alternative version of the Special Editions - with shots of new scenes, model-making, and edits - with more fixes and corrections than the various official released Special Editions over the years…



Hal 9000’s 'Prequel Trilogy Edits
Cloak Of Deception
The Approaching Storm
Labyrinth Of Evil

A re-crafted perspective on the Star Wars Prequels in keeping with the drive of the Original Trilogy films.



NeverarGreat’s ‘The Starlight Project’ Sequel Trilogy Edits

The Force Awakens
The Last Jedi
The Rise Of Skywalker * (hopefully…)

This edit began with the goal of merely embellishing character arcs and fixing continuity and logic problems, yet has since grown into a much more ambitious project which restructures the two Sequel films so far.



JasonN’s ‘Shadows Of The Old Republic’ 3-in-1 Prequel Trilogy Edits

Edited to put more focus on the story of Obi-Wan before his life as a hermit on Tatooine.



snooker’s ‘Destroy All Jedi’ 3-in-1 Tarantino-style Prequel Edit

A non-linear story structure, re-written dialogue, a thumping soundtrack and score to boot.



‘MagnoliaFan Edits - “Balance Of The Force” and “The Clone War”’ - by MagnoliaFan (thread by Figrin_Dan)

MagnoliaFan’s Edits are a more darker and mature version of the Prequels - using subtitles, voice reconfiguration and deleted scenes to convey a more powerful reason for invasion by the Trade Federation…



‘Dom’s Useless Prequel Edits’ - by DominicCobb

A personal Prequel set - based on Hal 9000’s & L8wrtr’s Ep1 & II Edits with a few tweaks - yet with more work undertaken for ROTS.



ADigitalMan’s ‘Star Wars Saga Edits’ (Episodes 1-6 + 2.5 Clone Wars)

Edited to be more in-keeping with the Original Trilogy; the OT Edits being ‘DeSpecialized’ in many places.



TMBTM’s Star Wars Saga: Silent Film Edition (Prequel & Original Trilogy)

A 4h40m long silent Star Wars movie (only Williams score, no voices, no sound effects), in black and white - with dialogues cards.



Hal 9000’s The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was

To harmonize the various official versions of the films to produce a suitable ‘custom Special Edition’ version to compliment one’s OOT preservation of choice.



spoRv’s Star Wars Saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

With the aim to reinsert as many deleted/extended scenes as possible into this very Extra Extended Edition.



Anjohan’s STAR WARS: Episode I - The Ancient Lore

The entire purpose of this edit is to re-make the entire movie into a very interesting and exciting piece of cinema, with the very best of my ability to make it into a coherent Star Wars addition, full of wonder, mystery, compelling characters and life.



Cathy’s The Jedi’s Apprentice: AOTC Edit Video-Breakdowns - towards her AOTC Fan Edit project.

Step-by-step videos from the Cathy chronicling her attempts to make a unique and somewhat different AOTC Edit.



TV’s Frink Attack of the Ridiculousness

Part of TV Frink’s ‘Ridiculous’ Saga Edits - made with, and featuring, a lot of fun and humour.



IlFanEditore’s Chronicle Revenge Of The Sith

Episiode III Fan Edit that addresses some of the contradictions and inconsistencies with the Original Trilogy…



TMBTM’s “The War of the Stars”; a Star Wars “grindhouse” cut - thread by Ripplin

This is a “grindhouse” version of George Lucas’s Star Wars '77. Some of the deleted scenes, alternate takes and behind the scene footage are now back in the movie. New music. New special effects. Key scenes have been reorganized.



njvc’s Pulp Empire

A mashup of Tarantino and The Empire Strikes Back. To take ESB and remix it, using songs from and inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino. 100% of the score has been replaced, as well as overdubbing Yoda with Pai Mei, from Kill Bill V2.



darthrush’s Return of the Jedi - Remastered

A streamlined experience which mitigates the Ewoks, improves the character of Han Solo and trims the more distracting elements of the film.



Sir Ridley’s The Force Awakens - Ridley’s Edit

The goal is just to make a better version of an already great movie, using Hal 9000’s Restructured v2 of TFA as a base.



poppasketti’s The Last Jedi: Rekindled

Smoothly trimmed Canto Bight scenes and was conservative with regards to cutting humor, along with a host of changes and tweaks (and moving around of some scenes) that drastically improve the pacing.



DigMod’s ‘Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit’

With added crawl, title cards and trimming of Bor Gullit for a quicker pace & effect to the story.



DigMod’s Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist (Solo Fan Edit)

DigMod’s attempt to bring some of that Star Wars feeling back in to the Solo film he felt was lacking.



smudger9’s ‘Clone Wars Movie Series’ Edits

Edited to a 9-episode series aiming to achieve a more progressive narrative for the Clone Wars.



Bingowings’ The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread



Anakin Starkiller’s The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread



paja’s The Sequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread



daneditor’s The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas thread



tomo’s The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas thread



Anakin Starkiller’s Rebels Fan Edit Ideas thread



RogueLeader’s A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit thread

An Index Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… (one of many pinned threads at the top of various forum sections)





Useful Links on some OT•com & related Star Wars Miscellaneous Projects…



Project Threepio - OOT Subtitles Project - by CatBus

Providing high-quality subtitle options in many, many languages for preservations of the Original Original Trilogy in it’s unaltered form.



