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Football / Soccer thread - general footy, futebol, futbol, fotbal, Fußball, voetbal or calcio

The new football seasons start soon - it’s like football never stops 😉

(Though for the US and South American leagues it has continued as usual throughout the Summer/World Cup)

Should be intriguing to see who ends up where after the transfer markets close, which clubs have strengthened - or taken gambles, and who’ll be the surprise upcoming teams this season…

As usual, I’ll be rooting for the underdogs throughout (Liverpool apart of course - who’ll hopefully continue to move in the right direction - and maybe win some silverware 😃)

Good luck to the new MLS teams - and for those franchises to come - seems footy is kicking on in the US (awful & lazy pun intended)…

US Republican Party voters/supporters - your thoughts and views on Trump & the Party

A few questions and viewpoints sought from an intrigued outsider (a Brit) to the US political system. Obviously there are many articles out there in the press on Trump (both pro & anti, maybe even some with balance!) - yet not so many from the people who voted for him / the Republican Party. So coming up on an eventful past couple of years…

As a supporter/voter of the Republican Party, whether it be a long-term supporter or occasional voter, what are your thoughts and views on how the last couple of years have gone - for both the President and your Party?

Are you happy and content with how events have evolved and issues have been addressed? Or more worried and concerned for the future?

What issues and policies would you like to see addressed - or implemented - before the next election?

Do you believe President Trump will win in the 2020 election, and why? (or why not - and what concerns do you have for the Party if that is the case?)



As with the ‘Where does the US Democratic Party go from here?’ thread, if anyone reading is so enthused… please go ahead and start up a thread on a political issue you wish to discuss… maybe the current political system in the US; whether that be the structure of the system itself - or a third way / alternative way (ie Independents, Green, a new Party) etc…

How to write stories.

‘The Writer Experience’ podcast…

‘Interviews with professional writers of fandom, comic books, and science fiction. Guests include Marc Bernardin, Athena Finger, Alan Dean Foster, Michael Kogge, etc.’

Episode 4 of the podcast had Alan Dean Foster on it - seems the host manages to get some quality writers on his show - and thought it may be of interest…


Where does the US Democratic Party go from here?

Puggo - Jar Jar’s Yoda said:

moviefreakedmind said:

I don’t think that those would have stuck in the Rust Belt, and Bernie did a good job of deflecting those attacks anyway since he actually embraced the socialist label. Attacks like those working, by the way, are perfect examples of why I think the voting population needs to decrease. And I don’t think “snowflake” and “SJW” and that shit had much of an impact outside of internet subcultures. I bet your average voter was unfamiliar with that.

My conservative friends were calling ME those names. They stuck VERY effectively, not just on social media.

As an aside… I get called those a lot. However, it’s usually quite fun (for a while, anyway) asking them to outline the differences between a socialist and a communist, or socialism & communism. It’s usually nervous laughter, followed by a lot of ‘erms…’ and mutterings - and then silence upon learning of their somewhat lazy ignorance.

Or that ‘being’ a snowflake is just a word usually used in derogatory terms by sociopaths to try and discredit the notion of empathy in others (credit to John Cleese on that one). I’ll happily be a snowflake if it means I have empathy for others. Many others likely would too - and am sure Bernie has been called worse things in that in his time in politics - the effect on him would would likely have been negligible - and possibly used by him in a way to bring attention to the positive aspects of 2 of the 3 names you were called 😉

Whether he’d have won or not - for another debate… (unless he runs again?)

World Cup 2018

No worries lads - hope we all got a little something out of it - even for the members who don’t usually watch or like football.

Personally, I thought it was a really enjoyable tournament - some quality footy, great goals, some surprises, uncertainty, and a maybe a change in just how effective the ‘outsiders’ or so-called ‘smaller’ teams can indeed compete with the ‘big boys’.

‘Russia 2018 - An Unforgettable World Cup’ -

‘30+ Amazing Goals Of The World Cup 2018’ -

‘World Cup 2018 Highlights & Moments’ -


However… this is worthy of note:-

Why didn’t any ‘World Cup heroes’ stand up for Russia’s LGBTQ+ people? - an opinion piece from The Guardian


‘A Croatian family walking through Brussels gets the most heart melting congratulations as their country reaches World Cup finals’ -

France’s Kylian Mbappe, 19-year-old phenom, will donate World Cup earnings to charity


Croatia fans welcoming their team back home (500k+ welcomed them - Croatia only has a population of 4.3 million people)…


French celebrating their win…

Some photos of French fans welcoming back their team:-



The next World Cup may be quite a strange, uncertain and likely controversial event…

Qatar 2022…

World Cup 2022: Qatar’s workers are not workers, they are slaves, and they are building mausoleums, not stadiums

Revealed: Qatar’s World Cup ‘slaves’

Thousands of Qatar World Cup workers ‘subjected to life-threatening heat’

Qatar Is Building A $45 Billion City From Scratch For The World Cup That It Might Lose


Of course, there’ll be the 2020 European Championships, 2019 Copa America, 2022 World Cup Qualifying and various other international tournaments before then…

as well as the club competitions too, and just football in general -’s general football / soccer thread


Where does the US Democratic Party go from here?

