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Some Star Wars DE Posters that I made


Very cool - and top choice of artwork for them as well 😃

If I were to be hyper-criticial I think the ‘Despecialised Edtion’ text is a little too much to the right in not lining up with the white text box on the Empire Strikes Back poster - but that’s the likely just the OCD in me 😉

Sweet work - you should think about posting them in one of the Harmy Despecialised Edition threads in the ‘Star Wars Preservations and Other Fan Projects’ section to give them a little more exposure.

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Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Dig how beautiful it is on here? & Say something righteous & hopeful for a change?


Very nice. Any chance of you maybe posting the raw posters as well? I’ve never seen those with that high quality before… Thank you.

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