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💡 An Index & Help Thread for Beyond the Original Trilogy... 💡


An Index & Help Thread for Beyond the Original Trilogy

An Index for just a few of the many numerous topics that have been posted in the ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ section of the OriginalTrilogy•com…


The Index Categories are…


Current, future & planned releases:-

  • The Mandalorian
  • Cassian Andor (live-action series for Disney+)
  • Obi Wan Kenobi (live-action series for Disney+)
  • Rian Johnson theatrical films project
  • Kevin Feige theatrical film project
  • JD Dillard film project
  • Leslye Headland’s new live action series for Disney+
  • Taika Waititi’s new theatrical film project
  • General ‘future of Star Wars releases’ discussions…

’A Star Wars Story’ Standalone films (previously known as ‘Anthology’ films)

  • Rogue One
  • Solo
  • Bobba Fett (apparently cancelled in development)
  • Other ideas & suggestions for the Standalone films
  • General ‘A Star Wars Story’ film discussions…

The Sequel Trilogy

  • The Force Awakens
  • The Last Jedi
  • The Rise Of Skywalker
  • General Sequel Trilogy discussions…

The Prequel Trilogy

  • The Phantom Menace
  • Attack Of The Clones
  • Rise Of The Sith
  • General Prequel Trilogy discussions…

Other Star Wars releases:-

  • The Holiday Special
  • Star Wars Radio Dramas
  • the two Ewok feature films ('Caravan Of Courage’ - aka ‘The Ewok Adventure’, and ‘Battle For Endor’)
  • Droids
  • Ewoks
  • Clone Wars (2003 micro-series by Genndy Tartakovsky)
  • The Clone Wars (2008 feature film)
  • The Clone Wars (2008 tv series : and a final season in 2020)
  • Rebels
  • Detours
  • Force Of Destiny
  • Resistance
  • Galaxy Of Adventures
  • Roll Out
  • The Bad Batch
  • the various cancelled live action tv series (from around 2002-06)
  • Star Wars: Underworld (Cancelled Live Action Series - from around 2008-11)
  • David Benioff & DB Weiss Star Wars film Trilogy (Cancelled - as of October 2019)
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Disney+ streaming service
  • other Lucasfilm releases

General ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ threads:-

  • Miscellaneous ‘Beyond The Original Trilogy’ discussion threads



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’An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…’ chronicles both the history of this site & also it’s continuing evolution.

The ’Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread by doubleofive contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as an insightful and comprehensive discussion thread and reference point on the subject.

And, the ’George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…' thread attempts to highlight and catalogue some of the revisionism, altering of history and contradictory claims by George Lucas / Lucasfilm as to the formation, planning and history of the Star Wars films and universe therein.

Finally, the A centralised collection of threads supporting the call for an official release of the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy films | + Info on how you can help… thread - highlighting just a few of the discussion threads on here which cover some of the wider issues and differing angles on the topic at hand.





Beyond the Original Trilogy…_

(Future & Planned Releases : ‘A Star Wars Story’ Films : Sequel Trilogy : Prequel Trilogy : Other SW Releases & Content : GFFA Threads)






Current, future & planned Star Wars releases…


The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action TV series - NO SPOILERS (by Jon Favreau - a 2018 thread)

The Mandalorian - Season One Discussion - SPOILER THREAD

What’s the acronym for Mandalorian? (2019 thread)

The Mandalorian: Comic Covers

Jon Favreau To Executive Produce and Write Live-Action Star Wars Series (2018 thread - aka The Mandalorian)

Boba Fett in Star Wars TV Series? (2005 thread; almost - difficult to see… always in motion the future is)

Boba Fett Spin-Off May Put a New Character in the Armor (2014 thread)


Cassian Andor

Cassian Andor - Star Wars live action TV series (a 2018 thread)


Obi Wan Kenobi series

The Kenobi Movie Show (series now confirmed)

Pitch the Obi Wan spinoff!


