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Where should Lucasfilm go after Episode IX?

I still hope for an eventual series focusing on the Imperial or a ‘Dark Sider’ POV - even if a one season limited series on Disney+ - animated or live action…

Maybe something set in the era of post-ROTJ / The Mandalorian era - or maybe between ROTS and Star Wars '77; seeing the transition from Republic to The Empire - and the effects and POV it had on the people now working for The Empire. Something like that anyway…

Future of the Star Wars series - the “climactic story event”...

The “climactic story event” mentioned in the official recent announcements for new Star Wars series is indeed intriguing - especially in regards to how each of the relevant series, and their respective characters, will build up to it - and now with ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ likely included in those series too…

Modern SE Revisionism

A few interesting inserts on some revisionism - or attempts at revisionism…

NeverarGreat said:

George Lucas: When writing the movies, I tried to make sure that aliens and droids got killed, but not people.

Paul Duncan: A lot of stormtroopers died.

George Lucas: That’s right, but you didn’t know they were people. We did kill three humans and that was unfortunate. I was always bothered by it.

Paul Duncan: When was that?

George Lucas: On the Death Star, when Han and Luke go into the prison with Chewie to rescue Leia, they shoot three Imperial guys. The guards drew their guns and fired first, but it’s still a shame.

Paul Duncan: Really?

George Lucas: Yeah, we very consciously didn’t kill very many humans in those movies.

Paul Duncan: What about the stormtroopers? They look robotic, but they’re not.

George Lucas: How do you know what they are?

Paul Duncan: Did you have a different idea of what they were?

George Lucas: Yeah, they started out as clones. Once all the clones were killed, the Empire picked up recruits, like militia.


This is so strange to me. Are aliens and clones not people to George? Besides, what about everyone Luke blew up with the Death Star? I guess as long as we don’t see their faces, their death doesn’t count. And what about the good dozen Rebels gunned down by Stormtroopers in the first scene, or Captain Antilles who had his neck crushed, or crispy Owen and Beru…

Like, I don’t want to say this flippantly, but this seems like an artist in willful denial of the content of his art.

^ from the George Lucas’s Sequel Trilogy thread.

Paul Duncan is the author of the officially licensed ‘The Star Wars Archives - 1977-83’ and ‘The Star Wars Archives - 1995-2005’ books.


Fated-Dualist said:

It seems doubleofive got there first and saved it 😃

The original tweet and claim by author Paul Duncan (which he later deleted):-

^ from the Possible ‘proof’ that Greedo was always meant to shoot thread.


This may also be of some interest (though not quite SE revisionism) too - Fated’s updated post in the It seems like nobody involved in the making of the OT has spoken up about GL’s oppression of the OOT thread - on people in and around Star Wars wanting that classic theatrical version of the Original Trilogy release, or it made available etc.

What's the deal with this fandom?

Ed Slushie said:

those of us who spend a lot of time on YouTube or Reddit have probably seen what I’m talking about.
I can scarcely find a commenter there capable of saying something positive about one aspect of the franchise without condemning another.

There is a list of some decent, insightful, and informative youtubers - and something a little different to the toxic reddit / youtube ‘clickbait / hate for clicks & money’ types… in the An Index & Help Thread for Original Trilogy Discussion… under the ‘FAQs, Information & Useful Links…’ category.

They may not be to everyone’s taste - but they are very different to many clickbait / noxious youtubers out there. And if they say something negative or are being critical, they’ll do it with civility, and actually explain why they don’t like a certain film, character, or aspect - without ranting, throwing their toys across the room, or casting blame… or using those oh so familiar ‘key words’ the haters often use.

There are also a couple of Star Wars reddits which focus on the more positive aspects of the GFFA - though are often targets of trolls and wums from other more negative reddits and sites.

Of course, YMMV.

I hope you or others like a few of the youtubers etc listed.

Info Wanted: the 2 Ewok Theatrical Movies - any HD Upscales?

