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A list of Box Sets, 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers, single case sets + some useful links...


The links below to box sets, 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers, Saga covers, single case cover sets, and much more, is obviously incomplete - and my humble and sincere apologies to anyone I’ve missed anyone out - though please feel free to add any covers or sets you come across below, thank you.

Hopefully this thread will help us find some the various covers and box sets etc (along with some ‘useful links’ further on down) - whether for ideas, inspiration or just to print out & use…

Please note that while some links have their own threads, other links are ‘just’ individual posts of pictures of covers, or download links.

Some people listed here have also made a lot more covers and box sets etc than are linked to below (these are just the links that I’ve found so far - that still contain working pictures in them) - unfortunately a fair few quality covers have been lost over time…

…and sadly, I don’t think the great & cover repositories of yesteryear are coming back online… 😉

A list of Box Sets and 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers…

AbsoluteDestiny - OT Inksaver 3-in-1 Cover + single case covers - link

Alec Stevenson - superb & unique OT Box Set + single case covers - link

AvP - Dark Jedi’s Star Wars Trilogy Cover (GOUT sourced) - link

brandynskywalker - The Force Awakens cover - Struzan / crawl - link

coov - DeSpecialized ‘Back to basics’ Box Set - link & Six-Disc Saga Case & Slipcover - link

crpl_hicks - DeSpecialized Box Set 1 - link & DeSpecialized Box Set 2 - link

detola - Detola’s Custom BluRay Set (Pic Heavy) - link

EyeShotFirst - Box Set covers - link & Box Set covers DL link - link

FrankT - Star Wars DVD/BD Covers (many assorted sets) - link

G E Predator - DeSpecialized 3-in-1 cover 1 - link & DeSpecialized 3-in-1 cover 2 - link

Hail2DaKing5369 - Custom Despecialized Blu-Ray Set - link

Harmy - SW Despecialized Edition thread (lots of artwork) - link

Jackpumpkinhead - Custom Slim Case DVD Box Set (Complete Trilogy) - link & (Mash-up) Despecialized Boxset - link

LordStarkiller - Faces 3-in-1 OT DVD covers (1995) - link 1 & link 2

mheath182 - DeSpecialized 3-in-1 Cover & Disc Art - link

Mjvmovieman - DeSpecialized 3-in-1 cover - link

Morsoth - DeSpecialized 3-in-1 cover - link

natedeug - 4 simple custom blu-ray and DVD covers to hold I-III, IV-VI, VII, and Bonus Materials - link

njvc (by Stardork, based on phildesfr’s covers) - artwork, disc labels, booklets etc - link

one69chev - DeSpecialized Box Set - link

oojason - assorted 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers ('95 Faces LD, '95 Jap LD, '92 SWE LD, '86 SC LD, + more) - link

parallel - 30th Anniversay 3-in-1 cover - link

phildesfr - Custom blu-ray set for the DeSpecialized Editions - link & Complete Saga Set blu ray covers thread link

railerswim - DeSpecialized Box Set - link

RoccondilRinon - DeSpecialized 3-in-1 cover - link

ronwlim - custom bluray cases / box set - link & Ultimate Boxset 2.0 - link

skywalkerfan101 - custom inksaver blu ray box set - link

Spheretronic - DeSpecialized Box Set - DL - link & Altenrative DL - link

stardork - DeSpecialized Edition - Custom Bluray Set - link

StarKillerWitwer - DeSpecialized Edition comic book style Bluray Covers - link

Starwhore - DeSpecialized Criterion cover art - link & DeSpecialized Minimalistic cover art - link

Stealthboy - Criterion-like box set for njvc’s custom blu-ray set - link & OT 3-in-1 Definitive Collection dvd cover - link

toasterboy - a DeSpecialized Edition 3-in-1 cover - link

tommyauck - DVD Version of 1990 VHS Box Set - link

Tyler0013 - Tyler0013’s Boxset (1992 Box Set based) - link

vadersdad69 - Custom Blu Ray box set - link

Video Collector - Prequel, Original Trilogy & Bonus 3-in-1 covers - link

wombat_94 - Criterion-like box set for njvc’s custom blu-ray set - link


a list of single case covers / Saga cover set links…

cruel1079 - ‘The Force Awakens Covers’ / Episode 7 thread - link

KaminskiArtPL - ‘Rogue One Poster/Promos’ (and covers) thread - link

CarboniteSolo - ‘Star Wars Episode 8 Art’ / The Last Jedi thread - link

phildesfr - ‘Han Solo untitled Anthology film art’ / covers thread - link

ADigitalMan - ‘The “ADigitalMan Special Editions” DVD Info and Feedback Thread’ (covers) - link

anakin022 @ deviantart - Star Wars CD Deluxe Edition Covers Set - Eps 1-7 - link

CarboniteSolo - The Force Awakens cover - Han Edit, Poster D style - link & CarboniteSolo’s artwork thread - link

