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TN1's 4K trilogy poster, in the style of the '85 Triple Bill


Was messing around in Photoshop, trying to recreate the actual '85 Triple Bill posters (the real ones, not the bootleg) and was pretty much finished when I had an epiphany; probably shouldn’t release it publicly lest someone less scrupulous than I tries to make a buck off it, even though I was only working at 72dpi and my sources were less than ideal. Not wanting to completely waste my time, I decided to make an HOMAGE to the '85 Triple Bill posters. But what would be the actual subject?

TeamNegative1’s 4K restorations!

Very preemptive, I know, but I wanted to get some thoughts from you guys about what I could do better in terms of slogans or flavor text to put on here. (This is ‘only’ the 72dpi version; 300dpi 27" x 41" printable also available if need be.)



This looks amazing and just like something I would see in a theatre or in a store.

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