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Spaceballs: The Star Wars-style DVD Cover!


I made this on a whim a couple days ago, it came out pretty good.

I took a couple of liberties with the layout, most evident on the back cover, but it’s buy-and-large the same format as the 2004 Star Wars DVDs.

Note: I don’t remember who did the art I used on the front.

Other note: There are two versions included, one for looking and one for printing, the printing one is the more washed-out one. (there’s also a poster version for Plex or something if you want) (and a little extra surprise)

Yet another note: The bonus features correlate to the 2000 double-sided DVD, feel free to tamper with it if you have a different version.


I’m not really that much of a movie purist. I really should’ve thought my name out a bit more.


I love it! Thanks for sharing. And I also love the surprise.

I was previously johnlocke2342.