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Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Release Details and Updates)


Welcome to the official thread for the discussion of The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version 1.0


This is the collective project that is not officially part of OT, or Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Disney, etc. but in the spirit of 

preservation, has been put together with the wish to relive the memory of the original 1980 Empire Strikes Back.


We have made a lot of progress, but we have some more steps to take.

This is the place to keep on top on the when/where/how/who/and why of it.


A lot of information is  sprinkled through the original discussion thread about - 35mm my crazy proposal. we'll take just the details and emphasize them here.

If you want to discuss technical stuff, post it here.

This is just to keep people informed on the status and updates.


What is it? - A conversion/preservation of the 35mm version of The Empire Strikes Back from:

1) Kodak Print (6 reels)+1 Extra Reel 3

2) Kodak Print 2(6 Reels)

3) Fujicolor Print (6 Reels)


Who are we? - A group of individuals working on it, color restoration and technical advisory, support


Why? - Because we love the Star Wars Trilogy, and appreciate George Lucas.


When will it be out? - Its done when its done.


Where can we find out more? - Right here.


Technical details


Video - Our goal is to have a preserved version that will be released in a high definition 1080p anamorphic MKV

that is full frame for people with projectors (25gigs), and bluray disc (25gigs), and a dual layer dvd (9gigs) as the final product. 

There might be several other downsamples in avi/mp4 later on.

Audio - we will have the 35mm English theatrical mix.


Thanks from our entire team!


Team Negative1

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Saving Star Wars - One Reel at a Time! The Star Wars Trilogy [Facebook] ( “Facebook”)


Will you keep the theatrical cropping or will you open it up a bit?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Post 102 is worth more.

I’m late to the party, but I think this is the best song. Enjoy!

—Teams Jetrell Fo 1, Jetrell Fo 2, and Jetrell Fo 3




Here is a comparison of one of our newer Fujicolor ESB prints vs Original Kodak stock we had for the very first print.


Fujicolor is on the top, Kodak on the bottom.


This is a slowed down version of the actual footage, so you can see the difference. We'll post a realtime clip later.









Adywan cleanup:



ESB color correction:




Sample errors to fix:



Frames, and the actual reels of Print 1:



The Crawl:



ESB cropping:



ESB Burn marks reel 1

and 2:



ESB Burn marks reel 3,

4 and 5:




Sample color frames from:



Han and Leia:



Various shots:




35mm vs 70mm:



Emporer hologram:







Team Negative1

Saving Star Wars - One Reel at a Time! The Star Wars Trilogy [Facebook] ( “Facebook”)


Sample Shots:


The Crawl taken from Print 1:





Here's shots of the edits being done in ESB.




Shots of the film and reels:




Team Negative1

Saving Star Wars - One Reel at a Time! The Star Wars Trilogy [Facebook] ( “Facebook”)


Whoa, looks great.

So, a new book came out and we learned so much, and it is called, "Anguilosaurus, Killer of the Living".


It looks like a fair bit of colour information is missing from Reel1 in those shots. Are these straight out of the scanner or have they been corrected?


Donations welcome:
Help get The Original Trilogy preserved!


I notice that reel 1 has a noticeable green coloration on the right side. What's up with that?


These shots so far are all really old, you two ;)

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So how much longer before a release date?

looking for HDTV of the  Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  Also HDTV of The Lord of the Rings trilogy

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