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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations

The last chance for submitting your predictions will be 10pm (OT•com time) on Tuesday 17th December.

Anyone is welcome to submit their guesses after that - though it won’t be included in the ‘Final List’ of predictions.

Rodney-2187 will post the Final List of submissions up soon after the expiry date and time above.

So far…


Rodney-2187 said:

Only 10 more days!

User Opening Domestic Worldwide
Ryan-SWI $130M $350M $750M
Cthulhunicron $850M
voltwaffle $144M $400M $860M
Maaga $450M
rocknroll41 $175M $500M $975M
DrDre $180M $540M $1.2B
yotsuya $240M $630M $1.4B
act on instinct $217M $645M $1.3B
ChainsawAsh $225M $650M $1.525B
oojason $250M $685M $1.65B
DominicCobb $200M $700M $1.4B
Broom Kid $220M $735M $1.4B
mykyta-R4 $255M $740M $1.75B
Outboundflight $240M $750M $1.625B
Rodney-2187 $230M $750M $1.5B
Force-Abel $260M $770M $1.7B
V.I.N.Cent $245M $790M $1.7B
dgraham414 $300M $800M $1.7B
JawsTDS $290M $820M $2.1B
Omni $859M $1.8B
klawrence123 $260M $870M $1.8B
The Mandalorian : Radical Redux Fan Edit Ideas - <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong>

Moiisty said:

where can i get the forceghostrecon edit? idc that he is banned, i wanna see it please


From the The Mandalorian : JSteven / ForceGhostRecon Sock Edit - SPOILERS WITHIN thread…


Mod Edit: It has come to the moderators attention that JSteven is also previously banned members ForceGhostRecon & Mikeluv80 - and many, many other socks - to which FGR has himself admitted.

He also made homophobic slurs - in a personal attack vs another member in 2016 - and also made more homophobic slurs since.

Do NOT ask for links to any of his projects on the OriginalTrilogy•com - thank you.


Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

The TROS actors, JJ and John WIlliams talk about their characters / experiences of Episode IX (most videos are 2-5 minutes long):-

Ian McDiarmid on Playing Sheev Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker -

Domhnall Gleeson on Star Wars Episode 9 -

Billy Dee Williams on Lando Calrissian in The Rise of Skywalker -

Kelly Marie Tran on Rose Tico Role in Star Wars Episode 9 -

Keri Russell Discusses Zorii Bliss on Rise of Skywalker -

Richard E Grant Talks Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -

Joonas Suotamo Talks Chewbacca on Rise of Skywalker -

Adam Driver on Kylo Ren in Episode 9 -

Naomi Ackie Discusses Playing Jannah in The Rise of Skywalker -

Anthony Daniels Talks C-3PO’s Role in Rise of Skywalker -

JJ Abrams Interview on Star Wars Episode 9 Final -

John Williams on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Score -

Daisy Ridley Discusses Rey in Rise of Skywalker -

John Boyega on Finn’s Journey in Star Wars Episode 9 -

Mark Hamill Talks Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 9 -

Oscar Isaac on Playing Poe Dameron in The Rise of Skywalker -


‘B-Roll from the Set of Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker’ (contains spoilers) -

Carol Titelman has passed away at 73

That is indeed sad news.

She also contributed to ‘The Star Wars Portfolio’ (a book with art from Ralph McQuarrie), and the ‘The Star Wars Sketchbook’ (a book with art from Joe Johnston).

I think Carol was also the person that George Lucas dictated some of his concept / outline ideas on the Force and early Star Wars universe to for inclusion in the ‘Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye’ book, by Alan Dean Foster.

The Mandalorian : JSteven / ForceGhostRecon Sock Edit - <strong>SPOILERS WITHIN</strong>

EA3000 said:

Me? I’m EA3000.

As far as your false account of events, member MikeLuv80 made no ’slur‘ and furthermore, has nothing to do with FGR.

FGR did nothing.

This is witch hunt and everyone knows it.

Lying seems to come naturally to you…

EA3000 said:

Hey man,
First off, this is ForceGhostRecon and please take into account, I have access to countless IPs and Servers (I’m sure you’re catching on to that fact), so I could just as well stay incognito here BUT I’d really like to address something with you directly. As a man. And most importantly, respectfully.

