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LEC games: X-Wing, TIE Fighter...

timdiggerm said:

In case folks have it seen it, be sure to check out X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project: http://www.xwaupgrade.com/

This below looks pretty decent - and may be of interest for some of us old skool gamers…

'TFTC: Version 1.2 Released!:-

www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ7qjISrU64 - a 6 minute video at the Angel youtube channel.

Useful info can be found in the video description 👍

Guys I need your help.😔😔😔 (How do I change my username?)

King goal said:

How do I change my username? It doesn’t say but I tried finding it. Please help.

I’ve moved this from ‘Star Wars Fan Edits’ into ‘General Assistance’.

The ‘How do I change my username on here…?’ section of the ‘How do I do this?’ on the OriginalTrilogy.com; some info & answers + member FAQs thread, in General Assistance, should give you all the information you are looking for.


Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

John Knoll discusses technology and innovation on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’:-

ILM’s Publicity Group sits down with John Knoll to discuss the film’s five-year anniversary.



I loved the blend of CGI, real sets, and even kitbashing they used for the film…

Plus the fact there is still a decent model shop at ILM. As a kid it was so cool to know the film-makers were using the same models available to us in toy and model shops. (Obviously they were just a little bit better than us kids - and probably didn’t glue their fingers together, or tiny bits of kit to their fingers - as much as we did!)



greigfraser_dp (Rogue One’s director of photography):-

“I can’t believe it’s been five years since #RogueOne was released. What a dream it was for me to play in the @StarWars universe with our fearless Red Leader, #GarethEdwards. I went back and found some hair / makeup / costume and lighting tests we did in the early days, as well as some iPhone snaps. Enjoy!! @lucasfilm @ilmvfx”:-

www.instagram.com/p/CXkKprgJegU (with 10 or so images)

The Original Trilogy at the Oscars

Some quality articles there, Johan - and cool idea for a thread too. I don’t have much in the way of answers for you - though hopefully some of the [cough] more ‘mature’ or knowledgeable members on here do. 👍

The 1990 and 1992 ‘winged’ VHS box set releases both make prominent mention of the Academy Awards each film won and was nominated for (along with the box office takings) on the ‘winged’ sections…

^ from 1990.


^ from 1992.

Yet I don’t recall them being prominently mentioned (if at all) on many releases after that.


You could be right on Lucasfilm somewhat downplaying the past achievements - given these are more seemingly ‘focused’ on the Special Editions than the unaltered theatrical classic cuts… though Lucasfilm does still put up their most recent film releases for Oscar nominations - and have received a fair number too - yet as you say… no actual wins since 1984.


Gary Kurtz’ Star Wars scrapbook - available to see at the http://theswca.com/images-misc/kurtz-album.html - is worth checking out as an additional source of information too.

Return of the Jedi joins the National Film Registry

From the https://www.loc.gov/item/prn-21-078 article:-

“Little did I know when I started writing a tale about good, evil, friendship and the Force, it would become a lifelong journey of creativity, imagination and innovation for so many,” said filmmaker George Lucas. “A great honor of learning ‘Return of the Jedi’ has been included in the National Film Registry is knowing the original trilogy of the Star Wars Saga will be preserved in full as nominated by the public, safeguarded as part of our shared American Cinema heritage by our nation’s oldest federal cultural institution, the Library of Congress, and the National Film Preservation Board.”

Hey, George… is there another way you could somehow honour the public who nominated these three films, the same public that dearly love these films so much, as well as the countless talented artisans, craftsmen (and women) and crew… who worked on them, these three films which form an important part of cinematic heritage… so that everyone could view and experience these iconic, pioneering, and landmark movies once again?


An article up on the official Star Wars website - ‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi joins the National Film Registry

Help looking for... The most fitting ROTJ poster?

Hiya Chase, a few options that may fit in with the other two posters…


^ the popular ‘B’ poster, by Kazuhiko Sano.


^ I’ve seen a variations on this Josh Kirby poster in ‘portrait’ format - rather than ‘landscape’ - but not many…


^ ‘Yamakatsu’ poster


^ by Michel Jouin - I’ve seen a few variations - with some of these cropped to exclude the text at the bottom.


I hope you find one you like out there. 👍

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - a general <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

A new and intriguing interview with Craig Miller, the Director of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm back in the day, and also the man who wrote all of the Fantha Tracks newsletters.

He also talks about Lucas telling his plan, at the time, for Return Of The Jedi…

“The biggest thing was, as you mentioned, that Boba was intended to be the main villain in Return of the Jedi. That film was going to be about rescuing Han, dealing with Boba, etc. The redemption of Darth Vader and overthrow of the Emperor was intended for the next trilogy. But when George decided in 1980 not to do that next trilogy, Boba Fett became expendable and those things had to be dealt with in the third movie.”

and some other intriguing stuff in the interview too…



(Both the ‘Original Trilogy’ and the ‘Star Wars Crew’ sections of StarWarsInterviews.com are well worth checking out too.)

