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Digital OT owners switched to Disney+ versions without consent?

Shit, it is about time the various content providers made more of an effort to let us know exactly what we are buying from them. Keep the paying consumer informed, maybe?

As oojason said… a notification that the films we have signed up to buy and watch have changed wouldn’t go amiss (whether that is physical media, digital downloads, or streamed etc) and isn’t difficult to do.

In the wider context of the differing versions and changes made to the films… maybe it is embarrassing for Lucasfilm to answer such questions? It is possible they don’t like that kind of publicity or light being shone on their continuing releases? Being asked just which of the five versions it is we are actually buying and receiving - why certain versions are no longer available, and information as to what changes have been made to each (which they seemingly don’t want to give out).

It is almost like they (lucasfilm and the content providers) treat the paying customer with disdain or contempt, and expect us to pay for continuing new releases they don’t even describe or provide information on - in regards to changes made to them.

To pay for versions or content that we may not actually want.

<strong>Coronavirus</strong> (COVID-19) Pandemic thread - <strong>relevant political discussion allowed</strong> in here

A thread for discussing the Coronavirus pandemic and the effects it may well soon have on us - if not already.

Hopefully, it will not affect anyone directly on here.

Stay safe. Wash those hands. Be considerate for others.

Don’t deny others vital essentials and hoard much needed products then sell for profit.

In amgonst the misleading clickbait, bogus cures & remedies, stories of selfishness & greed… there are stories of good too:-

Edinburgh shop supplies free Covid-19 ‘survival’ packs to those in need - at Edinburgh News
LVMH, maker of Louis Vuitton, switches to making hand sanitizer for coronavirus pandemic - at ABC News
Italians Serenade Each Other To Fight Loneliness During Coronavirus Lockdown - at Forbes
Coronavirus: Kind Canadians start ‘caremongering’ trend - at the BBC


Some useful sites / sources of information:-

UN: :
WHO: :

NHS: :
BBC: : (UK) :
Guardian: :

WSJ: :
CNN: :
ABC: :

For ‘Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance’:-


Moderator Edit: We ask that you check any stories or articles before posting them in this thread - we don’t want any misinformation, conspiracy theories, or your own personal ‘expert’ medical opinions posted as fact (unless you ARE a medically qualified and practicing doctor or epidemiologist etc) - thank you.

Moderator Update - 18th March: The mods, upon request, have decided to allow relevant political discussion on the coronavirus pandemic in this thread - and in this thread only. IF it goes well we consider allowing further political discussions in the future. Yet obviously, we do not wish to see a return to type and level of posting that led to the subject being banned from the site…

For example:-

‘President / Prime Minister is a ****’ will see political discussion being banned in here immediately.

‘President / Prime Minister doesn’t know what he / she is doing in this situation and should leave it to… because…’ is fine.

Lego Star Wars: Mini Movies (animated series of shorts from across the GFFA)

Up on the official Star Wars youtube channel there is a playlist of 23 ‘Lego Star Wars’ videos available to watch too:-

With a host of other Playlists up on the channel, here -

Lego Star Wars: Mini Movies (animated series of shorts from across the GFFA)

There are 75 videos up on the official LEGO youtube channel for this ‘Lego Star Wars: Mini Movies’ - all free to watch - and can be viewed here:-

Seems the first video was released in 2012, with the last video in 2018, and run-times are anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length.

There does seem to be some sort of mini-story for some of them - a few videos are from a collection called ‘The Resistance Rises’, others from ‘The Freemaker Adventures’, or ‘Should Have Used The Force’, whilst others are just seem to be random videos on different aspects of the Star Wars films.

Other than that there isn’t a lot of information on it. These below may have more info for anyone interested:-

Wikipedia page:

Lego Star Wars Wiki-type page:

Lego Star Wars site: :


I know most of us may not be interested in this, but for those of us with kids, grandkids and young 'uns about the place, plus with a few us likely to be spending more time indoors due to this Corona virus… it may be something decent to sit down and watch with little 'uns and introduce to Star Wars (if not done so already!)

Or may help get them playing with lego sets themselves, to stimulate their creative minds, or just a bit more peace and quiet for the rest of us 😉

Wanted: Star Wars Trilogy Vinyl 1983 by Victor Japanese White Label Promo

Are these the same as the records you asked about in here mate?:

If so, it would seem not.

