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Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here - a good place to make your first post



Hi and welcome to the OriginalTrilogy•com. In a bid to help welcome new members on the site this thread has been created for people to drop in, say ‘Hi’, and maybe introduce themselves…

This thread is not just for new members… but also for those who have recently joined, or some who post infrequently here. For those of you who would like to share a little about yourself - maybe your story of how and why you came to this place, what the Original Trilogy films (or Star Wars) - means to you… or, as mentioned above, just somewhere to say ‘Hi’.

Many people on here just like to chat Star Wars… whether that’s mainly the Original Trilogy (and also the copious continuing changes made to it over the years), or the Prequel & Sequel Trilogies, the Standalone Stories, various animated tv series, The Holiday Special (shudders), the Ewok films, literature, comics, art, soundtracks & audio, collecting, gaming, and the future of the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away’ - or members who just talk about life in general in the Off Topic sections.

A fair few people join here for a particular the Preservation Project, Fan Edit, documentary, blu ray or dvd cover etc. We ask that those who do… also have a look around; see if there are other Projects, Edits or works of interest to your liking. To give the Star Wars discussion threads a read through, or those in the Off Topic sections. To have a think about becoming a part of the community here; and consider not becoming a one-time poster… asking for a link to a project and to never be seen again…

Joining up here and then creating a new thread along the lines ‘Give me the link to X’, or going straight into a project thread and posting ‘How do I get these?’ doesn’t really fly on here - & will likely be ignored. Take the time to learn about a project - as well as how to acquire them; simply making an effort to be part of the community here, and how this place works, can go a long way.

The OT•com is a place for respect & civility on all of Star Wars - especially so for the Original Trilogy films (obviously) - yet also for everything else from the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away’ too. Yes, even The Holiday Special, maybe…

We’re a diverse and welcoming community - the upshot is ‘Be Civil - Be Cool’; passionate - yet cordial discussion & wide-ranging views are welcome - toxicity, repeated negativity, trolls & WUMs are not.

We hope you enjoy your time on here - as thousands of others already have, currently do, and will - in the future to come 😃


To assist navigating your way around this Rebel Base place - and learn how this place all works (and doesn’t) - the following may be of some help and interest…

If you are new to the OriginalTrilogy•com then the following info may be of some assistance…

Firstly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Secondly, the ’How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

Thirdly, the Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Plot Spoiler Policy (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

To Join the Discord server! click on the link. There is also the Twitter too.

There are also several Index Threads pinned at the top of many respective sections of the OT•com - which may help members find various topics of discussion, fan edits, preservations and other projects etc.

’An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…’ chronicles both the history of this site & also it’s continuing evolution.

The ’Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread by doubleofive contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as an insightful and comprehensive discussion thread and reference point on the subject.

Finally, the ’George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…' thread attempts to highlight and catalogue some of the revisionism, altering of history and contradictory claims by George Lucas / Lucasfilm as to the formation, planning and history of the Star Wars films and universe therein. Moderator

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?
And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


This is George (no, not Lucas), and like all of you, I’m hoping for the anamorphic transfer that Harmy has prepared. Limited editions of the originals are prohibitively expensive and also non-anamorphic, so may the Force be with Harmy to bring us all we need. 😃



The TLDR of why I’m here is my quest for a version of the OT that is more true to what I grew up watching.

My son was born last month, and I found myself wondering what kind of world he would grow up in without access to a non-special-edition Star Wars… How would I introduce him to this wonderful universe?

He’s a little over seven weeks old. He’s alive, and eating, so now I’m clearly on to other priorities, like figuring out a watch order and how old he needs to be to start watching different movies and shows. I guess I have some time.

My Star Wars fanhood came as a bit of a shock to me, honestly. I’d always liked the movies, even the Ewok and Droid cartoons as a child when I didn’t know any better. But I’d never considered myself a Star Wars nerd until just last year.

Back in 2012 or so I got suckered by my local game store’s owner into being a game master for the beta version of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game.

Never again will I run a beta, at least, not with such unforgiving, rules lawyers as such that wandered into the [as per policy] open game at the shop.

But what it did open up to me is the entire world of fan-fiction, Wookieepedia, and countless articles on what is or isn’t “cannon”, as I went down one rabbit hole after the next to feed my brain for content to make an original and entertaining game for my players, while trying to preserve the spirit and tone of the universe. Eventually, I settled on treating Legends as a sort of DC’s 52-universe, or as I’ve heard the attitude attributed to the old George: “Sure. That all happened.”

By and large, I would entertain any aspect of the EU. Except midi-chlorians. Those were right out.

(Actually one of my players had the theory that midi-chlorians are something that “Crazy Uncle Qui-Gon” made up, and the other Jedi just kind of let him go along with it and keep that tinfoil on his head; he wasn’t hurting anyone, and he was a respected member of the council.)

Fast-forward to attending an RPG con in St. Louis in 2018. At another table was an event. Star Wars trivia. No way would I ever go toe-to-toe with another Star Wars fan on trivia. However, the team ended up using a lifeline and asking the other tables. To pick which table they were going to ask, they polled the room for anyone who was a “Star Wars expert.” No way. Don’t waste your lifeline on me, dude.

“…What was Luke’s call sign on Hoth?”

As the answer flew into my head before the judge reading the question even lifted his head, I thought with such joy, Oh my god! I’m a Star Wars nerd!

And I’ve embraced it ever since. By no means am I an expert or do I read all the books and comics, but I can at least tell why that special ed. shot of young Luke wielding a gray lightsaber is very, very wrong.


Hi, I’ve never signed up here, but have visited the place infrequently over the years to keep up with the multitude of fan preservation/restoration projects. I’ve been keeping up with the efforts since finding Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited on here many years ago.
I like to have the ‘best’ copy of these childhood favorites available for when I choose to enjoy them again. Way back that used to be WookieGroomers versions, how far we have come with resolution, color grading, 35mm scans and an official Blu Ray release of the special editions to fall back on is wonderful. Just wanted to say hi, new account but not new to the site or scene.