ChainsawAsh - 1992 based OT Cover Set - link & SW EditDroid DVD Cover - link

chyron8472 - ‘Star Wars Steelbook Villain Posters for AOTC and Rogue One’ - link & OT Crawl Covers - link & 35mm Harmy ROTJ Grindhouse art - link

Codeman - Star Wars Redone thread (lots of artwork) - link

crissrudd4554 - ‘1992 VHS styled DVD covers’ - link

dahmage - Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set - link

Darth Chronus - ‘Star Wars Revisited Saga Custom dvd & bluray Covers’ thread - link

Deloreanhunter12 - 6 film ‘Skywalker Edition’ Saga BD cover set - link

dkeighobadi - ‘Inside Covers & Inserts’ thread - link & ‘SW Identities-Inspired Posters/Front Covers’ - link & OT Matt Ferguson inspired cover set - link

doublex776 - ‘Star Wars THX “Faces” DVD Covers’ (1995) - link

eyeshotfirst - 1992 based Star Wars Trilogy covers (re-done May 2017) - link & matching TFA Cover - link

Falle - a link to Falle’s profile - full of covers etc - link & custom saga covers - link

Figrin_Dan - ‘MagnoliaFan Edits - “Balance” and “Clone War” thread’ - link 1 & link 2

FrankT - 35mm SW Silverscreen Experience artwork - link & OT Revisited Set - link

fusionaddict - ‘Journal of the Whills - DVD Covers’ thread - link & ‘FusionAddict’s Covers - All Releases’ - link

Garindan - 1995 THX Faces covers plus disc art for a Blu Ray set - link

Imrahil - Kenner-inspired BD covers for both trilogies + bonus disc - link

Jambe Davdar - Star Wars OT Filmumentaries threads - SW link & ESB link & ROTJ link

Jek Porkins - ‘Criterion-ish Cover for Harmy’s Despecialized Edition’ - link

Jonno - 1982/84/86 CBS/Fox based OT Set DVD Covers - link

JonRoost - ‘Despecialized Edition BD Covers/Discs’ thread - link

JMoomer - Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set - link

LexX - ‘My Star Wars covers’ thread - link

MagnoliaFan - MagnoliaFan Edits - “Balance Of The Force” & “Clone War” thread covers - link

marcskywalker - Ewok Adventure/Battle of Endor dvd cover thread - link

MaximRecoil - ‘1984 VHS releases’ thread - link

michaeldc - OT Dual Thatrical Poster Covers - link

mike138 - OT Kenner-ish / Rebel-Imperial Logo Covers - link

Mjolnir Mark IV - ‘Limited Edition (2006) - DVD Covers & Disc Labels’ - link

mryupa - CBS/FOX 1984 VHS style Saga Bluray Covers - link

njvc - DeSpecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set - link

one69chev - Epic Film-style poster OT covers - link & link - also available for DeSpecialized Editions too

oojason - ‘A Star Wars USB Box, Case, Tape, Wallet, Tin, Frame & Cover Thread’ - link

ronwlim - OT Theatrical Cut Crawl covers - link

samlowry - OT Theatrical / McQuarrie Criterion dvd covers - link

sans_fi - OT Leatherbound-look bluray set - link

skywalkerfan101 - OT CBS/FOX VHS-style Bluray Covers - link & quality Manga-style OT Covers (double-sided) - link & OT cover set for any version - link

spidernap - Spidernap covers for Ep1 & Ep2 of The MagnoliaFan Edits - link

stardork - DeSpecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set - link

stealthboy - DeSpecialized Edition - Minimal Set - link & 35mm Harmy ROTJ Grindhouse artwork - link

suspiciouscoffee - The Force Awakens cover - 1995 Faces style - link

tfshirty - OT minimalist McQuarrie BD cover set - link

TheBirdSolution - TFA cover to match the 2004 UK DVDs - link

TheDarkKnight - OT 1995 Faces BD set - link

THX - ‘Classic OT covers’ - link

TimmyDX - ‘Custom Blu-Ray covers using Japanese LD covers’ (1995 John Alvin covers) - link

tommyauck - ‘6 film trilogy “Faces” Covers’ (1995) - link & 1995 Alvin LD Blu ray Cover Set - link & Prequel Trilogy ‘Faces’ Cover set - link & Faces TFA cover link & TFA IMAX poster blu ray covers - link

tyler0013 - OT CBS/Fox Bluray Cover Set (1984/86) - link

vexedmedia - OT Criterion DeSpecialized Edition Covers - link

Video Collector - 6 film Drew Struzan Saga BD covers - link & 6 film White Set - link & 6 film Black Set - link

wannabegeorge - ‘DVD Covers (Eps. I,II,III, V & VI)’ thread - link

WII R FUN - ‘EditDroid’s DVD Covers’ thread - link

Williarob - 35mm SW SilverScreen Edition Artwork - link & Alternative SSE Set - link


