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2006 GOUT : The changes to the OT films & general 2006 GOUT DVD discussion thread


The 2006 GOUT DVD Release

The changes to the OT films & general 2006 GOUT DVD discussion thread…




To any Rebels, Imperials, Guild Members and the dedicated scum and villainy from the OT•com reading this…

This is just one of a seven-part set of linked threads (see the end of this post for the links) to talk about each of the four main ‘Special Edition’ releases and the respective changes made to them over time - including a post for the original unaltered theatrical version, and also an unlikely scenario where “Somehow Lucas has returned!” with more changes made in yet another improbable future release.

The reason for these threads is try and help inform, educate and highlight any new fans who are unaware or are uninitiated with some the history of these continuing changes made to the three iconic Original Trilogy films (or be a reminder for me some of more forgetful members here). As well as highlighting a lack of release for the Original Trilogy films in their classic pre-1997 Special Edition version, and also about some of the changes & tweaks made to the groundbreaking and award-winning OT films from 1977 to 1996 too…

To serve as a centralised discussion and information thread for each of the main Original Trilogy releases… and also an archive of some of the quality threads and posts on the subject which has taken place on here down the years - as well as any useful, insightful or informative articles elsewhere.

Or a chance to just chat some more about the 2006 DVD release of the unaltered theatrical Original Trilogy 😃

Much credit to oojason for sending me his plans & ideas for the incomplete version of these threads - ‘I will finish what you started!’

Below is some hopefully useful & introductory information on the GOUT release (or simply a reminder for us oldies)… 😉


The Announcement (+ Promo material) for the 2006 GOUT bonus discs DVD release:-


‘The GOUT - aka the 2006 Original Trilogy DVD release’

(with the unaltered theatrical version of the OT films on bonus discs)

After a long campaign by Star Wars fans all over the world - and spearheaded by this very site since 2003…

…George Lucas finally gave in to the massive demand from fans for the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy - the version he said no longer existed anymore - to be released on DVD.



On 3rd May, 2006:

StarWars•com announcement that the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy would be released on DVD:-

^ StarWars•com’s actual post on the announcement can be found here - via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.



Rebels striking from a hidden base (sort of) have won their first victory - as acknowledged by Lucasfilm…

A screenshot image of the article on the Baltimore Sun website from the 5th May 2006, featuring quotes from Lucasfilm spokesman John Singh about the OriginalTrilogy•com - the passion of the fans here - as well as acknowledging that the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy films are “…the movies that some fans have always wanted own, because they’re the ones they first saw in theaters.”…



An abridged screenshot image of Jay’s post on the OriginalTrilogy•com at the time:-

^ Jay’s actual post can be found here - via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (read from the bottom of the page to the top)



Then, later in May… came the news that coming unaltered theatrical version release on DVD would be in letterbox format - and not anamorphic widescreen. Followed by the reveal that the transfer would be from what was used for the 1993 Definitive Edition Laserdiscs - a 13 year old project and, even back then (in 2006), of substandard quality - using compressed sound and adding DVNR to reduce the picture quality and detail further.

Upon learning of this, the previous claims on Jim Ward, Lucasfilm’s VP, quoted in the official announcement as returning…

“to the Lucasfilm Archives to search exhaustively for source material that could be presented on DVD. This is something that we’re very excited to be able to give to fans in response to their continuing enthusiasm for Star Wars”

in the shade. Along his words of…

“Over the years, a truly countless number of fans have told us they would love to see and own the original version that they remember experiencing in theaters”

also ringing hollow.


Fans here and elsewhere then immediately contacted Lucasfilm via email, phonecalls, faxes, and letters - politely informing them of our dissatisfaction with their decision to use this lazy and substandard transfer as a means to release the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy on DVD…

^ Jay’s actual post can be viewed here - via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (read from the bottom of the page to the top)



Lucasfilm’s following PR statement in 2006 after receiving a barrage of criticism from fans for their choice to use such a 13 year old substandard and limited quality laserdisc transfer for the coming 2006 DVD release - complete with somewhat nonsensical and factually disingenuous reply:-

^ The actual post above can be viewed here - via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine



For more detailed information on the events surrounding the 2006 GOUT DVD release the following threads may be of some assistance:-

An Timeline | a history of the site | the why & how it came to be…

George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist

^ To date, the 2006 GOUT bonus disc release is the only time the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy has been officially available to buy and experience in your home. It was based on transfer from a 1993 laserdisc releases, in an obsolete letterboxed widescreen format, and with DNR quality issues affecting image quality throughout.



