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A New Hope: Theatrical 1977 stereo mix vs. 1993 stereo mix

Is there a thread on here similar to doubleofive’s comprehensive ‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ - but for the audio changes and release information?

Or a main ‘audio in the OT’ discussion thread?

So much on this great site is about the visual changes and releases… though am struggling to find threads and information on the audio changes.

(I know oojason had started on an ‘Index Thread’ of OT audio over time - and another a couple of other Index Thread projects - but they seem unlikely to ever happen now.)

The Empire Strikes Back - at 40...

SilverWook said:

If there isn’t a SOTME thread around here, there should be.

ooj knocked these up for inclusion in the new ‘The EU Index’ thread he was working on (is splitting the ‘The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussion’ into two sections still going ahead?):-

Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye - review and thoughts (2007 thread)

My first step into a larger world… Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye (2007 thread)

Star Wars: The Alan Dean Foster Trilogy (2011 thread)

Alan Dean Foster Books? (2010 thread)

Ideas: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye - and other fan films wishlist (2013 thread in ‘Star Wars Fan Edits’)

and I think SOTME also features a little in these more generic threads:-

George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist… (in ‘2. The Changing Number of Episodes in the Star Wars Saga’)

Favorite Star Wars Book? (2010 thread)

Star Wars Books. Good Recommendations? (2015 thread)

Best Books (2007 thread)

What you’re reading now: EU style (2006 thread)

Expanded Universe Novel Discussion (2004 thread)

Does anyone care about the ‘extended universe’? (2011 thread)

How the expanded universe ruined the original trilogy (2012 thread)

If Star Wars flopped… (2006 thread)

Where to enter EU? (2007 thread)

and some other more ‘general EU book’ threads as well. Most of these are already listed in the current ‘EU & Gen SW index’ thread.

He even persuaded me to give SOTME another read it again, and am glad he did 😃 Quite surprised nobody has done a ‘fan film’ or animated version of it.

Modern SE Revisionism

The ‘Empire Strikes Back’ is back in the cinemas for the US… (official Star Wars website):-

‘The Empire Strikes Back in theaters on September 25! See showtimes and celebrate the 40th anniversary: Fandango link

Though beware, if it is the same as what they did in the UK not so long ago… it will actually be the 2011 blu ray version being shown. Despite it being advertised, or inferred, on the poster and other advertising spiel that it the 40th Anniversary/original 1980 version…

I imagine ‘celebrate the 40th Annniversary of Empire Strikes Back by watching the 2011 version of it’ would not have had the same impact 😉

Would it not be amazing if we got a Darth Vader movie directed by Christopher Nolan?

Rodney-2187 said:

Before the prequels were released, I envisioned a lot more of Vader hunting down Jedi. Now that we have Anakin’s backstory, I’m not sure a movie with Vader as the central character would fit well. I think instead you would have to make something centered around a group of Jedi who survived Order 66 and are being hunted by Vader. Focus on and build those characters, then let Vader do what he does best, be the menacing villain who inspires fear. That sounds a lot like Rogue One with more Jedi, so maybe that wouldn’t fit well either.

Perhaps Vader best left to surprise cameos that leave us wanting more.

A ‘Jedi Purge’ movie would be sweet in that it would probably be the last ‘big’ unexplored issue of what happened between ROTS and SW’77 that would be of interest to main audiences? Chris Nolan doing it would likely bring a new spin or approach to how it could be done or filmed.

Though like you, I’d prefer minimal-to-cameo Vader being involved or seen.

Bounty hunters for sure, crime lords, defectors and doule-agents, and some of the characters from Solo & Rogue One in differing and new environments as well. The seeds or birth of the Rebellion as it were. Frightened or oppresssed every-day folk too scared to help the few remaining Jedi in hiding - or those having no choice to get involved on behalf of the Empire…

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Mocata said:

I don’t know if there’s a thread somewhere but Empire of Dreams has a “we changed stuff” disclaimer at the start now. Presumably because it now includes the pink saber from 2004 and the Ewok eyelids from 2011, amongst other things.

but which is George’s ‘Final Cut’ or ‘one true vision’ of the Empire Of Dreams? 😉

Seriously, how many versions of Empire Of Dreams are there?

Football / Soccer thread - general footy, futebol, futbol, fotbal, Fußball, voetbal or calcio

Peter Pan said:

Any Leverkusen fans around?