The Rikter Cover Collection Disc…

Many 3-in-1 covers, sets, single case covers, disc labels and inserts etc by the top man Rikter (and many other users at from back in the day) from his superb 2004-ish 1.42gb cover collection disc, are available here:- - anyone can view and download 😃

^ Featuring the works of / covers for:-

Rikter, ADigitalMan, Australian Factory, Blackout, Cerbero, Chrysophylax, Coffey, Coov, correlian77, Degeneration, DonnieDarko, EditDroid, Fatboy Roberts, Fritzdog, FusionAddict, Gkar, Hal9000, Hong Kong Look Set (x2), Julius Moomer, Lars4mf, Laserschwert, Mackey, Mageguru, Marti Pesso, MaximRecoil, Metallaxis, Prillaman, Rebel Rouser, Ric Easton, Sally, Scaramanga, ShuMai, Sluggo, Soulflare, SoundtrackMaster, Spidernap, Stealthboy, Sweyland, tellan, The Dean Of Don Mills, Wookie Groomer, Yoda Is Your Father, Unknown Artists (x2), as well as some German covers, some covers for the Small Screen / TV, sets of Special Edition covers, whole sets of inserts, and a whole lot of disc art.

^ there’s probably around 650 files in total!

Word to those Spookies 😉

A fair few dvd covers and disc art from Rikter’s Cover Collection have been re-posted on Pages 177-181 of ‘the Star Wars DVD Covers’ thread - link


The Rikter Cover Collection Disc - by Williarob & Depheros…

Williarob and Depheros have also uploaded the Rikter cover collection disc up on myspleen under the title of ‘Star Wars DVD Cover Art Archive’.

This archive of covers contains higher-resolution covers, coming in at 3.67gb in size - and with even more covers also added!

It is also available at the superb:-

^ A cracking Star Wars site, with easy navigation and lots of thumbnails and artwork - well worth checking out for all the other content on there too.

Well in, lads 😃


The Jetrell Fo Cover Collection…

Jetrell Fo has very kindly sent me a whole range of dvd covers and disc art to share with everyone.

All 1.41gb can be viewed - and downloaded - from a google drive, here:-

Featuring of the works of:-

boba feta (for the ADigitalMan Edits) - 14 covers
Cerbero - 24 covers
Coov - 134 covers
Dark Jedi - 79 covers
Darth Solo - 6 covers
Dayv / Yoda Is Your Father - 4 covers
Ell the Ewok - 29 covers
EyeShotFirst - 8 covers
FusionAddict - 23 covers
Gundrosen - 36 covers
Jupiter Prime - 32 covers
oojason - 3 covers
RP Coltrane - 21 covers
spidernap - 2 covers
Jetrell’s scans of VHS Covers - 23 covers
Yoda Is Your Father - 7 covers
Unknown - 21 covers

^ massive thanks again to Jetrell Fo 😃


A few useful links…

lars4mf - ‘Star Wars DVD Covers’ thread - link

Harmy - ‘Blu-Ray and other HD box size Star Wars Covers’ thread - link

DuracellEnergizer - ‘the Random “Star Wars” Pics & GIFs thread’ - link

Lexx - ‘the Awesome Star Wars Art thread’ - link

Tim Lehrbach - ‘the HI-Res Poster Art thread’ - link

Williarob - his superb The Star Wars Trilogy Box Set Cover Archive website - link

doubleKO - A superb collection of Star Wars posters and art (1.48gb) - link

SkyderHouseMafia - A great collection of Hi-Res Star Wars posters - link

doubleKO - found a superb collection of Star Wars art & posters at Heritage Auctions here - link

CarboniteSolo - ‘CarboniteSolo’s artwork’ thread - link

docsuess84 - ‘Kodi/Media Center Posters’ thread - link

detola - ‘Star Wars - International Logo Collection’ thread - link

Williarob - ‘Disney brings back laserdisc sized packaging’ thread - link

Video Collector - his superb website here - (for a comprehensive list of many releases - with photos - on various formats down the years)

one69chev - quality ‘box set & materials used’ thread - link

one69chev - ‘Any interest in professionally made box sets for Despecialized?’ thread - link

