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The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special - a general discussion thread — Page 4


Today is Life Day and the 43rd anniversary of the Holiday Special.

Happy Life Day everyone.


Star Wars Holiday Special - Full Movie with RiffTrax jokes - Upgraded SWHS Video for Life Day’:- - a 1 hour and 44 minute video at the official RiffTrax youtube channel.

The blurb:-

‘LIFE DAY As seen on TV - Star Wars Holiday Special with Commercials! Young Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and LUMPY -


Just Released: The Star Wars Holiday Special RiffTrax! 2007 OT•com thread : IMDB : TVTropes : Twitter : Website



Asaki said:

oojason said:

If Pablo is inferring there is a ‘high quality’ version of the Holiday Special in their archives… then hopefully one day we’ll see it up on Disney+. After all, there is not much point in such a version being kept in there and remaining unseen by the fans…

We already have a master tape copy, I don’t think it gets much higher quality than that.
Your average Joe is probably used to seeing 7th generation copies.

It seems some additional work may have been done to The Holiday Special…

As well as the article below, this also may be of some interest -


Disney+ Releases First Official Footage Of Star Wars Holiday Special (In HD)’:-

Disney+ releases their first official footage of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, upgrading the original movie to high definition quality.

‘Both sets of footage are interspersed with George Lucas reflecting on the special, saying, “they were doing this Holiday Special, and there wasn’t much of our involvement.”’

^ as stated in the article… despite George Lucas always seemingly trying to distance himself from his involvement in the 1978 Holiday Special… yet George himself did write a six page treatment for it.



Some general further reading (including contributions from George himself - before he “had walked away from it”)

The Dark Side: An Oral History of The Star Wars Holiday Special’:-

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Maybe a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I actually enjoy the Holiday Special. I wouldn’t say it’s good or bad, it’s just weird. When I watch it I do genuinely find enjoyment out of it.

The Star Wars Holiday Special: Remastered and Restored
PM me for a link


A Disturbance in the Force, a new documentary on the making of the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, airs soon:

"A documentary diving into how the infamous The Star Wars Holiday Special came to life has been in the works for years, with the first details of this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival selections confirming that A Disturbance in the Force is set to make its world premiere at the event. At this rate, it’s currently unknown if the documentary will make its premiere at SXSW and then be made available widely or if it will play the festival circuit in the coming months, though with announcements about the project dating back years, knowing that the film is getting any public release is exciting news for Star Wars fans. The South by Southwest Film Festival will kick off on March 10th.

The film is described, “In 1977, Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon that single-handedly revitalized a stagnant film industry, and forever changed how films were sold, made, and marketed. Movies would never be the same again. A year later, neither would television. In 1978, CBS aired the two-hour Star Wars Holiday Special during the week of Thanksgiving and was watched by 13 million people. It never re-aired. While some fans of the franchise are aware of this dark secret, this bizarre two hours of television still remains relatively unknown among the general public. Simply put, we will answer how and why did the Holiday Special get made.”

Talent featured in the documentary includes Seth Green, Weird Al Yankovic, Taran Killam, Gilbert Gottfried, Bonnie Burton, Paul Scheer, Bruce Vilanch, Lenny Ripps, Donny Osmond, and Miki Herman. A Disturbance in the Force was directed by Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak, who also serve as producers, as do Adam F. Goldberg and Kyle Newman.

The Star Wars Holiday Special is one of the most infamous relics from the galaxy far, far away, largely due to how obscure the project was for years, as it was only available through bootleg VHS tapes. Thanks to the Internet, the Special has been discovered by countless fans, with official Star Wars creatives even incorporating elements from the Special into official Star Wars canon. Still, Lucasfilm has been quite adamant that it will never release the Special in any official capacity on any platform."

This new documentary must surely be more fun to watch than the Holiday Special itself?! I am kind of intrigued by this doc. Not enough to actually watch the Holiday Special again, but it could be amusing and may turn up something new on it.

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I just watched the Holiday Special. It has 3 major problems. Well 4. For one it is 1978 TV quality. But the other 3 are more integral. 1st, the Wookie scenes are in Wookie and not subtitled. 2nd, the musical numbers are very dated. 3rd Harvey Corman. Love him in a good comedy sketch, but he was so very wrong for this. In a perfect world where we could see an official SE of this, I would remove 2 of Harvey Corman’s characters and replace them with something modern but retro. Same with the music. And subtitle the Wookie scenes so the audience knows what they are talking about. And redo the horrible animation for the Boba Fett cartoon. Do that and it could be a charming little show, but as it is, it is mostly a horror that you had to live through to appreciate.


You could film a new series where Lumpy is much older now and he’s on Kashyyyk and we come across things we saw in Jedi Fallen Order, but it’s all worn down and falling apart. A boy goes missing and Lumpy begins his search for him. He could run across something that he wasn’t supposed to see as he tries to find the boy. The boy leaves clues behind as Lumpy follows close by. It is close to Life Day and he must find this boy.

Lumpy saves the boy after this amazing adventure they both go on. When the two finally reach home we see the Falcon land and Han Solo disembarks the Falcon down the ramp, as the boy runs up to him and calls him Dad. Chewbacca follows Han Solo from the Falcon and Lumpy gives his father a big hug.

Han Solo would be a body double just like Luke Skywalker in Mandalorian. They all celebrate Life Day and Han Solo tells Ben they need to get back home because his mom is worried about him. We watch Han, Chewie and Ben Solo take off at dusk on the Falcon and once in space go to light speed.

Something like this using previous things we’ve seen before and some special effects. I think it would be an interesting Holiday Special sequel story and as a backstory for Ben Solo.

You could even have Snoke making his first contact with Ben Solo.

I don’t know. What do you think?