I’m not a fan of them (liverpool for me) - though do enjoy watching Die Werkself. We get many of the Bundesliga games here in the UK on BT Sport, and also by other means 😉 Felt for you guys missing out so narrowly on Champions League qualification this season.

A clinical display and performance over Rangers in the Europa League was pretty impressive, and I hope you do the same vs Inter in the Quarters 😃

Articles &amp; info that highlight / call for a classic version release of the Original Trilogy

Star Wars Doesn’t Belong to George Lucas. It Belongs to the Fans

^ a 2015 article from The New York Times.

The blurb (it is a lengthy article - though one worth reading in full; below is a snippet):-

'Mr. Lucas always knew his audience. In April 1977, the month before “Star Wars” opened, American Film magazine ran an interview in which he talked about who he wanted to reach. “Rather than do some angry, socially relevant film,” he said, “I realized that there was another relevance that is even more important — dreams and fantasies, getting children to believe there is more to life than garbage and killing and all that real stuff like stealing hubcaps — that you could still sit and dream about exotic lands and strange creatures.” His influences were a postmodern grab bag, from samurai films to “John Carter of Mars.” (Years later, Joseph Campbell was worked into the conversation, too.) Crucially, Mr. Lucas said, “I wanted to make a children’s movie, to go the Disney route.”

He specifically sought out science-fiction fans for “Star Wars,” and 20th Century Fox, its distributor, advised exhibitors to use science-fiction displays in public libraries to reach youngsters on summer break. Fox also urged exhibitors to try to rope in college students in language suggesting that this was a flick meant to be seen in an altered state: “If ever a motion picture was guaranteed to catch and send the imagination of college students soaring, it’s ‘Star Wars.’ ” Figuratively or through a cloud of smoke, the audience soared, and so did the box-office receipts. The film was a smash, conquering the public and critics — in May 1977, Time crowned it the year’s best — and remained in theaters throughout 1977, reopening in ’78 and in successive years. (Most studio movies now are in theaters for about four months.)’

'Mr. Lucas’s true genius may be in marketing, including of his vision. Like other filmmakers who came of age in the 1960s, when American directors became auteurs, he has strong views on authorship. In a 1997 interview with Wired, he addressed the studios’ and artists’ rights, arguing that a copyright should belong to “the artist” of a film and not the large corporation that owns it. “I solved the problem by owning my own copyright,” Mr. Lucas said, “so nobody can screw around with my stuff. Nobody can take ‘Star Wars’ and make Yoda walk, because I own it.” When asked about the changes that he had made to his earlier work, including to “Star Wars,” he said: “It’s my artistic vision. If I want to go back and change it, it’s my business, not somebody else’s.”

He could not be more wrong. If the past four decades have made anything clear, “Star Wars” the phenomenon doesn’t belong to Mr. Lucas or a studio, no matter what the copyright states: It is owned by the fans who — aided and abetted by him and his expansive empire — turned it into a sensation, a passion, a cult and, for some, a lifestyle. In 1977, when the first movie opened, a fan could buy tie-in promotional toys, T-shirts, posters, masks, books, comics and children’s costumes. And no wonder: It was a film, as Mr. Lucas said in 1980, written with “visions of R2-D2 mugs and little windup robots.” As the decades and sequels opened and closed, those mugs and toys multiplied into a seemingly infinitely expanding emporium of desire, a “Star Wars” alternative reality in which you could live, play (online and off) and dream.

In its narrative simplicity — its good versus evil morality, its cheerfully blank hero and bang-bang action — “Star Wars” became the ultimate toy, one that fans could spin in all sorts of directions. Its universe was at once specific and so broad that it inspired fan fiction in every imaginable form, tone and medium from comics to novels and movies. Years before the popularization of the idea of participatory culture, a term for those who are at once pop-culture consumers and contributors, “Star Wars” fans had staked their claim on this world. That engagement sometimes took Mr. Lucas aback. “It’s always amazing to me when people take them so seriously,” he is quoted as saying in Dale Pollock’s essential book “Skywalking” (1983). His movies, Mr. Lucas also said then, are “kind of dumb.” (In turn, the fans have lashed out at him, including for digitally fiddling with “A New Hope.”)