As an outsider to the US political system I’m somewhat surprised at the lack of progress - or ‘fight’, acknowledgements of what went wrong for the Democratic Party at the last election, how these issues are being addressed, to try to win back voters, tackle the Republican Party, and how it plans to try and win the next election in 2020 - and beyond.

From the media news cycle, it seems Trump and the surrounding events of the last election dominate articles and news - yet I don’t often see many (or occasionally any) of the Democratic Party leaders fighting their corner, holding Trump or the Republicans to account, or highlighting perceived weaknesses to take advantage of them future elections - or putting across a ‘better way’ - their message or their alternative take on certain events and situations since the 2016 election.

I couldn’t tell you who the Democratic Party leaders are (in the DNC or figureheads outside of it) - what their plans are, who’ll likely be in the running. Maybe great strides have been made behind the scenes for the Democrats to tackle the Republicans, have enough support to be voted in, and/or be strengthened overall as a Party?

At times it seems ‘the plan’ is let Trump get himself voted out - by doing nothing themselves? Is that it? (or some part of it?)

Obviously as a Brit, column inches, articles and news stories are limited to what we see here in the media ‘news cycle’ (and likely other parts of the world too) - so my perspective is likely somewhere between incorrect and not fully informed (or informed at all 😉) Yet as an interested observer… what does the future hold for the Party? Where does the Democratic Party go from here?



If anyone viewing is so enthused… please go ahead and start up a similar thread for the Republican Party - or a thread on how they may wish to see changes to the current political system in the US; whether that be the structure of the system itself - or a third way / alternative way (ie Independents, Green, a new Party) etc…

Grindhouse trilogy 3-in-1/ matching individual covers/labels?

toastedzen said:

oojason said:

Personally, I love this cover - don’t know who did it (someone at - though could easily be adaptable in a Triple Feature cover? (with permission, of course)…

I have been looking for the higher quality version of this cover forever now, and I have had no luck!

Have found it on here (and available for download too), mate:-

The artwork is credited to being done by ‘ThrowgnCpr’ - who is also a member on here 😃

Rarely Talked About But Entirely Awesome Historical Figures thread

Aneurin Bevan (1897 - 1960)

Aneurin Bevan was one of the most important ministers of the post-war UK government and the chief architect of the National Health Service.

Aneurin Bevan was born on 15 November 1897 in Tredegar in Wales. His father was a miner and the poor working class family in which Bevan grew up gave him first-hand experience of the problems of poverty and disease.

Bevan left school at 13 and began working in a local colliery. He became a trade union activist and won a scholarship to study in London. It was during this period that he became convinced by the ideas of socialism. During the 1926 General Strike, Bevan emerged as one of the leaders of the South Wales miners. In 1929, Bevan was elected as the Labour member of parliament for Ebbw Vale. In 1934 he married another Labour MP, Jennie Lee.

During World War Two, Bevan was one of the leaders of the left in the House of Commons. After the landslide Labour victory in the 1945 general election, Bevan was appointed Minister of Health, and is responsible for the creation of the National Health Service (aka the NHS). On 5 July 1948, the government took over responsibility for all medical services and there was free diagnosis and treatment for all.

“The collective principle asserts that… no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.” - Aneurin Bevan, In Place of Fear.

In 1959, Bevan was elected deputy leader of the Labour Party, although he was already suffering from terminal cancer. He died on 6th July 1960.

The NHS saw it’s 70th Anniversary as of 5th July 2018.

Wikipedia page for Bevan -

Wikipedia page for the NHS -

A little info on the history of the NHS -



Massive respect to the Croatian President - Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović - after the World Cup Final earlier today (which they lost 4-2 to France). She hugged and consoled everyone on the Croatian team after the defeat - in the torrential rain, whilst other dignitaries stood under umbrellas, not really giving a shite.

And then heartfeltfully congratulated the French players too.

World Cup 2018

Congratulations to France.

Thought Croatia were the better footballing side in the main - and were hard done by - especially by the earlier referee decisions that went against them for France’s first two goals.

