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Isolating sounds and/or dialogue and editing the opening crawl


I am working on a re-scoring of Episode 8 and want to remove the original music from some dialogue scenes or at least mute specific sound spikes so I can insert different music without it being too noticeable. Youtube Tutorials involving Audacity didn’t help me at all with this.
I also have problems with many scenes involving sound effects like Rey v.s. Luke in the rain and Kylo v.s. Luke. My feeling tells me that there is no way to isolate the sounds decently so I would also be grateful for a library of sound effects for lightsabers, punch/beat sounds and Kylos lightsaber, as I can’t find enough sounds to work well with.

My second problem is the crawl text as I want to change the title of the film and keep the rest of the crawl the same. I would hope this to be one of the easiest issues to solve.
The same way I would like to be able to edit the credits and seamlessly insert a couple lines of my own in the same font and all, though it is obviously far less important than the sound work.

I really want to improve my skills and finish this edit to a professional standard or as close as possible. Any help is welcome and much appreciated. Something like a tutor with whom to chat with about issues as they arise and maybe help out when I am utterly stuck would be a dream come true.


On the crawl issue, this may be of some interest…

Jackpumpkinhead’s Custom Crawl Creator: Revisited (A Free Blender Project for Fan Editors) thread

with a few other similarly useful / helpful threads that are listed in the An Index Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… and also the An Index Thread (and more) for Star Wars Preservations…

Good luck with the project mate 😃 Moderator

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