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An Index for Culture & Current Events: News, Sport, History, Science, Theory, Religion, Diary


An Index Thread for the Culture & Current Events section…

These are just some of the threads that have appeared in the Culture & Current Events section (was ‘Off Topic’) since 2003 - and so a fair few quality threads may have fallen through the cracks for inclusion in here…

(and some ‘lesser quality’ threads may have made their way to this Index too) 😉

The Index Categories:-

• News & Current Events
• Sport
• Historic Events (mainly from before 2003 / the OT•com existed)
• Science, The World, & Beyond…
• Theory, Philosophy and General Ponderings
• Religion
• Annual Events / Calendar / Diary

^ There is no longer any political discussion allowed on the site as of late 2018… as repeated requests and warnings from the admin & moderation staff to try and keep things civil… went unheeded.


If there is a thread in the ‘Culture & Current Events’ section that you’d like to suggest to be added to this Index then please post it below - and which Index Category you think it’s best suited for.

Please also let us know if you see any errors, broken links - or have any other suggestions etc, below too - thanks.



Massive kudos, respect, thanks and many positive waves to yhwx for creating and maintaining his quality & exhaustive ‘Off Topic’ Index thread (back when Off Topic was just one section) - upon which much of this Index is based on - and can still be found here:-

The Index Thread for Franchises, General Human Endeavors, and Other Discussion Threads 👍




An Index Thread for the Media section…

An Index Thread for The Cantina section…

The Unofficial but Totally Awesome Interactive Holocron (Beta version) - here in Off Topic

Classic LOL Moments in History - here in Off Topic

Off Topic is now three separate categories - in The Cantina

The “Help me find that thread” Thread - in The Cantina




News & Current Events…


Current Events. No debates!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic thread (2020 thread)

The Jolly Death Star Herald (post positive news articles in here)

Saddam Hussein Captured - a 2003 thread

Evil Empire… - a 2004 thread

Fahrenheit 9/11 - a 2004 thread

911 - a 2010 thread

US troops abuse Iraqi prisoners - a 2004 thread

Secret CIA prisons - a 2006 thread

terror in london - a 2005 thread

terror plot in London(foiled) - a 2006 thread

About f**king time (Abu Hamza Jailed) - a 2006 thread

UK Being Hit Hard - a 2007 thread (and not hit hard really)

Large explosion in downtown Oslo, Norway: confirmed to have been a bomb - a 2011 thread

Boston Marathon Explosion(s) - 2013

Virginia Tech shooting - 2007

Finland school shooting - 2007

NASA Shooting - 2007

Gas Prices - a 2004 thread

Hutton Report and the BBC - a 2004 thread

Asian earth quake and Tidal Wave - 2005

katrina - 2005

Make Poverty History - 2005

What the Hell is Going on in France? - a 2005 thread

Avian Flu - a 2005 thread

Oil Storm - a 2005 thread

To Folks in the European Union (France vote on the Constitution) - a 2005 thread

Steve Irwin DIED!!! - a 2006 thread

Brazil - a 2006 thread

Canadian Government falls! - a 2006 thread

A Frightening Possibility (possibility of microchipping humans for ID purposes) - a 2006 thread

Jesus Cartoon controversy - a 2006 thread

Colony Collapse - Why are the bees dying and what is the impact? - a 2007 thread

Mother arrested for leaving children “unattended” - a 2008 thread

Soldier Shoots Dog With Smoke Round - a 2008 thread

US Soldier Throws Puppy Off Cliff! - a 2008 thread

Cop Attacks Skateboarder, For Calling Him “Dude” - a 2008 thread

Deputy Dumps Man from Wheelchair to Check Disability - a 2008 thread

Rally To Restore Sanity - a 2010 thread

Doctors not seeing kids without vaccinations - a 2011 thread

Relief for Japanese Earthquake victims - a 2011 thread

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - a 2014 thread

Ray Rice - American Football Star (in trouble) - a 2014 thread

Happy Beer Day, USA! (04/07/2015) - 82 years since then of Prohibition (this may be a drunken claim 😉)

What you can do about COPPA - a 2019 thread

[fill in the blank] Just Died!






A general Sports thread: news, results, funny, inspiring, weird, controversies, gestures etc… - a 2018 thread

Pro/Anti Sports Discussion

2004 Summer Olympic Games

London 2012, Olympics

2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games


BaseBall talk - a 2004 thread


2010 MLB Playoffs

Who is interested in an Fantasy Baseball League?