‘Star Wars Original Trilogy 2006 DVD Trailer’ - (3 minutes, 8 seconds long)

^ Only 20 seconds of time was dedicated to the unaltered theatrical version version in the above trailer - with the Lego Star Wars game & the release being a 2004 OT SE re-release taking up the remaining time.



Sources Of Information:-

Since the 1997 Special Editions through to the 2019 Maclunkey releases - EXCEPT the GOUT (all credit to doubleofive)

Never forget that the Death Star has been in clear site of Yavin IV from the beginning of the battle since 1997 and this is how the Special Edition should have ended.':- (and scroll down to the ‘The Game Breaker’ section)


Got GOUT? The 2006 Original Version Bonus Feature Fiasco’:- - article at the superb and comprehensive Saving Star Wars website

^ from Michael Kaminski - the author of the excellent and exhaustive ‘The Secret History Of Star Wars’ book.


From the Star Wars Home Video Library #15: Original Trilogy on DVD, Part 2 (2006)’:- - 14 minute video, from the Nathan P Butler YouTube channel.


From the Star Wars Home Video Library #166: The Original Trilogy UK Collector’s Tin’:- - 15 minute video, from the Nathan P Butler YouTube channel.



• The Opening Post of the ‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ OT•com thread has an index for multiple source of information on many of the changes made to the Original Trilogy films over the years.



All Changes Made to Star Wars Original Trilogy’ - at the superb Marcelo Zuniga YouTube Channel

• ‘All Changes Made to Star Wars: A New Hope (Comparison Video) PART I’ -
• ‘All Changes Made to Star Wars: A New Hope (Comparison Video) PART II’ -
• ‘All Changes Made to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Comparison Video)’ -
• ‘All Changes Made to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Comparison Video)’ -

^ The informative videos above were made in 2015 - and cover the changes from the OOT through to the 2011 SE release on blu ray.



For further information on the home releases of the 2006 GOUT DVD release of the Original Trilogy:-

Star Wars Visual Comparisons - Website : Twitter - by doubleofive
Star Wars On Video - Video Collector’s website
Star Wars Home Video Reference website - projectcclarke’s website
Star Wars on DVD (up to 2005) - Prillaman’s website portal
Star Wars Release Info: 1982-2004 - DavisDVD•com website (via Archive•org)
Star Wars - The Changes: 1997-2011 - DVDActive•com website (via Archive•org)
‘Star Wars home video releases’ - at Wookieepedia
‘Original Unaltered Trilogy’ (2006 GOUT DVD) - at Wookieepedia



A 2006 GOUT DVD Release poster:-



General online articles about the 2006 GOUT DVD Release:- page for the 2006 GOUT DVD Release - at bluray•com
Original Star Wars Trilogy DVD Artwork Online - at MovieWeb
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^ If anyone has any suggestions for any online articles on the GOUT release to be included here please post them below - thank you 👍


Relevant OriginalTrilogy•com threads on the 2006 GOUT DVD release:-

Obviously, there are countless OT•com threads about the 2006 GOUT DVD release of the original Trilogy on here - many of which can be found in the ‘Original Trilogy Discussion’, and the ‘Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases’ sections of the site.

Here is just a small selection of threads…

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^ If anyone has any suggestions for any OT•com threads on the GOUT release to be included here please post them below - thank you 👍





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‘The changes to the Original Trilogy films & general Special Edition discussion’ threads:-

• The OOT : link (1977-96)
• 1997 SE : link
• 2004 SE : link
• 2006 GOUT : link
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• 2026 SE : link (“Somehow… Lucas has returned!”) - a possible future SE release (though unlikely)


If you know of any articles or OT•com threads that are relevant, or would improve this thread, please post them below - thank you.


The content of thread was originally part of the The OOT : The changes to the OT films & general (1977-96) discussion thread - though after a few suggestions from other members it seemed a good idea for the 2006 GOUT Release to have its own thread instead, so here we are!


The GOUT trilogy was very frustrating to me. On one hand, I have a fond memory of being able to view the films in their unaltered state again. I grew up with passed down VHS copies from the 80s, so even though I’m a child of the 90s, my first memories of these films were the non special editions. Even though there are one or two SE changes I admire, nothing compared to being able to watch the films the way I did the first time around.

