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The Surprisingly Strange Story of "Lapti Nek"

Star Wars: the changing face of Sy Snootles & the Rebo band’ - article from 2016:-

The article features videos for both the original Lapti Nek and the SE’s Jedi Rocks, as well as a BTS type video of ‘Fancy Man’ - and some other intriguing info on the differing versions of the song that were recorded (and allegedly why one version was used over the other…), ILM’s creature workshop, the later CGI work for the SE, quotes from Lucas, and more…

Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction

trillary dump said:

Color correction is underway thanks to another OT user that I’ll keep anonymous for now! I also caught a couple of mistakes thanks to DoubleOFive’s comparison. 4k83 will be used for the Rancor scenes and for Luke talking to Ghost Ben on Dagobah since they were changed in 2004 and not 1997 like I had originally thought.

I also made blu ray covers and disc art for the entire 1997 Trilogy using scans of the VHS boxes.

Disc art is here:

A quality take on the 1997 SE covers there mate - very nicely done. The disc art too - apt images you chose 😃

Actor of Darth Vader's bald head in ESB

A little late - though as the subject has come up elsewhere…

Baronlando said:

it’s Prowse, I think this picture might only be in the e-book of the making of.

Our good friend Jambe Davdar says it is from the e-book version of Rinzler’s ‘Making Of ESB’ book too - and that it is indeed Prowse…

‘Rarely seen The Empire Strikes Back video showing Dave Prowse in the famous “under the helmet” prosthetic.’

(keep watching until the end of the 39-second video)

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

According to this thread -

it is Prowse; unfortunately the picture is apparently only in the e-book version of Rinzler’s Making Of ESB book (I’ve had a look through the physical book version and can’t find it).


Our good friend Jambe Davdar says it is from e-book version too - and that it is Prowse…

‘Rarely seen The Empire Strikes Back video showing Dave Prowse in the famous “under the helmet” prosthetic.’

Musical Obsessions

‘Coventry City launch a kit to celebrate 40 years of 2 Tone.
Absolute Genius.
With the serious message of Kick It Out. Exactly what 2 Tone stands for.’


The half-time music must be great at Coventry City… maybe better than the footy itself 😉


More on 40 years of 2 tone…

2 Tone Records Interview: 40 Years of 2 Tone Records - at the classicpopmag website

6 Music Celebrates 2Tone at 40 - some great content at the BBC

The Big Read – The Specials and Saffiyah Khan: “What we said has reached people – and that’s the only important thing” - at the NME

Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!

UncutIsSuperior said:

I’ve decided to wait for DrDre’s next tool, which, as ZigZig said, will automatically restore deleted scenes, integrate them into the movie, upscale them to 4k and recolorize them to HDR. According to ZigZig, this tool will be compatible with MacOS, so the next tool seems like my only option. Could you please tell me when it will be ready? Thank you.

I think ZigZig may have been pulling your leg mate.

Do you have a favourite stormtrooper?

The Empire Strikes Door (A Star Wars Mystery)’:- - by Jamie Stangroom

The blurb…

'It’s cinema’s most concussive blooper but who was the clumsy Stormtrooper that hit his head on a door in the original Star Wars film? Has that question been keeping you up at night? If the answer is yes then fear not, three men might claim responsibility for it but I’m on a mission to to unmask the true galactic idiot.

Do you agree with the final verdict? Let me know in the comments who YOU think it was and WHY…’

a <strong>News</strong> thread for all things Technology &amp; Internet related...

Russian trolls’ chief target was ‘black US voters’ in 2016’:-

'A Senate inquiry has concluded that a Russian fake-news campaign targeted “no single group… more than African-Americans.”

It says Russian operatives used social media to deter black people from voting and planted subtly racist content to incite conflict between ethnicities.

The report comes two years into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the 2016 election.

Social media firms say they are trying to prevent it from happening again.

Thousands of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube accounts created by the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency (IRA) were aimed at harming Hillary Clinton’s campaign and supporting Donald Trump, the committee concludes.

More than 66% of Facebook adverts posted by the Russian troll farm contained a term related to race.

African-American community voters were discouraged from voting, and from supporting Hillary Clinton.’

^ more in the article linked above.


The Report itself:-



Remember the FBI’s promise it wasn’t abusing the NSA’s data on US citizens? Well, guess what…

Turns out the Feds make the CIA and NSA actually look good

^ as ever with El Reg, the comments section is well worth a read too 😉



Twitter: No, really, we’re very sorry we sold your security info for a boatload of cash’…

An Environmental &amp; Ecology thread

Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions’:-

New data shows how fossil fuel companies have driven climate crisis despite industry knowing dangers


Half a century of dither and denial – a climate crisis timeline’:-

Fossil fuel companies have been aware of their impact on the planet since at least the 1950s


The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me’, by George Monbiot:-

Fossil fuel giants have known the harm they do for decades. But they created a system that absolves them of responsibility


More information and articles available at

Kevin Rubio's TROOPS (1997) Commentary

It may be worth checking out these links mate:-


According to this - - ‘Troops was released on the free DVD given away with the inaugural edition of Total Movie magazine, complete with commentary track by Rubio. It was also included as a bonus feature on the 20th anniversary DVD of the TV series COPS’

The 20th anniversary DVD of COPS can be found here - - available for $3.55 in the US (plus shipping).

70mm Print info Hope its Useful

I was researching something else and came across this informative article - so thought it worth including in here:-

The Original First-Week Engagements Of “Star Wars”’ article written by Michael Coate, from the ‘in70mm’ website.

The article can be read via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine, here:-

With a couple of informative, useful and related links within the article (via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine):-

‘The Original 70mm engagements Of “Star Wars”’

‘The Original 70mm Engagements Of “The Empire Strikes Back”’

‘Remembering “Return of the Jedi”’ (with some 70mm information)

And some general info in this article, here…

‘In 70mm and 6-track Dolby Stereo’

Highlander II - The ZEIST Collection

lookeylookey said:

I would be really happy to pay a good special edition price and shipping, if anyone reading this still has a copy of these movies, to please contact/message me if poss.

They are NOT for sale mate - no project on here is for sale.

Covering the cost of discs and shipping is acceptable - though most projects seem to be available via a download link these days…

Please read the Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ and have a look around the site to get a feel for the place - see how it works - and doesn’t. Thank you.