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Recreating the Australian John Alvin '95 VHS covers for DVD


I was looking at my old posts and I noticed all my images are gone! That’s no good, I thought, I’ll reupload them to somewhere more permanent and edit the original posts so people can see them again.

One of those was my John Alvin BluRay covers. They are ‘generic’, in that they’re not for any specific version of the OOT, nor are they specific to any country. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to redo them, based exclusively on the last Australian VHS release of the Original Trilogy. I guess I wanted something that, if I ever burned the films to discs, I could put them in something that looks nice but also isn’t out of place with the rest of my movie collection.

Be warned, this is based on the AU VHS covers to a fault; the runtime is PAL based, copyright is 1995, the rating markers on all 3 sides and the legal text mentions CBSFox Video and ‘video cassettes’. Only thing intentionally missing is the catalog # on the spine; I drew the line at that for some reason.
Star Wars - John Alvin AU DVD
Empire Strikes Back - John Alvin AU DVD
Return Of The Jedi - John Alvin AU DVD


It has been a long time since I’ve seen those covers from the '95 releases - sweet retro throwback!

Thanks Calaculon 😃