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2004 box set changes
Not to put a downer on your post, Jimbo - but there seems to be fluctuations in the colour of Vader's sabre throughout RoTJ, this may be due to the colour / contrast settings on pc monitors or due to the compressed rip OR that it may be a work in process dvd and therefore unfinished.

For what you is 'fixed', I think 'enhanced' would be a more fitting word as there is nothing 'wrong' with some of those scenes decribed - they've just been altered or enhanced...

The Emperor in ESB is now played by Ian McDiarmid.

Apparently Gungans can be heard shouting 'Weesa free' in the Naboo celebration shot at the end of ROTJ (MagnoliaFan take note )
got Rebel T-shirts?
Hardly ever see any Rebel tshirts to be honest - the best bet would be to find a t-shirt print shop and do your own designs.

I've seen a few SW tshirts at student-type shops - in a simialr stylee to the A-Team tshirts that were all the rage last summer...

I take it you hadn't much luck on the various boards of the 501st and their garrsions?

Shame that the Media Gallery isn't working yet on the Rebellegion website...
Bootleg DVDs

The various PAL discs come up for sale from time to time at - in fact:-

I received my Magnolia pre-ANH Star Wars dvd today (cheers Rik ) - am well chuffed with it - just to see the opening crawl changes is very strange (in a good way).

Well worth getting.
a Star Trek thread...
^ that's quite a collection m8. I've got all my old ST-TOS tapes and the movies 1-7, but sold my VOY vhs colection just before the dvd announcement - so I got a few £££ back.

I don't know if it's just me but when I come across Trek on tv I just think - 'so what' and usually give it a miss. Maybe it's due to far too many showings here in the UK (the main satellite/cable channel has shown all of the Treks every day at least twice a day for some years now), and maybe it has less relevance to me now than when I was a kid...

I do remember though a time when the UK only had the 4 terrestial tv channels, and I'd look forward to BBC2 showing TNG for the 1st time - the anticipation and excitement was too much - another new Trek ep every week, all the way through to DS9's end.

For me, and please don't take this as bashing VOY, I enjoyed the 1st 4 seasons but it got a little repetative and seemed to have lost it's premise - it had all the ingredients of a good show, but didn't quite click in the way the previous Treks did - it seemed that the Doctor and Seven were doing storylines very similar to Data's in TNG - understanding humanity and conquering emotions etc. In the last few seasons it seemed like it was a Janeway / Seven / Doctor show - with little for the other characters to do or develop further.

Now, I'm not opposed to Seven having a lot of screen-time - she does have intriguing qualites about her -though I was a bit of a Bey'lana fan myself, and was a bit miffed she was underused towards the end.

As for ENT - it doesn't offer much new - it could well be stories for any of the other Trek crew, there is no evolvement from the TNG or VOY way of doing Trek. They are still playing it safe format wise - raise shields, beam up, fire, viewscreens etc and at the end of the episode the captain is right... It doesn't really have a premise - we know that certain enemies can't be killed or certain events can't happen, and yet it won't take a chance and have a risky or controversial storyline relavent to life today which would give people pause for thought.

I hope it gets better, and when it ends people will look forward to a new Trek show in the future- though give it a few years first...
a Star Trek thread...

...this may go down like a lead balloon...

Just wondering if, like me, there are any fans of Star Trek on here (whether like just the one series or all of them) ?

Were you a fan of Trek before Wars?

You thoughts on the current state of the Trek 'franchise' (I hate that word)...

Do you still watch Trek?

Your fave series or episode...

That Feeling
^ ah - feelings on Star Trek - could someone invent a time machine so I could turn out the light on it just after the shamefully underrated DS9 finished and the mediocre season 4 of Voy ended..?

A few m8s have told me Enterprise started to improve in it's 3rd season - though 6 very insipid seasons of Trek and the last 2 films has put me right off. Perhaps time to let it rest for a few years...

On SW toy stuff - I remember as a kid getting the Speeder Bike from ROTJ - and constantly pressing the button on it so it fragmented into 3/4 little pieces. Remember thinking what a cool toy it was - must have spent hours of my pre-teen existance just pressing that button!
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (official)
Cyberdine was only one of the major companies that contributed to Skynet (and then Judgement Day).

I went to see T3 with a bunch of Terminator fans - half hated it (and i MEAN hated IT), whilst the others thought it was ok to good, myself - I enjoyed it and found to be more inkeeping with the 1st film than the 2nd.

Interstingly the ending of T3 gives a different complexion on the greater difficulties that John Conner and the Resistance will find in the future in defeating the Machines...

Isn't there meant to be a Special Edition or Director Cut of T3 coming out on dvd soon?