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The <strong>random YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds</strong> thread for the Original Trilogy

’Jason Eaton and His Incredible Star Wars Models | Our Star Wars Stories’:- at the official Star Wars youtube channel. (7 mins)

"Jordan Hembrough goes to Baltimore, Maryland, to meet Jason Eaton. It was the behind-the-scenes magic of Star Wars and the work of Industrial Light & Magic that captured Jason’s imagination; now he makes models as detailed and amazing as the real thing. "


Some impressive models, skills and patience to do all that, but really amazing OT models, and looks like he has a lot of fun doing this 😃

What can a Newbie do to help?

Fated-Dualist said:

Any interested in doing their bit to help go and read the mods’…

A centralised collection of threads supporting the call for an official release of the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy films | + Info on how you can help…

…and do our bit to help and contribute a little to this unique and awesome site 👍

As an old ‘newbie’ (and an old lurker here), I hope everyone will try to do this too, I will! MTFBW us.

I love the OOT fan projects here - yet still want an official unaltered OT release. You too?

Absolutely I’d love to see an official release!

That is not to take anything away for the numerous fantastic projects that have taken place on here since the early days of the forum.

But an official release would make it easier for the many talented people on here to no doubt fix and put right (given that any official release would likely require some additional work, given the sub-standard quality for many of Lucasfilm’s releases for some time).


My reasons for wanting to see an official release are all listed above, but also because it is not right that Geoerge Lucas changes two films he did not direct. And then stopped people experiencing the original version not made by him. Then more changes, then more changes, then more changes and more releases - but the original films made by the Kershner and Marquand are still not available.

Disney and Lucasfilm should remember that (maybe they do - but do not care?).

💡 An <strong>Index &amp; Help Thread</strong> for <strong><em>Original Trilogy Discussion</em></strong>... 💡

Big thanx to the mods in creating these Indexes - they are very helpful and easier to find content via a specific category or subject.

I especially appreciate the Fandom and The Home Releases and Formats sections - they make it a lot easier to understand what is quite two large, complicated and easily confusing subjects.