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❕ An Index of some OT•com threads from 'How-To's and Technical Discussions' ❕


An Index of some OT•com threads from in the ‘How-To’s and Technical Discussions’ forum

This is simply an attempt at an index for the numerous OT•com threads about all things ‘How-To’s & Technical’. 😃

oojason had started work on compiling another round of various ‘OT•com Archiving’ projects shortly before he left the site. Thanks to oojason for allowing me to finish another of his projects, and also to Fated-Dualist for asking ooj’s permission and forwarding me on the files and ideas, I’ve been able to continue that work and have now completed this thread (I think!).

Hopefully this Index will be of some use, interest and help for finding relevant Technical Discussion & Information threads. To both showcase and archive the knowledge, help and information (not to mention the resoluteness, kindness and dedication) of the OT•com members on here…

The Main Categories:-

• Guides and How-To’s
• Hardware & Software Recommendations / Requests…
• Popular Questions & Topics - General : Ripping / Capturing : Audio : Video : Editing : Authoring / Burning : Differing Formats
• Other useful threads around the OT•com and also ‘Technical Assistance’ sections on OT•com’s sister-sites


Some threads may contain information which are applicable to more than just the one category listed here in this Index.

OT•com threads can also be searched for by using your online search engine of choice. Information on how to do this can be found in the - ‘How do I do this?’ on the OriginalTrilogy.com thread.

As ever, if you see any errors or mistakes - or know of any more threads for inclusion, please post them below - thank you.




Guides and How-To’s


Despecialized Editions by Harmy : Index of ‘How-To’s & Help’ Threads | Index of ‘General Despecialized Threads’ | ‘Where are they? And how do I get them?’ mega-merge thread… - by skywalker101 & oojason
Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet - by Bluto
Usenet tutorial? - by ReverendBeastly
Moth3r’s guide to LD capture colour correction using AviSynth (emphasis on “correction”) - by Moth3r
Doctor M’s ÜberGuide for -Full- PAL to NTSC DVD Conversion v2.0 - by Doctor M
Rikter’s Guide: How to burn a DVD with a DVD-rom folder (or other folders) - by Rikter
Citizen’s Aspect Ratio Calculator Tool for your browser - by Citizen
How to capture HDCP-encrypted HDMI sources (Vudu, Netflix, Directv, Virgin Media, etc.) - by drngr
School me on rTorrent (or convince me to do something else) - by CatBus
UHD Blu-ray Authoring - Technical Discussion - by railerswim
Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR - by 44rh1n
How to build a film scanner (need advise & help, please) - by monks19




Hardware & Software Recommendations / Requests…


Blu-ray writer brand model suggestions - by Rikter
Blu-ray burner/blanks discussion - by Laserschwert
Let’s talk blu-ray burning… - by SpilkaBilka
burning using bd-r xl or m-discs? - by joeyniji
laserdisc player recommendations - by austin_1138
Need some advice on which LD player to choose from my shortlist - by JayArgonaut
What PAL/NTSC Laserdisc players would you recommend me? - by Byakko
Need advice on choosing new LD machine - by Jetrell Fo
Difference in quality of laserdisc players - by charliesheen
Anyone have an x0 laserdisc player? - by drfsupercenter
Pioneer DVL-90 (Made In Japan) Laserdisc/DVD Player Settings - by Jetrell Fo
DVD+R compatable players - by Darth_Oatmeal
US Market Set-top DVD players that can play both PAL & NTSC DVD’s - by Rikter
Recommendations for Media Players - by Erikstormtrooper

DVD+R DL’s - by Doctor M
What is the best brand of blank optical media? - by Harmy
Verbatim Dual-Layer DVD’s - by dark_jedi
Best DVD-R brands today? - by SilverWook
Blank DVD’s: + or - ? - by Ziz
Particular DVD brands - by Sokudo Ningyou
Blu-ray Blank Media - by Jackpumpkinhead
Question on multi-disc DVD cases - by Chrysophylax
DVD clamshells…where to get them? - by weapon

