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Your thoughts on the Episode IX title - <strong>'The Rise Of Skywalker'</strong> - a NON-SPOILER thread

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

On another note, can we add an explicit no spoiler designation to the title for safety?

^ It’s going to be difficult to do that mate - the Episode IX title (and also the poster for IX) isn’t really a spoiler.

The name of it will be all over the mainstream news, tv, radio, internet - as of whenever it’s announced during the Celebration Panel for Episode IX (today at 11am CDT?).

Tomorrow there’ll be posters for it in public places and on adverting hoardings etc - there’ll likely be no escape from it - The Spark Of Hope.

Your thoughts on the Episode IX title - <strong>'The Rise Of Skywalker'</strong> - a NON-SPOILER thread

We had a separate title discussion thread thread for…

The Force Awakens - Who like The Force Awakens as a title?


The Last Jedi - Name EPISODE VIII Thread

so may as well have one for Episode IX too… 😃

What are your thoughts on the title for the final segment of the Sequel Trilogy; and the last film of the Main Saga?


No spoilers in here - thank you. New plot spoiler policy - ** please read ** - in the Announcements section

Disney+ streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various info

Disney announced more details on their coming Disney+ streaming platform yesterday (11th April) - from the Walt Disney Company website


It’ll air on 12th November in the US, and cost $6.99 a month or $69.99 annually.

There are no confirmed start dates for the UK and other countries - as yet.

Disney+ Demo video - (from the ‘What’s On Disney Plus’ youtube channel)


Regarding the Star Wars content on Disney+…

^ from (which also lists a lot of the non-SW content for Disney+)

As well as the Clone Wars animated series too - including the new 7th season.


More info about the Disney+ platform…

Disney+ website

Wikipedia page for Disney+

‘Disney Plus: Star Wars, Marvel And Simpsons Content Unveiled’ - article from Empire magazine

It’s Disney’s turn to launch a streaming service - article from the BBC

Disney+: A Comprehensive Guide to All Its Programming (So Far) - article from The Hollywood Reporter


Year 1 to Year 5 plans…

(^ It’ll be interesting to see if Disney manages to hit their targets - or even surpass it)


For more info on some of the non Star Wars content that will be appearing on Disney+…

Tobar’s superb The Marvel Cinematic Universe thread in the Media Section of the site is well worth a visit.

as well as Tobar’s annual ‘The Scifi Films and Television of’… threads in the Media Section too, which may be of interest:-

2019 : 2018 : 2017 : 2016 : 2015 : 2014 : 2013

and there are numerous threads related to Disney and Pixar content in the Media Section too.

Not too sure if there are any National Geographic threads in there… 😉

The Force Awakens - PG edit

KurganX said:

Honestly, no amount of cuts will turn this into a good movie, and any young one is better off seeing the original classics. Tell him that TFA is a boring ripoff and TLJ is a nihilistic middle finger (“naughty word”) to the fans. They were made by greedy people who didn’t care about making Star Wars good anymore.

The young lad will likely see the classics regardless - though the OP, as stated… ‘I have a 7 year old son who desperately wants to watch The Force Awakens’…

Mate, this thread is for coming up with ideas and suggestions to help achieve a PG Edit of the The Force Awakens film. It is not for people to put a downer on the ideas and contributions here - or give their opinion it is not worth the effort - in the way you have.

The young lad doesn’t likely need to be told to enjoy TFA & TLJ or not. Maybe he can even watch them with an open mind…

Though feel free to take your views to the TFA and TLJ review threads.

Cassian Andor Live-Action Series

If not already confirmed before…

‘@diegoluna_ and @AlanTudyk are joining forces once again for a new show based on Cassian Andor on #DisneyPlus.’



‘The series, set to go into production this year and premiere in 2021’…

Star Wars Games

Some art for the ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ game has apparently leaked…

Should get a lot more info from the Celebration Panel for the game on Saturday 😃



The release date for ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ is set for 15th November this year - link - though these things often change…



‘Trust no one’ - with a 10 second tease…


with a full trailer to come later today…



Tobar’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order thread


YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars finds

Star Wars Kenner Toys Commercial Retro Toys and Cartoons’… - from the Retro Toys and Cartoons YouTube channel



The teaser trailer for ‘Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker’ - as shown at Celebration 2019…

Warning - the video links below obviously contain Spoilers for Episode IX

^ Warning - the video links above obviously contain Spoilers for Episode IX



Is there thread on Disney + streaming future channel on here?

I do not think there is a thread about this yet, mate.

There may be more news or information on the new Disney streaming channel coming at Star Wars Celebration (11th to 15th April)?

If nobody else has created one by the end of Star Wars Celebration I’ll start a thread on it for you.

Though your English is better than you give yourself credit for.


Edit: here you are, mate - in the ‘Star Wars General Discussion’ section:-

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various info (2019 info thread)

There’s not much in there right now - though will hopefully grow as more info and details emerge…

Proof of Lucas’ revisionism in Rinzler’s making-of book?

Biggs Audio Dynamite said:

Is there a bullet point post or thread on here with all the inconsistencies or myths from George Lucas or Lucasfilm revisionism?

Winter Is Coming…

Sorry, I was thinking of something else there.

A post is coming.

It may not be a very good post - though it will attempt to compile and highlight some of the contradictions / revisionism over the years from George - and touch on a few events of Star Wars history too. As well as also pointing to some useful and more in-depth sources as well. Hopefully be posted on here sometime middle of next week.

^ Edit: George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…

It’s a start, at least, and will hopefully grow a fair bit with others’ contributions, topics and info for inclusion too - or maybe just sink without a trace 😃


Gri"Yo" - you should read what Catbus said to you - and please pay attention to it.

CatBus said:

Please do not post direct links here. It’s against forum rules.



Please read the Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ and Forum Rules and Guidelines prior to posting.

The About and Help sections of the site may be of some use and interest too.

Thank you.