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Delete my account, previous comments etc

Hi zmw1211 - there is some information on how to delete your account etc in the ‘How do I do this?’ on the thread - pinned up at the top of the ‘General Assistance’ section.

If you wish, please send me a PM if you wish to delete your account & data (or if you prefer for the mods to simply ban your account etc) - thank you.

Please Ask Thread Creators Before Changing Thread Titles

DominicCobb said:

Someone changed a fan edit thread of mine to say “Released.” I don’t know who thought that was okay to do or why, but regardless of whether or not it was an accurate change to make (it is not), I would at least appreciate someone asking if it’s okay or not, or at the very least a heads up. Now I’m being with inundated with PM requests for edits that aren’t ready yet.

Apologies Dom - that was me. I messed up in mistakenly thinking the project as a whole was available - I am sorry about that.

The reason why you weren’t given a heads-up about personally was… there are just too many project threads within the four main ‘Fan Project’ sections (and also ‘Toys & Memorabilia’) - as part of the recent sort-through/re-organisation of those ‘Fan Project’ sections - around 6800 threads in total; it took around four months to complete - even without asking for the okay from each thread creator.

I did put updates as to the sort-through / re-organisation in each of the ‘Index & Help’ threads - as well as it being discussed in a couple of threads in the ‘Feedback Forum’ - yet it likely should have been made clearer.

Near on all of the 6800 threads have had their titles amended to give the current status of the projects within, or to help try and explain what the thread is about… ie, for ‘info’, ‘info wanted’, an ‘idea’ for a project, some ‘help wanted’, or ‘looking for X’ and so on. Some threads have also been moved into the correct / more relevant section of the site. Unfortunately a few mistakes were made during the process - though have been corrected (as any more mistakes come to light will be).

Hopefully members will recognise this recent sort-through / re-organisation was done for the benefit of the whole community here.

Again - apologies for the mistake as to the status of your project.

If you have any questions or issues please let me know - I always try and give a prompt response to PMs - thank you.


dahmage said:

Maybe mods should moderate and not edit.

Just a little reminder / for wider clarification…

The moderators do more than moderate the site - we run and maintain it, and have done since Jay decided to take a back seat after 15 years, back in 2018.

The mods also edit threads where we deem it necessary - and have done since 2003.

The recent sort-through / re-organisation was done in an attempt to try and improve the site - for the benefit of the community here. It was not taken lightly - though unfortunately I have made a few mistakes as to the status of projects in some cases - and there may be more to come… given there were circa 6800 threads sorted through during the four months it took to complete.

Mistakes made along the way is always a risk when trying to make improvements - though hopefully the end result will be more of a benefit to the community than a hindrance.

If you have any questions or issues please let me know - I always try and give a prompt response to PMs - thank you.

Discussion: Show off your <strong>Star Wars Collection</strong> (This is the place... let's see it already)

Sweet image Rodney-2187 - what is the shiny chrome thing on the floor between the Tie-Fighter and the black cube shelving?

Nice looking saber too 👍


marduk666 said:

My brain might 'Ave just popped. Using a cassetter to hold usb!!! Brilliant!!!

It has only been three years since I just saw your post… 😃

This may be of some interest mate:-

A Star Wars USB Drive - Box, Case, Tape, Tin, Frame, Figure & Cover Thread…

^ somewhere in there are links to USB cassettes and templates for covers - along with a few other ideas etc

The Rise Of Lord Vader - Swan Lake

Nicely done, Mapixo.

It did feel a little jarring going from the scene of Anakin’s mother dying straight into the wedding with Padme - though other than that the transitions worked well. Vader’s last word of dialogue at the end was cut just a little short?

The build-up of the music matched the events Anakin’s path surprisingly well - nicely done.

Pretty good - especially for as a first time project 👍

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Bluto said:

Presumably the Blu-ray discs in these 3-disc sets are the 2019 remasters?

They are indeed mate.

Australia also had a similar release to the UK (3-disc sets of the individual films; a 4K, a blu ray, and a bonus disc) earlier in the year.

That set also has the 2019 SE version on the blu ray disc - confirmed here by Nathan Butler on his youtube channel:- - Nathan discusses the 3-disc Aus content around 4 minutes in.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

Rodney-2187 said:

act on instinct said:

Is it time for a new thread? Seems to be getting more into comparisons between the whole saga now, less specific to TROS. Think it’s a good time for that since the dust has sort of settled.

I think the sections labeled “Beyond The Original Trilogy” and “Expanded Universe” overlap too much. I think separate sections for Originals, Prequels, Sequels, and TV series would be nice, along with a General Star Wars discussion for topics that cover the entire saga such as the comparisons you mention.

Plans to split the the current The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussion section into two separate categories are afoot 😉

So the ‘Star Wars’ section of the site would look like this…

• Original Trilogy Discussion
• Beyond the Original Trilogy
• Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases
• The Expanded Universe
• General Star Wars Discussions
• Toys & Memorabilia

I’m sure preservation and fan edit topics would naturally pop up in those sections, but there would still be a main section for that.

I don’t see much talk about books and video games. I suppose they could fall under the General category.

Books and video games would likely fall under the ‘The Expanded Universe’ section. Something akin to…

‘For talk on the books, comics, gaming, soundtracks & music, documentaries, fan films, homages, cons & events, theme parks & rides, fan clubs & memberships…’

The General Star Wars Discussion would likely be along the lines of…

‘For discussions that cross the ‘Original Trilogy’, ‘Beyond The Original Trilogy’ and ‘The Expanded Universe’ forums; for thoughts and chat that covers the wider GFFA…’


Don’t get me wrong, this place is great. Just my OCD kicking in.

Thanks mate 👍

(there is some method in the madness of it all (or is madness in the method? 😉)

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Zavvi and Zoom in the UK have the individual Star Wars films (including Rogue One and Solo) for sale at £20 each (or 2 for £30).

Each release is a 3-disc set; containing the 4K, blu ray, and bonus disc:-

Edit: HMV are doing the same £20 each / ‘2 for £30’ offer too - threads for the 3-disc 4K UHD releases of the individual Star Wars films in the UK: SW : ESB : ROTJ


Rogue One is now finally available in 4K in the UK too - thread 😃

What is your preferred browser? For Mobile; for Desktop? Why?

I’ve seen Internet Exploder glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate…

We’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday: Microsoft to yank services from Internet Explorer, kill off Legacy Edge by 2021 - article from The Register.

Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer 11 Farewell Timeline - article from FossBytes