The huge negative was that infernal letterbox aspect ratio. As a teenager I’d watch those discs on my xbox, and the options for viewing them on my TV were as a tiny box in the middle of the screen, zoomed in (which completely cut off the subtitles for the alien speak), or horribly stretched. It was always really annoying to me that I owned the unaltered films in a format I could watch on my TV again, but not at all the way I wanted to watch them.

It really makes me thankful for projects like Harmy’s Despecialized Trilogy and Project 4K77/80/83. Without the great people from this site, TheStarWarsTrilogy and elsewhere preserving the past so beautifully, we’d be stuck with an option so tedious, that the original cuts would probably get lost to history eventually.

“Goodnight, but not Goodbye!”


Technically the GOUT release of ANH created a new version of the film. They used the 1993 master tape and replaced the opening crawl with the version they had scanned for The Empire of Dreams. Before that there are 4 versions of the film and 5 different soundtracks. Most people focus on the the 77 vs. 81 crawl and C-3PO’s tractor beam line, but there is a lot more to it than that. Empire and Jedi are simpler, but there are still some changes. Nothing as drastic and the SE and following releases, but still, noticeable and documentable changes.


yotsuya said:

Technically the GOUT release of ANH created a new version of the film. They used the 1993 master tape and replaced the opening crawl with the version they had scanned for The Empire of Dreams.

IMO the main unique thing about the GOUT version of Star Wars is the 77 crawl/93 audio mismatch. The fact that the 77 crawl was spliced onto the 93 video is a comparatively minor detail, although it’s a funny reversal of how the 81 crawl was frequently spliced onto 77 film.

Oddly, even though I’ve never considered any of the GOUT versions to be in any way equivalent to the original films, they work out to be the same for the purposes of subtitles, since the 93 audio doesn’t change any dialogue from the original stereo/multichannel mixes for any of the films, and the crawls have the same text.

Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)


as far as i know in the uk the gout dvds where the only 4:3 star wars DVDs released because when the usa got its fullscreen dvd of the movies we only got widescreen but the gout dvd was the only fullscreen star wars dvd we got and they had film prints because they used a film print for a new hope crawl so they at least have a film print for a new hope so why did they use laserdisc


I have the UK GOUT DVDs from 2006. They are in PAL letterbox format, i.e. non-anamorphic widescreen. I am not aware of a fullscreen release of the GOUT.


There never was any pan & scan release of the GOUT transfers themselves since they were considered “bonus features”. Even on the full screen DVDs which feature the 2004 version in pan & scan, the 2nd disc with the GOUT on it is still letterbox widescreen.


Yeah this is where I learned what non-anamorphic meant. Terrible. Though it was what it was at the time.

Yub Nub for life


Non anamorphic DVDs were of little consequence to me until I bought a Widescreen TV, which was literally within the same month after the GOUT DVDs were released. I knew what anamorphic enhancement was but it wasn’t that big a deal to me one way or another when I was watching DVDs on a CRT television. I did have a portable DVD player that had no zoom option on it though so it was a pain in the ass when I tried to watch a letterbox DVD on that.


I just popped my GOUT copy of Star Wars 77 into my blu ray player and displayed it on my 55 inch lcd flatscreen the other day . First time in a very long time that I have watched it ,and it looked atrocious on that . Hell , my letterbox 1992 VHS looks better on that tv . ( I tried it right after ) . The GOUT is a grainy mess in comparison . I also messed around with the settings on my tv and displayed each in both 4x3 for proper proportions ,and in zoom mode .I will have to take a look at these on my crt’s later to see if they look better .Looking back at some of the links at the top of this thread , I do think Mike Verta was right in his belief that there was artificial grain applied to this release to make it look sub standard .Also , when this release came out , a lot of people were saying these looked better than the laser disc preservations that were being made at the time .Is that due to the displays they were being watched on at the time ? A lot of people still had crt’s back then . Granted , the dvd image may be sharper , but I will take the softer look of VHS or Laserdisc over this grainy image any time . I did watch my 92 VHS letterbox copy on my 30 inch widescreen Samsung Slimfit HD CRT recently , and that looked spectacular and crisp and vibrant on it ,though the colors did not “pop” like on the 95 faces VHS , but it looked more like I remember it looking in the theater originally .I go back and fourth sometimes , but I now think this is my ideal way to watch it out of all the media formats I own . I will definitely have to see how the GOUT looks on that crt .