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An Index Thread for The Cantina: Life, Comedy, Food + Drink, Misc., Life + Meta


An Index Thread for The Cantina…

These are just some of the threads that have appeared in The Cantina (was ‘Off Topic’) since 2003 - and so a fair few quality threads may have fallen through the cracks for inclusion in here…

(and some ‘lesser quality’ threads may have made their way to this Index too) 😉

“BEN: Watch your step. This place can be a little rough. LUKE: I’m ready for anything.”

^ The Cantina is more loosely moderated than the other sections of the site… this doesn’t mean it is a lawless forum… but it does mean it is a place you may need to have your wits about you, wear some quality Mandalorian armour, and be able or adept in the ways of hokey regions and ancient weapons in a bid to match a good blaster…

The Index Categories:-.

• Lifestyle (more life - less style…)
• Comedy / humour / fun / goofing around (much subjectiveness)
• Food & Drink
• Miscellany
• OT•com Meta
• Learning about your fellow OT•com members…
• OT•com member threads


If there is a thread in ‘The Cantina’ section that you’d like to suggest to be added to this Index then please post it below - and which Index Category you think it’s best suited for.

Please also let us know if you see any errors, broken links - or have any other suggestions etc, below too - thanks.



Massive kudos, respect, thanks and many positive waves to yhwx for creating and maintaining his quality & exhaustive ‘Off Topic’ Index thread (back when Off Topic was just one section) - upon which much of this Index is based on - and can still be found here:-

The Index Thread for Franchises, General Human Endeavors, and Other Discussion Threads 👍




An Index Thread for the Media section…

An Index Thread for the Culture & Current Events section…

The Unofficial but Totally Awesome Interactive Holocron (Beta version) - here in The Cantina

Classic LOL Moments in History - here in The Cantina

Off Topic is now three separate categories - here in The Cantina (a 2018 thread)

The “Help me find that thread” Thread - here in The Cantina

To Join the Discord server! click on the link. There is also the Twitter too 👍




Lifestyle (likely more life - less style)…


things we Love

What is your social life like?

What are you doing this weekend

Conventions - Events

Theme Parks You Wish Existed

Where have you visited?

Vacations, Road Trips, and Any Other Traveling…

What do you drive?


The “I replaced my car stereo myself and have the scars to prove it” thread

Motorcycles and Motorcycling.

The Pets Thread

Show Me Your Puppy


Last Item(s) Purchased?

Great inventions

The Q & A Thread

Your Daily Dose of WTF

Nostalgia Thread

The Future™ Thread

Things that you believe that probably aren’t true

Random Thoughts

The “Random Thoughts” Thread - a 2006 thread

Stream of Consciousness

DuracellEnergizer’s Guide to the Multiverse (Was “DuracellEnergizer’s Guide to the Infinite Timelines Beyond”)

The Dream of the Giant Fractal Woodlouse.

Did I dream it all?

The prediction thread

if you had a time machine…


The ‘Would You Rather’ thread.

Zero or Hero - A Discussion about Objectivism vs Subjectivism

Gen-X Thread

Safe Space Thread For Millennials

Am I a hipster?

What are you secretly afraid of?

Things we Love

Things we don’t hate…

The Things We Hate And Love Thread

The random things that you saw today, that made your life that little bit better thread

Who are you, and what makes you happy offline?

Happy Thoughts Thread

Share your good news!

The Compliment Yourself Thread

If you need to compliment or praise something… this is the place

What would be better than a proper release of the OOT?

The “Let’s Hug It Out” Thread (we all like SW, can’t we be friends?)

A place for self reflection.

The Place to Go for Emotional Support

Life Advice Thread

The “Share about your career/career plans, hobbies, passions, etc., and what inspired you” thread.

Emotions At Work

The job rant thread-unemployment, bad jobs and everything in between

If you need to B*tch about something other than… This is the place - locked thread.

If you need to B*tch about something… this is the place

Crime in your life

Health and Fitness




Comedy / humour / fun / goofing around (likely some subjectiveness)


Jokes thread : Reloaded

Cookie Monsters favorite jokes!

Funny Stories

Stand up comedy

The So-Bad-It’s-Good Thread (Unintentional and Intentional Comedy Both Allowed)

Worst Comedians Ever Thread!!!

The “Missed the Joke” Thread

Classic LOL Moments in History

SF&F showdowns across time and space!

The Anyone (formerly Vampire) Sharing Counting Thread (was The Count’s Counting Threat) - To The Count!

Off Topic

On Topic

Still a Reasonably Boring Thread - PICTURES NOW ALLOWED (Was: The Most Boringest Thread Ever - NO PICTURES ALLOWED)

The Big Roast! (Only pick on the poster before you; NO TAGBACKS, but you can LOL the person who roasted you.)

Thread to discuss the elephant in the room…

The prediction thread

How Many Quoted Posts Can We Get? Make The Posts Look Weird As Possible!

The Anti-Necropost Thread

Tuesday Thread

Is there an into thread?

The Monkey Experiment

If I Were a Rich [Wo[lf]]Man

facetious feedback

This is not a thread




Food & Drink


What Have You Been Eating?

What Haven’t You Been Eating?


The Recipe Thread

What can you do with a Potatot? (was: What can you do with a Potato?)

Sandwich or Not?



McDonald Food

Ranking Pizza

The Stoned Thread

Drugs, ranked

I just quit smoking!

Best pop/soda


What are you drinking?

What am I drinking [Closed]

Favorite Beer

Fav Beer?


The Drunk Thread (was: The Durnk Thread)

The Sober Thread

The state of Crotch Rockets

Tribute to motti’s drinking, partying, friends and persona - a 2004 thread

The Terrible Restaurant Experience Thread






Quotes Thread

The Quotable Quote thread - from 2004

Quotes I Like

The Random Trivia Thread

Discussion Thread for The Invisible Thread

The visible thread

Ask a 'Merican! / Ask a Brit / Ask a (insert other nationality here)

The Cult Leader Appreciation Thread


What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you?

The “I met a famous person” thread

Who Have You Met?

Survivors’ Enclave From Another Fanediting site (.org regroup thread)

Overnight Thread - insomniacs, restless, sleepless etc - or just staying up through the night…

Things you like/need that they’ve discontinued

Your favorite alternative curse words…

What’s the Weather Like Where You Live?

I’m Doing It for Charity. - Bingowings on a fundraising 23+ mile kilt walk - 29th April '18

The Only REAL Podcast Thread!

Taco Tuesday Thread

The Refer To Yourself In Third Person Campaign (THIS THREAD IS NOT AND NEVER WAS ABOUT THE ROCK)

The Strange Things thread

The Dangers of Unassuming Objects

What’s So Bad About California?

The Thread Where We Determine On What We All Agree

The Best/Worst Hairstyle Thread


I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Fun Spellcheck Suggestions (Also: The Curious Case of Thermostat)

Type a SLIGHTLY naughty word (might become NSFW)

The Anagram Thread (Dahmage Heart Rant)

E oe oy ea (“y” aoe oo!)

Th Cnsnnts Nly Thrd

Tea Mender E Turns

Offensive Words

Words Mean Things

Different Names for Things (Was: Brand Names Used in Place of Generic Descriptions)

The misquote random thought out of context thread

Out of Context Thread: New and Improved

Parroty Thread

First celebrity crushes


Beautiful Women - a 2004 thread

Hot Women That Just Don’t Do It For You (This thread is worthless without pics)

Handsome Men

Off Topic OTTO cipoT ffO

The general & random Meme thread

Random Pictures and Gifs (now with winning!)




OT•com Meta


Public Message thread

How did you originally find this site?

How Did You Find

Forum Name Origins - a 2004 thread

Where does your screen name come from?

Explain Your Username / Avatar / Title / Signature

The “I changed my Avatar” Thread

Next avatar theme

The Tex Murphy Thread - aka the thread for discussing avatar changes

The Avatar Doctor is: INish

Grey Boxes ~or~ People who need Avatars memes (definition and origin)

The Unofficial but Totally Awesome Interactive Holocron (Beta version) (2010 thread by vote_for_palpatine)

The acronym buster

Is down?

Happy Birthday, - now 15 years old (as of 10th March, 2018) - the 1st Anniversary thread back in 2004

Happy 15th Anniversary off topic section (was: Happy 15th Anniversary

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY OT.COM!!! (was: When is/was the 10th anniversary?)

Question About The History of

An Timeline - a history of the site and why & how it came to be… Birthday Calendar

Rankings - a 2004 thread

Question on My Profile - Post Rankings - a 2005 thread

BATTLEs - a 2005 thread, re post rankings and races to them…

New Ranking Ideas? - a 2005 thread

Post count: soon to be made irrelevant - a 2005 thread

Ranking members

The Say Something Nice About Another Poster Thread

Whatever happened to <whatshisface>?

Going away? Post so here!

The Good Night Good Morning Sign In Sign Out Thread

Detention Block AA-23 : The’s Banned Members - a 2010 thread

Why was this user banned? thread - a 2017 thread

Banning Jimbo?? - a 2004 thread

“Banning of OCPMovie” - a 2006 thread

Negative One and TeamNegativeOne - a 2015 thread

Important Message Regarding Team Accounts… - a 2015 thread

Team Negative1 Threads Posts - a 2015 thread

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version - a 2016 thread, by TN1

What does Lucasfilm or George Lucas really have as Reference Material - a 2016 thread, by TN1

Team Negative1 - a 2016 thread, by Jay

The Troll Speculation Thread - a 2012 thread

Update on recent troll and sock puppet activity - a 2013 thread in the ‘Announcements’ section

Sock Admittance - a 2013 thread; socks (with sandals) are no longer allowed - please see the Site Rules…

The thread where we make extremely subtle insults about each other

Off Topic is now unmoderated - a 2011 thread (‘Off Topic’ became moderated again in late 2016)

Should The Off Topic Section be more moderated? - a 2015 thread

Off Topic is now three separate categories - May, 2018

Admins are asleep

Number Of Users - a 2004 thread


The ‘what sub-forum should my thread go in?’ thread

The “Help me find that thread” Thread

A Thread for the Suggestion of New Threads

Get all your “Markdown Syntax” posts out of the way here

The “Best Thread” Thread

The “101 Ways to Improve Off-Topic” Thread

The “101 Ways to Kill Off-Topic For Good” Thread

The Thread Wherein We Vote To Get Rid of Off-Topic

The “Worst Thread” Thread

Are we wasting our lives?

Should I have made this thread?

Posts you wish you hadn’t made

Is it okay to just create threads for the heck of it?

The “I Just Bumped The Hell Out Of An Old Thread” Thread - announce you have just bumped an old thread thread

Lurkers… come out and play-ayyyyy!

Lurkers Name suggestions (Come On Lurkers JOIN IN!)

Am I a lurker for only posting rarely? Dance Party!!!, the movie!

OTCon - The Convention

OT’s “End of the World” Countdown!

How do others see the community?

Moth3r (2022 thread) - RIP Moth3r.


OT•com sister site threads… Gone - 2007 thread (it came back) is GONE!!! - 2008 thread (it came back again) gone? - 2012 thread (it came back once more)

FE<3OT - 2011 thread, by reave (of

Survivors’ Enclave From Another FanEditing site ( regroup thread) - 2014 thread for when FE was offline for a while. - new fan restoration forum - 2015 thread, by spoRv - and invite codes to it (read the actual thread before posting!) - 2020 thread




Learning about your fellow OT•com members…


The Q & A Thread

The Unofficial but Totally Awesome Interactive Holocron (Beta version) (2010 thread)

Whaddya say we get to know each other a little?

Describe your fellow members in one word!

How do you hear your fellow board members in your head?

Improving the Diversity of This Forum

Real life friends here?

Are you interested in people?

Social media

Where are you from?

What country is everyone from?

Are you male or female?

Lets try to predict your age thread?

The Tall People Thread

What do you look like?

Putting a face to the name

Am i the worst member on this website when it comes to punctuation?

Too Many Darths on the Forum

Best Member Names

Human or not?

The avatar guessing game thread!

The “Let’s Hug It Out” Thread (we all like SW, can’t we be friends?)

The Say Something Nice About Another Poster Thread

The “If I do this again on the forum, please someone stab me in the eye with an icepick” Thread (Also: The twooffour Discussion Thread)




OT•com Member threads


The yhwx 5,000 Post Countdown Thread!

Your Opinion on Me - yhwx

Miniyhwx thread

This Thread Is Currently About…Bingo and/or Wings!!!

The Gaffer Tape Thread

Frank’s random thoughts - Frank your Majesty

how suspicious the coffee?

Reasons why I am a Sock - suspicious coffee

The Glorious Opinions of the User Currently Known as Handman

The be nice to me thread - LordZerome1080

The Ric Olie Observation Thread

The Hey, it’s me appreciation thread. - Hey it’s me

Why hasn’t dahmages returned to (Was: Why hasn’t dahmaged returned to

The Spuffure respect thread.

I’m back - Spuffure

segaflip thread

motti’s lounge… - motti_soL thread

Bring Back Ric!


hot like fire thread

Mini-Fos, unite!

shimraanese - shimraa

Facepalms, Fist pumps, Whatever Faces, Don’t Care Meters, Angry Faces, Crotch Kicks, Crying Faces, STFU, Deal With It, Derps, Oh Snap, Double Takes, and So On…(NSFW Language Advisory)

Now with 100% more Inception spoilers (was: xhonzi’s Guide to Not Being Ignored by xhonzi (or to get your groove back))

Are you being ignored by Jedi Temple34?

The twooffour Ridonkulously Ginormous Awesome Quote Archive (Also, why twooffour was banned and why he should be banned again)

Team_Ender has fallen 😦 (Was: Join Team Ender)

Why I love(d?) - by darth_ender, a 2017 thread

My thoughts on the State of O-T dot com. - by skyjedi2005, a 2010 thread

No, MY thoughts on the state of - by xhonzi, a 2010 thread

Give Warbler Feedback

Petition to give Warbler his Sigh Back

Possessed speak

In my defense - HansiG_Temp


The Frink Thread Index

The New Thread Thread

The New and Improved New Thread Thread (by darth_ender)

The New The New Thread Thread Thread

A Thread for the Suggestion of New Threads

Threads and/or Parts of Threads I Approve Of

Discussion Thread for The Invisible Thread

The Necropost Thread: yOU gUYs JuST couLDn’T lET iT rESt, COulD YOu? SOB

The Anti-Necropost Thread


TV’s Frink’s List of Bannable Offenses

Dear Mods, Please Ban Me (Or At Least Level The Playing Field)

TV’s Frink’s Guide To Sensible Posting (Or: How Not To Be A Target)

The “Random Thread That Contains Users I Miss For Varying Reasons” Thread

TV’s Frink’s List of Members Who Have Made Jokes at the Expense of TV’s Mom

The “Name that Movie/TV Show I Can’t Stand” Thread

I Don’t Need An Invite To Anything

Am I a Bully?

Petition to TV’s Frink’s boss, requesting that he (Frink) be fired (by RicOlie_2)

Should TV’s Frink resume working on his resume?

I’m Not Leaving

Mini-Frinks, unite!

TV’s Frink’s Twitter Feed

TV’s Frink Birthday Roast (by Sluggo)



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Links to the Forum Rules and Guidelines & Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ threads, in Announcements.

“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

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A space for announcements or more categories etc; if needed in the future…


“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

“Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” - Oddball, of The Awkward Squad


That’s a lot of Frink

Also, not sure how i missed seeing this thread 5 days ago when you first created it.


The thread was stored in different section of the site whilst it was being worked on - and then beamed in here earlier today.

Re Frink - it does seem he may be in need (or perhaps already has?) an Index thread for his own Frink-related threads…?

Jedit: there may have been a transporter accident earlier between a couple of threads - everything’s under control now - situation normal… we’re all fine here now.


“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

“Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” - Oddball, of The Awkward Squad


Beyond my index thread? (which I stopped updating btw)

Also, did you mean to pin it?

JEDIT: Ok it’s not pinned, but somehow it got bumped to the top even though there were no new posts.


Seems like it would have been easier to just pin the one yhwx made and just add to it if necessary. Lol

And this one isn’t even pinned!


Now there are two of them. Kool.

Don’t do drugs, unless you’re with me.


imo we should pin it. or, like possessed said, just pin yhwx’s and update it as it goes.


I vote pin this not that.

Don’t do drugs, unless you’re with me.


Michael Penn is legit the best Penn brother. RIP Chris.

Don’t do drugs, unless you’re with me.


NeverarGreat said:

I guess now it’s pinned. I was hoping that we would just keep it at the top of the page through constant spamming.

Now the only thing that bugs me is the ‘an’ in the title isn’t capitalized.

Looks like it is now. However, there’s still the problem of all the index threads following a different naming convention.


^ a little better now for those of us with some 0cD? 😉

“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

“Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” - Oddball, of The Awkward Squad


Updated. 👍

“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?”

“Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” - Oddball, of The Awkward Squad