Rian Johnson future Star Wars film trilogy / project

Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy


Kevin Feige developing new Star Wars movie…

Kevin Feige Developing New Star Wars Movie (2019 thread)


JD Dillard developing a new Star Wars film…

DJ Dillard and Matt Owens Make a Star War (2020 thread)


A new Star Wars Disney+ series - by Leslye Headland…

A new Star Wars Disney+ series confirmed - written, produced & run by Leslye Headland (2020 thread)


A new Star Wars theatrical film - by Taika Waititi…

A new Star Wars theatrical film confirmed - to be directed by Taika Waititi (2020 thread)


Current, future & planned Star Wars release General Discussions…

A ‘Rumour and News’ thread for reported new Star Wars films and tv series (2020 thread)

Things that you would like to see in Star Wars that have not happened (2018 thread)

EU Movies (2006 thread)

Do you have any hopes/ideas for X-XII?

Lucasfilm’s movie plans post Ep. IX (2017 thread)

Where should Lucasfilm go after Episode IX? (2018 thread)

After the Sequel Trilogy Concludes… Then What? (2015 thread)

How would a Star Wars reboot do? (2012 thread)

The Star Wars Prelude Trilogy (PREQUELS-TO-THE PREQUELS) (2008 thread)

Should Jacen, Jaina, and Mara be in the newer films? (2014 thread)

Rumor - Star Wars: 2022 High Republic Era (2020 thread)

RUMOR: animated sequel series to “Star Wars: Rebels” arriving this year? (2020 thread)

My suggestion to Disney: noir crime series in Coruscant underworld (2020 thread)

What actor/actress would you like to see in new Star Wars Movies? (2013 thread)

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles (2011 thread)

Opinion: The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Star Wars History… (2012 thread; on future content from the GFFA)

MUST each Star Wars Ep. have to have…?

An inclusive universe and a new generation of fans

Taking a stand against toxic fandom (and other)

Is Star Wars “Better Than It’s Ever Been”?

Has Star Wars finally “jumped the shark”?

How many ‘Bad’ Star Wars movies could you take before you check out? (2017 thread)

your thoughts: Did Disney kill Star Wars because it sounds like they did with The Last Jedi, Solo and Resistance

Cynicism rules the land (2012 thread)

Star Wars at the Box Office

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various info (2019 info thread)

Wikipedia page for Disney+ streaming service (launches Autumn 2019 with Star Wars content)] :




‘A Star Wars Story’ Standalone films (previously known as ‘Anthology’ films)


Rogue One

Rogue One: Spoiler thread
Rogue One: Non-Spoiler thread
Rogue Zero - What was changed, reshot, etc in Rogue One?
Rogue One differences from Theatrical Cut?
Rogue One crawl
Star Wars: Rogue One Theories (2016 thread)
CGI in Rogue One
If you need to C*mplain about the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One…
Please fix Leia in Roque One
Rogue One : A Star Wars Story - film & fan art



Solo: Spoiler thread
Solo: Non-Spoiler thread
Solo: A Star Wars Story — Official Review and Opinions Thread
Solo : A Star Wars Story - film & fan art


Boba Fett (Cancelled in early development)

The Boba Fett Movie (a 2015 thread - film no longer going ahead… still?)
Boba Fett Spin-Off May Put a New Character in the Armor (2014 thread)
Joe Johnston wants to make a Boba Fett movie (2011 thread)


Lando (An idea / suggestion…)

Hello, what have we here? (we have a Lando movie here - or an April Fool’s joke…)


Jabba (An idea / suggestion…)

The Jabba Movie (not serious, though maybe…)


Chewbacca (An idea / suggestion - ‘Holiday Special 2: Electric Wookieedoo’…)

Chewie, The Movie


Yoda (An idea / suggestion…)

Yoda Movie (suggestion - 2012 thread)


General ‘A Star Wars Story’ / Anthology Discussions…

What anthology / spinoff / ‘a Star Wars Story’ film would you like to see?

