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The Phantom Edit VHS


I heard that The Phantom Edit was originally distributed on VHS tapes then DVD later on. I know the DVD exists (I remember Chris Gore in The People vs. George Lucas showing it), but I’ve never seen actual pictures of the VHS version. Does anyone have a VHS of TPE? If so, would you mind sending pictures of the front and back of the cover. And the front of the tape itself.

Thanks in advance!


From the wiki page on The Phantom Edit (not a great image - but you get the gist of it):-

Some more info about The Phantom Edit can be found in the ‘An Index Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects…’ thread - it has it’s own section there too, mate.


Below is a ‘cover’ image is from the ‘Star Wars – The Fandom Editors – A Real New Hope’ article at - though I am not sure if it is an alternative or later cover from the DVD or VHS - a fan made cover - or just a promo poster / cover for TPE…

(I’m guessing at a fan-made DVD cover image)


Edit: This youtube video shows an image of the VHS cassette label for The Phantom Edit:-

‘The Phantom Editor Responds To Ahmed Best - Steele Wars ep 183’ - from the Steele Wars youtube channel


Rikter has some quality DVD covers based on it (there is a link to Rikter’s collection of early Star Wars covers in the DVD Covers Index thread) - he may have, or know of, some VHS covers too?

It has been a long time - but may be worth asking him (a fountain of knowledge, Star Wars rarities and a great guy too)


Let us know if you do find a hi-res or decent quality cover images, and please post them up here 😃 Moderator

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