Rancor022 said:

Sorry to revive an old thread, but just last month I completed my own upscales of both Ewok films (under the pseudonym “Project Ewok”) and both are available on the SWT forums. I see they’re starting to spread around other sites now as well.

Rancor022’s Project Ewok | Caravan of Courage & The Battle for Endor - 4K Upscales (Released)

^ that sounds like a couple of quality projects for the two under-rated Ewok theatrical films - nice one 😃


As others have said in the old Lando movie thread it’d be great to have Billy Dee narrating the “Calrissian Chronicles” style adventures… while we see the action with Donald Glover.

And hopefully we also see Qi’ra, Enfys Nest, Crimson Dawn and other characters from Solo - set in and around that timeline too…


Maybe even quality artwork for the series akin to something like this as well?:

oojason said:

^ by Peter Stults (who does a whole range of ‘What If’ artwork for various films)

‘During quarantine I imagined we lived in a world where we had a Lando Calrissian spin-off series’ -

Larger sized images and article here -

the beatles

The Beatles: Get Back - A Sneak Peek from Peter Jackson’:- - 5 minute video from the official The Beatles youtube channel.

The blurb: 'Jackson said, “We wanted to give the fans of The Beatles all over the world a holiday treat, so we put together this five-minute sneak peek at our upcoming theatrical film ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’ We hope it will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and some much-needed joy at this difficult time.”

Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Jackson’s “The Beatles: Get Back” is a unique cinematic experience that takes audiences back in time to The Beatles’ intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history…’

Very much looking forward to this - hopefully at the theatres in August… (if life is a little more ‘back to normal’ and safe by then 😃)

The Random YouTube, Vimeo etc. video finds thread for Beyond the OT

Baby Yoda Remembers Order 66 - 3 minute video from the Max Justh youtube channel

The blurb: ‘Enjoy my new video where Baby Yoda is having some serious flashbacks of him being in the Jedi Temple. I mixed scenes from episode 5 of The Mandalorian and scenes from the Prequel movies.’

Going away? Post so here!

dahmage said:

oojason said:

Accusing the mods of not caring? You seemingly have no idea on the work, time and effort they put in to keep this site going and the stuff they deal with. And it is not the first time someone in your group has made that accusation.

Honestly, it seem you are only here of late to post shite at the site, mods or me.

Please stop twisting people’s words. I said the only conclusion I can draw is they Don’t care anymore. That means they did care at one point and I certainly acknowledge that Silverwook put tons of time into this site.

But they clearly don’t anymore, You’re the only mod filling this site with posts and banning people.

And it probably seems like I’m only here when things blow up with you, but that’s probably because I’m waiting for the other mods to do something about you, before this site is worth returning to.

No twisting of words - they are there for all to see.

Still on the sock accusations, eh? Despite your previous acknowledgement to the mods they could well be ‘oojason’s friends from there’ etc - of which you know at least one member on here is (but for some reason you don’t want to talk about).

Nice ignoring of the reminder / warning not to accuse people of having socks on here (it is against the rules).

Parhaps you can contact the mods with an apology when you deem this site worthy of returning to (that’ll be without your continuing ‘sock’ accusations, accusations of ‘rage bans’, snark and digs at the mods on here).

As you are seemingly angling for a ban on here with the ongoing sock accusations and mud slinging, you can have one. Seemingly it is some sort of badge of honour for some?

Going away? Post so here!

dahmage said:

Fated dualist is one of oojasons socks.

There are many. The mods have ignored this problem for months. I brought it up to them in private in October but they did nothing, aside from tell Jason and then he in turn pm’ed me with a long-winded accusation.

So pathetic, the mods don’t care about the site anymore. That’s the only conclusion that I can draw.

It is strange how nearly all your sock accusations have been members on here speaking up for the site, or vs trolls and wums - for example vs ‘eviloojason’ or ‘imp-ardni’ troll accounts (amongst others) some time ago.

I PMd you with questions not long after your accusations (twice I think?), to which you left the conversations each time. If you have been on the site you mentioned where you alluded to it could be ‘oojason’s friends from there’ (and you probably have) you’d know that Fated is certainly not a sock.

