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Is there a list for Pre 97 Versions and their changes both audio/visual ?


I looked for this for a while and I can’t for the live of me find a complete full list of pre 97 versions/changes that isn’t rushed and heavily abridged.

So I thought I’ll ask the expert on the matter.


Spreadsheet version working in that direction:

Active thread where this issue is discussed.

doubleohfive has documented it into:
day to day conversation at:

“The Starkiller’s Guide To the Star Wars mono Sound Mix” One of the first places to start documenting.

allthor1138’s “COLD” Version 2 permits research between the following variations:
(Derann Super 8mm, 1982 P&S Laserdisc, 1985 Japanese Special Collection Laserdisc, 1984 P&S Laserdisc, Puggo Grande 16mm Preservation, 1992 Special Widescreen Edition Laserdics, 1993 German Silver Screen Collection Laserdisc, 1994 French Laserdisc, 1995 THX French Dubbed Laserdisc, 1995 THX French Trilogie Boxset Laserdisc, 1995 German THX Laserdisc, 1995 THX Spanish Boxset Laserdisc, 35mm Silver Screen Edition v1.6, 1997 Special Edition Laserdisc, 2004 Special Edition DVD, 2006 Bonus Disc “GOUT”)