‘Custom Crawl Creator: Revisited v2.0’ - by Jackpumpkinhead

For Editors and people undertaking reconstructions (or just for fun writing your own crawls)… a useful and downloadable Custom Crawl Creator.



‘International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)’ - by none

Information & discussion related to the international versions of the Star Wars films. From official in theater dubs, official release dubs, television dubs and unofficial voice-over translations.



Filmumentaries’ Original Trilogy series - by Jambe Davdar

Star Wars Begins
Building Empire
Returning To Jedi

A fan-made, yet professional quality, documentary trilogy on the three classic films - with rare scenes and information.



‘The Star Wars Comparison’ YouTube Channel - by Star Wars Comparison

For comparisons between the various official releases - with preservation projects, fan edits & the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy.



'NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega - by solkap

A superb step-by-step guide on a way to acquire the NJVC Custom Blu Ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialzied Editions.



‘Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet’ - by bluto

A quality step-by-step guide on how to acquire certain projects via binary newsgroups on Usenet.



‘ animated logo - NOW AVAILABLE for use in fan edits and other projects’ - by RoccondilRinon

With a few options to include an OriginalTrilogy•com logo for use with any projects which originate on here.



‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ website - by SKot

A quality site on the cult 1978 made-for-TV movie based on a story by George Lucas. Life Day will never be the same again…



‘Star Wars on Video’ website - by Video Collector

One top fan’s extensive collection of assorted Star Wars releases and differing formats - with useful & insightful information and images.



‘Star Wars on Home Video Reference Site’ by projectcclarke

Exhaustive information and images on the various formats and releases for the many home releases for all of the Star Wars films.



‘Star Wars Laserdisc Preservations’ - by althor1138

An array of Star Wars laserdisc releases - with links to further information at the lddb•com website.



‘Star Wars Laserdisc Database’ - by spoRv

A link to spoRv’s own website - featuring info on many of the various Star Wars releases on laserdisc.



‘Star Wars Laser Disc Audio Archive’ - by schorman13

For information and also saving and sharing the various audio mixes of the Star Wars Trilogy presented on LaserDisc over the years.



‘:F:L:I:M:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: D:A:T:A:B:A:S:E:’ - by none

A superb archive of many Star Wars releases - with link to none’s own F: D: website.



'The Treadwell Collection - by none

From specials, commercials, interviews, to news reports and more, these tapes (from the VHS era) provide view points of the evolution of the Star Wars phenomenon.



‘Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes Database’ - by spoRv

A database of shots and scenes taken from trailers, deleted or cut scenes, rare scenes featured in documentaries etc.



‘Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition Info’ - by dark_jedi



‘Wookie Groomer Present: Addicted To Star Wars’ project - by Wookie Groomer

A “Star Wars Buffet”. All 6 (OT & PT) movies presented at the same time with 8 selectable audio soundtracks to choose from. The first 6 soundtracks are the movies I through VI, the 7th soundtrack is a music score only specially edited by me using mostly key sequences of each of the movies most memorable audio tracks. The 8th audio track is the entire 6 films in a cornucopia of sound or as I hear it, a train wreck.



‘The theatrical colors of the Star Wars trilogy’ thread - by DrDre

A thread about the original colors of the Star Wars trilogy - relevant to future Star Wars trilogy preservations.



‘Automated color grading and color matching with a Machine Learning Algorithm’ - by DrDre

DrDre’s own algorithm to helpfully speed up manual colour corrections for various projects.



‘ÜberGuide for -Full- PAL to NTSC DVD Conversion v2.0’ - by Doctor M

A comprehensive guide for the intermediate and advanced user. The goal is to make a near perfect conversion of all menus, video, audio and subtitles to NTSC from a PAL DVD.



‘UHD Blu-ray Authoring - Technical Discussion’ - by railerswim

Aiming to address issues such as… UHD BD compliance - Bitrate issues, as well as BDXL discs. Custom Menus (in 4K). Proper Metadata flagging in the mpls and clpi files - to ensure proper files listed and proper resolutions/frame-rates. Player compatibility.



‘The GOUT Sync Thread’ - by Chewtobacca

A thread devoted to information re synchronizing various projects to the NTSC GOUT - all in one useful place.



‘Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread’ - by Rikter

In the early era of this site Rikter’s thread was a great way to learn about the various Star Wars projects available - all in one great place. Word to the Spookies.



Captain Danielsan’s Blu Ray and DVD Disc Printing Service Thread - A project for all - by Captain Danielsan

A generous offer for those wishing to use his at-cost Disc Printing Service - especially useful for those without a printer with a ‘print-to-disc’ function.



The OT•com’s Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art forum section.

For custom dvd, blu ray, & usb case covers, boxsets, movie posters, and other fan artwork projects.



‘Ultimate Star Wars BoxSet, 2.0!’ - by ronwlim

Incredible OT Box Set by professional art director and OT•com member ronwlim - with superb eye for detail and aesthetic.