As Wook stated before don’t accuse others of being socks - it against site rules, yet you know that.

As also stated to you before, I don’t have socks - just people looking for dirt, stalkers, and other people who throw mud apparently.

Accusing the mods of not caring? You seemingly have no idea on the work, time and effort they put in to keep this site going and the stuff they deal with. And it is not the first time someone in your group has made that accusation.

Honestly, it seem you are only here of late to post shite or snark at the site, mods or me.

Going away? Post so here!

ChainsawAsh said:

oojason said:

Huh, it seems I’m still a mod on here, afterall. And due to the change in circumstances and in slight alteration to my plan in my previous post… I’ll now be around the site as and when.

Well, if this is the case, then I won’t be. If this is how the site is being run now, I want no fucking part of it. Mods can step down as mods, leave the site, then unilaterally decide to come back and ban someone they don’t like as part of a personal vendetta? Fuck that.

Bye everybody.

Go fuck yourself, oojason. And all your friends sock accounts.

Hey Ash,

I am genuinely sorry to read that.

A ‘personal vendetta?’ - as stated before I like Handman (not that it matters) - and everyone is treated the same on here. If anyone else had posted what Handman had they’d be having a couple of weeks off instead. I am not sure where you are getting the accusation of ‘personal vendetta’ from my actions on this issue, not the ‘sock’ accusations, maybe it is an attempt to deflect away from Handman’s posts.

Let’s not pretend this isn’t the first time you’ve taken shots at the site or me (and also looking for reasons take further aim at us; even my multiple apologies for your previous grievances were not to your liking).

When talking about ‘personal vendettas’ and festering issues,… then you may wish to take a look in the mirror.

^ (sent by a concerned member). Going on that screenshot, it seems you haven’t liked how this place has been run for a long time.

“Fuck that place”, & “Go fuck yourself, oojason” indeed.

Going away? Post so here!

It doesn’t matter if it is someone who we know, like, are a friend, or is someone we don’t know… members get treated the same on here. If it were Fated, Gonk or anyone else who had posted what Handman did they would be having a couple of weeks off instead. Though I have a feeling if it had been one of them (or another member) had been temp-banned for that… there wouldn’t be much posting about it in here.

Yet it is nice to see so many old familiar faces on here again - though I was expecting a few more.

As for it being a ‘rage ban’… no, never done that before in my time here, and haven’t started now. Decisions are measured, thought through, and certainly not taken lightly. They may not be popular, they may even appear harsh, or wrong, the mods may not even want to have to do it, but they are never done in ‘rage’, anger, or somehow riled up (lol), or anything like it - whether for a temporary or perma-ban. This was quite a simple straight-forward temp-ban in comparison to others.

Huh, it seems I’m still a mod on here, afterall. And due to the change in circumstances and in slight alteration to my plan in my previous post… I’ll now be around the site as and when.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Random Thoughts

Handman said:

Such anger and hostility from someone ‘who didn’t anything wrong’.

Indeed, because of your false accusations, and your insults, about a good friend of mine. Someone you have technically never talked to. Good riddance.

Handman - I suggest you read this and the rest of this post below (when your 2-week temp-ban has elapsed).


For anyone else interested in continuing on with the above topics… enough really is enough. Move on, do something positive with your lives, or go get laid and have a beer. If you don’t want to be civil on here… and instead want to snipe, attack or insult other members & the people who help run the site, or dredge up and continue years old bullshit… then go find a place which lets you do just that - this site isn’t it.

Both the ‘here and now’ and the future… are more important than what had occurred in the past. If members want a certain section of the site to thrive more, see it become more active, to be a more enjoyable place to post for all… then everyone who wants for that has to try themselves to achieve this.

Just like other sections of the OT•com it is the members who make the effort, who take the time and energy to contribute posts, ideas, humour, information and insight (as well as talking with each other and getting to know & understand our fellow members a little more) that make a quality forum what it is - yet simply wanting and wishing for something will not make it so.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, yet we have to strive for it to actually make it happen…


Edit: Let’s get back on topic - thank you.

