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An <strong>Index &amp; Help Thread</strong> for <em><strong>The Expanded Universe &amp; General Star Wars Discussion</strong>...</em>

Hiya Fated, the main reasons why the two respective sections are in the same forum category are…

  • We wanted to keep certain topics of conversation separate from each other other; one forum dedicated for the OT, one for onscreen content outside of the OT, and also one for discussing both - yet also the wider GFFA as a whole.

  • Feedback from members on the subject of the forum re-organisation suggested they didn’t want too many new forum categories created. (So we whittled it down to an additional two new categories.)

  • We just weren’t sure just how many threads there would be for a ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ section after the old 5000+ thread forum was split into ‘Original Trilogy’, ‘Beyond the OT’ and ‘The EU’. (I’d guess at around 300 threads.)

If there is enough demand to separate them… this may change - though we don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon, mate.

If anyone has any suggestions or further questions feel free to ask them up in the Feedback Forum - thank you.


A thread for reporting any spam seen on the site...

Occasionally the moderation staff may miss or overlook some of the considerable amount of spam that appears on here.

To help us, the site and also the community as a whole, we ask you to please let us know if you do see any spam about the site, in this thread…

A quick reminder that using the ‘Report’ button sees information only go through to Jay - and NOT to the moderators. If you’d like to contact the moderators about anything on here, simply send us a PM 😃

The ‘How do I do this?’ on the has more information on this and other helpful and useful topics too.


As per the Forum Rules and Guidelines - Do NOT reply to, or engage with the spammer or spambot - and do NOT click on any link they post.


And a big thank you, in advance, for any reports of spam made in here - it is very much appreciated 👍

Star Wars <strong>News</strong> - articles that may not have enough interest for their own threads...

Disney CEO Bob Iger Steps Down After 15+ Years’:-

Walt Disney Company’s CEO Bob Iger stepped down Tuesday, effective immediately.


'Star Wars: <strong>The High Republic</strong>' era publishing project (aka 'Project Luminous')

^ Some intriguing art there, mate.

A few videos on the project from three of the more reasoned / balanced Star Wars youtubers out there…

Star Wars: The High Republic - Info & Thoughts // Project Luminous News’:- - from the HelloGreedo youtube channel. (6+ mins)


Star Wars: The High Republic confirmed - Project Luminous Announcement Reaction’:- - from the Star Wars Explained youtube channel. (24 mins)


The High Republic & Project Luminous Info and Thoughts’:- - from the At-At Chat youtube channel. (8 mins)

Current Events. No debates!

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape in watershed case’:-

Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of sexual assaults, including rape, capping a stunning downfall for the former Hollywood mogul and a victory for the #MeToo movement.

& also at

DVD Cover Art Up........Finally!!!!

Guys, that link is nearly 16 years old - so it is not surprising it doesn’t no longer works.

I’m not sure if anyone can help you with these specific covers… but there is a link to some of the cover art which Jetrell Fo did (along with with cover art from other talented people on here which he also saved and kindly made available), in the An Index & Help Thread for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art…

Good luck with it 😃

George's museum - the 'Lucas Museum of Narrative Art' (in LA, set to open in 2022)

Good idea for thread, V.I.N.Cent. As you say, it’ll certainly be interesting to see if it features any rarely seen ‘bits and pieces’ from his film and tv projects.

And also how content on his preservation work for films… conflates with the lack of preservation for a certain Star Wars trilogy he was quite heavily involved with 😉

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

The Amazon UK listing now has more information available as to what makes up the forthcoming 27-disc 4K UHD ‘Skywalker Saga’ box set release:-

Unfortunately, the term ‘And much more…’ is used for every description of the each disc too…

Episode I: The Phantom Menace bonus disc (approx. 181 mins)

• “The Beginning” Feature-Length Documentary
• George Lucas On The Digital Revolution
• And much more…

Episode II: Attack of the Clones bonus disc (approx. 196 mins)

• “From Puppets To Pixels: Digital Characters In Episode II” Feature-Length Documentary
• State Of The Art: The Previsualization Of Episode II Documentary
• And much more…

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith bonus disc (approx. 327 mins)

• “Within A Minute: The Making Of Episode III” Feature-Length Documentary
• The Journey Part 1 & 2
• And much more…

Episode IV: A New Hope bonus disc (approx. 101 mins)

• Aboard The Death Star Overview
• Discoveries From Inside: Weapons & The First Lightsaber
• And much more…

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back bonus disc (approx. 125 mins)

• George Lucas On Editing The Empire Strikes Back 1979
• A Conversation With The Masters (2010)
• And much more…

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi bonus disc (approx. 163 mins)

• Conversations: The Effects
• Death Star II Space Battle Overview
• And much more…

Episode VII: The Force Awakens bonus disc (approx. 149 mins)

• Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey
• Blueprint Of A Battle: The Snow Fight
• And much more…

