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The 'Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions' Section : An Index Thread...


The ‘Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions’ Section : An Index Thread…

An Index of just a few of the near-on 500 topics that have been posted in the ‘Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions’ section of the ot•com down the years…

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes by doubleofive

and some other sources on the changes made to the Original Trilogy over years…

Who Shot First? The Complete List Of Star Wars Changes’ - an article from Empire film magazine

Star Wars Special Edition Visual Comparisons’ blog - with links to Photo Galleries here - SW : ESB : ROTJ

Star Wars Special Edition Visual Comparisons’ twitter page

‘All Changes Made To Star Wars’ (Original Trilogy) - Youtube Videos : SW (Part 1) : SW (Part 2) : ESB : ROTJ

DVDActive•com articles on the changes from '77 to '04 - SW : ESB : ROTJ : Prequels

An ‘All Changes Made To Star Wars - Comparison Videos’ OT•com thread - by Darth Muffy

A ‘Good comparison website’ OT•com thread - by Star Wars Fanatic

Sources on the Special Edition by doubleofive

Modern SE Revisionism by doubleofive

Will we ever see the Original Trilogy released? by wymjafett2112

Do you think Disney will release the unaltered versions for DVD and blu ray? by arctofire


Which Editions…?

Which version/release of the SW movies do you watch and why?

Your Favorite And Least Favorite Special Edition Changes

If you could make your own SE change, what would that be?

If you had to keep one SE change…?

If you could only remove one SE change…?

Special Edition guilty pleasures

Okay, what did we LIKE about the Special Editions?

What SE changes (if any) did people like?

Most pointless SE change?

Nightmare Scenario Special Edition

Best Of Both Worlds

I tend to watch the SE sometimes

Most telling SE moment

How the Special Edition Should Have Been (a 2014 thread)

The SE wasn’t needed

Are retrospective changes just fan service?

Is Disney Physically Allowed To Release The OUT?

Star Wars film versions and best DVD sources

OT bootleg DVD reviews

The various Editions / Sets (and changes to them)…

Print variations in '77 Star Wars

1977 70mm Soundtrack Recording

70mm 6-Track Dolby Stereo mix differences

OT Audio Changes

Hopefully the last 70mm vs. 35mm ESB audio differences thread

ESB 70mm Soundtrack - 1980 in-theatre recording

Star Wars vs. A New Hope

Star Wars Colortiming & Cinematography (was What changes was done to STAR WARS in '93?)

1995 VHS

1997 Special Edition Musings

Highest quality version of 1997 Special Editions? Is there a DVD release?

Star Wars Trilogy 1997 Special Edition DVDs?

1997 Special Edition, and how can I find it?

Star Wars Special Edition Laserdisc Features

1997 Special Edition Restoration thoughts…

'97 vs. '04 (and '11) - Your preference?

It’s official ! 😦 (the announcement in 2004 that the release would not be the OOT version)

Here’s a Hint of the Public’s Reaction (2004 release)

Changes in 2004 DVDs

2004 box set changes

Star Wars Pan & Scan (a 2004 thread)

Got the DVDs Today (2004 release)

I love the DVDs! (2004 release)

Editing the ‘2oo4 Editions’ - which changes would you revert?

Cropping the Original Trilogy : 35mm vs dvd (gout)

Episode I-VI: Archival Editions (a 2004 thread)

2006 DVD OOT

The GOUT crawl (2006 - in the main)

2006 OUT DVD to Definitive Collection LD comparison question?

2006 Release - What has changed? SW : ESB : ROTJ

2008 box?

New Blu Ray Special Editions (a 2011 thread)

What does the blu-ray set have to offer? (a 2011 thread)

Star Wars theatrical versions not coming in 2015

The Changes - to some of scenes down the years…

Original Trilogy - Luke’s lightsaber color

my memory isn’t that bad, is it? (the Grappling Hook thread)

The Krayt Dragon Call

What was your first reaction to Greedo shooting first?

ANH Space Battle aka The Battle of Yavin

Jabba the Hutt (from the 1997 SE of Star Wars)

Who Designed The CGI Jabba In The 1997 Special Edition?

The Emperor & line change in ESB SE 1997

“Bring my shuttle.”

“Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival.” What was the point?

What was your first reaction to Vader’s “Noooo” in ROTJ?

Max Rebo band SE

Your first reaction to Hayden is ROTJ

Unbearable HC

Anakin ghost - old vs young

Anakin’s ghost?!?!?!

2004 release continuity error?! (Anakin’s ghost)

End of SE ROTJ…

Didn’t Darth Maul originally die differently?

George Lucas / Lucasfilm…

Why doesn’t Lucas just release both versions?

George Lucas’ explanation why the OT is obsolete to him

You might not believe Lucas said this…

When did you sense a disturbance in the Force?

Lucas to give the Oscars back to the Academy

He no longer cares

Did GL take too much credit?

GL’s “Vision”

Reasoning Behind Changes from Release to Release

Official Lucasfilm Video Explaining Force Ghosts

Miscellaneous Threads…

Star Wars Negatives and Interpositives

Credits & Leaders Thread by none

Star Wars : ‘Tantive’s Orange Items’ Thread & other unintended objects

The Importance of Tone in Filmmaking

No explanation necessary (but we got one anyway) (The Prequels)

There was a 6 hour cut of the Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace

How Many Versions are there of the AOTC

AOTC/ROTS VHS…are they the Theatrical releases?

How do u all like Ep I&II compare to OT? (a 2004 thread)

Which versions are best for each viewing order?

If you saw Star Wars in 1977, what do you remember?

What scene in the (O-)OT do you hate/dislike the most?

Quit Whining (a 2006 thread - ‘You guys are all a bunch of whiners’)

BOYCOTT (the 2004 DVD sets)

Boycott - c’mon, you can do it (the 2004 DVD sets)

Who has caved? (and bought the 2004 DVD sets)

my thoughts on originals vs SE… (by Stale Elvis in 2004)

My thoughts on various changes (by Anakin Starkiller in 2017)


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Also, if you see any broken links or errors please also post them in here - thank you.


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