Good capture card? - by reave
Good capture cards - recommendations? - by fwibbler
Capture Cards - by inurenegade
High-End video capture cards - by spoRv
Standalone CD recorder for Laserdisc audio capture? - by SilverWook

I’m sure this is old, but HOW do you download torrents? - by yavin02
A word to the Myspleeners - by JED
Torrents for little noobs like me?!? - by HotRod

Safe place to download Handbrake? - by Disney Ruined Star Wars
Best way to capture Hulu video - by ChainsawAsh
a Simple, effective video editor? - by darth_ender
New video format proposal - by Charles Threepio




Popular / Often-Asked About Questions & Topics…

General: Ripping / Capturing : Audio : Video : Editing : Authoring / Burning : Differing Formats



The general ‘How-To’ questions and reference request thread… - by Mark’s Down On Your Syntax
How to archive Betacam SP tapes? - by digitalfreaknyc
Is laserdisc better than VHS? - by Janskeet
PAL vs NTSC laserdiscs - by Citizen
VHS To DVD Problem - by Cable-X1
CRC read errors? - by dark_jedi
Seriously, what is so special about PAL? I mean I can only understand if that’s the standard where you live, but… - by marioxb
What is the deal with NFO files? - by marioxb
So, just how bad is pan & scan compared to widescreen? - by bkev
Burning in subtitles - quick HOWTO? - by Squirrel
Subtitles…help needed guys - by daveytod
Creating subtitles - by ReverendBeastly
Creating an authentic looking crawl - by SweHanzon
crawl generator (link) - by tellan
Can anyone make me a title crawl? - by solo21
v0.4 Star Wars Opening Crawl After Effects Template - by Taolar
Any Programmers Interested in helping write a Fan Edit Prototyper? - by xhonzi
Does VLC media player play in HD? - by Janskeet
Dual Boot? - by dark_jedi
Motion Control & Physical Models - by timdiggerm
How do You Play USF files - by Knightmessenger

Ripping / Capturing…

Capture Programs and Codecs (Laser to PC Project) - by FanFiltration
A query about straight LD rips for DVD back up…I AM a newb at this - by Jetrell Fo
What Laserdisc player do you use for capturing and why? - by Byakko
Beginner to capturing LD on PC. Help with new video card. - by captainsolo
Laserdisc Ripping? - by dark_jedi
Laserdisc viewing and capturing best current info? - by FenceMan
Curious about Certain Aspects of My (Primitive) LD to DVD transfers - by The Aluminum Falcon
Preserving VHS on DVDs? - by suspiciouscoffee
capturing VHS? - by dark_jedi
(PDI Deluxe) VHS capture questions for those wiser than moi - by WXM
VHS Capture? - by FrankT
Getting stuff off of the DVR. - by MikeO
Ripping video from DVD - by Max_Rebo
How do you rip DVDs? - by bingy13
Need help with DVD ripping on mac platform - by Rebel Scumb
Ripping DVDs on a Mac - by ChainsawAsh
Non-DVD transfers? - by Citizen
DRM removal on a M4V - by sunday256
How to extract BTM lost scenes? - by Johnboy3434
Quickie question about VOB ripping - by INv8r_ZIM
Serious ripping issues - by ChainsawAsh