In the years since, Mr. Lucas has clearly embraced his destiny as a force. And while it may seem strange, given his hatred of the studios, that he sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, he found it a perfect home. Mr. Lucas helped shape modern conglomerate cinema, to borrow a term from Mr. Schatz, but it was Disney that really pioneered cradle-to-grave entertainment. In 1929, Walt Disney sold the rights to use Mickey Mouse (soon called the “million dollar mouse”) on children’s writing tablets, signing his first licensing contract a year later. “The sale of a doll to any member of a household,” Roy Disney, Walt’s brother, said, “is a daily advertisement in that household for our cartoons and keeps them all ‘Mickey Mouse Minded.’ ” As it turns out, though, the real Force is the mouse that roared.’

Original Trilogy Film Crew &amp; People Behind The Scenes: Profiles, Info &amp; Links...

One day, I plan to make enough spare time so I can actually site down and read through this awesome thread.

Great work mods!


Edit: RIP Ron Cobb.

Gonk-DB94 said:

Ron Cobb, a Designer on Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Alien, Dies at 83:

Fantastic twitter thread on some of Ron Cobb’s work -

and also &

& Ron’s own website -

Reorganising Star Wars Fanedits

Bobson Dugnutt said:

This is something that I’ve had on my mind for a while so I thought I’d type it up. I think the Star Wars fanedits and preservations needs a bit of a clean up and reorganisation.

There’s a lot of threads in both categories, well over 1,000, as there are a lot of users, but it means everything is mixed in together. Ideas for edits, edits in the works, completed edits, inactive and unfinished edits and requests are all put together, meaning it can be a pain to navigate at times.

A lot of threads end up becoming simply request chains with everyone asking for the same thing over and over for years while the edit is in development and after its completion. It clogs things up and stops discussion. I’d propose that we make a separate section simply for requests and trying to minimise that kind of post as many people sign up just to request popular works such as Adywan, Harmy and Hal9000, even though there are detailed guides by now on how to get your hands on them. People often double up and makes posts in threads and threads of their own to ask for them with the ever popular Markdown default text as they don’t bother with a body text. Also I think it should be more common to ask through PMs as those posts really clog things up. This is the one thing that drives me up the wall more than anything as I open a thread looking for some legitmate discussion, and find a chain of requests.

I’d like to split the ideas/in the works edits from the completed edits, but I don’t know how viable that is. Beacuse I can rarely tell if an edit is done or not based on the title and first post. It often takes some digging for me to see if the edit is official done and released, or still needs some work done. There is often just a jumble of new TROS or TLJ edits and it’s hard to see what their status is if any as many edits have one post and then are subsequently abandoned/ I know there are index threads, but everything is still mixed in together. The new IDEAS tagging is pretty good as now I can telling something is just a conception and I feel this is a good step in the right direction.

I do caution against too many subcategories though, since there is no real search, people won’t know where things belong, so either we will get lots of duplicate posts, or else topics will just go dead as less eyes get into the various sub-forums.

Sorry for the garble, but I felt it should be said over here instead of FE where I had originally put it.

Yeah… when the mods see you posted it on FE in the ‘OT Renegades Voyeur thread’ - where the old clique congregate to take pot shots at this site - before posting it on here… this reads like a wind up, or an attempt at one.

The moderators at FE deserve credit for removing some of the more barbed and incendiary potshots at this site too - in an attempt to keep the peace.

ooj has already been through the ‘Toys and Memorabilia’ forum and sorted that out - including a new Index for it. As he has done for the ‘SW Preservation’, ‘SW Fan Edits’ and ‘Fan Edits’ sections. He is due to start work on Preservations soon too (it looks like he already has).

Threads have already been relabelled as ‘Ideas’, ‘Info’, ‘Info Wanted’, ‘Help Wanted’, (unfinished projects) - with more added to ‘discussion /idea thread’ index or sections, ‘Help: looking for…’, or a mix of each depending on the thread content. Finished project threads have been left alone - so it is easier to distinguish what is a project - and what isn’t.

That’s around just shy of 7,000 threads he has been through (or will when he finishes).

The Index threads seem to have been updated and added to - and even unfinished projects with useful information have been added to the ‘discssion / idea’ sections. ooj says they may be of interest and help others loooking into projects for the future, and record the efforts on here - even if they weren’t finished or released.

The ‘markdown’ posts which were all over the place on here have been removed (for the most part) - as have many double and triple posts.

Multiple request threads for ‘where are the Despecialized Edits?’ have been merged into a mega thread, along with ‘how-to and help’ questions - and are no longer prevalent through the forums here.

