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Star Wars website links...


There’s a load of Star Wars websites and forums out there - many good, many not.

How about sharing some the sites that we all visit?

I’ll start off with (the obvious ones):-

TBone’s SW website

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I would've had two for you, but they've both recently shut down. Damn.

Doesn't Jay maintain a page of sites that support the petition? Aside from the forum section, that is.
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Star wars kid link...still classic

Jedinet A quality fan site.

Funny "pants" lines in star wars...hard to explain check it out

Atom films - fan film awards

star wars source

sf site's links page - there is a bunch of pages listed here

Rabid Bantha's a funny SW site

The links This one is about as definitive as it gets and is organized well by categories plus it has links to links engines...

Granted I know your question was favorite sites ,but I like floating around and Millennium and here are really my favorites.
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