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Star Wars: Deleted Magic (Released)


Trailer and clips full of deleted scenes, alternate edits, behind the scenes and other interesting stuff!

I have been wanting to make a nice long documentary about the Star Wars deleted scenes, using all the various clips that have surfaced, in new edits.

The idea is that this could be something that could be on a special feature disc for a future bootleg DVD-r release of the Original Trilogy. And also put out on the web.

There’s a lot of short but cool clips on the new official remastardized '04 DVDs, so I’ve used a lot of those.

Enjoy the trailer!

A full longer documentary will be coming … eventually.

For much more deleted scenes information and video files, visit:

(NOTE: ignore most of the orangecow links in the rest of this thread - they are now largely defunct - visit the site instead.)

Pretty good, I enjoyed.

So is the footage from the Behind the Magic CD rom unsalvagable as far as DVD quality goes?
Oh, the Behind the Magic stuff will definitely be in there.

I mean, the quality ain't great, but it is what it is. If you're doing Star Wars cutscenes, it has to be in there. I used the color stuff in this trailer anyway.

Not including the black and white stuff in this trailer was just an artistic decision (now I sound like Lucas) ... it'll be in the longer version in full.

I'll be editing the Behind the Magic scenes with wipes, sound and music as if they're part of the movie itself.

To get a good version of the Human Jabba scene, I'll also have to go to the Making Magic CD-ROM that came with Yoda Stories. I've already done a version of the scene with this footage, but I don't have a good version of it on video. (I'm planning to get a friend to transfer it to video soon. Anyone got the Making Magic jabba clips on video?)

Been talking with Jedisluggo about all this. Here is my tentative list of chapters that will make up the final film, presumably.

1) Vader aboard the Tantive IV (David Prowse voice and production footage fun), C3PO Melts
2) Luke and Treadwell
3) Wormie at Anchorhead
4) Old Friends Part Ways Once More
5) Looking for R2
6) Ben's Hut (alternate edit of some sort)
7) Alternate Mos Eisley
8) Alternate Cantina
9) Jabba
10) Vader and Chief Bast (Jabba would wipe directly to this)
11) More clips - Alderaan goes boom. Chewie talks.
12) Production footage fun - Vader and Obi-Wan Lightsaber Fight
13) Red Leader remembers Anakin

1) The Wampas attack Echo Base.
2) Luke's bacta mask/Leia kiss. This whole part will be a comedic discussion of the Luke/Leia romance seen in the first two films.
3) Han and Leia on Cloud City.

1) Sandstorm is all I'm putting down at this point ... if that. Not enough moving footage out there from ROTJ, though there's plenty of good cut stuff. Maybe a bit of fun with the band and Jabba.

EDIT -- I forgot. 2) I definitely will be doing an extended Lapti Nek.
I posted about this in another thread, but it really ought to be in this thread, so here we are.

Here is the first part of my new edit of Star Wars.

(Quicktime, 21 MB)

Actually recreating the Lost Cut isn't possible, so what I've done here is basically deconstructed this first scene of the film. I've compared it to the shooting script, and included production sound and little notes on how the editing in the final cut altered the feel of the film.

The opening crawl is from the third draft screenplay ... it's not the crawl that would have been in the lost cut, but it's a version of the crawl I really like.

I'm currently working on more of this - I'm putting David Prowse's voice back on as Darth Vader as he chokes the Captain. Very entertaining stuff. =)

(24.5 megs)

In part 2 of my deconstruction of Star Wars, we meet a less threatening Darth Vader, as voiced by David Prowse. Plus, Biggs, Camie and Fixer.

I have left out most of the black and white Luke scene for now, since I haven't done a good edit of this yet. I will also be using better quality media for the Biggs scenes, in the final cut.

Also in the final cut, there will be narrated "documentary" sections talking about the Biggs scenes, et al.

Lemme know what you think.
404. Found this url: http://


"Right now the coffees are doing their final work." (Airi, Masked Rider Den-o episode 1)

The URL works.

Don't put http:// in twice. =)
Editing gaffe on my part. XD;

Like to see more of this, it's great! :3

"Right now the coffees are doing their final work." (Airi, Masked Rider Den-o episode 1)

Actually, I just realized - you had the URL right, and I didn't!

I did post the wrong URL.

Must have been tired! Still am ...

Fixed now.

And thanks Moll! I've got more of it to post, but my connection is slow so it'll be some time before it's uploaded ...
Looks great so far. Re: Luke's first introduction, how come you did not include Luke looking up with the binocs? I know it's pretty grainy, but it keeps the story and the Luke character consistent.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but will have eternal life." The Holy Bible - John 3:16
Luke looking up with the binoculars will be in the final cut of this doc.

I decided to only show a little bit of the scene in this online version, because I haven't done my own edit of it yet.

The scene was originally silent and unfinished, and I have to do some more sound editing and include some new CGI shots.
Third Clip!

(22.5 MB, Quicktime)

In part 3 of my deconstruction of Star Wars, there's more David Prowse
as Darth Vader, a few Kurosawa references, and Biggs and Luke part

There's a couple of special edition shots in this and part 2 that I still have
to replace with 1977 footage, and I want to do a different wipe at the
beginning of this Biggs/Luke scene, as well as replace all the Biggs stuff
with better-quality audio and video ... and maybe make the desert part
longer ...

This is not quite the final cut here.  But it's very close.

Enjoy. Lemme know what you think.

This is an a awesome idea! Almost like watching the entire "lost cut". great job ocp!

"For Star Wars to return to its roots it must be based more on emotion than explanation."  -- J.J. Abrams

You're doing a great job. Can't wait until the completed project.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but will have eternal life." The Holy Bible - John 3:16
Thanks everyone for the kind words! Means a lot.

I am continuing to work on this project ... just did a whole new sound version of the Treadwell scene last night ... and I'll be continuing to show you clips of what I'm doing.

Yep - I've edited a whole lot more of Deleted Magic, my deconstruction
of Star Wars ... and I'm trying to get it all posted on the web for you.

   My connection is very slow, so this has been slow going at best, but I
am uploading a LOT of videos - parts 4, 5, 7, Treadwell, Jabba/Bast and
the revised parts 1, 2 and 3 - all will be available for you very soon.

   This is gonna be good, folks.

  With many thanks to Russ Wagus, Rowland Wafford, Ruben Ortiz and Mark Johnson.

   Okay, let's start it off --

  The Treadwell Scene ("Sparkle in the Sky") ...

   Luke's deleted first scene, this was in black and white and soundless
on the Behind the Magic cd-rom. This is my edit. Ruben Ortiz created the "sparkle in
the sky" animation, and Mark Johnson created the edit that inspired this
(with the help of Brad), and provided the sound files and Treadwell

   Apologies for the quality of the video in the Treadwell scene - I am still
hoping to get better media for this scene, and other CD-ROM scenes. I
have gotten in better media for the Biggs scenes, though, with many
thanks to Russ Wagus.

   "The Search for R2"

   There is a part 4, but as I type this, it hasn't been uploaded yet, so I'll
just show you part 5.

    Beru's 1977 voice and dewbacks start us off, but this clip is mainly a
reconstruction of the deleted "Search for R2" scene. You saw this in Empire of Dreams
- shot using rear projection, it didn't look very good, and was cut. I've
used audio from the radio drama to recreate the lost scene as best I
could. Mark Johnson provided the sound files, and the still pictures, and
the general idea.

   "Ben's Hut"  (alternate edit)

    I have skipped part 6 for the moment and gone straight to part 7.

    In part 7, we see an alternate edit of the scene in Ben Kenobi's hut -
reedited to match the way it was shot. As you may know, the Leia
Hologram originally came at the beginning of the scene. In the original
cut, we get this urgent message and then Luke and Ben sit around
talking. In the final cut, Luke and Ben sit around talking, before getting
an urgent message - and then have to do something about it. Makes for
a very different scene.

   And .... and it's about to finish ...

  a test version of the hardest and most insane thing I've done in this
entire edit .... something that took me an entire night to do ...

    a widescreen edit of a scene that doesn't actually exist in widescreen.

    a widescreen edit, made from scratch ...

    of Declan Mulholland as Jabba the Hutt.

