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Uncorrected mistakes or unfixed issues of the 2019 (Maclunkey) Original Trilogy release?

^ new Imperial Stormtrooper on Hoth? 😉


Gonk-DB94 said:

I know this has been discussed elsewhere, though I feel it is worth highlighting in this thread too (and for the 2011 and 2019 ‘what have they still not fixed?’ threads):

Never forget that the Death Star has been in clear site of Yavin IV from the beginning of the battle since 1997 and this is how the Special Edition should have ended.’ -

A fairly important one, Gonk 😃

I wonder what the people at Lucasfilm think when being asked about that one…

Maybe they’ll fix it next time for the 2026 Special Edition releases?


I just attended a screening of The Empire Strikes Back SE at my local theater

Some Box Office Mojo site information on the 2020 re-release of Empire Strikes Back:

^ Pretty impressive it made $3m worldwide during a global pandemic with many refusing to go the cinema, or the cinemas being closed. Even if it is for a 9 year old version of a film celebrating it’s 40th anniversary 😉

<strong>Star Wars (1977)</strong> - 'Behind The Scenes / Making Of' <strong>images</strong> thread

Tobar said:

Fated-Dualist said:

Fated-Dualist said:

These are actually from a recreation of the Mos Eisley cantina for a television commercial. Unfortunately the commercial (for Volkswagen) seems to have been taken off the internet.

Ah, good catch 😃 I thought they looked a little ‘new’ looking. - the advert’s ‘Making Of’ You Tube video.


Now that you have mentioned that VW advert I can’t get that similar adidas cantina advert out of my head!

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - 'Behind The Scenes / Making Of' <strong>images</strong> thread

ZkinandBonez said:

Fated-Dualist said:

I’ve never seen these clips before. Do you know what they are from?

Sorry ZkinandBonez, I don’t. I’d guess at at maybe a ‘Making Of’ doc or special, though they could just be alternative unused shots. Hopefully someone else will have more information about them.

<strong>Star Wars (1977)</strong> - 'Behind The Scenes / Making Of' <strong>images</strong> thread



Edit: Tobar pointed out in the post below the following 3 images are from a VW TV advert based on The Cantina scenes which aired around 2012(?) - and are NOT from the making of / behind the scene of the original Star Wars film. Whoops!

Kudos to Tobar for pointing that out…

^ It’s a trap trick!

Star Wars <strong>News</strong> - articles that may not have enough interest for their own threads...

John Powell Reveals Tracklist For Deluxe Edition of Solo: A Star Wars Story Soundtrack’:

One of the pluses from Solo for me was the soundtrack, and so should be cool to have a 35 track version of it.

#MakeSolo2Happen 😃

It seems like nobody involved in the making of the OT has spoken up about GL’s oppression of the OOT.

A bit of a bump, but I think it is one worthwhile given the topic 😃

Much of this isn’t about GL’s suppression of the OT films as such, but about people in and around Star Wars wanting to the original version to be available, or questioning why some of the changes to the films were actually made etc.

People mentioned in this lengthy post below:

Gary Kurtz
Lorne Peterson
Phil Tippett
John Knoll
Denis Muren
Ben Burtt
Jim Ward
Rick McCallum
Kathleen Kennedy
Mark Hamill
JJ Abrams
Paul Hirsch
Pablo Hidalgo
Simon Pegg
Oscar Isaac


From oojason’s comprehensive George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist… thread - Category No 28:-

'28 • What do people who worked on the unaltered Original Trilogy films think of the various Special Editions?’

Some interviews & quotes from people who worked on the Original Trilogy films and what they think of the alterations made to the films via the various Special Editions (as well as a few people who have worked at Lucasfilm since)…


Gary Kurtz (Producer for Star Wars & Empire Strikes Back):-

'Gary Kurtz - on the Star Wars Special Edition’ youtube video, - by gordongecko1975 (aka OT•com member Haarspalter)

^ From an ‘interview with Gary Kurtz back in 2002(by Ken Plume) article from the A Site Called Fred website. The snippet images above are taken from Page 9 of the interview.



Lorne Peterson (ILM Visual Effects):-

'Another 2006 DVD release also has Peterson grinning these days: When we spoke in mid-2005, he had lamented the fact that the original, pre-Special Edition trilogy had not been released in a digital format. That changed this fall, and he says it does mean something special.

“It’s almost unimaginable to think of the (original) Star Wars films sitting somewhere and rotting within your own lifetime,” he said.’

^ The above text, and more information can be found in the link below…

Sculpting His Journey: An interview with Star Wars model maker Lorne Peterson - article from the Fields Edge website (interview by John Booth).