<strong>The Book Of Boba Fett</strong> (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

I’m still enjoying that these 'tv spot# type adverts aren’t giving away too much of the story, or are simply full of action… just setting the scene, letting the situation breathe, and now with some welcome interaction with Fennec Shand too (am intrigued to see how their relationship functions).

Lucasfilm at 50

Even on the actual day of the 50th Anniversary, the 10th December, there was not a single mention of the day / anniversary on the Lucasfilm website or any of their social media pages - nor on the Star Wars website, nor any of their social media pages.

Ugh, that is somewhat disappointing - I was hoping for a short documentary, a video, or a couple of new interviews, maybe even an insightful article… yet nothing doing, at all.

Though both a varied and incredible amount of merchandise released throughout the year for those who like that sort of thing. 👍

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

From Harmy’s superb youtube channel…

Comparing a v3.0 finished shot with v2.5, UHD BD and 4K77’:-

www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvCt_z2p4y4 - a 1 minute video


'Harmy Despecialized Sunday Live Stream 15:-

www.youtube.com/watch?v=MitV_KU6SQs - a 1 hour video (with some intriguing work being done by Harmy).

Project <strong>4K80</strong> (a WIP)

DrunkenMaster442 said:

Williarob said:

jordy said:

Well, it seems this place also is as toxic as reddit…

Hmmm. If everywhere you post (OT, Trilogy Forums, Reddit, for example) instantly turns toxic the moment you start typing then perhaps it’s not the people already there who are creating that environment…

Here we are, six pages deep into a thread that’s nearly 3 years old, and there wasn’t any toxicity before you arrived.

Luke: What’s in there?
Yoda: Only what you take with you.

Just sayin’. Food for thought, no?

Not to start any arguments, but if you think someone doesn’t reside with your level of intelligence you shouldn’t call their question stupid to provoke them. Just let them be them and answer politely, as my word of advice.

Williarob has already gone out of his way provide explanations and information this matter - to a person who had already openly accused TSWT community of being toxic… simply because it has been pointed out the info he was requesting was already available - he just didn’t bother to look for it. Someone who ignores the ‘read first, ask questions later’ or ‘take the time to look around before posting’ mantra of both communities - and is quick with the insults when called on it.

A person who then also states this place is toxic too.

There is also nothing wrong with Williarob pointing out that some people who are quick with accusations of toxicity… could do likely well to take a look at themselves, their own attitudes, and their own posts…

Needless to say ‘Jordy’ is far from the first person to act in such a manner, and won’t be the last. Over the years a truly countless number of people ignore the OP of a thread, the links provided, or even the project page provided with update information on it, those who don’t take a few minutes to look around to see if their question has already been asked and answered, or even a cursory look at the discussion thread itself… grows. Yet the same old excuses, defensiveness and accusations remain… when questioned themselves, are told how to look for information, or even told where to look for the answers they seek, or are actually given the information.

If Williarob receives similar messages in PMs as the mods do… it is just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile Williarob (along with many others engaged in undertaking various fan projects) continues to take the time and effort to patiently provide answers to oft-repeated questions… where the information has already been clearly provided, or even signposted.


That’s enough from me and my two-penneth. Let’s get back to discussing 4K80.

Preservation Project: &quot;Bilder aus Amerika&quot; - The Making of Return of the Jedi (1983) (Released)

I really enjoyed watching this - full of warm and good memories from the Original Trilogy for days long gone.

Corellian Sailor and his friend did a bang-up quality job on the preservation; both the image and sound quality are very good - the added subtitles are well done, and also an easy ‘read’ too.

Some interesting BTS stuff for all of the Original Trilogy, especially noteworthy is Obi Wan in Empire Strikes Back with a voice sounding much like Patrick Macnee’s Count Iblis from 1970’s Battlestar Galactica, and also Ewoks sounding like sheep in the background talking to Chewbacca during the Leia and Han kiss (maybe an early testing for sound effects - or used to mask actual dialogue and sound from the film itself?).

It is sometimes overlooked that for audiences in the real-life era of the nuclear war that the OT was a much welcome escape at the cinema. Also covered is the phycology of Star Wars with Jerome Bernstein - as well as the appeal to kids, an introduction to the Ewoks, and what the Ewoks in ROTJ says about the film’s message too.

Merchandise is also featured too - including toys actually being made in the US! Then onto some coverage on the Skywalker Ranch. Later on some Hardware Wars - giving an example of how it fired young people’s’ imagination and filmmaking efforts themselves…

Also loved some of the Empire Strikes Back footage of ‘snow lizards’ (a beautiful description given the animation shown to us in this) - and how Snowspeeders were shot on a wire for some of the scenes. It also features some great shots of the model-work across the OT - both large and small.

A really enjoyable watch. Much kudos and many to thanks to Corellian Sailor - a quality restoration and remaster! 👍

<strong>Star Ware: Eclipse</strong> - a new video game; set in The High Republic era

For anyone interested in this game - yet don’t know anything, or much at all, about The High Republic - then this 5 minute youtube video may be of some help…

An Introduction to the High Republic Era - Star Wars Eclipse’:-

www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGjRmJlR7zE - a 5 minute video at the Star Wars Explained youtube channel.