The 2011 Fantasy Baseball League - Han Homered First

College Football

NFL - a 2004 thread

NFL - a 2005 thread (and most current)

NFL SuperBowl - a 2005 thread

Super Bowl 2011 Commercials [was Adorable Star Wars VW Commercial]

Superbowl - a 2013 thread

Superbowl L

NFL Super Bowl LII (2018) - everything but the game.

NBA - thread has some potential…

2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four

Happy LeBronica!!!

Hockey Talk - a 2004 thread

The ‘New’ NHL


The Stanley Cup Finals

The Masters - Golf

American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown!!! - Horse Racing


Football / Soccer thread - general footy, futebol, futbol, fotbal, Fußball, voetbal or calcio

World Cup 2006 thread

World Cup 2010 thread

World Cup 2014 thread

World Cup 2018 thread

UEFA Euro 2008

UEFA Euro 2012




Historical Events (mainly from before 2003 / the OT•com existed)


The Historical Discussion Thread: All Discussion Pertaining to History is Welcome (Formerly Also: “Historical Events Corresponding to the Current Date; Posted Throughout 2014”)

Most Influential… inventions or discoveries

Nostalgia Thread

Rarely Talked About But Entirely Awesome Historical Figures thread

Could you answer Klaatu’s question: 'Who is the greatest thinker?


Most Influential Person

RIP Rosa Parks - a 2005 thread

Heart Breaking Moments - a 2004 thread

The worst era in human history

evilest men of earth - a 2004 thread

Remember Remember The 5th of November - Guy Fawkes plot of the 1600’s

MOVED THREAD (Guy Fawkes Day)


A Big Debate for the New Century - Intelligent Design vs Evolution…

Military History

A Date Which Will Live…in Infamy - Japan attacked Pearl Harbour

Nukes - a history of…

The 80s

Chernobyl (a must read!)

NOVEMBER 9, 1989 (Fall Of The Berlin Wall)




Science, The World, & Beyond…


An Environmental & Ecology thread - (with links to other similarly related threads on the OT•com)

Colony Collapse - Why are the bees dying and what is the impact? (2007 thread)

Global Warming

Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level?

Nothing Matters Anymore. Climate Change/Global Warming Will Drive Humans To Extinction In A Matter Of Decades

The Value of All Terrestrial Life

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

Great Science

Electro-Magnetic Thread - inventions and discoveries

Nikola Tesla museum?

Faster than the speed of light - a 2007 thread, with a prediction of sexbots…

The Astronomy thread (with links to other astronomy related threads on the OT•com)

Pluto is no longer a planet - a 2006 thread

The Space Program

“We copy you down, Eagle”


About the moon landings

Congratulations, Atlantis - a 2006 thread

Seas on Mars? - a 2005 thread

Curiosity landed on Mars! - a 2012 thread

Challenger disaster Super 8 home movie footage released - a 2012 thread

Moscow Soon to Be Lone Carrier to Space Station - a 2008 thread


NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers a World Orbiting Two Stars - a 2011 thread

Five Planets Visible Across Evening Sky - a 2004 thread

The Great American Solar Eclipse, 2017

Meteor explodes over Russia - a 2013 thread

But why isn’t the world flat?




Theory, Philosophy and General Ponderings…


The Universe from First Principles (Warning: Philosophy Ahead)

The Philosophy Thread - Where Serious Questions “May” Be Discussed



Objective Truth

Zero or Hero - A Discussion about Objectivism vs Subjectivism

Open-Eyed Thinking (Exploring Uncomfortable Topics)

The Controversial Discussions Thread (Was “The Prejudice Discussion Thread” (Was “The Human Sexuality Discussion Thread” (Was “The Homosexuality Discussion Thread”)))

I’m a feminist!

Ask the trans woman (aka interrogate the trans woman) - 2018 thread

The high functioning autistic thread

The thread where we make enemies out of friends, aka the abortion debate thread

Lets talk about abortion - a 2009 thread

a story about the sad state of humanity

Animal Rights Extremists

Country Differences

God Bless The USA

American Attitudes (foreigners welcome)

Do You Have A Gun?

