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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic thread - relevant political discussion allowed in here — Page 3


Mildly reassuring that TP is slowly showing up on shelves again. Moderator

Where were you in '77?


THe UK has gone past 30,000 deaths from the coronavirus (the actual figure is likely to be much higher given most of these figures are from hospital recorded deaths - not from care homes or ‘at home’ deaths). This is now the highest number recorded in Europe:

And yet the Govt is still referring to their actions as ‘success’: (short video comparison between the UK & the NZ Govts)

The UK Govt, amazingly, are looking to ease lockdown restrictions… despite still not enough PPE for NHS workers - let alone care home workers, public transport workers and other key & essential workers, many who have died for lack of PPE, and not hitting their own targets for the numbers of tests carried out.


Apologies if this video below is a bit near the knuckle (Mods - please remove if neccassry) - and is NSFW (for language):-

Honest Government Ad | The Machine - from the ‘thejuicemedia’ youtube channel. (4 mins, 30th April)

No fate but what we make - apart from force dyads!


80,000 dead here and our President is blaming everyone but himself and his administration. His focus is on anything and everything but his handling of the situation.

Trump returns to a familiar obsession: Russia : CNN


I take my hat off to the British captain mentioned earlier in the thread, $37m raised so far!:

Tom Moore, veteran who raised $37m for UK health service, turns 100

50 Cent is just an imposter