ForceGhostRecon said:

As far as MikeLuv80, here is the actual history (and I think this can be proven if you can go back far enough into records/comments):
MikeLuv80 was a casual account from before I was a faneditor, when I really just browsed and gave opinions.

and for your comments made as Mikeluv80 which earnt you a ban back in 2016…

The Mandalorian : JSteven / ForceGhostRecon Sock Edit - <strong>SPOILERS WITHIN</strong>

EA3000 said:

FGR was a new account after he forgot his password for an old account back before 2016. Subsequently, he was banned years later in 2019 for having multiple accounts.

Since then, countless new accounts created have been accused of being him.

Pass on what you have learned.

You didn’t forget your password in 2016, FGR - you were banned for making homophobic slurs (as part of a personal attack on another member here) - as Mikeluv80.

And yes, you have created several sock accounts on here - in 2016 and onwards.

The Mandalorian : JSteven / ForceGhostRecon Sock Edit - <strong>SPOILERS WITHIN</strong>

Just to emphasize / clarify, as FGR has been in contact to say how unfairly he has been treated etc - and there was ‘NEVER displayed a “pattern” of behavior’ by him to earn him a ban…

Breaking Rules 6, 7 or 8 of the Site Rules - including making socks - will get anyone a quick ban on here…

Jay said:

Breaking the following rules may result in an immediate and permanent ban with no prior warning:

  1. Do not harass other members, either publicly or via PM. Any unwanted contact after a request to stay away will be considered harassment.
  2. Personal attacks and slurs based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. aren’t tolerated under any circumstances.
  3. Socks (fake accounts where you pretend to be someone else) and team accounts (accounts used by more than one person) aren’t permitted. If we find you using a sock, we’ll ban both the sock and your primary account as well as any related accounts, and possibly IP addresses.


So in FGR’s case, Rules 7 & 8 were broken - each on more than one occasion.

The rules are applied to everyone - it doesn’t matter if you are ‘a professional adult with a family’, or ‘a POSITIVE force for the community’ or ‘there are many who would like to see me back on the site’ - or not.

Also, lying to - and attempting to deceive the mods - and then accusing them of ‘bullshit’ and ‘tarnishing their good name’ - is not a good move either.



Kingj3489 said:

oojason said:

Kingj3489 said:

We all knew it was him…

And you didn’t think to let the moderators know?

It’s not my place or my job to tattle on a user I suspect has been banned.

Not ‘suspect’ - ‘knew’; as in ‘We all knew it was him’.

The Mandalorian : JSteven / ForceGhostRecon Sock Edit - <strong>SPOILERS WITHIN</strong>

FreezingTNT2 said:

oojason said:

Kingj3489 said:

We all knew it was him…

And you didn’t think to let the moderators know?

@oojason How did you know JSteven was ForceGhostRecon all along?

What Biggs said. We had our suspicions, yet we gave JSteven the benefit of the doubt - we do like to be sure when it comes to banning members, and it is not something taken lightly.

Pickle2503 said:

Soooo, question. If you do something that got you banned, is there any sort of appeals process to maybe get you unbanned?

Anyone can make a case as to why they believe they should not be banned (or that we’ve made a mistake etc) - and the moderators will consider it.

Though as mentioned above, the mods do not take banning anyone on here lightly.

To get banned from this place does take some doing…

Usually you have to be troll, spammer, returning banned member (sock), or break one of the Site Rules - 6, 7 & 8 or Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ to get banned quickly on here.

Members have to usually display a pattern of behaviour to earn themselves a ban. The mods will customarily have a quiet word with a member if there is an issue (or a public one if it merits it), if it continues then it’ll likely be a warning, followed by more, and then eventually a temporary ban. Sometimes, depending on the situation (the severity of it - or number of previous temp bans etc) it can also result in a permanent ban.

Some bans may be for content or behaviour in PMs - which obviously does not show up in someone’s post history. Which is likely why some bans may well appear harsh to members - yet they may well be unaware of the multiple requests / attempts by mods over time to remedy an issue or problem - or events unseen / in the background in general.

Hope that helps mate.

The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!

Handman said:

We’re still talking about what happened over a year ago? Everyone actually involved has moved on.

Unfortunately, not everyone seemingly has mate.


Anyway, this thread is about the future of the site - not its history.

There’s bound to be a more relevant thread somewhere in ‘The Cantina’ or similar for those that do wish to continue the topic.

Current Events. No debates!

The UK has a General Election tomorrow (well later today, UK time) - here’s hoping for a change. A big one.

Edit: FFS.