The blurb:-

‘Star Wars Eclipse takes place in the High Republic era of Star Wars. But what is that? Here is a quick rundown of the golden age for both the Republic and the Jedi Order, set two hundred years before the events of the Skywalker Saga.’

<strong>Star Ware: Eclipse</strong> - a new video game; set in The High Republic era

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer’:-

www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cJpiOPKH14 - a 3 minute trailer at the official Star Wars youtube channel.

The blurb:-

'Star Wars Eclipse is the newest adventure in the High Republic era, now early in development by Quantic Dream. Learn more on www.StarWarsEclipse.com.

Set during the High Republic era, Star Wars Eclipse is an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways, and puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands, created in collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games.’


Article for ‘Star Wars: Eclipse’ up on the official Star Wars website: www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-eclipse

‘5 Highlights from the Star Wars: Eclipse Trailer’ article: www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-eclipse-cinematic-reveal-trailer

Star Wars 2006 GOUT DVDs - is it still worth buying them?

Johann-500 said:

If they are going for a low price then why not? An important part of Star Wars history, from the fans’ perspective.
It may not be high quality, but that too signifies a turning point for Lucasfilm, in beginning to release lazy and shoddy work, with little in the way of quality control.
It says something about Lucas himself too, fans rejecting his Special Edition and still wanted the originals, or both, and he put out this POS in response?
I’ll take this POS and stand it proudly on my shelf, next to Despecialized and 4K Tn1 releases. The official Special Edition releases hidden behind them.

I have a similar attitude to yours - and the 2006 GOUT DVD also take far more ‘pride of place’ on my DVD shelf than any of the ‘official’ Special Edition releases do.


From George’s interview with MTV re the 2006 GOUT DVD release:-

Until then, he [Lucas] says he’s curious to see what the reception will be for the upcoming limited-edition DVD release of the three original “Star Wars” films (see “Three Original ‘Star Wars’ Films (Finally) Coming To DVD — But Not For Long”). It’s just the original versions, as they were, Lucas said. We didn’t do anything to it at all. But we’re not sure how many people want that.

You might say quite a few, considering how many fans were angered by the digitized, expanded updates of episodes IV, V and VI. Lucas claims he’s not re-releasing the originals to appease fans, but rather to bate them. Now we’ll find out whether they really wanted the original or whether they wanted the improved versions, he said. It’ll all come out in the end.

The 2006 ‘bonus disc’ DVD release, utilising a source meant for a 1993 laserdisc release, riddled with quality issues, and substandard at the time of release in 2006, as acknowledged by Lucasfilm VP Jim Ward at the time…

It is state of the art, as of 1993, and that’s not as good as state of the art 2006. - an article from USA Today

…yet even today, the 2006 GOUT DVDs fetch a pretty penny, and are still sought after.

This is despite the set being coupled with the problem-stricken 2004 Special Edition versions on DVD, the first time Star Wars had ever been released on DVD… and done so in a botched, lacking in ‘quality control’, yet with a “deliberate creative decisions” attitude. A release many fans had already purchased just two years prior (and in essence had to ‘double-dip’ for, in 2006).


And fans are still asking for a modern, high quality release of the unaltered theatrical cuts, many years after even Lucasfilm acknowledged the “overwhelming demand” for these versions

“the biggest question we’ve ever gotten from Star Wars fans is, ‘When are you going to release the originals?’”

the “overwhelming demand” for the unaltered theatrical version.

the "long awaited release of original theatrical incarnations of the classic Star Wars trilogy.”

“over the years a truly countless number of fans have told us they would love to see and own the original version that they remember experiencing in the theatres.”

…despite years of Lucasfilm staying silent on the issue and also ignoring the fans’ questions and queries as to why there is not such a release (disingenuous and selective claims, with exaggerated excuses over cost aside).


So when George said…It’ll all come out in the end. …it certainly did.

Lucas didn’t put his money where his mouth was, nor put much effort in at all with the release of the 2006 bonus disc DVDs - treating fans with utter contempt in the process - likely in an effort to try and make his Special Edition version look ‘better’ in comparison, quality-wise. Yet these 2006 GOUT DVD releases are still more sought after than any of the Special Edition DVD and blu ray releases and re-issues.

Right now I’m looking at US eBay… and the price of the 2006 unaltered classic cut of Empire Strikes Back on DVD… is more than the 2019 Special Edition of Empire Strikes Back on 4K/UHD. The same also applies for Star Wars (1977), and the same again for Return Of The Jedi.

The quality of the 2006 GOUT DVDs may be shite - and of a ‘1993 standard’ as stated by Lucasfilm VP Jim Ward (not even really that good to be honest - given the DVD issues) - yet they still sit ‘pride of place’ on that shelf. A victory for fans, if nothing else. 👍