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Myspleen down?

Both the site and forums ( are down - perhaps it could be something to do with a server move mentioned on there not long ago?, IIRC.

Hopefully they’ll both be back up soon. It is probably worth checking the every now and then - that may likely be the service that is online first (and a good place to ask any questions / look for updates & info etc re the MySpleen site itself). 👍


Edit: both the MySpleen site and forums seem to be back up and working fine 😃

Help needed! Kenner DROIDS and Ewok Battle Wagon commercials

I wish I had them mate - love watching the old commercials for old Star Wars toys and the like.

This Droids & Ewoks site may be of some help and worth asking the people who run it. They seem pretty knowledgeable and good people - perhaps they know of someone who may have them?

It maybe worth reaching out to the people who wrote the old article on the official site - Pete Vilmur, Gus Lopez, Duncan Jenkins - see if they are on social media, and are contactable?

I think Pete Vilmur is still at Lucasfilm - it maybe worth asking them to include the videos again on any future Ewoks and Droids articles and content up on the official site or social media pages?

Good luck with it SKot - hope you find them. 👍

<strong>Star Wars: Visions</strong> (animated short films) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

‘Experience #StarWarsVisions , an Original Series, featuring stories from seven visionary Japanese anime studios, streaming September 22 on @disneyplus’




a few articles up on the official Star Wars website re Visions - contains spoilers for characters and the story…

Meet The Heroes’:

Meet The Villains’:

Meet The Droids’:

Meet The Ships & Vehicles’:

The Matrix

The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer | HBO Max’:- - a 3 minute video at the HBO Max youtube channel.

‘The Matrix Resurrections will be available on December 22 in theaters and on HBO Max, streaming only on the Ad-Free plan in the US for 31 days from its theatrical release.’ :

Star Trek: Picard - <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

Star Trek: Picard - Season 2 | Official Trailer | Prime Video(Picard season 2 is out in February 2022):- - a 2m 20s video at the Amazon Prime Video UK youtube channel.

US - (at Paramount+)

Aus & NZ - (Amazon Prime Video AUNZ)

All Things Star Trek

doubleofive said:

oojason said:

doubleofive said:

They posted a preview comparing the 2001 Director’s Edition with the new 4K version!

They seem to have already taken it down, mate.

I’m looking right at it.

Try my backup

Thanks mate - your backup video works fine - wow! 😃

(Could be a geo-location thing for the original Paramount+ video linked? I’m in the UK - the video is ‘unavailable’)

^ the same here for me re Star Trek: Picard | Season 2 Star Trek Day Trailer | Paramount+ - the video is ‘unavailable’ too!

'<strong>LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales</strong>' - The Halloween Special - 1st October on Disney+

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales | Official Trailer | Disney+’:- - a 2 minute trailer at the official Star Wars youtube channel.


I hope you’re right, jedi_bendu - it would be good to see some more fun releases such as this and the Holiday Special…

The Beyond the OT Trailers/Promos Thread (YouTube/Vimeo, etc. finds)

A list of many Rogue One teasers, trailers, previews, sizzle reels, adverts, tv spots, clips, promos, and featurettes etc…

Completely forgot I complied this list - all the links are now up to date and work okay - or they all did as of yesterday!

The list is from spoRv’s superb Rogue One: * visual database * of shots not in the final cut project thread - along with more content in the above thread chronicling many of the deleted / altered / re-shot scenes that did not appear in the final cut of R1.

As it is a somewhat lengthy list… please click on the ‘Expand’ button below to see the content…

oojason said:

Rogue One : Celebration 2015 Teaser Trailer - (‘For more than a thousand generations’…)

Rogue One : Official Teaser Preview -
Rogue One : Official Trailer Teaser -
Rogue One : Official Teaser Trailer -

Rogue One : Celebration 2016 Panel - (with use of Star Wars '77 opening crawl…)
Rogue One : Celebration 2016 Sizzle Reel -
Rogue One : ABC 2016 Sizzle Reel -