On the bright side… Lord Buckethead vs Count Binface:- : (the real & previous Lord Buckethead)

Count Binface’s youtube channel -

Lord Buckethead, Elmo, Count Binface, and some lunatic fringe candidates:-

STAR WARS: Episode 7 &amp; 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

Anjohan said:

I need some feedback on this approach, before I either give it the green light or the bin:

This change is to TRY and up Kylo’s stakes in the film, and also make his motivation later on to betray Snoke clearer. Audio happily borrowed from a YouTuber.

I like the concept of it quite a lot and think it does up the stakes and give an insight into why Kylo may feel he is being played for a fool by Snoke (afterall, Kylo has already killed his dad…)

It did require a few repeat viewings to hear clearly what Snoke was saying - despite that it was some good voice acting (just the audio levels were a little off) - or I need another hearing test 😉

I think it is a solid idea, mate.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

If anyone is fortunate enough to see a preview screening of TROS before the official theatrical release date of 18th December (for some countries) - and wishes to post about it in this thread… please clearly label that what you are posting is from you having seen a preview screener of the film and also use the Spoiler Code for the actual content itself - thank you.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 &amp; 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

Anjohan said:

Luke’s handeling of the saber:

Luke agrees to train Rey, once she gives her a speech about Leia:

Rey’s first training lesson (Not completely finished):

  • For this sequence; audio is not completely finished (cleaned up), and I want a better Rey to Kylo transition. I might also change the soundtrack.

Kylo’s inner turmoil, and Leia’s heartbreak over her son:

Have in mind that none of these clips are fully completed, but very near.


  • Luke has his original saber (green) during the Kylo confrontation.
  • All the SW films have a saber duel, so I’ve borrowed Snoke’s Guard’s sequence with lightsabers. However, I might give them different colors (perhaps they all have purple instead of red, or two of them with purple and the rest red).

Seriously impressive - as always, mate 😃

<em>The Mandalorian</em> - Season One - * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

Sifo Dyas said:

V.I.N.Cent said:

Sifo Dyas said:

DominicCobb said:

Sifo Dyas said:

canofhumdingers said:

Yeah, we know. We’ve discussed it all already. Shogun Assassin is just a film compiled from parts of the first two Lone Wolf and Cub films, edited together for American theatrical release. Magnificent Seven is just “reused material” (to quote you) from Seven Samurai set in the American West rather than Feudal Japan.

Did you know Star Wars (1977) is just a bunch of standard hero and myth tropes jumbled together with a bit of fantasy, western, and samurai genres all blended together? Did you know Fistful of Dollars is just a spaghetti western remake of Yojimbo? Things reuse ideas from previous things. Omg! There’s a reason the word “tropes” exits…

The issue is, how well does THIS media execute those ideas? I thought episode 5 was possibly the weakest so far. I still liked it, but it definitely had some issues with the casting and maybe the directing imo. I still think episode 2 and 3 were the high point so far but this is still a very fun series! I’m sad we’ve got only, what, two more to go this season?

I didn’t know about this Yojimbo film, but I guess for a good reason.

If you reuse something you should make it better, as all of those pictures you mentioned here did.

What makes you think that’s true? If you’ve never, by your own admission, even heard of them? Because I assure you it is not.

I literally said I did not hear about Yojimbo.
It means I heard about all the others.
What the hell you smokin?
Own admission?
Can you even read properly?

You say the Magnificent seven is not better then the Seven Samurai?
That Star Wars is not better then the Hidden Fortress?
Wow. Ok. Good bye.

Don’t forget your ‘case’, and to also cancel your subscription to Disney+ yet again 😉

Smart arguments are fine, but there is no need for stupid advice from haters.
And you can pay Disney as much as you want, I don’t care, but I envy you, that you are not hindered by your brain, so you can enjoy crap.

There is no need for posts from socks and trolls either.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

GameStation52 said:

I just noticed something. For some reason, the opening 20th Century Fox anthem you used is the standard one composed by David Newman and used since 1997, instead of the one composed by John Williams exclusively for Episodes I-III, V and VI. I don’t understand why you changed it.

It is time for you to move on, Editroid. And all your other socks too.

Find something more constructive to do other than harassing the people on here.

And it is harassment - the relevant authorities will be notified if you come back here again.

Episode IX : <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> - film &amp; fan art, + covers etc

ChainsawAsh said:

dgraham414 said:

New poster from Germany (I think). It looks painted which looks really pretty!

Ooooooh - does anyone have this in higher res? I can’t find it anywhere. Definitely the one that’s going to be used on my custom BR cover if I can find it in decent quality.

A textless his-res image can be found here mate:-

Though there’ll likely be larger sized images of it around soon as well, and the artist is Paul Shipper:-

Some of his quality work -