We all know that stand-alone Star Wars movies are a done deal (Like it or not) so what do you want to see???

Is the third spinoff decided yet? (2016 thread)

The Star Wars Spin Off Ideas Thread (2013 thread)

What other spinoffs should Disney make? (2016 thread)

The Standalone Star Wars Films (2014 thread)

Weirdest Star Wars Spinoff Idea (2019 thread)

Would KoToR work as a movie? (2005 thread)

Ideas for a Star Wars Episode Zero (2005 thread)

Pixar making a Star Wars Movie? (2014 thread)

Star Wars Spinoffs announced (2013 thread; they weren’t…)

Should Jacen, Jaina, and Mara be in the newer films? (2014 thread)

EU Fantasy Casting (2010 thread)

Will the Anthology films be a repeat of the Prequels? (2015 thread)

Should the Prequels be more included into the franchise going forward? (2017 thread)

Why the future SW films concern me (2015 thread)

After the Sequel Trilogy Concludes… Then What? (2015 thread)




The Sequel Trilogy


The Force Awakens

TFA Spoiler thread
TFA Non-Spoiler thread
Star Wars - Episode VII - FACTS IN TOP POST (2012 thread)
TFA Review thread ** SPOILERS **
Rate TFA (No Spoilers) - has since become a ‘Rate TLJ’ thread
In what ways did TFA completely nail it, either in terms of filmmaking or in terms of continuity?
What didn’t you like about TFA?
The Force Awakens in 70mm IMAX
Was TFA called Episode VII?
Who like The Force Awakens as a title?
TFA Blu Ray Releases


The Last Jedi

TLJ Spoiler thread
TLJ Non-Spoiler thread
TLJ Review/Opinions thread ** SPOILERS **
Unspoken influences on The Last Jedi - a link to an informative & intriguing article on TLJ by ‘screams in the void’
Opening Crawl for Star Wars: The Last Jedi
That’s official : “The Last Jedi” IS PLURAL
The ending reveal in The Last Jedi was very easy to predict.
Supreme Leader Snoke: Origins


The Rise Of Skywalker

TROS Spoiler thread
TROS Non-Spoiler thread
TROS Official Review and Opinions Thread — * SPOILERS *
The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
Name Something You Unreservedly Love About TROS (SPOILERS)
The Rise Of Skywalker Crackpot Theories Thread
What should we see in IX?
Star Wars Episode IX (was) to be directed by Colin Trevorrow (now directed by JJ Abrams)
Your thoughts on the Episode IX title
Episode IX Opening Crawl
John Williams says IX will be his last
Does Kylo really deserve to be redeemed? Did he deserve to be Reys love interest?
Rumor: COUNTDOWN to The Rise of Skywalker EXTENDED CUT


General Sequel Trilogy Discussions…

Episodes 7, 8, & 9? (2004 thread)

A new Star Wars Trilogy on the way? (2010 thread)

STAR WARS - The sequel trilogy (2011 thread)

Is it the Characters or the Actors?? (2013 thread)

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy - Imaginary Concept Art Thread (2013 thread)

Part VII VIII and IX (2007 thread)

Who should Direct the Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX ? (2012 thread)

Kathleen Kennedy showing off her chops? Persuading JJ to do VII… (2013 thread)

Episode VII Cast List Announced (2014 thread)

Would you want to see Anakin or Obi Wan in the new trilogy, portrayed by their PT actors?

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe

Drew Struzan? No thanks (2015 thread, re the posters for the Sequel Trilogy)

the next generation of Jedi (2010 thread)

What Went Wrong/What Can Be Avoided Thread (a 2014 thread) - for the then-coming Sequel Trilogy…

Waiting for Episode VII during the lean years (1984-1998) (a 2006 thread)

Can Episode VII ignore the prequels? (2013 thread)

Legacy of Sequel Trilogy? (2016 thread)

How could The Force Awakens have been more original? (2016 thread)

Anyone else blase’ about the New (Sequel) Trilogy? (a 2014 thread)

What do you want to happen in the the rest of the Sequel Trilogy? (a 2016 thread)

Top lingering questions you want answered in Sequel trilogy?

