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The vintage (and not so vintage) OOT T-shirt thread

That Ewoks t-shirt looks well boss 😃


For the ‘76 Cast & Crew’ t-shirt…

(I’ve bought from them before (all the way from the US to the UK - good quality t-shirts, large range of colours and sizes, and styles - v-neck, tri-blend, ringer, heavyweight etc, decent prices and occasional sales / offers. Also offer mugs, stickers, hoodies etc too 😃)


This one of the old early-mid 70’s alt logo is pretty decent too…

Last song you listened to.

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott put on a great evening (he of The Housemartins and Beautiful South, with Jacqui of Beautiful South fame too) - a really good vibe and atmosphere, and will likely leave with a smile on your face.

They’ll change the tempos to some of the more popular tunes to keep things fresh and fun etc.

There are a few youtube videos of them live - in concert both indoor and at festivals etc.

Johnny Marr (of The Smiths, Electronic fame) also puts on a top show; superb guitar playing and a lengthy catalog of music to choose from 😉 Plus, he is getting more confident in his own right as a vocalist too. At times you may think he’s not playing live - as his guitar playing sounds the same as it does in the studio or for a single release - the man is that good.

Johnny Marr - Getting Away With It (6 Music Live October 2014)

Johnny Marr performing “How Soon Is Now?” Live at KCRW’s Apogee Sessions

The Specials and the The Beat (The English Beat in the US, and RIP Roger) are well worth catching if you can - great atmosphere at their gigs.

John Power (of Cast, and The La’s) is well worth going to - a top night out.

Dido was surprisingly good - just wasn’t expecting it (I wasn’t a fan, previously thought she was a little bland, and went as a favour for a mate), yet she great sense of humour & interaction with the crowd. Good voice and turned up the power and range as and when.

Jazz wise, Candy Dulfer (saxaphonist) puts on a good show - she a very strong band playing with her - modern, covers, funk, as well as some traditional.

For more modern stuff you’d have to ask someone else 😃 Though… The Tea Street Band, The High Dials, and The Cheap Thrills all put on a good set.

The Usual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

TK-422 said:

JakeRyan17 said:

Has anyone had success removing the timecode burn-ins from “Finn meets a villager” or “Kylo searches the Falcon” scenes?

I found this a while ago:

ForceGhostRecon posted it, so I assume he removed the timecode, but it might’ve been someone else.

I think that is xxtelecine 7xx’s upload mate 😃

Help: looking for... a good Return Of The Jedi fan edit...

It may be worth checking out the An Index & Help Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… and going through the 10 or Return Of The Jedi Edits listed in there…

and both of the ‘Original Trilogy Edits’ & ‘The Best Star Wars Fan Edits’ sections of the above Index to see if there is something there for you too.

Good luck with it mate 😃

The <strong>random Pics &amp; GIFs</strong> thread for the Original Trilogy

darth-gary said:

He had the high-ground and everything 😄

I want to see a fanedit with this dubbed over top:

Someone could insert the ‘Nooooooooo!’ SE change as YS falls 😉



^ by James Hance -

From the ‘Star Wars Characters Reimagined As Winnie The Pooh And Friends’ 2016 article at the BoredPanda website.

(with a few more OT-themed images in the article - and a LOT more OT-themed images, books and audio CD at his website).


^ from his ‘Wookiee The Chew’ storybook


Last song you listened to.

^ The 12th Timelord doing a half decent Bowie impression? 😃

(I like Craig Davidson’s outlook & humour on his old show -

Re the Manics, if you get a chance to see them live go check them out - they put on a great show, and some quality music too (when all this is over and things start to get back to a sense of ‘normality’).

Poll: which ship would you wanna fly?

Haarspalter said:

Not really a ship, but THIS

Preferably not in a forest 😉

Letter of recommendation to the Galactic Empire,

please deploy tactical ground troop vehicles sutitable for the respective planetary enviroment.

Slow dewbacks for open wide desert areas?
Fast speeder bikes for tree trunk-infested forests?

Someone needs to lose his job.

Sincerely, a worried Scout Trooper

Brilliant 😃

Make your dream come true mate…


Articles &amp; info that highlight / call for a classic version release of the Original Trilogy

Star Wars original cuts on Blu-ray: the evidence’:-

Rumours suggest that original cuts of Star Wars are heading to Blu-ray. But how likely is that? Ryan weighs up the possibilities… - a 2014 article

a snippet…

"For many Star Wars fanatics, the special edition release of the Original Trilogy back in 1997 was a bittersweet moment. On one hand, it offered us the chance to see George Lucas’s space opera films in their natural habitat: on a huge cinema screen.

Then there’s the restoration to consider: Lucasfilm took the original Star Wars negatives from its archives and cleaned them up, removing years of dirt and scratches, and restoring the colours to their original balance. Thanks to the efforts of people like effects supervisor Dave Carson and his team, Darth Vader’s outfit was once again black and imposing, not an embarrassing shade of faded blue.

During this process, however, George Lucas decided to make a number of small yet significant alterations: the insertion of new effects shots, an entire song-and-dance sequence in Return Of The Jedi, and, most infamously, a change to Han’s fateful meeting with Greedo in A New Hope. Further alterations were made when the Original Trilogy made its way to DVD and then Blu-ray, which quickly led to a persistent question among Star Wars fans: when might we see a release of restored yet otherwise unmodified versions of the original films?

For George Lucas, there was one simple answer: never. Back in 2004, Lucas told The Today Show, “I’m not going to spend the money and the time to refurbish that, because to me, it doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s like this is the movie I wanted it to be, and I’m sorry you saw half a completed film and fell in love with it.”

Fans, it seemed, would have to make do with the bonus feature on the DVDs released in 2006: some decidedly threadbare original cuts taken from an old Laserdisc edition released in 1993. Otherwise, there are the various fan-made ‘de-specialised’ edits to be found on the internet. For the past eight years, the chances of seeing an official, high-quality, remastered edition of the Star Wars Original Trilogy have grown increasingly slim.

But over the past few days, rumours have begun to circulate that, with George Lucas now in retirement and Lucasfilm in the hands of Disney, the original theatrical cuts of Star Wars could be appearing on Blu-ray after all. It’s a story that has generated no small amount of excitement, but understandably, quite a bit of scepticism."


"When George Lucas argued against an unaltered restoration of Star Wars in 2004, he said that he wasn’t willing to “spend the […] millions of dollars” on the process of making it. Two years later, Lucasfilm stated that the “negatives of the movies were permanently altered for the creation of the Special Editions.”

Taken at face value, this might suggest that a HD theatrical cut of Star Wars would not only be commercially unviable, but also technically difficult. Yet according to an Ars Technica article published in May this year, such a restoration would not only be possible, but also relatively cheap to produce. Star Wars expert Michael Kaminski suggests that a new, 4K scan of the trilogy would “likely be under a million dollars” – hardly a huge sum of money for a Hollywood studio.

What’s more, it emerged in July that a company called Reliance Media Works had created a 4k 16-bit remaster of the original Star Wars trilogy. Reliance’s demo reel even shows off its work on Star Wars:

While we don’t yet know whether Reliance’s conversion was based on the original theatrical cuts or the Special Edition, it seems highly likely that some kind of high-resolution release is being prepared."