Going away? Post so here!

Handman said:

If you truly knew the people you were talking about, you’d see it another way. Taking random posts out of context doesn’t make your version of events any truer. I agree the bickering is pointless. The incident with Fated-Dualist was to counter his own accusations about a member who can no longer defend himself here.

I find it odd you, a new member who joined in 2020, are digging up two year old posts from another forum while Fated-Dualist accused them of stalking. Seems odd. Not to mention the linked post to Frink clearly shows he doesn’t tolerate any of the things that Fated-Dualist linked to him. This whole thing is just sad.

As for the whole ‘us’ vs. ‘the enemy’, I can’t help but recall when I received an interrogative PM from oojason when I made an innocent post about looking at the old politics thread, as so much time has passed since then and there are posts there that date back to the George W. Bush administration, demanding if I was in cahoots with Warbler, someone I don’t even talk to. It was weird.

See ya.

Hello Handman…

A few people have been in contact claiming you’ve been a bit of troublemaker on here of late; attacking other members, and writing bizarre stuff about me… I told them no, they must be mistaken - as Handman is a good lad, responsible poster, and that I found you to be thoughtful and considerate in my previous experiences with your good self.

And yet here we are, and having read your recent posts on here… it is me who is very much mistaken.

Yep… a cocktail of accusations, insults, and angry attacks with it. Not with just one, or two, but three members on here - and a bit of an unfounded dig at Dek too.

You seem to have selectively ignored the facts / content of posts are they are - and your own role in this sorry mess - as pointed out by Dek & Fated… and continued on regardless, doubling down as it were.


It is indeed time to put a stop to this ongoing incendiary & one-eyed shite still being peddled by some on here - which looks to retcon or open up old scars on what has actually occurred on here in the past - and that some people still just can’t let go. Why you attempted to continue this on in yet another thread - because the previous thread has been locked - is lost on me.

Handman, have a couple of weeks off from here to cool off - and also as a reminder it is not acceptable to act in the manner you have done on this site of late. When you return - should you wish to return - I hope you’ll have I hope you’ll not continue this shitstirring and attacking of other members here; people who engage in this course of action don’t last long on here, as you are aware.

If the mods want to overturn my temp-ban on you, they will (it is nice I still have mod actions - and although I don’t know why… cool). Nobody should have to put up with certain members’ ongoing and inflammatory rubbish about this subject on here anymore (including the somewhat one-eyed version of events or ‘whataboutism’ levelled at others). Nor should anyone think is acceptable to attack on fellow members on here as you have.

For anyone else interested in continuing on with the above topics… enough really is enough. Move on, do something positive with your lives, or go get laid and have a beer. If you don’t want to be civil on here, and instead want to snipe, attack or insult others, or continue years old bullshit, then go find a place which lets you do just that - this site isn’t it.


Re our PM conversation to which you refer to, Handman - let’s have a look at it…

^ ‘interrogative PM’, ‘demanding if I was in cahoots with Warbler’, ‘it was weird’…? Really?

Your claims are another example of a bizarre interpretation of events not based in reality…

Though overall a nice ‘whataboutism’ - and further attempt at continuing to shit-stir on here.

The above PM conversation as being some part of ‘us’ vs. ‘the enemy’…? No, it was a simple question. A simple answer too, and you had no problem with it. Like this conversation in your post about the subject in one of Warbler’s handful of ‘requests to bring the politics thread back’ threads (& PMs to mods about it), here. I think it was the the phrasing, terminology, or timing (or that Warb was going through a tough time - I can’t quite remember) of your request had me thinking Warbler may have asked you to ask us on his behalf etc - or you were trying to cheer him up or similar… so I just asked you about it, and you replied. That was all - nothing doing then, and nothing doing since.



I’m going back to my leaving the site - a peaceful life so far in the main, until now.

(Just an update - the person who made the malicious phonecalls has since sincerely apologised, and promised never to do contact me again. So that particular mess is over and done with now - thankfully).