The Sequel Trilogy we wanted… (or what some people wanted…)

Legacy of Sequel Trilogy? (a 2016 thread)

Most Disappointing Aspect of Sequel Trilogy? Most Satisfying?

An inclusive universe and a new generation of fans

JJ’s style and shaky cam in TFA and ROS - SPOILERS (2019 thread)

Who should the villain(s) of the Sequel Trilogy be? (if the Sequel Trilogy has villains)

Can Someone Explain the Map to Luke Skywalker?

The Map to Luke’s location (2019 thread)

Why Doesn’t the Resistance have Tie Fighters in The Force Awakens?

Is it the Characters or the Actors?? (2013 thread)

Is Kylo Ren a Good Villain?

Rey & Kylo Ren’s Relationship

Rey and Jedi Training

Admiral Ackbar deleted scenes - new Tim Rose interview

Do you think there’s a reason billy dee williams hasn’t been announed for 8 or 9? (2016 thread)

What’s your take on Emperor Palpatine being brought back for The Rise of Skywalker? (2020 thread)

Who the heck ARE the Sith in RoS?

Michael Arndt heavily involved in writing the new Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars Episode VII, VIII, IX George Lucas original story outline, scripts, treatments or his ideas (2015 thread)

If George Lucas Had Made The Sequel Trilogy… (2016 thread)

George Lucas’ comments re his Sequel Trilogy (2018 thread)

“Star Wars Fans Petition For George Lucas To Come Back And Direct Episode IX” Discussion (2016 thread)

Would Lucasfilm have made new SW films with or without Disney?

The Sequal Trilogy… in 1985 (2020 thread, re recasting the ST… made in 1985)

Star Wars moving forward without Carrie Fisher

Round-robin, oft-repeated and reset claims re some members’ unhappiness with certain aspects of the Sequel Trilogy… (some may contain other topics too, and also some derailed threads)

Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

TFA: Why I don’t think Rey is a Merry Sue (2016 thread)

Can’t be Bothered: justifying Rey’s power vs Luke’s

your thoughts: Did Disney kill star wars because it sounds like they did with the last jedi solo and resistance.

The Last Jedi appreciation thread

TLJ Spoiler thread (already listed above - though also here given context of the sub)

TLJ Review/Opinions thread ** SPOILERS ** (already listed above - though also here given context of the sub)

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD * (already listed - though also here given context of the sub)




The Prequel Trilogy…


The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace - general discussion thread (2011 thread)
The Phantom Menace - anyone want to chat about TPM? (2020 thread)
TPM EXPLAINED! Plot and protagonist!
There was a 6 hour cut of the Phantom Menace
McCallum on Jar Jar & Kids before TPM came out
CGI Yoda for TPM
TPM: A Decade Later
Phantom Menace Trailer


Attack Of The Clones

What is wrong with… Attack of the Clones? - a general discussion thread (2016 thread)
Ep II has the best story of the Prequels. Discuss (2015 thread)
AOTC Trivia
Worst dialogue from AOTC!!!
Questions about AOTC
IMAX cut of AOTC
How Many Versions are there of the AOTC?
Speculation about the 4K Future of AOTC and ROTS (2019 thread)


Revenge Of The Sith

Star Wars Episode III (spoilers) + general discussion thread (2004 thread)
It’s official: ROTS is really rated PG-13 (2005 thread)
Last line of Episode 3? (2004 thread)
Episode 3 was disappointing on many levels…(spoilers) (2005 thread)
A Review Of ROTS
Things you DID like about Episode III : Things you DID NOT like about Episode III (both 2005 threads)
What didn’t you like about ROTS? (2016 thread)
Is Revenge of the Sith the Best or Worst Prequel?
Reddit Q&A with Matthew Stover, author of the ROTS novelization
How Star Wars Episode III failed the Star Wars Saga
Revenge of the Sith and inconsistencies with my memory - wipe transition? (2020 thread)