The OT•com’s Script Writing and Re-writing forum section.

Script rewrites and adjustments to Star Wars stories and fan films. Discuss alterations and revisions to non-Star Wars material.



‘Star Wars: Knight of the Empire - Revamped Edition’ - by Duracell Energizer

An Episode II re-write - with revisions to the old material to fix the clunkier dialogue and descriptions.




If you are new to the OriginalTrilogy•com then the following info may be of some assistance…

The Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here - a good place to make your first post is just that; a place to make your first post on here - and for more longstanding members to welcome new additions to our community.

Secondly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Thirdly, the ‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

The Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Plot Spoiler Policy (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

There are also several Index Threads pinned at the top of many respective sections of the OT•com - which may help members find various topics of discussion, fan edits, preservations and other projects etc.

To Join the Discord server! click on the link. There is also the Twitter too.

'An Timeline | a history of the site | the why & how it came to be… chronicles both the history of this site & also it’s continuing evolution.

The ‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread by doubleofive contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as an insightful and comprehensive discussion thread and reference point on the subject.

Also, the ‘George Lucas: Star Wars Creator, Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…’ thread attempts to highlight and catalog some of the revisionism, altering of history and contradictory claims by George Lucas / Lucasfilm as to the formation, planning and history of the Star Wars films and universe therein.

The Some useful threads re the non-release of the theatrical OT | How you can help… thread - highlighting just a few of the many discussion threads on this site focusing on our love and appreciation for the Original Trilogy - and ongoing attempts to achieve a modern, high quality, official release of the unaltered theatrical version of the classic Star Wars movies.




Looking to acquire projects on here? Then please read this…

A fair few people join here for a particular the Preservation Project, Fan Edit, documentary, blu ray or dvd cover etc. We ask that those who do… also have a look around; see if there are other Projects, Edits or works of interest to your liking. To give the Star Wars discussion threads a read through, or those in the Off Topic sections. To have a think about becoming a part of the community here; and consider not becoming a one-time poster… asking for a link to a project and to never be seen again.

Many of the projects on here have been undertaken by volunteers or enthusiasts who’ve devoted considerable time, effort, dedication and some expense… to locate, preserve, restore & archive - or edit - films and TV programs in their best possible presentation. This is often with painstaking commitment - yet all projects are available for free; not to mention our members also improving upon & sharing techniques, knowledge, technical assistance, experiences - and a few stories, along the way.

Joining up here and then creating a new thread along the lines ‘Give me the link to X’, ‘Where is project Y’, or going straight into a project thread and posting ‘How do I get these?’ doesn’t really fly on here - and will likely be ignored or deleted. Taking the time to learn about a project - by reading through the project thread - as well as how to acquire them; simply making an effort to be part of the community here, and how this place works, even if just leaving feedback for acquired projects, can go a long way…

NOTE: Many editors & preservationists choose not to make their projects available to ‘hit & runners’ or people with a post history of mainly asking for many projects - which is completely up to them. That some people join up here looking to simply take - instead of give something back; not even leaving a simple ‘thank you’, feedback or review, or join in with the community here - and instead move on to asking for more projects… is not encouraged. As above, such requests may likely be ignored.

I have found a Fan Edit / Preservation Project I am interested in - but don’t know how to get / acquire / download it?


These ‘signpost’ threads, featuring useful info and links to the five most sought fan projects on here, may be of interest…

Some info & help for Harmy’s Despecialized Editions of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for Puggo’s Grande 16mm preservations of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for TN1’s 4K77, 4K80 & 4K83 preservation projects of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for adywan’s Revisited Editions of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for the Hal 9000 Edits of the Prequel & Sequel Trilogies (+ more)

Obviously there are countless more projects in the four main Project Index threads in each of the ‘Fan Project’ sections of the site.





There are countless other informative threads, preservation, fan edits, and other quality endeavours on here - hopefully this will inspire fellow members (both old and new, or older and newer 😉) to search for some of the lesser-known projects - and maybe read up on some of the fairly rare information available in various intriguing threads on here.

If you have any suggestions, or for specific threads or completed projects to be added to this list, please post them below (or PM me) - or please feel free to add your own list of insightful, informative or just favourite or appealing links below too.

Also, if you see any broken links or errors etc please let me know - thank you.

PS - many of the one-line descriptions for the projects featured in here have been taken from the Editor’s / Preservationist’s own threads or comments (and do not reflect my own eccentric interpretations, oft-wrong views, and top rhyming abilities 😉).

PPS - This post has been compiled solely as a member of the OT•com - and not as a moderator.


Last updated - 29th September, 2020.

“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

“Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” - Oddball, of The Awkward Squad



A space for more comments (and maybe additional categories if required)…



Harmy has put up a video on youtube - just to remind everyone that Fan Edits must never be bought or sold.


Personally, as a member here, I’d encourage everyone to watch it and upvote that video.


“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

“Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” - Oddball, of The Awkward Squad


It is like a time capsule with so much information to absorb. I look forward to reading through many of the projects listed here - and also searching for others in the index threads too.

Thankyou 😃


VINCent pointed me here, and he is correct - wow!

A great collection, thank you.