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Info: 3D printing Star Wars memorabillia...


So for the past day or two, I’ve been reading up on 3d printing with FDM Technology. Seems awesome as now they are 3d printing human body parts at various clinics. Which is great for everybody’s health. Like wow!


Is this really something amazing that’s going to change the world or what not? I mean if it could, I would love to 3d print my own music studio equipment like a guitar or even a wireless guitar system like the following:

I mean I’ve read and seen videos of people creating their own toys, car parts, and even some custom tables for music production like for the and doctors are using it for making crazy human body parts!

How far away are we from actually using this?

What blew me away was this dude, actually made r2d2 (Looks like full size to me) using something called a 3d printer!

Does anyone here have any practical experience using 3d printing? If yes, can we be best friends? 😃


I’m thinking of purchasing a 3D printer and was wondering if anyone here has experience with 3D printers and would have some advice.

(Thought about starting a new thread but did and search first and decided to just resurrect this existing thread instead.)