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All Things Star Trek

I’m quite enjoying Season 2 of Discovery so far (it feels more ‘Trek-like’ this season - not that I didn’t enjoy Season 1 as an introduction) - though perhaps a big plus of that is that it’s on Netflix here in the UK - and not on an CBS additional pay channel. I’m not too sure what else CBS-Pay would have of interest for me to pay an additional monthly fee just to watch Disc (or a couple of other decent shows) on that channel.

‘Wives With Knives’, ‘Clergy Killers’ and repeats of Judge Judy just wouldn’t cut it 😉

I am wondering if we’ll see Sybok (or a reference to him) in Discovery soon…

Ranking the Star Wars films

fmalover said:

OK guys, just finished watching Solo, so here’s my updated ranking which includes a mini-review for Solo:


fmalover said:

NeverarGreat said:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen TLJ and TFA on opposite sides of a ranking before. I assume it comes down to director, but apart from that are there any reasons for the divide?

Because TFA was such a letdown.

I love this about the community here - everyone having their own preferences and favourites, of course… and on occasion something (or a couple of posts) that just comes along and makes you think about how other fans views the films in a way we may not often appreciate or maybe not considered much before.

With additional respect for AC/DC too 😉

Nice one, man.

4k77 - shot by shot color grading

Hi Brodnation,

This thread should be able to help you with some of the basic functions of the forum (including how to post images), as well as a few other ‘How-To’s’ etc:-

‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries

The ‘About’ and ‘Help’ sections also have a few useful bits of info too, mate.


Blu-ray Blank Media

Verbatim for me mate - they do printable discs as well as the standard ‘put your maker pen on this’ they have for their dvd discs. Also have quite a range to choose from (25gb / 50gb, single / double sided, various quantities etc).

Like their DVD discs before them… I can’t recall ever having a problem with them, and still work fine years on (so far 😉)

Last web series/tv show seen

^ Man In The High Castle is a good intriguing watch - a little off in season 2 for me (yet still absorbing) - though really hit the heights for season 3 - and looking forward to the next season.

I found it beneficial to watch Game Of Thrones twice through - I missed a fair bit of the ‘small things’, nods, backstory and the like on my initial viewing; re-watching really helped expand my understanding and enjoyment for it even more - especially for catching the foreshadowing 😃

Roll on the 14th April…

Casting calls for fandubs

The Edits / projects which have required a casting call for voiceover work have usually been made in their own project thread - as far as I know there is no separate specific place to post them.

Sometimes a project editor may have temporarily changed their thread title to include ‘Casting Call - Voice Actors required for project’ or something similar, or with an update etc - that may be worth trying.

Or maybe starting a general ‘Request for Voiceover talent’ thread that many of the Editors on here could use if they so need?
Good luck with it man 😃