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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread — Page 425


snooker said:

Is there any audience recording of Phantom Menace? Or does anyone who saw it in theaters remember the experience? When were the big ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’ moments? Any cheering?

I saw it opening night. I was 19. I had waited my entire life for this thing.
Here are some highlights:
-Had a blast hanging out at the theater all day a month prior to buy tickets.
It was a full-on all day party. I could talk about that day at length. Wonderful.
-Indescribable excitement waiting in line. Lots of laughs and everyone was in top mood.
-HUGE cheer at the logo/fanfare which quickly faded to reverent silence as we began to read
-“OOH” when Maul appeared in the hologram
-Dumbstruck silence during many should-be “exciting” or “funny” moments (Jar-Jar, underwater city & escape, Naboo rescue & escape)
-Cheer when R2-D2 appears
-Off-put snickering at “YIPEE!”
-long stretches of what I call Dumbstruck Silence
-Excitement during the big lightsaber duel
-Literal groans, sighs and looks of gob-smacked disappointment on the way out
I clearly remember overhearing a guy in the parking lot say to his friend “well, it’s new. Maybe we just gotta, like, let it sink in, get used to it…”

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snooker said:

I don’t like to cast aspersions on the fans because I know you mean well, but what I have found is that ninety-nine percent of the Jar Jar Binks haters are failures at life. In essence, these haters are taking out their frustrations on Jar Jar. I don’t mean to be cruel, but we need to examine the facts. The most popular Star Wars collectibles are all Jar Jar-related. Now, the failures at life who have no money, no women, and no future will spend all day on the Internet talking about how they hate Jar Jar Binks. This is very sad. The Phantom Menace is one of the top five films of all time.


I probably hated Jar Jar at some stage, at least for a little while when I was younger. Not anymore, though I still find his character incredibly cringe inducing and unneeded in the story. Also the fact that we have Holdo and Rose now has had an elevating affect on Jar Jar 😉


Edit: Ah I see you’ve directly quoted some random website, though without clearly indicating so for some reason…