Rogue One : Official Trailer 1 -
Rogue One : Official Trailer 2 -

Rogue One : Official International Trailer 1 -
Rogue One : Official International Trailer 2 -
Rogue One : Official International Trailer 3 -
Rogue One : Official International Trailer 4 -
Rogue One : Official International Trailer 5 -

Rogue One : Korean Trailer -
Rogue One : Chinese Trailer -

Rogue One : Story featurette -
Rogue One : Living In Star Wars featurette -
Rogue One : Creatures featurette -
Rogue One : Introducing Jyn Erso featurette -
Rogue One : Musical Scoring featurette -
Rogue One : K-2SO featurette -
Rogue One : Made Great In Britain featurette -
Rogue One : Paradise featurette -
Rogue One : Locations featurette -

Rogue One : Exclusive Look (Disney Holiday Celebration / Thanksgiving) -
Rogue One : Walmart commercial -
Rogue One : Duracell commercial -
Rogue One : Nissan Rogue commercial -
Rogue One : Gillette commercial -
Rogue One : Calling All Pilots (design your own X-Wing helmet + put your face in it) -

Rogue One : Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO on Jedha clip -
Rogue One : Trust Goes Both Ways clip -
Rogue One : Jyn rallies the Rebel Alliance clip (featuring an old face) -
Rogue One : Come Back clip -
Rogue One : Call Sign clip -
Rogue One : Chance Of Failure clip -
Rogue One : Jyn Is Rescued clip -

Rogue One : TV Spot 1 (Rebellion) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 2 (Together) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 3 (Hope) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 4 (Welcome To The Rebellion) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 5 (Help) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 6 (Recruiting) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 7 (Greatest Weapon) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 8 (Dream) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 9 (Protect) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 10 (Jyn & Cassian) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 11 (Time To Fight) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 12 (Contact) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 13 (K-2SO) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 14 (Trained To Fight) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 15 (Trust) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 16 (Breath) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 17 (The Death Star) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 18 (Breath 2) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 19 (Come Back) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 20 (Chirrut Imwe) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 21 (Hope Begins) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 22 (Save The Rebellion) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 23 (Surrender) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 24 (Believe) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 25 (Trouble) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 26 (Are You With Me?) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 27 (Y-Wings) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 28 (Necessary) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 29 (IMAX trailer) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 30 (Beautiful) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 31 (Father) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 32 (Bad Idea) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 33 (It’s Started) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 34 (Gear Up) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 35 (Necessary) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 36 (Chance) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 37 (Scarif Battle) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 38 (Trained To Fight) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 39 (Critics Rave) -
Rogue One : TV Spot 40 (Exciting / Tomorrow Night) -

‘Rogue One : A Star Wars Story - all TV Spots’ - (14 minutes long; a fan-compiled video)

Rogue One : 10 Days… ‘a’ -
Rogue One : 10 Days… ‘b’ -
Rogue One : 5 Days… ‘a’ -
Rogue One : 5 Days… ‘b’ -
Rogue One : This Friday… ‘a’ (Thursday in the UK) -
Rogue One : This Friday… ‘b’ (Thursday in the UK) -
Rogue One : Monday Night Football TV Spot -
Rogue One : Tonight -

Rogue One : Soundtrack Track List -

Rogue One : In-Home Trailer -
Rogue One : “Darth Vader” featurette -

Rogue One : LEGO trailer -


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

TestingOutTheTest said:

Head mod unbanned me with another chance. I spent a lot of time on /r/saltierthancrait (former hater here!) and /r/saltierthankrayt.

Just to quickly address this. I’m not a head mod - or anything like.

Though you were indeed given yet another chance - which you blew right through and continued on as before your temp-ban. As you know, the temp-ban was to give you some time away to re-think your posting style and attitude to fan editors / creators on here. It is a shame you chose to ignore the advice and efforts of members on here who went out of their way to help you and carried on regardless upon your return. Not to mention lying to the site staff.

My apologies to Hal for going off-topic.