Have you any images or pics of them? If these records are well old then it may help jog a few people’s memories?

Or any info on who released them, or other release info from Discogs or similar?

The Mandalorian: Comic Covers - * <strong>SPOILERS WITHIN</strong> *

Anchorhead said:

That art is (to me) some of the coolest Star Wars art I’ve ever seen. A testament to how they’ve gone the extra mile on this show.

Absolutely! It must be one of the few shows on tv many of us actually watch through the end credits - just to see the amazing art work in it. A really nice and clever touch that from the creators.

I hope they do it also for the Obi-Wan and Cassian shows as well - for me great concept art is always a welcome and added bonus, especially for a sci-fi show or film.

The random <strong>YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds</strong> thread for the Original Trilogy

ZkinandBonez said:

A Defense of Ewoks - from the EC Henry YouTube channel (3:30 mins long)

The blurb:
“Ewoks get a lot of hate. But is it deserved?”

I love that take on the Ewoks, and also makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

A little more of the ‘edge’ from the Ewoks would have likely helped ‘sell’ them more as capable and worthy adversaries rather than the cute 'teddy bears’so many think of them as.

Cool video 😃

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

With respect, I am not sure it is such a niche market. You only have to look at the interest in Despecialized and the 4Kxx projects, with many people stating they have only just learnt of them online, and they can’t beleive there isn’t an official version to buy… and also, unfortunately, the amount of absolute scum selling these on ebay and other places (over a considerable length of time) - which does indicate the demand is still there.

Maybe the demand that was there in the mid-2000’s has waned? Maybe it has increased - yet with more acceptance of there not being an official release as more time has elapsed? It is hard to say.

As ooj and canofhumdingers alluded to in another thread - it has been 25 years since a dedicated official release of the classic version of the Original Trilogy - which is the advert, promo or tagline in itself. And also potentially attract even non-Star Wars fans, film buffs in general, and those that collect with a look to them as investments etc over the long-term (some rare OOT vhs and laserdsic sets still fetch a pretty penny, as do the 2006 GOUT dvds in ‘brand new’ or ‘nearly new’ condition, and those rare tin boxes).

If Lucasfilm or Disney themsevles were unsure it would sell all they hav’e to do is put up a ‘add your name here to register interest for an offical release of the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy’ on the website - it’d likely hit over 100,000 in quite a short space of time (not that they ever would, of course 😉)


Edit: I just have to say I love Darth Dougal’s avatar and username - Magic Roundabout needs a Star Wars themed episode! 😃

<strong>Westworld</strong> - <em>2016 tv series</em>

I hope I can get back into this - for me it lost its way during season 2, possibly trying to be too clever after the bods at reddit/westworld worked out the 1st season ending before it aired.

So many possibilities for the show, with some great acting talent, so I hope season 3 is a return to form.

Loving the secret trailers so far as well.

Star Wars Games

Project Maverick…

Not many details about it so far - other than it was apparantly referred to in this article from a couple of weeks back as ‘a smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive in Montreal, Canada’:-

Random Thoughts

What did you think you were before?


The proletariat welcomes all but the bourgeoisie who seek to maintain their grip in their contructed matrix which denies and also oppresses the many, contiunally turning us against other, alienating us whilst suppressing any meaningful effort to attempt to redress the status quo.

Episode IX : <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> - film &amp; fan art, + covers etc

oojason said:

^ by Adam Cockerton - from (larger size image in the link)

Stunning poster that. Really digging the OT vibe running through it - and would look awesome as a blu ray cover.

I know you love Rogue One mate - Adam Cockerton’s R1 poster (just in case you hadn’t seen it already):- - with some other quality pieces of Star Wars as well

An <strong>Index &amp; Help Thread</strong> for <em><strong>The Expanded Universe &amp; General Star Wars Discussion</strong>...</em>

I understand why there is a ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ forum that focuses on content or discussions between the Original Trilogy and Sequles, or Prequels, or Standalone films, and the tv series etc… and why there is a forum for the ‘Expanded Universe’ content too. But why are both sections coupled together in here?

Why not have seperate forums for each?

Quality Index Threads by the way, mods. It makes it a lot easier to find certain threads and topics of conversation 😃