Please explain “Bit-Perfect Audio Capture” for LaserDisc PCM - by zeropc
Should I compress sound? - by Dantha Fodder
hardware device as audio analog to digital converter (ADC) - by spoRv
Laserdisc PCM to low compressed AC3 - by spoRv
Audio Topic: Stereo to Surround up-mixing - by FanFiltration
Doctor M’s Stereo to 5.1+ Dolby Prologic II Upmix Guide - by Doctor M
Stereo to 5.1 - by Arnie.d
lossless 5.1 surround sound for bluray? - by timemeddler
Getting 5.1 and stereo mixes from video file with each channel as separate audio file. - by Harmy
PCM to 5.1 - by El Lono
Splitting up 5.1 - by Trooperman
Vegas and 5.1 audio mixing - by dugpa
How to convert DTS HD Master audio 5.1 to DD 5.1 - by dark_jedi
Converting 7.1 DTS HD into 5.1? - by sidshady12
Digital Optical / AC3 RF de-mod audio cards? - by Orinoco_Womble
mp3 Volume Normalizer Programs - by TV’s Frink
How do you capture DTS from a LaserDisc? - by zeropc
HD audio from PC - by Harmy
Audio embedded in the TFA video file - by Lord Haseo
editing (blending, syncing, adding/subtracting) audio - by cyclista
High Dynamic Range - by Harmy
Audio Isolation Using Per-Sample (or near per sample) Mode Averaging - by nightstalkerpoet
Removing Music from a Stereo Track - nl0428
Technical Help required for a Fan Edit: ‘Sonic X’ - with the Audio Mixes… - by nl0428
On MAC: Convert DTS-HD to wav/flac - by rnranimal
Info Wanted: How to download the audio from the Star Wars soundboard - by darth_ender
SUCCESS: Bit-Perfect Audio Capture!!! - by zeropc
Need Vegas 9 audio Help - by dark_jedi
Sound question - by tellan
Another Q for you audio experts - Stereo vs. Dolby Surround - by Moth3r
Help Wanted: A little audio help for/from those making fan-edit DVDs… - by Hardcore Legend
HELP!!! No audio in VirtualDub - by ThatArtGuy
DVD-Lab and multiple audio tracks? - by digitalfreaknyc
Re-editing the score - by Master Qui-Gon
AC-3 vs. MPEG audio? - by Jonno
Is my DVD to WAV audio rip real lossless ?.. - by ABC
questions about cropping/audio/bitrates - by Tomland Flash
Adding an audio track to a DVD? - by rubix
How to extract audio only from Blu-ray - captainsolo
question about synching the gout with the mono mix - by skyjedi2005
Preserving Live Albums - by Cable-X1
Syncing Moth3r’s Release with VHS Sound? - by nin.nux
Remove Voice - by GhostAlpha26
Any tips for getting near to isolating the dialogue elements from a film soundmix? - by Bingowings
Lowering the sound pitch of PAL movies without having to slow it down? - by TheHelmetDork
DVD Ripping and Editing with Surround Sound - HELP ME! - by Asteroid-Man
[query] - converting RF to RCA video/audio signals - by negative1


Letterboxed Widescreen vs. Anamorphic Widescreen Discussion - by Moth3r
Letterbox —> Anamorphic? - by Hal 9000
Letterboxed to anamorphic video conversion - by wmgan
Anamorphic widescreen? - by kaine23
How Do You Tell If the disk is anamorphic? (not what you think) - by THX-1977
4:3(1.33:1) to 16:9 question - by dark_jedi
Guide to convert the GOUT DVD from 4:3 to 16:9 using freeware-tools - by Oldschooljedi
Converting non-anamorphic 1.66:1 DVD to 16:9 - by NeonBible
aspect ratio - by Adamwankenobi
DVD Reframing question - by Phlibbit
Blu Ray movies look…wrong - by theprequelsrule
Black Bars on Blu-Ray’s - by JediKnight8484
Creating true “black bars”? - by Hal 9000
Adding Black Bars to Premier project? - by Sober
Crop and Resize: prepare for / how to - by Arnie.d
Avisynth 4:3 NTSC -> anamorphic NTSC - by CatBus
Upscaling - by timdiggerm
Image registration on video frames (experimental) - by csd79
Combining two video sources to accrue detail - by a_o
Comb Filters - by AntcuFaalb
Info: cleaning up dirty frames for scenes - by negative1
Livelock with ColourLikeFBF - by Chewtobacca
Why MPEG2 is not as bad as you may think… - by spoRv
Color IQ test - by spoRv 😃
PAL 25i to NTSC 30i proper conversion - HELP NEEDED - by JawTDS
List of laserdiscs that contain video test patterns - by Moth3r
Help with interlaced video in After Effects - by Harmy
Off-Topic: de-interlacing video - by ReverendBeastly
Info: Subtitles and tsMuxer - by livserge
How to extract scenes from the 4K… series video files? - by yairisan
Info: Comb Filter Testing - by AntcuFaalb
FrameCompare.com - A New Screenshot Comparison Site - Bug reports and Feature Requests - by Williarob
When does fullscreen show more than widescreen? - by Johnboy3434
Counter/logo removal on MPEG2 file - by Video Collector
Methods for colour matching/colour grading - by Moth3r
Three-strip Technicolor: Please help! - by AntcuFaalb
Color correction methodologies - by thorr
Color Grading/Color Correction - by Part-Time Nerf Herder
Colour matching for fan edits - by Laserman
Motion Compensated Frame Rate Conversion – free/cheap alternative? - by JawsTDS
How to average best picture from multiple captures… - by Jetrell Fo
Getting Best Quality out of MPEG2 - by Uhfgood
MPEG2 in Premiere? - by ReverendBeastly
1080i or any HD capture question? - by dark_jedi
Fixing Chroma Artifacts? - by Doctor M
Progressive scan questions - by canofhumdingers
Inverse Telecining: Best method for restoring original frame rates - by Doctor M
Ghosting problem - by bdev
Any Suggestions for Better Uprez to HD? - by darkhelmet
Techniques and ways of fixing Black Crush or Crushed Blacks - by Ronster
Restoration tips: Axis-Aligned Polygon Aspect Ratio™ - by spoRv
Technical question regarding PAL and color… - by Doctor M
Info: The Ultimate Super Resolution Technique - by NeverarGreat
A Non-Star Wars Question for all the A/V Experts Here… - by Galahad_Skywalker


Info: The process of actual FILM editing - negatives, interpositives etc. - by pittrek
Video Editing: Where Do I Start? - by Commander Courage
more editing - by jswert123
Video Editing Software - by Darth Chaltab
DV editing software recommendations? - by SilverWook
Brash’s guide to DVD editing…ON A MAC! - by brash_stryker
Don’t get technical with me… - by Hal 9000
Importing AVI into After Effects, MAC - by cruel1079
Muxing 4K83 issue - by Darth Robin
Info: AviSynth and VirtualDub - speed improvement - by spoRv
Question about inverse telecine and shimmering - by Doug Gorius
It’s going to take a LONG time for Womble to re-encode WookieGroomer’s HD Transfers, isn’t it? - by Johnboy3434
ADigitalMan’s Guide to MPEG2/AC3 Editing - by ADigitalMan
Unofficially Official LD-Decode thread - by Danfun128
combustion v after effects - by tellan
Got the LD rips - Now How Do I Make Them Work? - by electrictroy
limitedsharpen() with avisynth - by dark_jedi
Easy part done - Now 29.997 > 23.976, the hard part - by fwibbler
Why not 24p? - by THX
24p- Why, again? - by mcfly89
23.976 to 29.97 fps - How do I do it without speeding up the video? - by klokwerk
Rotoscoping help - by Hardcore Legend
Hi all, Need help with editing VOB file - by Darth Belan
How do you create swipes and scene transitions? - by Marvolo
Need video/audio help for a fan-edit, please [SERENITY: EE] - by klokwerk
PaNup: or, how to upscale PAL + NTSC capture and live (quite) happy… - by spoRv
Sony Vegas; some questions - by The-Lion
Fun with Photoshop - Denoising an LD capture - by Zion
Film cleanup (in avisynth I guess) - by Harmy
AviSynth and Virtualdub filters - by dark_jedi
Deinterlacing with Avisynth - by PaulisDead2221
A simple question regarding muxing AC3 and M2V/MPEG - by klokwerk
Problem with slow motion in Vegas - by Knightmessenger
?'s: ripping select scenes, & removing network logos - by Tomland Flash
Photoshop Help - by GhostAlpha26
Anyone Hi8 Experts - by Knightmessenger
Panorama() - an AviSynth function for converting 4:3 into 16:9 - by Moth3r
Please help me with histograms. - by Marvolo
After Effects CS3 help needed - by dark_jedi
Vdub and DVD Flickering - by Marshallator
Can’t import MPG with Vegas? - by thebutcher
Need help making custom AviSynth DLL - by CatBus
Laserdisc capture workflow. - by althor1138
Anyone have some suggestions on dealing with 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3 pulldowns? - by Space Hunter M
3:2 on laserdisc question - by CharlieX
Sony Vegas Problem please help! - by JediMasterFisher
AviSynth/VirtualDubMod YV12 problems… - by Lord Grievous
Adobe AE Questions - by GhostAlpha26
What codec do you use for editing? - by Trooperman
How to use HuffYUV - by Knightmessenger
DVD-Lab help, please… - by ThatArtGuy
Asteroid-Man’s Graphic Design Tutorial - by Asteroid-Man
Sudden blockiness of video while editing in PPro 2.0 - Problem solved! - by SweHanzon
A question about NTSC telecine - by Fang Zei
Rendering from Vegas, what’s the best way? - by Pagz
DVD Lab Pro 2 - Out Of Memory error with compiling - by maurice2029
Chapters not working in DVDLab - by ThatArtGuy
How can you make custom DVD Menus? - by Luke_Skywalker77
DVD Production - by jswert123
Working with DVD Storylines (seamless branching) - TEST FILE - by none

