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From another thread:

Rodney-2187 said:

I think the sections labeled “Beyond The Original Trilogy” and “Expanded Universe” overlap too much. I think separate sections for Originals, Prequels, Sequels, and TV series would be nice, along with a General Star Wars discussion for topics that cover the entire saga such as the comparisons you mention.

I’m sure preservation and fan edit topics would naturally pop up in those sections, but there would still be a main section for that.

I don’t see much talk about books and video games. I suppose they could fall under the General category.

Don’t get me wrong, this place is great. Just my OCD kicking in.

oojason said:

Plans to split the the current The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussion section into two separate categories are afoot 😉

So the ‘Star Wars’ section of the site would look like this…

• Original Trilogy Discussion
• Beyond the Original Trilogy
• Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases
• The Expanded Universe
• General Star Wars Discussions
• Toys & Memorabilia

Books and video games would likely fall under the ‘The Expanded Universe’ section. Something akin to…

‘For talk on the books, comics, gaming, soundtracks & music, documentaries, fan films, homages, cons & events, theme parks & rides, fan clubs & memberships…’

The General Star Wars Discussion would likely be along the lines of…

‘For discussions that cross the ‘Original Trilogy’, ‘Beyond The Original Trilogy’ and ‘The Expanded Universe’ forums; for thoughts and chat that covers the wider GFFA…’


Don’t get me wrong, this place is great. Just my OCD kicking in.

Thanks mate 👍

(there is some method in the madness of it all (or is madness in the method? 😉)

Rodney-2187 said:

Just my $0.02, but that sounds like going from two similar sections to three similar sections. Beyond the Original Trilogy, Expanded Universe, and General Discussion sounds like they would have so much overlap they might as well be one section.

Not to overstep, but my thoughts were more like:

Original Trilogy
Prequel Trilogy
Sequel Trilogy
TV Series (animated and live action)
General Discussion (games, books, etc.)

Fan edits


Again, no complaints or criticism intended. I appreciate and enjoy this forum and believe its existence is extremely important. Thanks to everyone here for all their hard work. Like I said, just my OCD kicking in.

Z6PO said:


It’s much more clear! Maybe adding a section about the other movies (Ewoks, Clone Wars, Rogue one & Solo, and future films!)

NeverarGreat said:

Yeah, I’m still unsure about the division between the sections. Adding more seems unnecessary.


I thought the mods recently said there wasn’t enough traffic or current topics for the Prequel and Trilogy sections to have their own categories? Other members thought PT & ST sections would likely become ‘ghost towns’ or something?

Which is why the PT & ST, and the other on-screen releases outside the OT, have their own ‘all in one’ Beyond the Original Trilogy section?

I love the idea of a dedicated EU section, without the General Star Wars Discussions being a part of it.

50 Cent is just an imposter


oojason said:

Edit: it turns out there really isn’t enough traffic / threads / talk on the Prequels and Sequels to warrant their own sections. Though a combined forum (along with some of the other GFFA releases) would likely be the way to go, and see what happens from there…

From the Some proposed changes to the categories in the Star Wars section of the OT.com thread

A shame this is so, but we are the OriginalTrilogy.com afterall, and the vast number of conversations in the Star Wars section are still about the OT 😃

I imagine there will be a few comparison conversations between the ST and OT soon, or ST vs PT, as people take in TROS and its place in the main Saga & being final the part of the ST.


When I think of Expanded Universe, I think of the old novelizations and such that were removed from canon and relegated to legends status. I can’t imagine there is more talk about those than the prequels or sequels.

Beyond the Original Trilogy sounds like everything that isn’t the Original Trilogy and General Star Wars talk sounds like everything including the Original Trilogy.

Maybe it’s just me, and if so I apologize, but often if I’m looking for something or want to start a thread, sometimes it’s difficult to know which section is best suited.

Also, maybe conversation and traffic regarding certain subjects would increase if sections were more clearly defined. For instance, it looks as if Disney+ series will be more significant very soon.

Not trying to ruffle any feathers, just my personal anecdotal observation. I certainly don’t know the ins and outs of forum management.


I thought the Expanded Universe included games and music? It appears the mods are adding to this by including docs, fan films, homages, cons & events, theme parks & rides, fan clubs & memberships into it (mainly fan created content or content about us fans).

ooj said as much above:

The Expanded Universe…
'For talk on the books, comics, gaming, soundtracks & music, documentaries, fan films, homages, cons & events, theme parks & rides, fan clubs & memberships…’

For the new and coming Disney+ releases; does the ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ section not cover those already?

‘Prequel & Sequel Trilogies, Anthology films, Holiday Special, Ewok movies, the various animated & live action tv series, Rian Johnson films, and other future content.’

The mods don’t seem to get annoyed by members creating threads in the ‘wrong section’, they just seem to move them across. Sometimes a quick look through the Index threads is a good indication of where a thread could likely go.

Maybe it’ll be made more clear after the ‘The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussions’ section has been split up?


Are you sure the “Beyond the Original Trilogy” section doesn’t need to be separated more? Maybe one for each trilogy or at least a separate section for TV?

Original Trilogy Discussion
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

Beyond the Original Trilogy
The Acolyte
The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
The Clone Wars
Revenge of the Sith
The Bad Batch
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Rogue One
The Mandalorian
Rangers of the New Republic
The Force Awakens
The Last Jedi
The Rise of Skywalker
Rogue Squadron
Star Wars: Visions
A Droid Story
The Book of Boba Fett
The High Republic


Yes, there is a LOT of content there in ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ - yet outside of the Prequel and Sequel trilogies, most releases only have one or two threads.

At present, the Original Trilogy Discussion section is, understandably, twice the size of Beyond the Original Trilogy - and many of the various releases found in ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’ don’t have much traffic, unfortunately.

Hopefully that will change in the near future with more new shows being released. However, even with the recent and popular Mandalorian series… there are only a couple of active threads for it.

The 'An Index & Help Thread for Beyond the Original Trilogy ’ thread should also be of assistance in helping anyone find what they are looking for.

It is certainly an idea worth revisiting / keeping an eye on. Thanks Rodney. 👍

A little patience goes a long way on this old-school Rebel base. If you are having issues finding what you are looking for, these will be of some help…

Welcome to the OriginalTrilogy.com | Introduce yourself in here | Useful info within : About : Help : Site Rules : Fan Project Rules : Announcements
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A Project Index for Star Wars Preservations (Harmy’s Despecialized & 4K77/80/83 etc) : A Project Index for Star Wars Fan Edits (adywan & Hal 9000 etc)

… and take your time to look around this site before posting - to get a feel for this place. Don’t just lazily make yet another thread asking for projects.