Phil Tippett (ILM Visual Effects):-

'Last night the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX held a very special screening of Jurassic Park and flew in Phil Tippett, one of the visual effects masterminds behind the film, for a Q&A, which ended up being the surprise highlight of the night. Tippett was candid and honest as usual.

Questions came regarding the new Star Wars Blu Rays, since they were on everyone’s minds as of late. Tippett, you may recall, began his career as one of the original artists at ILM when it opened up shop. He provided the stop-animation for Star Wars (the 3D chess board), and performed the stop-animation for the AT-AT Imperial Walkers and the Taun-Taun’s in Empire Strikes Back, and the Rancor puppeteering on Return of the Jedi, among other duties. It didn’t take long before he was asked about Lucas’ endless tinkering with all the pioneering visual effects work on the films, and Tippett, perhaps not surprisingly, hates the changes as much as fans.

“They’re shit,” he says about the Special Editions. He calls them unnecessary, citing as one example Lucas’ choice to shoot Mos Eisely originally as a barren bordertown that recalled similar locales in Sergio Leone westerns. Now, he says, it’s “filled with a bunch of…CGI shit.”

He shares an additional anecdote with the website regarding a conversation between Lucas and Return of the Jedi director Richard Marquand that’s pretty amusing (“What we’re doing now is kind of like a cross between Benji and what we did on Empire Strikes Back”, Lucas told him)’.

Article can be found at:

^ The above text, and more information can be found in the link below…

Site News - section article from the Save Star Wars website.

Mondo Mystery Movie #2: Q&A (Part 2)’ youtube video, - by Crab Rangoon - a Q&A with Phil Tippett after a screening of ‘Jurassic Park’, from 2011.


John Knoll (ILM Visual Effects):-


^ the above image is taken from Pages 279 & 280 of the ‘Blockbuster: How Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Summer’ book by Tom Shone (an amazon link to the book).



Denis Muren (ILM Visual Effects):-

'I came up with a list of probably about 25 shots of spaceships, mainly during the dog fight sequence at the end of the original film, that we never quite had right. There’s big giant map lines showing, there’s huge black, or gray things that are just in the shot, they shouldn’t be in it. It just made it look real funky, and I was all for fixing that stuff up. That’s what I where I thought it was going to end, I wasn’t getting anything with plots or anything like that.

But my thought always was that the originals will always be there, this would be like the original there and then you’d have this, you could look at like this was what they meant to do at that time. That’s not what happened, George just was really sort of making them like forever and apparently just wants one version out there forever. I agree that it’s too bad there isn’t the handwriting of how you were in 1983, and how you thought the movie should look or something. But an artist can do what he wants, and that’s what George is doing. So there are, you know, you got the laser disk around, and maybe sometime the stuff will come back. I don’t know. There are still very nice prints around of those original films, so it’s not like they’re gone.’

^ The above text, and more information can be found in the link below…

Dennis Muren on Making ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, the Special Editions, and Directing ‘Star Tours’ - article from the Collider website.



Ben Burtt (Sound Designer & Film Editor):-


^ The above image, and more information, is taken from the article linked to below…

‘Voice of RD-D2 speaks out on film trickery’ - a 2009 article from the News AU website.



On a slightly different tangent, the Lucasfilm Vice President acknowledging that a truly countless number of fans want to see the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy (after the 2004 DVD release of the Special Editions)…

Jim Ward (President of LucasArts, and Senior Vice President of Lucasfilm), speaking in 2006:-


Jim Ward: “Over the years, a truly countless number of fans have told us that they would love to see and own the original version that they remember experiencing in theaters,” said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts and Senior Vice President of Lucasfilm Ltd. “We returned to the Lucasfilm Archives to search exhaustively for source material that could be presented on DVD. This is something that we’re very excited to be able to give to fans in response to their continuing enthusiasm for Star Wars.”

^ The above text, screenshot, and more information can be found in the link below…

This September: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD - 3rd May, 2006 article from the Star Wars official website.



Rick McCallum (Star Wars Producer)

From a 2012 interview on the Collider website with Rick McCallum, where he expresses his own view that he hopes the unaltered version of the Original Trilogy is indeed released, and that he hopes George also decides to release the classic original version - “I think that’s a decision he (George) has to come to on his own as time comes by”.

Interviewer: Episode I recently came out on Blu-ray, and you guys are getting ready to do a 3D re-release. Obviously I’m a fan of you guys, I’m a fan of Star Wars and I know that George likes to tinker and change. Is the 3D re-release any different than what just came out on Blu-ray or is it the same movie just in 3D?

McCallum: It’s the same movie in 3D.

Interviewer: Do you think we’ll ever get the original trilogy and the prequels without any changes on Blu-ray, or is it never gonna happen?