Reading through that FE thread - people seem to have forgot the ‘Star Wars’ section was also split up so it made things easier to find (and ooj says for some people to ignore what they didn’t like). 5000 threads in one forum? Now split into more relevant sections - so it seems the mods didn’t ‘lose their mojo’ after splitting Off Topic?

I don’t know about you but the mods seem more on the ball too - replying to PMs, requests, dealing with trolls, socks, people behaving like dicks. It is certainly a more civil place - without the old clique piling into threads and projects to judge & derail them now at FE.

Bobson, if you’re being genuine and not taking the piss, then I am truly sorry and deeply apologise. Though you may want to have a look around again at the things you have issues with. Posting that on FE, and then this on here… reads like you are taking the piss out of the mods on here. The timing of this, especially as ooj was apparantly the mod a few people now at FE had issues with (and still takes jibes & digs at) - and just so happens to be in the process of finishing up a re-organisation of the Fan Project forums… sucks. That’s not even taking into account you saying ‘this is something that I’ve had on my mind for a while now’…

Maybe asking fan editors or preservationists to keep their fan project threads (and titles) updated is a better or simpler idea? Or for them to let the site moderators know when a project is no longer happening, or that circumstances have changed?

The OT seems to be more laid back than FE in its organisation - yet both are great places and have different outlooks and setups - which is good that we are lucky enough to choose from and enjoy both (and include the FanRes and TSWT in that too) - all diverse and different. We should appreciate that - not knock each other for it.

Me? I don’t know how or why they do it - let alone put up with the shit thrown their way - the mods on here, FE, or anywhere, that is. I’m not even sure why I bothered typing this up - it’ll likely lead to arguments, division and old wounds - sorry mods! (please delete this post if you wish)

This site makes no sense, please help me get the despecialized editions

How_do_I download_them? said:

Yeah thanks for telling me to be patient after i’ve spent over 3 hours trying to figure this bullshit out.

You can take your patience and shove it up your ass…

It is in nearly every link that oojason has posted!

Did you want a big red button that says ‘download here’?

Because the reasons why that can’t happen on here is also listed in the links given to you… the same links which you didn’t have the patience to read in the first place - that you thought gave you “0 help” 😃

If only there was some sort of ‘The Ultimate Introductory Guide to Harmy’s Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized Editions’ linked somewhere with all the necessary information…

Or there was a thread containing 3/4 other different ways to obtain the ‘Despecialized Edits’ mentioned…

Hang on… there are! And have already listed above by someone who took the time to help you out and direct you to someuseful threads - and you kicked off at him! Then came back later to give out some more!


Edit - I see the mods deleted your ‘fuck off and die’ follow up post made with a new account.

You'd think they'd clean this up - the unfixed issues of the 2004 OT SE DVD release...

Gonk-DB94 said:

I know this has been discussed elsewhere, though I feel it is worth highlighting in this thread too (and for the 2011 and 2019 ‘what have they still not fixed?’ threads):

Never forget that the Death Star has been in clear site of Yavin IV from the beginning of the battle since 1997 and this is how the Special Edition should have ended.’ -

It is how George always wanted it - or something like that? 😉

And he is sorry that you fell in love with the unfinished version which was in the unfinished film for 20 years, but that is how he wants it since 1997, and how it should have always been. [cough]

Even for other Star Wars films he did not make or direct, and has made alterations to since…

Disney+ streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various other info

’Disney+ adds lost Luke Skywalker scene to Star Wars: A New Hope’ (only to the extras, but still): (with video)

'A deleted scene from Star Wars: A New Hope has been retrieved and added to the extras on Disney+.

Mark Hamill has explained why the deleted scene was crucial to the character of Luke Skywalker, in conversation with Joe and Anthony Russo for their Russo Bros. Pizza Film School series.’

I hope Mark Hamill explains why the scenes cut from the unaltered theatrical version of the OT to make way for Special Edition changes are important too - and gets them cleaned up and added as well 😉

Should I watch the prequels on DVD or Disney+?

StarkillerAG said:

ray_afraid said:

You probably just shouldn’t watch em at all.
Easy fix.

Or maybe you could actually be helpful instead of using this thread as an excuse to hate on the prequels.
Even easier fix.

Back on topic though, I think Disney+ is the best way to watch the prequels. The colors are much better than on the DVDs, and it’s in much higher quality than DVD could possibly manage.

Was Ray not just joking around? A bit of dry humour.


Disney+ versions for me, OP. Though as stated above have a look schorman’s project and a few of the other Prequel projects on here too 😃