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I am Searching For Detailed informations on Designs sources and blueprints Emperor Palpatine chair (1983)

Yes mate, we know from the other thread(s) you have made about this 😉

If anyone knows something that may be of some help I am sure they will respond - though there is no need to create multiple threads on it across the boards here (or making off-topic posts in other people’s threads) - thank you.


Where is the original Emperor Palpatine chair from Return of the Jedi (1983) Movie?

Other than contacting Lucasfilm…

Norman Reynolds is likely your best bet as to someone having an idea where the chair ended up / what happened to it.

Bill Hargreaves would be another to likely know. Maybe George too? Perhaps for his own museum opening soon?

Jedit: I seem to remember there being photo opportunities with the chair at one of the Celebrations - whilst it could have been the real thing - it could also have just been a good replica…


Have you had any luck or leads with finding what you are looking for on the other forums you have also asked about this on?

HD quality of Vintage Star Wars on Disney+

There’s been some discussion about the quality of ‘Vintage Collection’ content in their respective individual threads - it pretty much seems from the comments that most of the releases are HD upscales - though little definite info on that.

It is a little surprising the Star Wars youtubers out there haven’t done anything (that I can find so far) on the quality of the ‘Vintage Collection’ releases on Disney+ - or compared them with previous releases on DVD or blu ray - in the case of the ‘Story of the Faithful Wookiee’.

Nothing much from the usual websites (Wired, DigitalBits, Empire, ARSTechnica, Collider, CBR, ScreenRant, Den Of Geek, io9 / Gizmodo, IGN, SlashFilm, Flickering Myth, Mashable, IndieWire, Inverse, etc) on the quality either.


As ‘Caravan Of Courage’ and ‘Battle For Endor’ were shot on film… you’d expect to see them in film quality.

The same for the ‘Star Wars: Droids’ and ‘Star Wars: Ewoks’ animated series - they were edited on film; so prints do exist.

Ditto for the animated segment of the Holiday Special - the ‘Story of the Faithful Wookiee’ was shot on film too.

2003 ‘Clone Wars’ animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky… I’ve no idea what that was shot on (the good stuff? I love it!) - though looks decent enough. A comparison with some of the recent fan-made AI upscales in 4K or HD would be interesting.


Don’t get me wrong… it is great to see all these releases available once more - with ‘Star Wars: Droids’ to arrive soon too (take that scalpers and rip-off merchants on ebay charging astronomical sums for much of the above OOP content in recent times!). Yet it does seem the ‘Vintage Collection’ label is an excuse to issue the content with the least amount of work done to them; a sort of ‘enjoy them as they were’ on their previous home releases… but simply and somewhat lazily upscaled to HD.

And far, far away from the quality of what they could, and should, be presented at…


If anyone does find some quality info / articles / videos etc out there on the quality of these releases up on Disney+ please do share in here. 👍

10th Anniversary Edition? Was anything released or done?

A little bump - though hopefully a fun and worthwhile one…


A few more banners & posters from 1987 celebrating the 10th anniversary…


A few newspaper cuttings from 1987 celebrating the 10th anniversary…

^ all from (a useful archive for other dates too)



The ‘Starlog 10th Anniversary Tribute’ Poster - now sometimes referred to as ‘Celebration 0’…



‘Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness & Mark Hamill, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Star Wars at a dinner. 1987.’:-


Starlog issue #120 - with ‘Spectacular 10th Anniversary Tribute to George Lucas’ Star Wars’:-

^ also available to view at (also features an interview with Sebastian Shaw)



Remembering the 10th Anniversary - 2017 thread by TallGuy

^ and from that thread (posted by screams in the void)


Starlog Salutes Star Wars 1987’:- - a 5 minute video at the Star Wars Obsessed youtube channel.


Star Wars Feature - Today Show 1987’:- - a 6 minute video at the belkinfan youtube channel


Skywalking Through Neverland BONUS CONTENT: C-3P0 and R2-D2 at Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention’:- - a 3 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


Skywalking Through Neverland BONUS CONTENT: Darth Vader at Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention’:- - a 9 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


'Peter Mayhew Q & A At Star Wars Celebration 0 In 1987:- - a 34 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


1987 George Lucas Q & A at Star Wars Celebration 0 - Starlog Convention’:- - a 101 minute video at the Skywalking Through Neverland youtube channel.