Rick McCallum: I would have to answer that officially it’s never gonna happen, but you never know with George. It’s one of the constant things that—let’s put it this way, it changes always. You never know.

Interviewer: Yeah I mean personally, as I’ve said many times on the site I have no problems with George changing the films, I just think it would be great if he would release the originals and that way everyone could have it, but that’s just me.

Rick McCallum: I know, but I understand that completely. It’s just a question I can’t answer. Obviously I have my own personal feelings, I hope that he does it, but I don’t have major arguments with him about it. I think that’s a decision he has to come to on his own as time comes by.

^ the full interview can be found here - Producer Rick McCallum Talks RED TAILS and Live-Action STAR WARS TV Series; Describes Show as “EMPIRE STRIKES BACK on Steroids”



Kathleen Kennedy (President of Lucasfilm), speaking in 2012, about the Special Edition of ‘ET The Extra Terrestrial’ and changes made to it, and back again, over time:-


^ taken from a 2012 'Henry Thomas and Kathleen Kennedy Talk E.T. The Extra-Terrestial, Jurassic Park 4, Lincoln, Steven Spielberg, and More interview at the Collider website

Interviewer: “When it came out on DVD, there was the special edition version that had some notable changes (walkie-talkies in the government agents hands instead of guns, sanctifying certain dialogue exchanges) but the Blu-ray reverts back to the original version. What brought about that decision?”

Kathleen Kennedy: “To be perfectly honest, I think Steven always regretted having made the decision to do anything to the film. I think he was feeling a certain amount of pressure to be politically correct. And then he realized that it maybe wasn’t the correct [decision]. I think most fans and most people who like classic movies that have stood the test of time, don’t want them to be tinkered with.

^ Well, we would just like to be able to have the option of buying and watching the old untinkered classic Original Trilogy movies on a quality modern digital format.


and some information and quotes that I have found floating around the internet…


More Kathleen Kennedy…
The much misunderstood quote of “I haven’t touched those. (both interviewer and Kathleen Kennedy laugh) You kidding? Those will always remain his.” being used as an reason (wrongfully) as to why Lucasfilm will not release the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy:-

The full audio interview of the ‘Steele Wars Podcast’, conducted in a media line event for ‘The Last Jedi’ at Celebration 2017, can be found below. The section with Kathleen Kennedy starts at 12m 45s:- (21 minutes long)

The relevant section of the interview is at 15m 32s…

Interviewer: “A lot has been said about the pass over to Disney, but Star Wars is film of changes… it has evolved over time. Uh, is there like, a contractual or a handshake agreement that the films are locked in their current form?”.

Kathleen Kennedy: “No, there is no-one actually locking us into anything. In fact, the beauty of this relationship with The Walt Disney Company is they have been absolutely fantastic at standing back and pretty much letting us do what we want.”

Interviewer: “Sorry, I mean like the… the vision of George’s final cut of the film that he left us with? Like whether that might be altered over time?”

Kathleen Kennedy: “I haven’t touched those. (both interviewer and Kathleen Kennedy laugh) You kidding? Those will always remain his.”

From the above conversation it is quite obvious that Kathleen Kennedy is talking about not making any further changes to the Original Trilogy - and is not talking about the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy.

^ more information on this can be found in this thread:-

Kathleen Kennedy Shuts Down any Hope for Unaltered Release (not really) - a 2012 thread by SpooneyToe11240



Mark Hamill (Star Wars actor and all round top man)

^ the above “But like my son and a lot of fans says, we’d love to see the original, pre-fixes. Just the way it was in 1977.” quote is taken from this following article:-

Star Wars Mark Hamill admits George Lucas made one change to Empire Strikes Back that made “no sense”’…



JJ Abrams (Star Wars director of ‘The Force Awakens’ & ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’)


J.J. Abrams is calling for the original versions of ‘Star Wars’ to be released (with video of interview with JJ Abrams)


Exclusive: J.J. Abrams Wants The Original Versions Of Star Wars Released(full article & interview):-

The “Star Wars” trilogy hasn’t been seen in its original form since 1997

“I guess it’s what George Lucas wanted, and that’s what he did, and so I respect that, although I also feel like there’s something about the original theatrical version that was, you know, for so many people […] the thing they loved as it was,” Abrams told NowThis in an exclusive interview. “And so, you know, it would be great to have that available for a mainstream audience.”

^ all credit to Vin for this.



Paul Hirsch (Oscar winning editor of Star Wars - along with Marcia Lucas & Richard Chew)


^ a screenshot from ‘The Filmunentaries Podcast’ interview with Paul Hirsch -

"Paul Hirsch on @jamieswb’s podcast in regards to the SE Jabba scene: “I don’t regret anything being out, I just regret things coming back in!”