Authoring / Burning…

What speed do you burn DVDs at? - by Moth3r
DVD Burning Software - by Fluke Starbucker
Burning Dual-Layer Discs For The First Time - by andy_k_250
Burning Dual-layer DVDs - by pittrek
Blu-ray vs. DVD-DL - Despecialized Edition - by BB-8
Burning AVCHD via Mac - by Skyfocker
Burning the Despecialized to Blu-Ray - AVCHD / MKV - by BB-8
How do I burn an MKV file to DVD? - by dgraham414
Help with Adywan’s Episode V Color Corrected 1080p DVD - by Docta Nick
Burn 1270x720 other than AVCHD by egosum
Help with burning Star Wars Episode IV v2.7 AVCHD - by iraheinichen
Encoding tips and ideas - by team_negative1
Final encoding: which software do you use? - by spoRv
What do you use to master your DVD’s? - by 88keyz
Authoring Help with DVDStyler & IMGBurn - by solkap
Buring AVI’s to DVD - Sync issues!!! - by HotRod
RatDVD - Please Use - by Ell the Ewok
Need help making Despecialized Edition DVDs - MKVs - by SpooneyToe11240
Need an objective eye. Having trouble with this MKV file - by BobaJett
Info Wanted: bh004 - how do I burn an iso to a dvd? - by daveytod
I need help figuring out how to re-author a dvd…details inside - by weapon
To the Creators/Faneditors who are creating DUAL-LAYER discs! - by eDroj
I NEED HELP W/DVD RECORDER! - by WeShallPreserve
Frustrated with DVD burning - by bad_karma24
Encountering errors trying to burn a DVD from a VIDEO_TS folder - by sunday256
Burning VIDEO_TS Folders: The Noob Thread - by Nanner Split
Unable to burn DVD+R DLs? - by bkev
BD authoring help - I need some testers and experts - by spoRv
AVC video decoding problem - by Harmy