Let’s get back to the subject of this sweet TROS Edit. 👍

The Last Jedi Expanded Edition by Jason Fry: The &quot;Tragedy of Vader&quot; Edit (ROUGH DRAFT AVAILABLE)

TestingOutTheTest said:

I’d be more of build-up. It doesn’t confirm WHY they abandoned her. Also in TFA and TLJ pre-throne room they already give out evidence and hints of Rey’s insecurities. (That’s also my Reddit post.)

Please don’t link to a post off-site for some vague explanation for a discussion taking place on here. Discuss it / explain yourself on here.

With the amount of suggestions and posts made in this thread… you could have written your own TROS fan edit novelisation - just how YOU want it - and not how you want others to make it.

The 2 Ewok Films - '<strong>Caravan Of Courage</strong>' (aka 'The Ewok Adventure'), &amp; '<strong>Battle For Endor</strong>'

A couple of intriguing fan-made ‘Making Of’ videos for both Ewok films - Caravan Of Courage and Battle For Endor


Star Wars: Making the Ewok Adventures Part 1 - Caravan of Courage’:- - an 11 minute video at the Stian A. Olsen youtube channel


Star Wars: Making the Ewok Adventures Part 2 - Battle for Endor’:- - a 12 minute video at the Stian A. Olsen youtube channel



Eric Walker’s (the actor who played Mace in both of the Ewok films) video, released in 2014, to then help promote demand for a quality blu ray release for the films - along with extras like The Making Of, Deleted Scenes and Commentaries etc:-

Making of Star Wars Caravan of Courage An Ewok Adventure’:- - a 13 minute video at the Eric Walker youtube channel

What do you think of the <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong>? a general discussion thread

The circle is now complete - or something like that.

It is approaching two years since the final installment of the Sequels was released in cinemas. So with that in mind…

What do you good people think of the Sequel Trilogy as a whole?

Not just ‘it was great’ or ‘meh’, ‘mixed’ or ‘shite’ - but it’d be intriguing to hear others’ thoughts on topics such as the casting throughout, production and set design, costuming, acting, direction, cinematography, the CGI / visual effects & model work etc.

Along with the overall story, the feel and vibe of the films, the highlights, levels of enjoyment / disdain, comparisons with both the Prequel and Original Trilogies, the Sequels fitting in with your personal canon (or not), replay value, its legacy, and so on…


There is also a similar thread for Prequel Trilogy discussion - here, and another for Original Trilogy discussion (of sorts) - here.

LEGO Star Wars - the games!!

Lego Star Wars: Battles’ coming to Apple Arcade:-

'Can a flock of porgs take down a stormtrooper? We’ll soon find out.

Warner Bros. Games, The LEGO Group, and Lucasfilm Games today announced LEGO Star Wars Battles, a new action-strategy game coming soon exclusively to Apple Arcade, Apple’s popular game subscription service. Featuring real-time, PvP multiplayer battles, fans can have the minifigure matchups of their dreams.

In addition, players can collect and upgrade LEGO Star Wars characters, troops, and vehicles from across the Star Wars saga to build their own army; they’ll also build LEGO towers on the battlefield to strategically attack, defend, and capture territory. Heroes and villains will have their own unique abilities, from Darth Vader’s Force Slam to Luke Skywalker’s Force Push, while locales range from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace‘s Naboo to Hoth from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.’



LEGO Star Wars Battles will return as an Apple Arcade exclusive after shutting down in July’:-


So the ‘Lego Star Wars: Battles’ game that was released in 2019 and available on all mobile platforms, is cancelled (and players were told to spend any in-game currency before the closing date), yet is then re-released as a ‘new’ game just a couple of months after cancellation… and is now only made available to the monthly subscription service on Apple Arcade.

That’s pretty shite.

<strong>The Book Of Boba Fett</strong> (live action series) - a general discussion thread

Exclusive: Robert Rodriguez Teases ‘The Book of Boba Fett’: “It’s Going to Blow Your Mind”’:-

^ A decent ‘non-clickbait’ article with quotes from Robert Rodriguez himself.


I suppose this new Boba series puts an end to the further adventures of Dr Hone Ropata! (insert angry gif / emoticon here)