   It's the Jabba/Chief Bast extravaganza!


   Jabba the Hutt and Chief Bast

Together at last, the Hutt and the Bast! I've done brand-new edits of
Declan Mulholland as Jabba the Hutt, and a little scene with Vader and
Chief Bast (from the Holiday Special, courtesy Rowland Wafford).

    What I've done with the Jabba the Hutt scene is completely insane
actually. It took me all night - I haven't slept yet.

    Basically, it was bothering me that no version of the Declan
Mulholland as Jabba the Hutt scene existed in widescreen. Short clips of
it existed in widescreen, but the scene as we know it is only in Pan &

    So, I've created a widescreen version. From scratch.

   I've taken the CGI Jabba the Hutt from the new DVDs, and painstakingly
painted him out of the widescreen frame, and pasted in our friend, the
late Declan Mulholland.

    I had to pull out every editing trick I know to do this. I was pasting
over as many as 12 separate layers to make the shots look presentable.
And cheating a lot.

   But the result is crisp, and DVD quality. The Declan Jabba scene has
never looked this good, ever. Very proud, I am.

   It's still a work in progress. I only did the scene up to the closeup of
Chewie, and then reverted to an old, less well made edit seen at T'Bone's site. This is because
most of the clips I need to use are only on an old CD-ROM, Making
Magic. For this test version, I've used very poor quality copies of these
shots - but I'm hoping I can get better quality media in for this and make
the edit perfect.

      Well, that's enough for now. But at the moment I'm uploading the

Deleted Magic Part 4 - "The Homestead"  ... A lot of jawas, Luke, Owen,
Beru and her voice, and a lot of malfunctioning droids.

    Revised versions of Part 1 (with the Treadwell scene included), Part 2
(with more commentary in the "Leia gives R2 the plans" scene, and a
better quality Biggs scene provided by Rowland Wafford), and Part 3 (with
more commentary in the 3PO/R2 desert scene, and another better
quality Biggs scene provided by Russell Wagus).

   Hope you like the clips! Lemme know what you think ...

     Incidentally, if you've been emailing me at, that's my
USC account, which has now been shut down. Within a few days, I won't
be able to access that email at all. So please email me, from now on, at
ocpmovie (at)
Great job! There are a lot of infos and great footage there! I'm amazed by the quality of your work especially on the sandcrawler part!

However here is something you could add to the shots of Aunt Beru's and Uncle Owen's homestead.
It was shot at Matmata and not in Tatouhouine (which is for the exteriors of Mos Esley) in the Sidi Driss hotel:
A good point, Gravos - thanks. I will try to include it in the final DVD version. Already wiped part 4 off my hard drive for now, though!

Funny - I've gotten a whole lot of comments on Part 4, when I haven't offically posted it yet! Or told anyone it's there .... you sneaky folk, checking my directory.

Here it is:

"The Homestead"

A day in the life of some jawas. We meet Luke again for the first time, Beru gets her mono mix voice out, and R5 explodes.

Aaand ... here's the revised part 3 ...

This version has some extra fun with 3PO and R2 in the desert, and uses better media for the Biggs scene (courtesy of Russell Wagus).
This is shaping up to be great! *_* and w00t to mpeg-4! XD


"Right now the coffees are doing their final work." (Airi, Masked Rider Den-o episode 1)

AGAIN - Man this is a SWEET project!

“My skill are no longer as Mad as the once were” RiK

I've been away from the forum for a couple of weeks and what a great project this is to return to!

Great work mate. Such a good idea.

Good luck with the rest of it.


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"A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy"
(23.3 MB, Quicktime)

Luke's cruising around in his speeder American Graffiti style, but it's no fun, cause his aunt and uncle are dead. We arrive in Mos Eisley spaceport ... and you don't need to see our identification.

Next up: The Cantina.

"The Cantina"
(29.3 MB, Quicktime)

Han's making out with Jenny Cresswell, there's a praying mantis at the bar, somebody's snitching on Obi-Wan and Dr. Evazan doesn't like Luke either. I don't like the looks of this ...

More Cantina in the next update!