10th Anniversary Star Wars Trilogy CBS FOX Home Video Promo 1987’:- - a 3 minute video at the Jakob Wallace youtube channel



Seems there was some merchandise available celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars too…

^ some 40+ items listed - such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, badges, coins, plates, stationery etc - all with images)

a few images from the above link…

and also this ‘larger logo’ t-shirt…



The Original Trilogy on VHS was available too - with ‘10 Years’ anniversary sticker - and accompanying leaflet - only $30 each…

^ an abridged image taken from



The ‘Star Wars Trilogy 10th Anniversary Omnibus Edition’ book…

^ More info here -



The 10th Anniversary Star Wars 3D comics (with glasses) - from Blackthorne…

^ Wookieepedia page on the comics

a 2014 review (& info) -



A few articles for the 10th anniversary…

‘Celebration 0 - The Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention’ (part 1) - at StarWars•com

‘Celebration 0’ - Here’s George Lucas (part 2) - at StarWars•com

‘PC Collectables Booth 1050’ - a few photos from the 10th anniversary event (+ other interesting pics)

Wookieepedia page for ‘Starlog Salutes Star Wars’ - 10th anniversary event

Star Wars 10th Anniversary Tribute Page - at Facebook (with many images)

The Starlog Project: Starlog #120, July 1987 - at the weimarworld blog

Star Wars Trilogy - 10th Anniversary VHS (CBS Fox, 1987) - at The Sphinx blog

The ‘Lucas Fan Club’ Magazine #1 also featured information & articles on Starlog’s 10th Anniversary Tribute - at Wookieepedia

Star Wars <strong>Fan Films</strong> / Shorts - a general discussion thread

Star Wars: Bucketheads - Season 1 (official trailer) - a one minute trailer at the Transmute youtube channel

The blurb…

‘Bucketheads - Season 1 is a #StarWars​ fan project that has been in the making for a long time and the first part of Episode 1 is just around the corner! May 12th, right here on the Transmute Pictures YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be among the first to see the full episode!’ : :


A previous post - for the Bucketheads fan film (from 2018; a 14 minute movie):-



‘Star Wars: Bucketheads - S1E1 Ground Zero (Prologue)’:- - a 12 minute video at the Transmute Pictures youtube channel.

The random things that you saw today, that made your life that little bit better thread

Walking down the street to where I was getting a Covid vaccination, I came across an independent toy shop (a rare thing in the UK)

A toy shop with a full window display of Star Wars toys - something I’ve not seen in years. It took me right back to being a kid in the early 80’s again - where these toys were seemingly on the shelves in every toy store and supermarket.

The prices weren’t too bad either - and always good to have an alternative to the likes of tax dodgers amazon - as well to actually be able to see in the flesh something that may interest us; the size, quality, look, and feel (instead of a stock image photo).

Looking forward to going back again - with some cash in my pocket this time 😃

The simple things in life, eh? 👍

It's the full collection, Charlie Brown! AKA continuing the Warner Peanuts 1960s, 1970s &quot;decade&quot; collections (a WIP)

marioxb said:

Not sure why someone put “released”, in the title, as I never finished this project. I will get to it eventually.

That was me - my apologies.

When sorting through the project threads in last year’s 'reorganisation’ / rejig if I saw that there were mention of a project being available - such as this below…

marioxb said:

Kinda. Sorry I didn’t see your reply until now. So all 4 movies are available now, as well as two more specials on the Emmy Nominated collection. I haven’t done anything on this in a while, but when I get on my PC, I can tell you what I have so far.


marioxb said:

ThiefCobbler4ever said:

Links don’t seem to work.

Sorry about that. They should now.

…I put it in the ‘Released’ category - so that anyone interested in the project can read through the thread to see which parts have been released and made available - and which are not (yet).

Apologies again, maxioxb.

<strong>Disney+</strong> streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various other info

ZkinandBonez said:

Still no Vintage Collection available in Norway (and presumably the rest of Scandinavia as well). Today seemed like an obvious time to release it, but it seems to just be the same as the US got, so at least the Bad Batch wasn’t postponed like The Mandalorian and TCW season 7 was, but it is quite frustrating how hard it is to get any proper news on this.

benduwan said:

ZkinandBonez said:

Still no Vintage Collection available in Norway (and presumably the rest of Scandinavia as well).

…thesame in germany…😦

That is shite form from Disney.

Especially given they have inferred the ‘Vintage Collection’ (and other releases) will be available to anyone with Disney+ - with no mention of geographical differences etc.

That they have many social media accounts for ‘Disney+’ and they could very easily let fans from each country know what content is available or not - or when it will become available - is poor too.

I take it they do not reply to any queries from fans on the subject on the Disney+ twitter?

Edit: It may be worth trying this - - to see if you guys can get an answer?

(there is a ‘live chat’ option at the bottom of the page - along with a ‘Call Us’ option too - hopefully it is a free phone call?)

Star Wars Model Kits - why so expensive?

Yeah, Slave 1 is an iconic design - and looks great across the toy ranges.

The snowspeeder size thing is weird - as it was somewhat oversized when it was available via Kenner / Palitoy back in the day - something the toy companies have ‘rectified’ in making it considerably smaller / to scale (less plastic - though costing more money 😉)

This may be of some interest to you (as to the numbers of models made, making it to store, & scarceness of them on the shelves)… likely resulting in price rises for the few models actually available? Not to mention Hasbro’s recent price increases - and also the rise of scalpers…

Rise of Evil, Fall of the Toy Industry’:- - a 25 minute video at the RetroBlasting youtube channel.

I think similar could be said for the availability of comics in stores too.

YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars video finds

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Launches 2022 | Walt Disney World Resort(with footage of the ‘real’ lightsaber):- - a 13 second video at the official Disney Parks youtube channel.

The blurb…

'Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort will take you to a galaxy far, far away starting in 2022 for an all-immersive, two-night vacation experience that goes beyond anything Disney has ever created before.


a few articles on the “real” lightsaber…

Disney’s REAL lightsaber looks insane! Here’s how it may work - a 9 minute video at CNET

How Disney’s “real” lightsaber works: Like 2x tape measures - at SlashGear

Disney unveils footage of its ‘real’ lightsaber - at Polygon

Disney shares footage of realistic lightsaber set to debut at Star Wars Hotel in 2022 - ay Yahoo Movies

Disney unveils a real-life lightsaber - at CNN

<strong>Disney+</strong> streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various other info

‘In a daycare far, far away… but still in Springfield. Maggie Simpson in “The Force Awakens from Its Nap” is streaming tomorrow, May the 4th on #DisneyPlus.’

^ from


The Simpsons Producer Al Jean on How the Show’s New ‘Star Wars’ Short Came to Be’:-


The Simpsons Gets the ‘Star Wars’ Treatment in a New Animated Short Coming to Disney+’:-



Also on Disney+:-

and something which may be of some interest to fan editors…

For May the 4th, Disney Plus lets you visit Star Wars planets on your TV’:-

Star Wars Biomes and Vehicle Flythrough are available now


Descriptions from

Star Wars Biomes…

Take a virtual vacation to some of the Star Wars films’ most iconic and beloved locations like Hoth, Tatooine, and Sorgan as this charming series whisks you off for fly-over tours of a Galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Vehicle Flythroughs…

Get up-close and personal with two of the Star Wars films most iconic and beloved ships as this charming content leads viewers on an exploration of the memorable interiors and exteriors of the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer.


<strong>Star Wars: The Bad Batch</strong> (animated series) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

A few articles / interviews / PR pieces with the creators doing the rounds for the show’s premiere (now available to watch)…


Star Wars: The Bad Batch crew talks season length, Omega and Imperial oppression’:-

^ According to the article there will be 16 episodes for the first season.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch producers promise ‘familiar faces’ on the show’:-


Star Wars: The Bad Batch Producers on New Characters, Familiar Planets, & Setting a Show During the Rise of the Empire’:-


Star Wars: The Bad Batch: How the Animated ‘Clone Wars’ Spin-Off Series Bridges the Original Trilogy’:-


The Bad Batch proves Star Wars animation still has a story to tell’:-


If You’ve Never Watched A Star Wars Animated Series Before, ‘The Bad Batch’ May Be For You’:-

YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars video finds

^ A good watch - they are certainly honing and improving their skills over the past year. I hope they do more of these.



Star Wars: The Complete Canon Timeline (2021)’:- - a 59 minute video from the Star Wars Explained youtube channel.

The blurb…

‘This is the entire history of the Star Wars canon as of May 3, 2021. The Star Wars films, TV shows, books, comics, video games, and short stories are all summarized into the most important moments in galactic history.’

Star Wars Model Kits - why so expensive?

Have they jumped up in price of late mate - or is it a thing that being going on for a while?

What sort of lines of models are you looking at?

I used to be somewhat up on the Star Wars models - though there were so many differing toy and model lines… they all began to blur into one, and I began to lose interest. Especially given the prices of some of them, or lack of availability as collectors and scalpers would snap many of the more intriguing models and toys up.

Star Wars Clothing

Sweet designs 😃


Stardust1138 said:

I didn’t see a discussion for it.

What is your favourite Star Wars related clothing item you own?

You’re right - though there a there a few clothing threads located around the site - they can be hard to find (or remember where they are)…

So I’ve added a few of the clothing threads to the An Index for Collections, Toys and Memorabilia - hopefully it’ll make them somewhat easier to come by.



I love the ‘wind-up’ AT-AT design on these old ILM t-shirts from back in the day…

And the ‘Marin Unit’ seemed to have some quality gear…

^ all credit to