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Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Audio Visual Press Kit



I'm trying to find some information and came across your site. I'm trying to find out if there is a 

Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition
Audio Visual Press Kit 

on a Umatic tape format released from Twentieth Century Fox. I don't know when it would have been released. (70's or 80's?)


The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Audio/Visual Press kit (AKA Electronic Press Kit) was released in 1997.  If you have it on Umatic tape then that's probably the best quality version this forum has seen. 

A past preservation of the SWTSE:EPK was babyhum's 009:

Here's a list of the content from the ESB/ROTJ package:

Star Wars Special Edition : Electronic Press Kit
 Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Electronic Press Kit
 Empire/Jedi Trailer #1  Ch.1 D/M/E Ch.2 Narr. 2:00
 Empire/Jedi Trailer #2  Ch.1 D/E Ch.2 Music 2:00
 Featurette with text  Ch.1 D/M/E Ch.2 Narr. 9:49
 Featurette without text  Ch.1 D/E Ch.2 Music 9:49
    Font Information Slate
    Chyron in order of appearance
    :46  George Lucas - "Star Wars" Creator
    2:02  Carrie Fisher - "Princess Leia"
    2:37  Harrison Ford - "Han Solo"
    2:50  Mark Hamill - "Luke Skywalker"
Empire Film Clips
 "Scoundrel" 1:22
 "I'll Give it a Try" 1:55
 "Snow Battle" 1:31
 "Asteroid Field" 1:11
 "Cloud City" 2:05
 "Let's Make a deal" :53
 "Carbon Freeze" 1:38
 "Obi-Wan Never Told You" 1:25
 Jedi Film Clips
 "Defeating Jabba the Hutt 1:32
 "Escape" 1:46
 "Speeder Bike Chase" 1:15
 "Jedi Rocks" :40
 Selected Sound Bites
 George Lucas - "Star Wars" Creator
 ...on 20th anniversary of "Star Wars" :08
 ...on re-releasing the Trilogy :13
 ...on "Star Wars" as modern myth :11
 ...on combining serials and myths :14
 ...on re-compositing "Empire" snow battle :50
 ...on re-doing "Empire" Cloud City :55
 ...on Jabba music in "Jedi" :24
...on Sy Snootles limitations :38
Harrison Ford - "Han Solo"
 ...on reading with hundreds of actors :08
 ...on testing others for "Han Solo" part :08
 ...on first day on Millennium Falcon :06
  ...on flying Millennium Falcon :39
Mark Hamill - "Luke Skywalker"
 ...on hearing about "Star Wars" :10
 ...on reading with Harrison Ford :10
 ...on getting "Luke Skywalker" part :09
 ...on "Empire's" darker themes :16
Carrie Fisher - "Princess Leia"
 ...on first reading "Star Wars" script :16
 ...on preparing for "Jedi" :13

How'd you come across what you've got?


a friend said she found it at a thrift store. I haven't seen it yet but she says the video box has 

Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition - Audio Visual Press Kit




This tape is could be one of the sources Lucasfilm sent out to television stations.  You'll be able to confirm that better once you get the tape, hopefully a label or something on the cover will have the Lucasfilm logo and some other legalese.  (please post some pics)  The tape contains segments which news programs could insert into their coverage.  From a pre-packaged piece to small clips of Lucas and the actors talking and clips of the movie, many focusing on the Special Edition updates.

Here's an online version:

Part 1:

Part 2: