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Collections, Toys and Memorabilia - an Index of Discussion Threads…


A collection of Discussion Threads found throughout the Toys & Memorabilia section of the site - in amongst the many other ‘For Sale’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Quote’, ‘Info’, ‘Free’, and ‘For Trade’ threads within…

If there any other discussion threads you would like to see added to the Index below, please let us know - thank you.


General ‘Collections, Toys & Memorabilia’ discussion threads…

Show off your Star Wars Collection (This is the place…let’s see it already) (2017 thread)

The Star Wars model building showing-off thread! - Post your pictures or kits, figures, dioramas that you’ve done (Or are working on) (2013 thread)

Little Men, Little Wars - Share Your Star Wars Collection (2009 thread)

Post your Star Wars Collection Pictures here - 56k warning tons of pics (2005 thread)

Your latest Star Wars buys? (2015 thread)

Cool New Star Wars Toys (2010 thread)

Cool or Unusual Star Wars Collectables (2008 thread)

Vintage Memories (2010 thread)

What was (Or still is) your single favourite Star Wars toy? (2014 thread)

Your most prized star wars collectible (2004 thread)

What is the oldest Star Wars merchandise in your collection? (2020 thread)

What’s currently your favorite SW collectible item and why? (2019 thread)

Help: Where to start with a Star Wars collection? (2021 thread)

Probably the coolest vintage that didn’t get made (2004 thread)

What Star Wars art or posters do you have up on your wall? (or would you like?) (2020 thread)

SilverWook’s vintage Star Wars newspaper clippings (and other stuff) thread (2019 thread)

Non-SW Toys (2004 thread)

Sales & Offers etc

Stores and Websites selling Star Wars goods on sale / at discount / clearance etc (2018 thread)

Midnight Madness!!! (2005 thread)

Info Wanted: Sell/Trade large part of SW toy collection correctly (2014 thread)


The “Official” eBay auctions of interest thread (2005 thread)

Funniest eBay Auction! (2004 thread)

Batsh*t crazy eBay listings (2012 thread)

Look what’s on eBay (2004 thread)

Useful Star Wars stuff on eBay… (2012 thread)

Auction: June 23rd auction of Return Of The Jedi props, etc (2018 thread; some quality non-ebay auctions)

A thread for the many Star Wars memorabilia auctions… (No eBay listings) (2018 thread)


A thread for fan-made Star Wars projects, trinkets, gadgets and endeavours (2018 thread)

Dejarik table (sort of) (2021 thread)

Info: 3D printing Star Wars memorabilia… (2015 thread)


Awful Star Wars Collectibles (2006 thread)

It’s finally happened… (2005 thread)

The worst Star Wars thing ever made? (2016 thread)

Another… FAIL Star Wars Toys Review (2010 thread)

Clothing & Apparel…

Star Wars helmets and props (2021 thread)

The vintage (and not so vintage) OOT T-shirt thread (2020 thread)

Lucas wearing “Han shot first” shirt during Indy IV production (2007 thread)

Ship identification help (2017 thread; with clothing theme)

I made this Star Wars tattoo-style t-shirt (2013 thread)

8-Bit Original Trilogy Logo Art (2019 thread; with t-shirts)

Great Star Wars T-Shirts (2012 thread)

star wars holiday special t-shirts (2006 thread)

Vintage Star Wars Iron On Transfers (2012 thread)

My custom Star Wars Gray Jedi costume! (With backstory) (2014 thread)

42 years later… (apparel) (2019 thread)

Star Wars Clothing (2021 thread)


Specific ‘Collections, Toys & Memorabilia’ discussion threads…

What Was Your Reaction (If You Ordered It In 1978) To The Infamous “Early Bird Star Wars Toy Kit”? (2017 thread)

How many of you (still) have any of the old Kenner action figures? (2013 thread)

What do you consider a ‘full set’ of original Star Wars figures? 2011 thread)

Which Star Wars Kenner mini-rig should be realised in the movies? (2009 thread)

Hasbro Vintage Collection figures (2004 thread)

Vintage line to be reissued? (2004 thread)

TIE Pilot figure review (2004 thread)

Anyone else considering TFA figures? (2015 thread)

Have you Bought TLJ Action Figures? (2018 thread)

What’s the story on this red C3PO? (2020 thread)

Star Wars Toy Millenium Falcon Motion Control (2015 thread)

I am totally getting one of these (Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon) (2008 thread)

I Finally Got One! vintage Millennium Falcon (2004 thread)

DIY - LEGO 10179: Ultimate Collector Series - Millennium Falcon (2012 thread)

Anyone collect Star Wars LEGO sets? (2011 thread)

Lightsabers: Recommendations? (2012 thread)

Awesome custom lightsaber building (2010 thread)

Build your own saber (2005 thread)

Episode III toy Lightsabers (2005 thread)

Episode III Figures… (2005 thread)

What do you guys think of the Unleashed figures? (2004 thread)

New Galactic Heroes Toys! (2004 thread)

Galactic Heroes (2005 thread)

ODD, but kinda cool New Star Wars Toy… (2005 thread)

Meet the newest Lord of the Sith, Darth… (2005 thread)

Interactive R2-D2. Who has it? (2004 thread)

Bossk (2004 thread)

does anyone has $1000 to spare? (2004 thread)

This Guy Has A Lot Of Toys (2007 thread)

Carbon Fiber Drink Coasters - Featuring Classic Star Wars Sigils (2015 thread)

What Laserdisc Player to buy? (2005 thread)

What am I up against trying to find a first edition Star Wars paperback? (2010 thread)

Rikter’s free ‘Jedi Beat Machine’ Album (2005 thread)

A Copy of the “Troops” DVD (2005 thread)

5 Star Collection Trilogy (2005 thread)

Original versions on DVD wanted … What to buy? (2011 thread)

Star Wars on 35mm (2006 thread)

STAR WARS and ESB 16mm scope prints on eBay! (2010 thread)


Also, as ever, if you spot any errors or mistakes please us know about them too - thank you 👍

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