General Prequel Trilogy Discussions…

Star Wars prequels were mapped out in 1981, only nothing like the way they turned out

Understanding the Prequels (and the entire SW story) (2014 thread)

Interesting Hypothesis of the Prequels Story from the Mid 90’s

What did we all expect from the Prequel Trilogy? (2004 thread)

How did you envision the prequels? (2007 thread)

How did you imagine The Star Wars Prequels before they came out? (2011 thread)

What’s the name of EP3 gonna be? (2004 thread) : Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (official title)

The Chosen One

What is everyone’s view on the “prophecy?”


Less Offensive Midichlorians

Yoda: CGI vs Puppet

The Mace Windu Debate

An oblate sphere of purple fire (2009 thread)

The Jedi of the PT

Count Dooku (2004 thread)

General Grievous confirmed (2004 thread)

Why Kill Padme?

Order 66

Why do they go into exile? (re Yoda and Kenobi at the end of Episode III)

Your first words of reaction after watching one of the PT movies for the first time

I don’t care one bit about the fate of prequel characters

So, yesterday there was this Star Wars marathon - Prequel Rankings… (2014 thread)

Are The Prequels That Bad?

When did you give up with the Prequels, TPM, AOTC, or ROTS?

Are the Prequels Even Worth Watching Once?

Episodes 1 and 2 and 3 interpreted as comedy (2012 thread)

What do u think of the PT? (2006 thread)

Is there anything that you actually like about the prequels?

What do you LIKE about the Prequels?

What we like about the Prequels

Any GOOD memories of the PT? (2006 thread)

The Merits of the Prequel Trilogy and the “Saga”

When Did The Star Wars Prequels Become Cool?

The Prequel Trilogy showdown - which versions of the PT to watch?

Prequel Trilogy Plot Holes And Inconsistencies

“Practical Prequels” video. PT practical effects Discussion (2016 thread)

Design failures (and successes) of the Prequel Trilogy

Someone please explain why there is a 50’s diner in the Star Wars universe…

Did the prequels have boring visuals?

Looks like the prequels are not aging well (a 2009 thread)

kershner directing AOTC (2011 thread)

Should the Prequels be more included into the franchise going forward?

Do you think Disney will remake the prequels?

Should Disney/LFL create an Alternative Prequel Trilogy?

The Prequel Trilogy Films vs. The Novels

The PT’s influence on today’s movies

Star Wars Ring Theory

Prequel deleted scenes in HD? (2015 thread)

Speculation about the 4K Future of AOTC and ROTS (2019 thread)




Other Star Wars releases…


The Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 - general discussion thread - a 2017 thread

I just saw the SW Holiday Special (2003 thread)

I didn’t think the Star Wars Holiday Special was THAAAAT BADDDD… - review thread

So who’s watching a copy of the Holiday Special today? a 2005 thread, re every year on the 17th November…

Holiday Special vs. PT - a 2004 thread

Who (if anyone) saw the Holiday Special in 1978 before they ever saw Star Wars? - a 2010 thread

Supposing Disney releases the Star Wars Holiday Special on disc (2016 thread)

Just Released: The Star Wars Holiday Special RiffTrax! (2007 thread)

Watch the Holiday Special at Ifilm - a 2004 thread

Cinematic Titanic - New MST3K Company To Riff Star Wars Holiday Special? - a 2007 thread

Holiday Special Deleted Scene - Wasting Electricity - a 2005 thread

Harrison Ford’s Feelings about the Holiday Special - a 2006 thread

Star Wars Holiday Special Documentary - a 2017 thread

• SKot’s Star Wars Holiday Special website -


Star Wars Radio Dramas

Star Wars Radio Dramas - general discussion thread (2004 thread)

