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Pixar Collection


There are at least 2 beautiful box sets dedicated to the output of the best American movie company currently running…sadly none of which are available for Region A markets.

Inspired by the phenomenal Toy Story 4 and the 4K releases of the majority of Pixar’s movies, I decided to create a series of covers for 8-9 disc Blu-ray cases for the Region A releases. I might try my hand at a box to house them all together, but that’s a ways down the road.

I wanted to be as comprehensive as possible, so I’m including projects tenuously connected to Pixar as well, like the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series (I’ll leave you to find those due to legal gray area), the Planes movies, and the Toy Story specials.

I’ve finished Vol. 1 and have a little preview of a work-in-progress Vol. 2, enjoy!

Vol 1 -

Vol 2 preview -

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Pretty good!

Working on many edits, may take many years to complete…

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