Harmy - DeSpecialized Edition threads (lots of artwork) - SW link & ESB link & ROTJ link

njvc - ‘DeSpecialized Edition Custom Bluray Set thread’ (lots of artwork) - link

35mm TN1’s SW SSE & ESB Grindhouse, & Harmy’s ROTJ Grindhouse threads (artwork inside) - SW link & ESB link & ROTJ link

oojason - ‘Star Wars - Projects Index: Star Wars Preservation and Other Projects’ updated list / thread - link

the often overlooked ‘How-To’s and Technical Discussions’ section of the - link

kurosawafan - ‘What printers does everyone use for printing discs and artwork?’ thread - link

rikter - ‘The Custom DVD Cover Request Thread’ - link


some generic custom cover websites that may be of use…

Absolute Cover website -

All CD Covers website -

Cover Addict website -

Cover Century website -

Cover City website -

Cover Dude website -

Covers net website -

Covers Resource website -

Cover Target website -

CoverTR website -

Custom Maniacs website -

DVD Cover Links website -

DVD-Covers website -

DVD Covers Top website -

Euphoric FX website -

Free Covers webiste -

Free DVD Cover website -

HiResCovers website -

R1DB website -

Reddit Custom Covers website -

RixGrafix website -

The Score Designs website - link to the covers section

Uncovered website -

Universal-Covers website (was - &

VGBA website -

AVS Forum covers thread - link

Blu-ray,com covers thread - link

Home Theatre Forum covers thread - link

Be sure to check out quality art sites like & & & & - that often have Star Wars covers or art that’d help make a mean cover or box set etc - though ask the artist’s permission first if it is their own art 😃


some video tutorials on making your own boxes, cases and sleeves…

Custom Box Set -

Custom Disc Case -

Custom deluxe Disc Case -

Custom Disc Case out of paper -

Custom Slip Cover -

Custom protective slipcover for a steelbook -

Affordable CD Cases & ideas -

Some alternative box prints & ideas -

and it’s always worth trying sites like etsy, pinterest, reddit and also ‘hack’ sites for ideas too 😃

If you’re going to build your own dvd or blu ray boxset it may be an idea to get hold of any old cheap box set from a thrift store or car boot sale etc (you won’t even the need the discs) - just to play around with it, get the measurements, see how it was made, where the tabs and folds are etc…


If anyone sees any decent, interesting, unique, or just quality covers out there - or has more suggestions for threads to be added to the ‘useful links’ section, please post or link to it below - thank you.

Also, please post up any covers or links you ever come across from the following very talented artists - ReverendBeastly, Falle, HotRod, AvP, Spyderbyte, Chainsaw Ash, Imrahil, Coov, and Yourfriendkaysar - much of their quality work has sadly been lost on here over time…

(and also let us know if you spot any mistakes or broken links on here - thanks)

This post has been edited.

Justice For The 96


^ Sadly, I don’t think he did mate (or if he did, the links are no longer working - which unfortunately happens quite a lot for some of the older covers etc on here).

It may be worth PM-ing Coov to see if has a copy, or hopefully someone else out there will have a copy of it and be willing to share (or inspire someone to do a new version of it).

It is indeed a quality cover, as many were/are by the very talented Coov… a shame much of his work has been lost over time.

This post has been edited.

Justice For The 96


I feel honoured & humbled to be listed in such a talented group of visionary creators & Artists! I have since enhanced my Box set & even made another. I actually took the time to take more decent photos & might try to upload some?

Kudos to you SIR for taking the time & effort to compile such a huge listing.

This post has been edited.

Remember, short controlled bursts.


crpl_hicks said:

I feel honoured & humbled to be listed in such a talented group of visionary creators & Artists! I have since enhanced my Box set & even made another. I actually took the time to take more decent photos & might try to upload some?

Kudos to you SIR for taking the time & effort to compile such a huge listing.

Many thanks for your kind words mate - though none are necessary 😃

Please do post up some photos and a link to your enhanced box - and the new one too in here.

Also mate, please have a think about starting your own thread too - some top quality work you’ve done deserves to have a place to be posted up for us all to see - and easily find 😃

or perhaps post them in one69chev’s superb ‘Box Set and materials used thread’ too? in here…

This post has been edited.

Justice For The 96


I’ve updated the original links above - and changed the format a little - so hopefully they are a little easier one eye and easier to find a particular link/thread.

Have also added some ‘useful links’ and ‘single case covers’ links too.

edit - have also added a list of some custom cover websites.

Any suggestions for more covers and threads etc to be added are always welcome 😃

This post has been edited.

Justice For The 96


Impressive list of covers!!! I can’t wait to try to add some of these to my shelf


Awesome covers list. It must take a lot of time to compile it. Thanks for sharing it.


Haven’t been on OT in quite awhile (and mostly lurk anyway) but have to say thank you so much to oojason for taking the time to compile this extensive list. I’m continually amazed and awestruck by all of the effort I see here.

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