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70mm Print info Hope its Useful

I posted this on the 70mm audio area but I thought some maybe will not see it so I posted it here also I hope this is ok:

The 70mm Engagements Of The Original "Star Wars"

This page is useful or maybe not here s whats on the page:

What follows is a listing of 70mm Six-Track Dolby Stereo engagements of "Star Wars" (known today as "Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope"). Standard 35mm engagements, in which the film was also released, have not been included. For historical note, the newspaper advertising hype has been quoted for selected entries.

As one can glean from the list, 70-millimeter engagements were kept to a minimum during the initial wave of release. Despite frequent moviegoer memories to the contrary, it was during the subsequent months of release that most theatres (that ran the film in 70mm) received a 70mm.

Also there is another page called:
May 25, 1977: A Day Long Remembered

Hope this is useful to all wondering about 70mm i found it intresting
Thanks- that is interesting.

Tee Hee, I am really quite relieved that my memories are correct, and I did see a 70mm showing when I first saw Star Wars in all its giganto-glory (in Hicksville, Long Island).

I was researching something else and came across this informative article - so thought it worth including in here:-

The Original First-Week Engagements Of “Star Wars”’ article written by Michael Coate, from the ‘in70mm’ website.

The article can be read via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine, here:-

With a couple of informative, useful and related links within the article (via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine):-

‘The Original 70mm engagements Of “Star Wars”’

‘The Original 70mm Engagements Of “The Empire Strikes Back”’

‘Remembering “Return of the Jedi”’ (with some 70mm information)

And some general info in this article, here…

‘In 70mm and 6-track Dolby Stereo’ Moderator

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I really enjoyed reading throught those articles, and the looks to be a quality and informative site as well 😃

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