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Help: Where to start with a Star Wars collection?


Hey all, I currently have the '97 Special Edition on VHS and the 2006 edition of the Prequel & Original Trilogies. I plan to make a special Star Wars shelf that has all the versions of Star Wars that were released and edited in any way, and I plan to include Despecialized as a version with this collection. What other releases of Star Wars are there so I can, well, make some fine additions to my collection?


You’re gonna need a bigger shelf! 😉

There have been many differing releases of Star Wars films over the years - some of which can be found here (copied & pasted from another thread)

For information on the various home releases of Star Wars over the years, these may be of some interest:-

Video Collector’s superb & informative ‘Star Wars on Video’ resource website (with images and info)

projectcclarke’s quality & insightful ‘Star Wars On Home Video Reference Site(with images and info)

DavisDVD•com’s Information Pages on OT VHS & DVD releases (from 1982 to 2004) - SW : ESB : ROTJ : Misc

Nathan P Butler’s youtube channel is also a great resource for near-on all of the Star Wars releases over time (and more!)

^ As you can see… there are Super 8, CED, VHD, PVD, Video tapes (VHS, Betamax, V2000), laserdiscs, VCD, DVD, blu ray, 3D blu ray, steelbooks, 4K UHD - with some formats having had multiple releases.

And then you get into the Holiday Special, the OT Radio Dramas, the two theatrical Ewok films, the two Droids and Ewoks animated series, 2003 Clone Wars, 2008’s The Clone Wars theatrical film, the 2008 The Clone Wars series, Rebels, Resistance, the Prequel Trilogy, the Sequel Trilogy, Rogue One, Solo, the various ‘Lego: Star Wars’ releases, and then… if any of the new Disney+ series and films get an eventual official physical release too.

Or even the very unlikely - yet still possible - future physical releases for the likes of Star Wars content such as Detours, Force Of Destiny, Galaxy Of Adventures, Roll Out and even maybe the Lego Star Wars: Holiday Special.

And probably some other Star Wars releases I’ve forgotten to mention in here too!

Good luck with what you decide to add to your collection 👍

The Show off your Star Wars Collection (This is the place… let’s see it already) thread in the Toys & Memorabilia (and Collecting) section may be of some interest and help to you.

Personally, it may be an idea starting off with releases that mean something to you personally - or that you like the look of the artwork etc - and going from there. Many of these releases can be sourced quite cheaply; with a fair bit of patience (and good fortune). Though some releases are harder to find and can cost a little more to acquire… Moderator

The Star Wars Trilogy; three timeless adventures that changed movie-making forever!’ - no longer available.
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Thank you for the response! Wow that is a lot lol, I’ll definitely plan out what I want to get and when