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The Predator The No Dam Dogs Edition V2 (Released)

Stepstone said:

No need to be funny, I’m well aware how forums work.
They were on the day that I first mentioned it and didn’t reply, so thought maybe it wasn’t available. Thought I’d ask others if they’ve seen it.

I wasn’t being funny - I was trying to be helpful… given it seemed you didn’t know how to send a PM / were unsure about it in your earlier post…

…Which is the type of thing covered in the thread I linked to - featuring some hopefully useful information on how to obtain a project, how to send a PM, and also some other similar content which may prove of some assistance too.

The Predator The No Dam Dogs Edition V2 (Released)

Stepstone said:

Has anyone here received the link? What’s it like? Can’t seem to get a reply from the poster/editor

Likely because it has been a few hours since you sent them a PM - and it could anything from hours through to weeks before you receive a reply.

This may hopefully be of some help mate:-

‘How do I do this?’ on the

💡 An <strong>Index Of Projects &amp; Help Thread</strong> for <strong><em>Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects...</em></strong> 💡

^ It’d be great to have a repository of such content - though would take an almighty effort to put together - and also maintain.

I don’t think there is such a thread that covers all of what you mention above - though am a little ‘post-blind’ after the recent re-organisation of the ‘Fan Project’ sections of the site. spoRv and none have done some great work down the years on database, archival and info threads - some could well be of use for something like this?

It may be worth asking creating a new thread to gauge interest - and commitment - from other members for such a project?

The recent re-organisation of the 'Fan Project' sections of the site - and more...

The four main 'Fan Project’ sections have recently undergone a re-organisation of sorts - along with their respective ‘Index & Help Threads’…

Near on every thread in the four main ‘Fan Project’ sections is now marked up to indicate their purpose and also their status; ie, whether they are ‘info’ threads, ‘info or help wanted’ threads, ‘help: looking for…’, or project threads - whether at the ‘idea’ stage, a ‘WIP’, ‘help wanted’, ‘finished’, ‘unfinished’, ‘on hiatus’ etc.

The four ‘Index & Help Threads’ in the ‘Fan Project’ sections… can be used to more easily ascertain which projects are ‘finished’, ‘a WIP’, or ‘on hiatus’ etc - as well as useful information, discussion, ideas, & unfinished project threads also listed in them:-

Star Wars Preservation | An Index & Help Thread for Star Wars Preservations… • Updated •

Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects | An Index & Help Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… • Updated •

Preservation of Other Properties | An Index & Help Thread for Preservation of Other Properties… • Updated •

Fan Edits & Projects for Other Properties | An Index & Help Thread for Fan Edits & Projects for Other Properties… • Updated •


This re-organisation started in April - and was finished earlier this week; just shy of some 6,600-6,800 threads in total.

Preservationists and Fan Editors have also been asked (in the ‘Index & Help threads’) to keep the status of their projects updated in their respective threads - whether it is an ‘Idea’, ‘a WIP’, ‘Released’, or ‘Unfinished’, ‘On Hiatus’, or ‘Cancelled’ etc…


We do ask, as a reminder, that members not post requests for links in threads (unless asked to by the editor / preservationist) - in a bid to try and keep discussions & feedback flowing (rather than have a flurry of ‘Request’ or ‘PM sent’ messages disputing the conversations in these threads). Yet people don’t often take the time to look around to see how this place works (and doesn’t) - or read through the Rules, Help threads, or Indexes before posting. Some ‘hit & runners’ do not care / take any notice anyway.

As has been said before… the moderation staff could post the above link and info in every single project thread on here - and people would still post requests in these threads. Much like the numerous ‘request threads’ for the Despecialized - 40-50 separate request threads merged into a single thread here some time ago (and many more in the site’s Trash Compactor).

Also, there are some people who join the site such as this pleasant guy here (his later ‘f*** off and die’ etc follow-up post has been removed) - despite actually being given links to the information to help acquire the project he was seeking.


Also updated is the ‘Toys & Memorabilia’ section - and an ‘Index Thread’ created for it too:-

Toys & Memorabilia | Collections, Toys and Memorabilia - an Index of Discussion Threads…


Many of the infamous 'Markdown’ posts which once frequented the forums have been removed some time ago. A few may have been overlooked or slipped through our fingers… though anyone is welcome to let the mods know of any such markdown posts remaining (outside of threads talking about Markdown, that is 😉 ) - and we’ll delete or edit them.

The same applies for any accidental ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’ posts made on here - and obviously for any spam seen on the site too.


Hopefully the re-organisation / sort through will prove beneficial to everyone interested in the Fan Projects featured on this site - as well as information and discussions on and about them.

There’ll likely be a few errors, mis-labelled threads, or maybe still overlooked projects even after this re-organisation - so please do let us know if you see any mistakes or faux pas.

As always… we are a community which both requires and benefits from the help and input of each other to help maintain and improve this great place. To assist and enhance this Rebel Site and also the glorious band of Rebel Scum who frequent it… 👍

MTFBWY & Thank you.

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes

doubleofive was recently on the Film Formally podcast talking about just how bad a film Superman III was something called Star Wars…

Episode 17 - Finding Star Wars feat. Drew Stewart’:-

The blurb:-

'Ever seen the original Star Wars trilogy? Which versions? Multiple new “official” editions of the films have emerged since 1997, with the original films as seen in the 70s and 80s left without any official release. The work of tracking all these changes and preserving the originals has largely fallen to fans, one of whom, Drew Stewart, runs Star Wars Visual Comparisons, a compendium of every visual alteration to the original trilogy. Drew dropped by to talk about how and why all this happened to Star Wars, and how communities rise up when studios fail to protect the legacy of their films.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The history of Star Wars Special Editions, and their changes both big and small.

