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Info: Time for Tonnika (3 3/4" Figure Tonnika Sister push)


Quote: " It’s #TimeForTonnika. For decades, fans have been asking Hasbro to produce 3.75″ action figures of the Tonnika Sisters from the world-famous Cantina sequence in the original Star Wars. In 2017, they placed fourth in Hasbro’s official Fan Choice poll for Star Wars The Vintage Collection. In the past, there have been legal hurdles preventing at least one of these figures from becoming a reality. But that has changed.

Angela Staines, who portrayed one of the sisters, is ready to move forward with Lucasfilm to make her Tonnika Sister figure a reality. Hasbro is aware of this and so is Lucasfilm. The ball is in Lucasfilm’s court. Finally releasing the Tonnika Sisters would be an acknowledgement of the steadfast faith the fans have placed in Lucasfilm and Hasbro over decades of various Star Wars content and toy lines. It would also bring to a close the years of legend and mystery surrounding these two characters. "


Podcast Interview:



I hope they do get an official release.

There are some good looking fan made unofficial Tonka Sisters available for fans who would like them, or for people who don’t want to wait any longer for a possible official release:

There is a whole range of other unofficial figures out there online which look to be reasonable quality and have the look of the official Kenner figures. I know some fans don’t like “repro”, but to my untrained eye they would seem to fit in with many fans’ official collections.