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Last web series/tv show seen — Page 97


JadedSkywalker said:

So what did you think of Batman Beyond Return of the Joker, if you hated the show.

Never seen it. I never watched Batman Beyond beyond Season 1.

And JFTR, I didn’t say I hated Batman Beyond; I liked the show when I watched it. But in retrospect, I don’t like what they did with Bruce. A crusty old man, alienated from everyone, alone in his empty mansion. I hate it.


Cobra Kai (1st season)

Really enjoyed it on a daft and fun level, and a little bit more too. The writing and characters were quite sharp and witty, and seems the showrunners have a genuine love and affection for the original films.

Looking forward to the 2nd season. Moderator

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Young Justice season 3

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