Still, France put the ball in the back of the net more times, so…



Fair play to the French lads for doing a Guard Of Honour for the Croatian side…


Respect to the Croatian President - one of the few who didn’t have an umbrella protecting them for that dangerous rain during the handing out of medals etc… (also travels economy class, watches all the games, and prefers to sit with regular match-going fans)


Fans in Paris watching the game…

^ this fan at the ground in Moscow.


Video of French fans celebrating at The Marseillaise - from


World Cup 2018


France 4 - 2 Croatia : 4pm KO - UK time : 5pm KO - CET time : 11am KO - US ET time

France team twitter : Croatian team twitter : World Cup Twitter : World Cup Website

FIFA’s World Cup Match Blog / Build-up / Match Report

BBC’s World Cup Match Blog / Build-up / Match Report

The Guardian’s World Cup Match Blog / Build-up / Match Report

EuroSport’s World Cup Match Blog / Build-up / Match Report

ESPN’s World Cup Match Blog / Build-up / Match Report

The game is live in the UK on both BBC1 & ITV1. In the USA, the game is live on Fox Sports and Telemundo.

Other countries around the world showing the match live -

Highlights & Full Match Replays from reddit/footballhighlights

2 minute Highlights -

How France reached The Final…

Group Game 1 vs Australia, 2-1 :
Group Game 2 vs Peru, 1-0 :
Group Game 3 vs Denmark, 0-0 :
Last 16 Game vs Argentina, 4-3 :
Quarter-Final vs Uruguay, 2-0 :
Semi-Final vs Belgium, 1-0 :

Wikipedia page on the French national football team

How Croatia reached The Final…

Group Game 1 vs Nigeria, 2-0 :
Group Game 2 vs Argentina, 3-0 :
Group Game 3 vs Iceland, 2-1 :
Last 16 Game vs Denmark, 1-1 (Cro won 3-2 on pens) :
Quarter-Final vs Russia, 2-2 (Cro won 4-3 on pens) :
Semi-Final vs England, 2-1 (aet) :

Wikipedia page on the Croatian national football team

Wikipedia page for the 2018 World Cup


World Cup 2018

Belgian fans gather to welcome home their team…

More likely at &

A video from Hazard on the surrounding crowds from the open-top bus - from r/soccer

Some quality videos of the players & crowds…


World Cup 2018

Pens is an abbreviation for penalties, mate 😃

In the knockout stages of a tournament, if the scoreline is tied after 90 minutes there is an extra-time period of 30 minutes to see if one team can triumph. If the scores are still level, penalties are then used to decide the winner.

Each team gets 5 penalties each - whoever scores the most penalties, wins. Each penalty has to be taken by a different player.

However, on occasion, the ties are still level after the 5 penalties are taken… this then results in a further round of 1 penalty each (sometimes referred to as ‘sudden death penalties’) - to be taken by players who have not yet taken a penalty - and it continues until there is a winner.

Sometimes this results in both goalkeepers taking penalties, occasionally against each other - which is quite a rare event, and usually fun/entertaining to watch.

If the scores are still level after everyone has taken a penalty - it just resets back to the players who originally took the set of 5 penalties - and continues until there is a winner…


This video may show / explain it better (a 15-14 win on penalties for Liverpool a couple of years back)…


YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars finds

Thought this intriguing - and worth a re-post, here…

screams in the void said:

have not seen this posted elsewhere , just came across this link on Adywan’s Revisited page on facebook …looks like a neat project …

Hope the project goes well - looking forward to seeing it, upon release 😃

Jedit: Adywan’s facebook page for Star Wars Revisited is - always worth a visit!


World Cup 2018

Hopefully something like a 4-4 scoreline, followed by a high-scoring penalty shootout - with goalkeepers taking the deciding pens, will do for me 😃 Good luck to you too, mate.

A couple of quality beers at the ready 😃


‘5 of the Most Spectacular Third Place Playoff Games in World Cup History’:-

^ Here’s hoping it’ll be 6 after today’s game…


a Snoopy / Peanuts / Charlie Brown appreciation thread - especially the 2015 film

LuckyGungan2001 said:

… aside from the 2015 film which I thought was shit.

Mate, this is an appreciation thread (especially re the 2015 film - as per the thread title - yes?)

If you’re going to state you didn’t enjoy or rate it, then at lest say which aspects you found wanting etc, or parts you did enjoy / thought were ok. Just calling something ‘shit’ in a thread like this isn’t on, mate.

This isn’t The Cantina (where lighter moderation is in place). And you’re better than that.

YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars finds

‘Star Wars: How to Make Rey’s Last Jedi Lightsaber for $25 with sounds, clashes, and lights’…

Part One -

Part Two -



and also this…

‘Star Wars: How to Make the Skywalker lightsaber blade - The Last Jedi for $5’ ($30 for the whole 'saber):-