Differing Formats…

Project release formats - what should we be using these days? - by Jonno
Future of Home Video - by Harmy
how do you convert 720p/1080p files to DVD and retain the HD? - by Monroville
How to make AVCHD Bluray DL DVD’s from raw .ts files - by dark_jedi
how to watch a .x264 file on my PS3? - by Echo3
How to play Despecialized Edition V2.5 on a PS3 if you don’t have a BD burner - by Moth3r
Playing AVCHD from USB stick on PS3 - by Moth3r
How to convert AVI to DVD files? - by HotRod
How to change HD to DVD? - by jephyork
converting MPEG2 to AVI - by ReverendBeastly
Info: m2ts to mkv - by MalaStrana
MKV to AVCHD in TS Muxer? - by Harmy
I need help with Star Wars 4k77 1080p from MKV files, SRT files?, to ISO file… - by TVSportsFB90
Need Help burning AVCHD or M2TS - by agr1170
MKV - by FrankT
Converting MKV for use with Adobe Premiere Pro without re-encoding help - by Matt_Stevens
converting mkv to mp4 - by natm
HD-DVD to Blu-ray conversion with ClownBD - by Jonno
Having trouble converting Hal9000’s 1080p MKV’s to Bluray - by chyron8472




Other useful threads around the OT•com and also OT•com’s sister-sites…


There may be some helpful information in the following related OT•com Index threads:-

Despecialized Editions by Harmy : Index of ‘How-To’s & Help’ Threads | Index of ‘General Despecialized Threads’ | ‘Where are they? And how do I get them?’ mega-merge thread… - in How-To’s and Technical Discussions

An Index & Help Thread for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art… - in Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art

SW Technical / Audio / Video / Quality Improvement threads & Projects… in the An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Star Wars Preservations…

An Info & Help Thread for the ‘Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties’ section… (Searches, FAQs, ‘Where can I find x?’, ‘Is there an Edit of film x?’, Myspleen, and more…) in Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties

An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Star Wars Preservations… in Star Wars Preservations

An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… in Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects


Sister sites of the OT•com also have some useful ‘Techincal Help & Assistance’ style sections too:-

• FanEdit•org : Technical Information section

• FanRes•com : Technical Information section

• Reddit/FanEdits : Fan Edits - Guide & Information

• TheStarWarsTrilogy•com : Technical Assistance Threads (located throughout their forums - registration or invite code required)



If there any any OT•com threads you’d like to see included in here please post them below. Thank you 😃

If any of you knowledgeable ‘tech-heads’ want to use any of the content of any of this post to put together a better or more in-depth Index please go ahead 👍


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A link to the ‘How do I do this?’ on the OriginalTrilogy.com - some info & replies to members’ FAQs thread, in General Assistance.

Links to the OT.com Forum Rules and Guidelines & Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ threads, in Announcements.


Thanks. You were right, it does feel good to give something back after it has given me, like many on here, so much.


Just a general request for those of us with a little spare time and wish help out to others on fan project side of things…

…it’d be great to see more people helping out fellow members of the community in this section of the site.

So if you do have some spare time on occasion, and can help out with any unanswered posts and queries in there, are able to lend a hand, share a bit of knowledge, info, or fancy a bit of problem solving or sleuthing… please do. (even if it something as simple as linking to a video / tutorial / help site / article etc).


Many thanks.



Harmy has put up a video on youtube - just to remind everyone that Fan Edits must never be bought or sold:-

www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrwKZHv4OS0 - a 4 minute video at the Harmy Despecialized youtuhe channel.


Personally, as a member here, I’d encourage everyone to watch it and upvote that video.


A little patience goes a long way on this old-school Rebel base. If you are having issues finding what you are looking for, these will be of some help…

Welcome to the OriginalTrilogy.com | Introduce yourself in here | Useful info within : About : Help : Site Rules : Fan Project Rules : Announcements
How do I do this?’ on the OriginalTrilogy.com; some info & answers + FAQs - includes info on how to search for projects and threads on the OT•com

A Project Index for Star Wars Preservations (Harmy’s Despecialized & 4K77/80/83 etc) : A Project Index for Star Wars Fan Edits (adywan & Hal 9000 etc)

… and take your time to look around this site before posting - to get a feel for this place. Don’t just lazily make yet another thread asking for projects.