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❕ An <strong>Index</strong> &amp; <strong>Help Thread</strong> for <em><strong>Beyond the Original Trilogy</strong></em> ❕

This is awesome, even for someone like me who doesn’t like that much outside the OT

Mocata said:

Thanks for reminding us that Detours existed.

Given the some badness of the some of content they have released, it makes me wonder how bad Detours is that they still won’t release it, even as filler for Disney+

<strong>Star Wars Outlaws</strong> | PC, PS5, XBox X/S | the first open world game in Star Wars

I’ve been looking forward to this. So happy that it will actually happen and see a release!


Star Wars Outlaws: Official Story Trailer - at the official Star Wars YouTube channel.

‘Available August 30, 2024. Play up to 3 days early with Gold or Ultimate edition, which includes the base game and season pass’


Star Wars Outlaws: Creative Director Julian Gerighty Breaks Down the New Story Trailer - at the official Star Wars website.

'Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things. But a scoundrel sure does.

Star Wars Outlaws, the highly anticipated open-world game coming August 30 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC, promises to let fans live their best scoundrel life as Kay Vess, an up-and-comer in the galaxy’s underworld. With the arrival of a new story trailer — featuring the reveal of major villains, potential allies, and more — hype for the first Star Wars game of its kind continues to build. To learn a bit more, StarWars.com had a virtual sitdown with creative director Julian Gerighty of Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment, discussing Star Wars Outlaws’ threatening new crime syndicate, the “dream opportunity” of creating a bounty hunter, and how anyone who’s ever “felt trapped” can identify with Kay.’