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If you post in the forum, any text authored by you that is not quoted from or contained within another copyrighted work enters the public domain immediately. You retain ownership of any original media (photos, videos, artwork, etc.) you share here, but the text of the post itself is not your property. Should you request the deletion of your account at a future date, forum posts will not be deleted. Any posts deleted by you may be restored by the moderators at their discretion.

If you request that your account be deleted, we will delete your e-mail address and any related user logs. We will modify usernames or forum posts on closed accounts at your request if they contain personally identifiable information. If you are banned from the site for breaking the rules, you agree that we may retain your account information indefinitely, including your e-mail address and IP address(es).

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Privacy Policy

We won’t share any information we store with anyone, ever, unless compelled to do so by legal action.