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BLAK0056 - STAR WARS - The 1982 Video Rental Library VHS Preservation MP4


Hey gang!

Long time no poss but I’m back and have a new preservation to share that I found on my regular download site. It’s a MP4 of the 1982 Star Wars Rental tape! I think that it looks better than the last few as it was not converted to DVD, you can find it on!

STAR WARS - The 1982 Video Rental Library VHS Preservation MP4


Video Format…: MPEG-4/800x600/Letterboxed 1.33.1/NTSC
Codec…: H264/MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)(avc1)
Audio Format…: MPEG AAC (Stereo/189kbps/48000Hz/32bit)
Size…: 5.25 GB


Genre…: Science Fiction Adventure
Type…: VHS Transfer
Source…: 20th Century Fox, Video Rental Library VHS
Preservationist…: Unknown
Release Catalog…: BLAK0056
P2P Releases by…: Blaksvn-Torrentz
Torrent Tracket…:

//Featured Preservation//

STAR WARS - The 1982 Video Rental Library VHS Preservation Transfer MP4

Release Format…: VHS
Release Date…: May 27, 1982
Studio…: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Comments…: Video Rental Only release

The rental library version was released in May 1982 on VHS and Betamax. The tape had a rental-only window until September of that year. Note the sticker on the lower, right corner of the back. All rental copies carried individual serial number to help track them. There should be a corresponding sticker on the rear flap of the actual tape.


Original uploader: kchrules @

ENJOY and word to the Spookiest!

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Could you upload this to MEGA thus the people that don’t have a Myspleen account? Myself I don’t have it because no sign ups so, if you have time and you don’t mind, would you please? Thanks Again


Very much interested in this as well, but no Myspleen account. Is there an alternative? Thank you!!


Anyone who wants this, message me, I have the MEGA link



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