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi bonus disc (approx. 165 mins)

• The Director and the Jedi
• Balance of the Force
• And much more…

Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker bonus disc (approx. 157 mins)

• The Skywalker Legacy
• Pasaana Pursuit: Creating The Speeder Chase
• And much more…


It now also has a release date of 20th April, 2020. - £200

more here -


Images for the 18-disc blu ray set:-

more here - - £65


Images for the 9-disc DVD set:-

more here - - £45

The Original Trilogy - a General Random Thoughts thread

One of the many standout features across the whole Trilogy for me is James Earl Jones’ seminal delivery of dialogue for the character of Darth Vader. He added such power, authoritative wrath and wondrous menace… to the already striking visual aesthetic of both the mask and suit, as well as the colossal prowess and performance by Dave Prowse under the helmet.

All films of this nature need a strong and memorable villain… and yet James Earl Jones’ voice-work for Vader lifted the character to another level of fear-inducing badassery; which is probably not an easy thing to achieve in movies where the ‘bad guys’ usually tend to be played as stereotypical caricatures or are somewhat ‘hammed up’ by the actors playing them.


A great little article on JEJ and voicing Vader - including his thoughts on ESB’s director on the delivery of his lines…

James Earl Jones Didn’t Believe Darth Vader Was Luke’s Father

“I said to myself, ‘He’s lying. I wonder how they are going to play that lie out?’” the actor says.


and an article on him meeting Carrie Fisher for the first time in 2014 - for filming an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’:-

Star Wars’ James Earl Jones And Carrie Fisher Only Recently Met For The First Time’:-


Also, a true story… Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones once teamed up with each other to defeat the Nazis - impressive, most impressive…

Return Of The Jedi - a General Random Thoughts thread

This post below by NevererGreat, made in response to the above image, pretty much sums up Return Of The Jedi for me…


NeverarGreat said:

That moment you realize that the worst OT film has more awesome stuff in it than most other film franchises.


Flawed, yet sill massively enjoyable - and with many great moments 😃

Star Wars (1977) - a General Random Thoughts thread

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

Given the current organization of the site, sure this makes sense. But wasn’t it easier when there were fewer sub forums and we could just have fun in the random thoughts thread? I forgot it even existed until now!

You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done 😉

There are only two extra sub-forums on here since the re-organisation; giving the site a much-requested dedicated ‘Original Trilogy Discussion’ section in the process.

Apart from having this ‘Original Trilogy Discussion’ forum, and a forum for ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’… everything else is pretty much where it was before - in the ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ section.

(And there is no way I’m going through and moving over 5000 threads again - one by one… into their relevant site sections and then re-sorting & updating the various Index Threads etc)

Star Wars (1977) - a General Random Thoughts thread

Hey, I won £5. That was easy 😃


I imagine the idea of creating these threads were for newer and future members to also contribute in them too - as well for anyone to just post and engage in conversation with about these films.

Having a thread for each of the three classic films to ramble away in… seems a decent idea for a site that was built on getting an official release of / preserving said films - and there is now a dedicated discussion section for.

Yes, a lot has already been posted in the old General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread - which also contains some content from Star Wars releases that may not interest members who don’t like certain other aspects of the GFFA.

These are just for each of the Original Trilogy movies…

The Mandalorian: Comic Covers - * <strong>SPOILERS WITHIN</strong> *

Though not comic cover art, below are links to images for each of the ‘end of episode credit art’ - from season one…

Chapter 1 : (doesn’t have a chapter title) -
Chapter 2 : The Child -
Chapter 3 : The Sin -
Chapter 4 : Sanctuary -
Chapter 5 : The Gunslinger -
Chapter 6 : The Prisoner -
Chapter 7 : The Reckoning -
Chapter 8 : Redemption -

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Some of the cover art for the coming blu ray releases of TROS…

4K blu ray:-


4K steelbook blu ray:-

Kathleen Kennedy

^ from the 2012 ‘Henry Thomas and Kathleen Kennedy Talk E.T. The Extra-Terrestial, Jurassic Park 4, Lincoln, Steven Spielberg, and More’ interview with the Collider website. (Found by Cobra Kai - here)

Interviewer: ‘When it came out on DVD, there was the special edition version that had some notable changes (walkie-talkies in the government agents hands instead of guns, sanctifying certain dialogue exchanges) but the Blu-ray reverts back to the original version. What brought about that decision?’

Kathleen Kennedy: ‘To be perfectly honest, I think Steven always regretted having made the decision to do anything to the film. I think he was feeling a certain amount of pressure to be politically correct. And then he realized that it maybe wasn’t the correct [decision]. I think most fans and most people who like classic movies that have stood the test of time, don’t want them to be tinkered with.


Wow. Yep, you got it spot on there, Kathleen…

And many of us would just like to be able to have the option of buying and watching an official release of the old ‘untinkered with’ classic Original Trilogy movies on a quality modern digital format.