Violence VS. Non-Violence ~~~ Debate


A Chronicle of American Police Brutality - a 2018 thread

Leading To War

The $$$ spent on the war on terror

Did DKR warn us about recent “False Flag” shootings?

Don Imus and the race issue thread

Brilliant Article about ‘white guilt’

UFO’s & other anomalies … do you believe?

Do you believe in aliens?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Anomalous phenomenon thread

The Conspiracy Theories Thread (was: 911 Conspiracy theories)

“Back and to the left”

Is everything that’s new automatically bad? Are old things better by default?

How can Star Wars help us navigate current world affairs?






Religion - a 2011 thread

Religion - a 2007 thread

Why Can’t We Respect Other Peoples Beliefs? - a 2010 thread

The merits and shortcomings of religion, spirituality, and non-belief

Ask the member of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church AKA Interrogate the Catholic 😉

Ask the member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints AKA Interrogate the Mormon

you meen hes a…mormon?

Ask the Muslim! (a.k.a. interrogate the Muslim)

On Christianity

Warbler’s Christian thread.

The debate anything posted in “Warbler’s Christian Thread” Thread

Church Experiment (Was: Want to Read The Bible)

Pat Robertson does it again

CNN: God’s Warriors

The Pope

The difference between fanatic Muslims and Christians…

Are Muslims really trying to take over, or are some people just suffering from Islamaphobia?

Ask the Jew

The Scientology Thread (was: Ask the Ex-Scientologist Anything)

Scientology is going down

The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology

Prayer requests, Anyone?

Ask the member of the Church of the Theologically Uncertain AKA Interrogate the Agnostic

Ask the godless heathen - AKA Ask An Atheist

Ask the non-member of all churches AKA Interrogate the atheist

The Atheism thread

Some Random Bullshit I Don’t Approve Of (was: Dom’s Atheist Thread)


Satanic Panic! - (A Thread For All Things Satanic)


Your Friendly Guide on Belittling Your Neighbor’s Beliefs

The Religious Political Weather Thread




Annual Events / Calendar / Diary…


Happy New Year! - 2004

Happy New Year! - 2011

Happy New Year!!! 2018!

Happy New Year! - 2020

Happy Birthday [Fill in the Blank]!

Chinese New Year - tba… (

Happy Ground Hog Day! - 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day - tba… (

What are you giving up for Lent?


April Fools Pranks 2004

April Fools/Easter 2018

Happy Easter!

Memorial Day traditions? - 2012

Happy Memorial Day! (2016)

VE Day (Europe) - tba… (

Victory Day (Russia & many ex-Soviet states) - tba…

Ramadan - tba… (

Happy Father’s Day

What my kids gave me for Father’s Day

Happy Canada Day! (1st July)

Happy Australia Day (26th January)

Happy 4th of July! (2016)

Happy 4th of July (2017)

An idea for Halloween…

Happy Halloween

Halloween avatars

Halloween Costumes '09 through '012 (was Costumes '09)

Halloween Costume - a 2013 thread

Halloween Costumes? - a 2005 thread

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Happy Life Day (17th November)

Divali - tba… (

Veterans Day (US) - tba… (

Remembrance Day / Armistice Day (UK & Commonwealth) - tba… (

Remembrance Sunday (UK & Commonwealth) - tba… (

Happy Thanksgiving!!! - 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!! - 2007

Christmas / Holidays / Hanukkah etc

Happy Holidays! - 2013

Hanukkah - tba… (

Christmas Traditions and Santa’s Friends REQUESTING HELP FROM UK CITIZENS, SEE PAGE 4 - 2012

Christmas Decorations

A Christmas Carol Adaptation Discussion Thread

Favorite Christmas Songs

What do you want for Christmas? - 2017

Christmas (Holiday) Gifts - 2004

what did you get for xmas this year? - 2005

Get anything for Christma- I mean, for the holidays? Brag here! - 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas - 2015

A Christmas Message - 2003

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas - 2006

Merry Christmas - 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry Festivus! - 2011

Merry Christmas! (2014)

Merry Christmas! (2017)

Happy Boxing Day/Feast of St. Stephen/Second Day of Christmas (2017)



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Does this mean any political postings are no longer allowed in the other off-topic sections? I am a bit curious as to the reasoning behind this change.


Politics belong here. In fact, there’s no reason to limit all politics to a single thread any longer. Feel free to debate different issues in different threads and avoid those you don’t want to involve yourself with.

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