The full podcast of Jamie Benning’s interview of ‘4 - Paul Hirsch - Oscar Winning Film Editor’ can be found here (and is free and simple to listen to):-

with more episodes here: &



Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Story Group)


^ the above screenshot is taken from the following article:-

The Original Theatrical STAR WARS Trilogy Will Never Get an HD Re-release Because of George Lucas’…

(Pablo’s tweet are protected, so I couldn’t just post up a screenshot of the tweets, hence the screenshot of an article quoting them.)



It would be fantastic to find more quotes from other people in and around Star Wars - as well as any more of the crew and talent who worked on the Original films.

If anyone finds any, please post them in here 😃

Especially quotes from the likes of Gareth Edwards, Simon Pegg and Rian Johnson, who have all been rumored to have been on record as wanting the unaltered theatrical version on the Original Trilogy released / not understanding why the Special Editions have so many changes made to them over time (before they worked on Star Wars films themselves).

And last but in no way least… Marcia Lucas, of course.


4th November Edit:

I found an old OT•com thread on Simon Pegg’s thoughts on some of the changes made to the Original Trilogy (from his own twitter account between August 31st and September 4th, 2011). Inside the thread are some quotes from him:-

StarWars Insider: Simon Pegg Interview - a 2011 thread, by Master Sifo-Dyas

The quotes by Simon Pegg also appear in a post by Moth3r, here - in the 2010 Star Wars coming to Blu Ray thread.


and this from Oscar Issac on the OOT and Lucas making changes to the classic Star Wars films:

Oscar Isaac says tinkering with Star Wars trilogy made films “less interesting” - a 2014 thread by danny_boy

All Things Star Trek

I just sat through season 3 opener for Discovery and was disappointed. A lot going on in it from the end of season 2, yet just didn’t feel any interest or engagement with it. I think I could have simply turned it off half way through and not bothered to watch the rest of the episode, and I haven’t done that since some of the bad Voyager episodes aired.

I’m hoping episode 2 will be better, though not holding out much hope. Feels a little weird as I easily and fully got into Picard.

Edit: Since the first couple of episodes I’ve really enjoyed this season (just watched the 6th episode) so far 😃

Discussion: a thread for <strong>fan-made</strong> Star Wars projects, trinkets, gizmos, and endeavours

4000° Plasma Lightsaber Build (retractable blade!)’:- - the Hacksmith YouTube channel (19 mins)


4000° Lightsaber Test (cuts anything!)’:- - the Hacksmith YouTube channel (11 mins)

It is a bit ‘Ghostbusters meets Star Wars’ with the backpack on, but still very cool 😃



A few other quality YouTube channels making a lot of cool Star Wars themed stuff:-

The Smugglers Room :

I Like To Make Stuff :

The Rebel Base Build : (and for a few other film & tv series)

Black Market Outpost :

A request to allow political discussion again on the

A post for requesting political discussion to be allowed again on the

I appreciate and respect the previous decision of Jay and mods to ban the discussion of politics on the site a couple of years ago. It seems the multiple requests, warnings, temp-locks, post deletions, temp-bans, and even a fresh political thread, all aimed at improving the level to some sort of civil and decent political discourse… were repeatedly ignored and went unheeded.

Yet, many of those members involved from that time are no longer on here on site. This is a more civil and welcoming place than that era, and there was some genuine and quality debate and points of view taking place in the political discussions at times (in amongst the shite, grudges and drama).

It would give also the ‘Off Topic’ a welcome boost to the number of discussions taking place in there. Maybe with more interest and footfall in the political threads people will take notice of some of the other cool threads in there too.

Would it be possible for the moderation staff to consider whether to allow political discussions on the site again?

If the ‘shitposts’ or antics of the past were to return, the moderation could simply re-instate the banning of discussion politics once again.

I fully respect and understand the decision should the mods decide not to bring political discussion back. Just thought I’d ask. 😃

Help: looking for... THX Ultimate Demo Disc? (now found and released)

Gonk, you’re being trolled, lad.

Memory_001 doesn’t know how things work on this site… yet hasn’t bothered to look around to see how it does - or bothered to read up on it in either.

And he’ll likely continue to post across all 3 threads about the same project, continuing to claim it was never released, when anyone reading through the threads can clearly see it was.

Keep your help for those who genuinely want it 👍

A New Hope: Theatrical 1977 stereo mix vs. 1993 stereo mix

Is there a thread on here similar to doubleofive’s comprehensive ‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ - but for the audio changes and release information?

Or a main ‘audio in the OT’ discussion thread?

So much on this great site is about the visual changes and releases… though am struggling to find threads and information on the audio changes.

(I know oojason had started on an ‘Index Thread’ of OT audio over time - and another a couple of other Index Thread projects - but they seem unlikely to ever happen now.)