However, if I’m told there are more similar bullshit claims, inflammatory posts, insults, attacks, and accusations on the whole ‘cry-arsing about 3 members being banned in 2018’ (who all got were aware of what they were doing - and asking for)… being posted on here I’ll come back and ban them too (if the mod privileges are still withstanding!).

To Fated, Gonk, and a few others who have helped in helping out around here of late… thank you so much. I am deeply sorry for all this - I asked you to help out around the OT, make it home, and contribute etc and got you involved with this place (for some, once again), and fully respect your decision to leave here - something which I obviously understand.

Your positive contributions here - among many others’ - will hopefully continue as a good source of information, insight, of use, or interest to members on here for a long time to come. And also for just helping out - like so many others have done, currently do, and will in the future.

PS. Also many thanks for the kind messages in this thread (and PMs & emails etc), everyone - they are most appreciated, thank you. "


Going away? Post so here!

Today was my last day as both moderator and member here on this most exceptional, distinct and resolute Rebel base.

For a while now circumstances in my life (and likely many of yours too) have changed somewhat - and continue to evolve… unfortunately to the point of me no longer being able to give the time, energy and commitment that this fantastic outpost of Star Wars geekdom requires, and also deserves.

That, coupled with an ongoing agenda / a series of events by a small clique of people… ranging from sniping, insults, personal attacks, groundless accusations… and me being targeted for information and supposed ‘dirt’ on here, other places I frequent online, and attempts to find information about me in real life too. This culminated in two malicious phone calls made to my home last week - to which Mrs ooj answered and had the misfortune to deal with.

Star Wars, eh?

So, in a bid to bring about an end to this ongoing obsession that some sad ‘devotees’ have with me… I have decided the best option available is not to play - to remove myself as a target. Those who chose to engage in this bizarre stalking-like / agenda-driven behaviour (which goes way beyond any genuine criticism or differing points of view on my mod / posting style) will have to find someone or something else to obsess over - or maybe even move on and do something a little more constructive with their lives. Once you start down the dark side…

So many negative waves…


Despite the above, much of my time here has been an enjoyable, compelling, eventful and also an eye-opening experience - I consider myself both fortunate and honoured to have been a mod on here - for around 3 years now (on and off 😉) - and also a member here for 16 years.

Many positive waves are being sent to the 99% of the community here - from the site’s early days through to friends made in recent weeks - all you Rebels make the unseen hard work in helping maintain and run this great place all the more worthwhile.

So much has been achieved here, all by us, this dedicated and determined community of fans… aiming to put right what Lucas seeks to deny, dismiss and denigrate - and to also correct and highlight Lucas’ revisionist history of the Original Trilogy films.

Long may all of our efforts and contributions on here continue - and endure… 👍


Massive thanks and kudos to fellow mods Anchorhead, SilverWook & Tobar for their relentless work in helping make this intrepid Rebel Base what it is - and also for their friendship and support. Huge respect to former mods Moth3r and Zion for their sterling efforts and setting a high bar to follow. And of course to Jay too - who made all of this possible in the first place - and carries on with admin duties even today.

Anyway, that’s more than enough blathering on from me. Stay safe and well. Here’s to a better future 🍺

May The Force - and the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy - Be With You. Always…


Football / Soccer thread - general footy, futebol, futbol, fotbal, Fußball, voetbal or calcio

A truly bizarre weekend of football - with some interesting interpretations of handball from the match officials 😃

Nice one on coming back vs Albion, BB-Rey. Obviously, I was hoping the Albion would hang on in there, and that Chelsea wouldn’t be able to handle [cough] having to comeback like that…

Liverpool vs Arsenal should be a decent watch tonight - any wagers on there being a penalty? 😉



1986 FIFA World Cup | The Official Film’ - 2 hour video from the official FIFA youtube channel


Diego MARADONA | FIFA Classic Player’ - a 5 minute video from the official FIFA youtube channel


Paolo ROSSI | FIFA Classic Player’ - a 6 minute video from official FIFA youtube channel


RIP Maradona and Rossi.