Star Wars Radio Dramas - a review (2007 thread)

NPR Radio Show - My Thoughts - a review (2009 thread)

Star Wars Radio Drama - Special Edition - info thread

Wikipedia page for the Radio Dramas

PT Radio Drama (2010 thread)

A thought on Prequel Radio Dramas (2014 thread)


Ewok feature films - ‘Caravan Of Courage’ - aka ‘The Ewok Adventure’, & ‘Battle For Endor’

The 2 Ewok Films - ‘Caravan Of Courage’ (aka ‘The Ewok Adventure’), & ‘Battle For Endor’ (2005 thread - general discussion)

The Ewok Film Trilogy (2006 thread)

Star Wars Ewok Adventures - double feature DVD (2004) - official release (2005 thread)

Caravan of Courage - International Theatrical Trailer (2020 thread)

Ewok Feature Films (‘Caravan Of Courage’ & ‘Battle For Endor’) - 1999 soundtrack CD (2005 thread)

Ewok feature film bootlegs (‘Caravan Of Courage’ & ‘Battle For Endor’) (2004 thread - defunct; see below)

Both Ewok feature films are available in SD format (4:3 screen ratio) - to buy or rent on Amazon Prime Video.

IMDB page & Wookieepedia page for Caravan Of Courage - aka The Ewok Adventure

IMDB page & Wookieepedia page for Battle For Endor


Star Wars: Droids (animated tv series)

Star Wars: Droids (animated tv series) - general discussion thread (2017 thread)

Droids preservation ideas (2009 - though a Preservation thread, does contain lots of info)

Ewoks/Droids DVDs re-edited (2004 thread)

Droids and Ewoks, anybody? (2011 - though a Preservation thread, does contain lots of info)


Star Wars: Ewoks (animated tv series)

Star Wars: Ewoks (animated tv series) - general discussion thread (2017 thread)

Droids and Ewoks DVD Info and Covers (2004 thread)

Ewoks/Droids DVDs re-edited (2004 thread)

Droids and Ewoks, anybody? (2011 - though a Preservation thread, does contain lots of info)


Clone Wars (2003 animated tv series; aka ‘Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars’)

Clone Wars (2003 animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky) - general discussion thread - 2005 thread

More Clone Wars Cartoons directly before Ep3 - news thread

Close Wars cartoon - I’m sorry, but i thought this sucked - 2005 thread

Clone Wars - new season discussion - new season discussion thread for 2005

Clone Wars Animated DVDs - 2004 thread

Clone Wars toon - title crawl? - 2005 thread

2003 Clone Wars vs 2008 The Clone Wars - 2014 comparison thread


The Clone Wars (2008 theatrical animated film)

The 2008 ‘The Clone Wars’ animated theatrical movie - general discussion thread (2008 thread)

Official: ‘THE CLONE WARS’ movie in Theaters 8/15/08 (2008 thread)

New ‘The Clone Wars’ movie trailer (2008 thread)

‘The Clone Wars’ movie review thread (2009 thread)


The Clone Wars (2008 animated tv series : and a final season in 2020…)

The Clone Wars (2008 animated tv series) - general discussion thread (2008 thread)

How many of you watch The Clone Wars series regularly and what do you think of it? (2011) - review thread

REVIEW: The Clone Wars TV series from 2008: surprisingly well done (2016) - a review thread

“Lucas can’t find home for Star Wars spin-off” (2007 thread)

The Clone Wars - viewing order

The Clone Wars - Season II

The Clone Wars: Season V (2012 thread)

Tarkin in the The Clone Wars (2011 thread)

Darth Maul returns! (2011 thread)

The Clone Wars messes up continuity or how Lucas is still destroying star wars (2011 thread)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Return With New Episodes (in 2020) - 2018, thread by Tobar news link on The Clone Wars returning - 2018 news article



