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The Original Trilogy - a General Random Thoughts thread

^ I love it 😃

James Earl Jones is the man.

For me it was the ships and vehicles, especially growing up with the toys and figures.

The beaten-up ‘second-hand’ look of the rag-tag Rebel Fleet gave the story some extra depth and quality, a sense of the ‘hopeless cause’, that they were scratching around for anything and everything to us vs the well resourced and ‘new shiny’ Empire - with their seemingly limitless supply of ships.

And it was great, and something different, as a kid seeing that on-screen and then running off and playing with those aged / battle-damaged toys etc.

The SnowSpeeder and B-Wing don’t get enough love in my book - pah to those fancy X-Wings 😉

A '<strong>Rumour and News</strong>' thread for reported new Star Wars films and tv series

New Star Wars Movie in the Works With ‘Sleight’ Filmmaker’:-

Director J.D. Dillard and ‘Luke Cage’ writer Matt Owens have been tapped to develop a project, but it is unclear whether its a theatrical or Disney+ release.

and also reported here:-

A '<strong>Rumour and News</strong>' thread for reported new Star Wars films and tv series

A thread for any ‘Rumour and News’ articles for possible new films or tv series set in the Galaxy Far Far Away…

When posting any news or rumours please give a link to the article or source - thank you.

Please, no gossip or unsubstantiated rumours or ‘news’ from dubious sources - ie, no Mike Zeroh, Making Star Wars or Supershadow types, the usual clickbait outlets, or any of the youtube channels of monetised hate.

As ooj said in a similar thread to this… No articles at all please from The S*n, The Daily Fail, or The Express - they are unreliable clickbait sensationalising hate-filled rags - &

Return Of The Jedi - a General Random Thoughts thread

^ NeverarGreat or Return Of The Jedi? 😉



For me the dedication to detail from the craftsmen involved (crafts-people?) gives the film a lift, a lift probably beyond its reach, and gives the whole movie that epic feeling.

Some of techniques and execution even hold up today, and given this was done in a time before CGI (which is something we take for granted in these modern times in film & tv) it is still great to watch and experience - even for what must now be the 268th time 😃

Those Making Of & Behind the Scenes videos for it really illustrate the point. Fair play to ZkinandBonez for compiling his excellent YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds for Original Trilogy making-ofs, documentaries, promos, etc thread on the Original Trilogy films - and his other similarly related video threads too.

<em>The Mandalorian</em> Discussion Thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

RogueLeader said:

I really dig the Remnant Stormtrooper. I would love to see the post-ROTJ flesh out some different Remnant factions more that all have a different look to them.

Kenner just found a use for all those old faded stormtroopers from the Original Trilogy they’ve had lying around the factory for years! 😃

Cool figures, I hope we see more Mandalorian merchandise soon.


Me three on having separate threads for each season (for whatever it is worth 😃) It’d sure make it easier to find certain topics from the show - 20 pages on season one already - it is a lot to go through.

And not put off anyone coming late to the series for whenever they are able to get or receive Disney+ too.

Just my preference - no biggie.

Harmy's STAR WARS Respecialized Edition '97 - AVCHD and MKV now out!

Jamesleaf said:

Okay, I have searched and searched for this, but am unable to locate it. Any chance anyone could help me out?
Big fan of these. My favourite edits have to be despecialized or Hal9000’s custom SE (can’t wait for ROTJ), but my nostalgia brain is desperate for a link to this.

I believe it is up and available on a piratey public torrent place - and so probably other similar public torrent places as well.

Star Trek: Picard - discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

The first couple of episodes have been superb, a welcome return to Picard and a more familiar Trek - albeit with changes to both him and Starfleet over the years.

The pace of the episodes too have been a refreshing change from Discovery (which I also like, though feels too ruhsed in a bid to try and hold the attention span at times). Picard is one of the few shows on tv where I immediately want to watch the next episode right there and then!

Stewart is on top form too 😃

I agree with Tobar - this feels authentic, with some considerable thought, respect and effort being put into the series.

Help. I'm looking for images from ronwlim's box set - so I can make a box set too

Indi the star wars fan said:

oojason said:

Hi Indi the star wars fan - maybe looking in, and then asking in, one of ronwlim’s threads is a good idea mate.

Or PMing ronwlim to ask him?

Good luck with it 😃

Im new here. How do i PM

You seemed to have worked it out in the other thread, where you asked for a PM to a 16 year old project with no working links, by a banned member who hasn’t been on the site for years! 😃

In the ‘Help’ section, or the ‘General Assistance’ section, or the ‘Welcome to the OriginalTrilogy’ site threads… will you find the answers you seek 😃

The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations - <strong>NO SPOILERS</strong>

$501,583,140 domestic
$544,600,000 international
$1,046,183,140 total

^ according to

TROS surpassed Rogue One’s total of $1,056,057,273 after 42 days in the cinemas (Rogue One was in cinemas for 140 days):-