  • Theories on possible ulterior motives for each new edition’s changes.

  • How fan communities develop and take extraordinary measures to preserve films.

  • The ethics of preservation — who is responsible to preserve which versions of these films?

  • Lots of nerdy stuff. It’s a Star Wars-focused episode of a granular podcast about film technique and theory, you know exactly what you’re getting into.

  • Maclunkey!’


Some great insight, info and discussion on there - and well worth a listen 👍

Need Advice on Mechanical Keyboard for Typing

A friend has the Corsair K70 Rapidfire keyboard - which felt pretty decent for typing on as ‘a lend’ for a couple of days.

I’m not too sure how it would have fared for hours a day, five or six days week… though I’m happy enough with my boring and plain Logitech MK270 £20 keyboard & mouse 😉 (rock n’ roll)

A good customer of mine has a Razor ‘BlackWidow’ keyboard he swears by - though to me it it looked and felt quite cheap (even with the surrounding & matching LED lights in his ‘rig’).


If you are working from home and have someone else in earshot much of the time… be a saint and go for a quiet keyboard - especially if you hard hitter / banger on the keys…

There’ll be far less chance of experiencing the ergonomics of the keyboard close up and around the back of the head 😉

4K restoration on Star Wars

doubleofive said:

Vladimon said:

Stotchy said:

Not sure what FHD is?

FHD Full HD (1080p)
UHD Ultra HD (4K)

I was asking about the the 2020 FHD blu-rays that came out with the 4k ones. But I guess since those come from the same “new” sources as the 4K versions, the colors, the tighter framing etc. are identical to those of the 4k ones. Minus the higher resolution and HDR ofc.

Keep in mind those are only available in the box with the 4K, the individual releases are still the 2011 version.

In the UK, the 3-disc steelbook releases of the individual Original Trilogy films (exclusive to Zavvi; 1 4K disc, 1 blu ray disc, 1 bonus material disc) does apparently feature the 2019 SE version on the blu ray.

SW - : 27 July
ESB - : 3rd Aug
ROTJ - : 10th August

^ Needless to say they sold out in ‘pre-order’ very quickly (hopefully they’ll do another re-issue soon due to the huge demand).

There are a few ‘unboxing’ and ‘review’ type videos out there on youtube about these UK steelbook releases too.


Just for info and anyone interested…

TPM - : 7th Sept
AOTC - : 21 Sept
ROTS - : 12 Oct

TFA - : unknown
TLJ - : unknown
TROS - ? (this was released in April '20 - - maybe they’ll do a re-issue…?)

Some of the other main European countries may have had similar deals and releases?


Edit: Nathan P Butler confirms that the 3-Disc Australian releases of the individual films in 4K does indeed feature the 2019SE version of the OT films on the blu ray discs:- - Nathan discusses the content around 4 minutes in.

R2-KT - and other Star Wars charity links &amp; good causes

About ‘Star Wars: Force For Change’ :


With the release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, fans immediately began to embrace the film’s elements of struggle, hope, and inspiration on a more personal level. Philanthropy was very important to George Lucas. Beginning in 1977, he hosted screenings of Star Wars to raise money for charities around the world with a particular emphasis on children’s healthcare and education. Over the course of the last four decades, both Lucasfilm and Star Wars fans have kept this philanthropic spirit alive in a multitude of ways including charitable grants and volunteering their time.


Star Wars: Force for Change aims to create transformation and change in the lives of kids by helping to bridge the STEM skills gap, utilizing the fun and intrigue of Star Wars storytelling to inspire innovation, help build confidence and ignite curiosity. In doing so, Star Wars: Force for Change hopes to embolden and motivate the next generation of heroes and innovators, while also empowering the Star Wars fan community to use their fandom for good.


If you have any questions about Star Wars: Force for Change, please email


Star Wars website portal for… ‘Star Wars: Force for Change’ -

Wikipedia Page -

R2-KT - and other Star Wars charity links &amp; good causes

A bit on the oft-overlooked people at Rebel Legion (seems the 501st Legion gets more publicity than the Rebels do) : :

Celebrating the Good Guys: History of the Rebel Legion’ -

The Star Wars website’s ‘tag’ for the Rebel Legion:


'The Rebel Legion is an international fan-based volunteer organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Republic, the New Republic, the Resistance, the Jedi Order, and other heroes from the Star Wars universe. Founded in 2000, the group was formed in response to the decision of sister organization the 501st Legion to remain dedicated to Galactic Empire costumes. The Rebel Legion makes appearances at private and public events, including charitable events and official Star Wars promotional events. The organization does not charge a fee for appearances, instead encouraging a donation to a charity.

It is divided into “bases” located throughout the world, and as of November 2019, the Rebel Legion membership is approximately 8,000 members. Though not affiliated with Lucasfilm, the organization is sanctioned by Lucasfilm.’ - Wikipedia

Flash Gordon Rumor - now a 'general discussion' thread for Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon set for cinemas after all’:- - 26th June, 2020.

The film (the newly restored 4K) is out in UK cinemas now…


The 4K, blu ray, dvd, steelbook, and the 5-disc deluxe set are available on the 10th August in the UK, and on the 18th August in the US.