STAR WARS: REBELS (animated tv series) - general discussion thread (2013 thread)

Star Wars: Rebels - News & Art (2013 thread)



Star Wars : Detours - general discussion thread (cancelled 2016 Animated TV Series) - news / general thread

Star Wars Detours (cancelled 2016 Animated TV Series) - a petition; some wanted to see it…


Forces Of Destiny

Star Wars : Forces Of Destiny (2017-18 Short Animated Series)



Star Wars : Resistance (2018-2020 Animated TV Series)


Galaxy Of Adventures

Star Wars : Galaxy Of Adventures (2018 Animated Short TV Series)


Star Wars: Roll Out

Star Wars: Roll Out (2019 Animated Short TV Series - one aimed at the very younglings)


Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - animated series on Disney+ in 2021 - general discussion


Star Wars live action tv series:-

From 2002 to 2009 - all would eventually be cancelled projects…

Star Wars: The Rise of Darth Vader = TV series (2004 thread)

Star Wars… The live action TV series (2004 thread)

Star Wars T.V. 2006! Kevin Smith wanted? (2004 thread)

Star Wars… The live action TV series - confirmed (2005 news)

Boba Fett in Star Wars TV Series? (2005 thread)

Star Wars TV Update (2005 thread)

Could live action SW TV show look like BSG?? (2005 thread)

Some Early Star Wars TV details (2005 thread)

McCallum comments on the TV series and the prequel special editions (2005 thread)

Ideas For The T.V. Series (2006 thread)

“Future Theatrical and DVD Releases” What do we think they will be? (2006 thread)

Five live action Star Wars shows (2009 thread)


Star Wars: Underworld (circa 2008-11) - CANCELLED PROJECT

Star Wars: Underworld (Cancelled Live Action Series) - general discussion thread (2012 thread)


David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Star Wars film trilogy - CANCELLED PROJECT

New Star Wars films to be produced and written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss - no longer happening (as of October 2019)


Lego Star Wars

The Official LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Review Thread - films, videos, games, books, lego sets etc

Lego Star Wars: ‘All Stars’ (2018 Animated Short TV Series)

Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales (2015 thread)

Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick Mini-Movie

Lego Star Wars: Mini Movies (animated series of shorts from across the GFFA)

Lego Star Wars releases (IMDB pages) - Yoda Chronicles : Droid Tales : Freemaker Adventures : All Stars


Disney+ streaming platform…

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various info (2019 info thread)

Digital OT owners switched to Disney+ versions without consent? (which could happen to other releases on stream services)


Other Lucasfilm Releases…

• Lucasfilm releases list & info - Wikipedia page link 1 : Wikipedia page link 2

Lucasfilm: Beyond Star Wars and Indiana Jones (2019 thread)

Twice Upon A Time (a 2007 fan edit thread)

Howard the Duck at long last? (2008 thread)

Willow & Star Wars (2014 thread) : Willow’s 30th Anniversary (2018 thread)

Lucas’ Red Tails (2008 thread)

Strange Magic - Lucasfilm’s New Upcoming Animated Film! (2014 thread)




General ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ threads…


A ‘Rumour and News’ thread for reported new Star Wars films and tv series (2020 thread - by Fated-Dualist)

‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ - Documentaries (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. video finds) (2020 thread - by ZkinandBonez)

The ‘Beyond the OT’ Trailers/Promos Thread (YouTube/Vimeo, etc. finds) (2020 thread - by ZkinandBonez)

The Random YouTube, Vimeo etc. video finds thread for ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ (2020 thread - by ZkinandBonez)

The Essential Star Wars Animated Series Episodes for Movie Marathon Inclusion (2020 thread - by Adaman Kenobi)




If you have any suggestions, or for specific threads to be added to this Index, please post them below.

Also, if you see any broken links or errors please also post them in here - thank you.


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